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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video game review: Spectral Force Genesis

Hey there people all around the world? It seems that its been a long time since I last did a video game review to post in here so I decided that rightfully this one should be about that, we have been focusing a lot into what is yu-gi-oh and anime which although great, isnt the only thing that our blog should be about.

Anyways I decided to give a review about the video game that I just recently finished, again in emulator(I have no money...), and that is Spectral Force Genesis.

Okay this one is a single-player strategy game. The basic idea is that you choose from 40 nations one that you choose to govern, you watch over its taxes, politics and maintenance and try to conquer other countries with your army. You finish the game once you have conquered all 39 remaining nations from the world at which point of course there would be no use in continuing, instead you choose another country and the game begins again from the start.


Well the gameplay takes a while to understand as its kinda complex, first of all youre given a single nation that you get to choose. You start with three generals that vary depending on the nation that you chose, each general has their own strengths and weaknesses so youll want to see the Intel on them often as not to forget what theyre good at. I made the mistake of using a general that was good only for politics in charge of my army, needless to say that we got shredded in battle.

The time in the game is divided into twelve months and in every month you get to perform specific actions. In some you can do tax where you can collect money and draft troops for your generals, a max of 400 for each, in others youll be doing foreign affairs trying to persuade other nations to become subdued to you or form an alliance and yet in others youll be investing in your economy and in building defenses for your nation.

You have to name a tactician, a diplomat and a representative from your generals, being appointed to these charges is really not very significant as it just increases their performance in some chores, the tactician being stronger in combat, the representative being good in foreign affairs and all.

Now battle is a little more simple than politics. There is a combat triangle about who has the advantage in fighting against whom, attack beats mages, mages beat defense, defense beats attack. In the combat between armies you get to choose up to three of your generals as long as they have troops in them and pit them against the generals chosen by the opponent. During the battle when your troops are killed a small bar starts filling up, once it fills up you can perform specials depending on how many bars you have filled up, these techniques usually range from healing to performing a devastating attack to turn the tide of battle.

The Bad Side of the Game

Well the first thing that I didnt like when playing this game is that alliances mean absolutely nothing between nations, you cant trust any country even if you have made an alliance with them. Its not uncommon that one month you form an alliance with a nation and the next month that same nation is invading you and destroying your troops. I really think they should have made some kind of punishment for breaking the alliance treaty as otherwise its worth nothing and makes trying to persuade a nation to become a vassal much better.

The only other thing is that there will be many months where you will have nothing to do so youll be skipping them and yet in others you have battles for two months with only one in the middle to divide them where you wont even be able to regroup soldiers into your generals. Its really annoying to be invaded by three countries in a row, wiping out the first two and then being defeated by the third one because you only had one general left.

Recommended or not?

I do recommend this game to people who like deep long strategy games and the story isnt bad at all really, after a while of playing you get into the game and start egging on your soldiers in battle because you want to conquer that far-off nation that keeps resisting. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars rating and recommend it to you gamers out there to try.

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