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Monday, June 25, 2012

My Pokémon Teams :P

Well well, hallou people of the Underworld, Crimson Nightmare Ricardo here. I know what you are thinking

*whiny fanboy voice* THIS BASTARD! Abandons the blog for a week and then pretends to bring up a simple and boring post =_=

Well there's an explanation for that, first, I was waiting for one of the other members to publish a post of their own as they said they would (I hardly remember which one said it) and I gave him a week (that past week) to post something, since I checked up and there's nothing here, I decided to upload this post, which btw is a request, for you people to have a reason to check this blog again xD

OFFtopics for today.... or tonight?
1) Well ummm, you know, I'll leave this one for the backstory of the post xD
2) I'm still getting requests for the komics and the things I wasn't clear enough, but I really don't get the hand of Paint on Windows 7, so I can't really work on them but I'll try to do so as soon as I can!
3) I owe you two things if I recall, I said I was gonna make an MK History post (posts better said, I don't think it's gonna be short), and I also owe a Red-Eyes tribute, I'll deliver the latter one first for being a little bit less time consuming and it is owed since last year xD
That's it I guess....

Anyways, on to the backstory. Once upon a time, this dude known as myself began watching a lot of creepypastas which mayority were from Pokémon, which seemed a little more interesting to him. For some reason, he got a reinvigorated fire for Pokémon, and decided to go hunting for his favorite game, Pokémon Gold, specifically Heartgold to play on his 3DS. A friend of his known as xXkillzXx gifted him SoulSilver Argent version... which our hero wasn't very enthusiastic becuz he wanted Gold be he gladly accepted it.... until he realized Argent version was actually the French version of the game, to which he inmediatly was forced to sale it to a retailer and hope to fing HeartGold in exchange... which he actually did much to his excitement. Apart from HeartGold, he also bought Pearl, and then began getting a slew of Pokémon in hopes of reviving his childhood and his Pokémon teams he had back then. A day after that, he received a mail, requesting to know which Pokémon were on his team, and therefore, inspired, he embarcked on a journey to remember which Pokémon he had in his team xD

Alright, nice backstory for a fairly decent post xD Anyways, as said before, I will gladly share my Pokémon teams for all 5 generations becuz I've played through them all I guess xD You will notice a patern, 20 points to who can comment about it first ;)

For the first original Pokémon game, I had a fairly consisten team, which I can say was a very powerful team as I skyrocketed all members to lvl 100, which was daunting but rewarding, anyways here they are!
TEAM LEADER: Charizard (Blaze)
Poliwrath (Brawly)
Gengar (Shadow)
Nidoking (King)
Sandslash (Buster)
Raichu/Mewtwo (Sparks/Mewtwo)

It wasn't rare for me to be switching any of my team members except Charizard for Mewtwo... not becuz he was the beast in this game, I simply love Mewtwo, he is my favorite uber/legendary :3 When I realized how to reach him, I didn't hesitated using the Master Ball against it, the moment I saw it, I was so dumbfounded I just simply wanted him on my team lol. Just for fun, I'll also post my rival's (no, not Blue, back when my best friend was alive (RIP) we always consider ourselves each other's rival in everything, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, hell even Tetris, still our bond was always growing and becuz I feel a little sentimental remembering that, I'll post his team as well to honor him.... and just for you to see which kind of battles we had :P His user was ZmokeSurge39, I'll refer to him as Zmoke here as I refer to myself as Dragon)
Zmoke's team Gen I
Team Leader: Blastoise (Koopa)
Dragonite (Jet)
Arcanine (Firedog)
Rhydon (Driller)
Alakazam (Psyco)
Jolteon/Mew (Jolt/Mew)

I forgot he had a Mew x_x

Well well, it went kind off like this, notice something though, we agreed on using Pokémon exclusive to this game:
Dragon's team:
Leader: Typhlosion (Firey)
Houndoom (Darkfire)
Tyranitar (Tyrant)
Ho-Oh (Ho-Oh)
Umbreon (Darky)
Politoed (Battletoad)
Zmoke's team
Leader: Feraligator (Fangs)
Noctowl (TLOZ)
Scizor (Slice)
Espeon (Hikari)
Lugia (Lugia)
Heracross (Beetle)

Dragon's team
Leader: Sceptile (Ace)
Swellow (Tails)
Aggron (Bowzer)
Flygon (Salamence)
Salamence (Flygon)
Metagross (X)
Groudon (Groudon)/Latios (Latios)
*NOTE* Yes I know there are 7, the legendary Pokémon usually is the one that goes out as a reinforcement to be used on special occasions.

Zmoke's team
Leader: Blaziken (Pyro)
Sharpedo (Shark)
Crawdaunt (Lobster)
Ninjask (Master)
Gardevoir (Rose)
Slaking (Downer)
Kyogre (Kyogre)/Latias (Latias)

Dragon's team
Leader: Infernape (Inferno)
Staraptor (Stardust)
Floatzel (Weasel)
Garchomp (Chomper)
Gliscor (Kaiser)
Darkrai (Darkrai)
Palkia (Palkia)

Zmoke's team
Leader: Empoleom (Penguin)
Luxray (Sparky)
Chatot (Parrot)
Lucario (Lucario)
Gallade (Rally)
Rhyperior (Driller)
Dialga (Dialga)/Cresselia (Cresselia)
Dragon's team
Leader: Zoroark (Zoroark)
Excadrill (Xdriller)
Hydreigon (Dino)
Haxorus (Haxxor)
Unfezant (DarkBird)
Zekrom (Zekrom)
Zmoke's team
Leader: Samurott (Samurai)
Unfezant (Birdie)
Gigalith (Tremor)
Krookodile (K. Rool)
Cofagrigus (Anubis)
Reshiram (Reshiram)

Yare yare, guess this is it unless until generation six comes along... and I'm not completely sure I'd dig that lol, I played through White just becuz of Zoroark and Zekrom xD So if you notice the pattern, or wanna know something  post it on the comment section below!

This is it, see ya later Underworlders!
Isn't she cute? lol
Draconic Emperor Ricardo

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hello my friends of the underworld, it is me Kaiser Nebur here bringing some data you may find interesting or may consider it boring as hell. Either way my topic for this week is about a famous entity in the Digimon franchise known as YGGDRASSIL. 

What the hell is YGGDRASSIL?

YGGDRASSIL in first place comes from the same name used to refer the world tree in the norse mythology. YGGDRASSIL made his first apperance in the digimon franchise in the manga of Pendulum X. He has also appeared on the X-Evolution movie (which I highly recommend to see), in Digimon Savers (named as King Drassil), and in the Digimon Next manga as both his form as YGGDRASSIL and as a pretty 13 year old girl named Norn Mikihara . YGGDRASSIL in the digimon franchise is a super advanced computer that manages the digital world, due to his vast power, supreme lord/lady (YGGDRASSIL is asexual), the capacity to warp dimensions, even to create life (he is called sometimes “God” by most digimon surapasing by far most mega level digimon). YGDRASSIL's origins are still a mistery to this day….

Role in the digimon continuity

Digimon x-evolution

In the animated movie, YGGDRASSIL appears as a spherical chrystaline orb. His role is similar as in the other continuities since it's the ruler of the digital world. Prior to the begining of the movie, YGGDRASSIL made a project known as Project ARK, which consisted in deleting nearly 98 % of the digimon species since, like we all know, in the digital world when a digimon dies it reborns as an egg while at the same time new lives are created. You don't need to be a genius to know this creates overpopulation. So YGGDRASSIL created a new digital world destroying the older one and created a program known as the x virus which deleted a digimon completely, however, unexpected to YGGDRASSIL, some digimon like: Wargreymon, MetalGarurumon, Wizardmon, Tokomon, Wizardmon and Dorumon developed an inmunity to the x virus ceating the “x antibody” which enhanced their powers and made them inmune to the x virus. Knowing this, YGGDRASSIL sent his royal knights to annihilate this “abominations” and a period of great hunt against the x digimon began. Again prior to the movie's begining, YGGDRASSIL created a digimon project known as Dorumon which is in fact none other than Alphamon and at the same time his master creation Death-xmon. YGGDRASSIL procedes to capture Dorumon in his evolved form as Dorugamon and took some portion of his soul to create DeathDorugoramon and an army of DeathDoruGeymon. When Dorumon evolves to his true form as Alphamon he convinces Omegamon to join him and confront YGGDRASSIL for what he has done. Both knights proceed into the chamber of YGGDRASSIL and they are attacked by some weird crystaline dragons created by YGGDRASSIL, but are easely defeated by Alphamon and Omegamon. When he released Death-xmon to end the game in it's favor, the demon easely defeated Omegamon, but tied with Alphamon (since they are the same being every damage one receives it's mirrored in the other on). Alphamon impaled himself and Death-xmon with YGGDRASSIL in his sword and gave his x-antibody to Omegamon thus becoming Omegamon x. Omegamon x proceeded to do the most powerful attack in digimon histoy known as ALL DELETE to destroy succesfully YGGDRASSIL and rebooting the digital world to peace. It is believd that YGGDRASSIL wanted Alphamon and Omegamon to impale it so that the digital world could be saved. It si worthy to notice YGGRDASSIL doesn`t speak in the movie.

Digimon savers

YGGDRRASSSIL is called King Drassil in savers and will be called like this in this section. In this continuity YGGDRASSIL again commands the royal knights and is considered like in x evolution the “God” of the digital world. Prior ro the beginning of the series, he met Masaru's father, Spencer Daimon, 10 years before the series' beginning. Both spoke to each other on a way to make the digital and human world more embraced, however, due to Kurata's attack and destruction of many digimon, King Drassil considered humans just to dangerous to be with digimon and banned them from entering the digital world, in the case of Spencer he was imprisoned by orders of YGGDRASSIL but, BantyoLeomon took Spencer's soul into his body so that he could be “free” in a certain way but, King Drassil knew this an posesed Spencer's body to see the world through human perspective and warned BantyoLeomon that if he did something about it Spencer's world would be destroyed. During the second arc of the series, king Drassil becomes the new antagonist and declares war against the human world in the form of Spencer Daimon. In the final episode, he appears in the Robotic form you see in the the left. This form posesses vast power since he easely overpowerd the royal knights who rebeled it and the burst mode digimon. But lost to Masaru's “I can beat anything with my punch” attack and broke its armor revealing a female form. Later YGGDRASSIL understood the human soul and retreated from the human world in peace with the Royal Knights now understanding the human spirit .

Digimon next

In the Digimon Next manga, YGGDRASSIL appears again as the ruler of the digital world,  but with no royal knights to boss around. In the begining of the manga, YGGDRASSIL is posessed by the demon lord Barbamon, thus getting all of it's power, however, YGGDRASSIL foresaw a situation like this would come in the future so it created ZeddGarurumon and VictoryGreymon to end a similar threat in the future, again forseeing this it splited it's conciousness and spirit in the form of a young and kind girl named Norn Mikihara to understand and study humans from the human perspective. During the manga's finale, after the defeat of Barabamon/YGGDRASSIL, Norn gained the powers she once had as YGGDRASSILand became the new goddess of the digital world promising Shou she would be the best goddess she can.

Frequently asked questions about YGGDRASSIL

Is YGGDRASSIL omnipotent,omniscient or omnipresent?
No,he isn't omnipotent since he has been defeated several times, he isn't omnipresent since he has to warp to the digital world to the human world, however, it seems that YGGDRASSIL seems to exist in multiple Digiverses at the same time which means it's a multiversal being in the digital world. It is debatable omniscient ONLY in the digital world since it is implied that it knows everything in the digital world.

Is YGGDRASSIL immortal?
Yes, at the end of savers it is stated that it cannot die. The same is implied by Dukemon and Omegamon at the end of digimon x-evolution.

Is YGGDRASSIL the creator of digimon and the digital world?
Well in my personal opinión and data i have collected, he MAY be the creator of digimon and the digital world, however since it doesn't have any atributes of God, it is severely debatable, however YGGDRASSIL may just be in charge of the digital world but it's not its creator. In my personal opinión it is only the administrator of the system but not the creator, despite YGGDRASSIL has created certain digimon.

What digimons are stronger Than YGGDRASSIL?
Omegamon X
Chronomon in both holy mode and destroy mode
ZeedGarurumon and VictoyGreymon in tag team
Shoutmon X7 superior mode
Lucemon Satan mode
Bagramon Darkness mode
Arkadimon Super Ultimate (maybe)
Masaru with the power of the protagonism and plot
This list doesn't obey an order except for the Millenimmon part, but still this guys could beat YGGDRASSIL all the day

Final words

I really enjoyed making this so i hope you can post anythnig you like and i also hope you enjoy this as i did making it. So farewell underworlders see you next week!!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Underworld Awards: E3 2012

Hi guys! Pérez and Judini reporting for duty. Yes, I said Judini. Yesterday was the end of this year's E3 event, so Judini and I decided to give our thoughts about the event by picking winners for different categories. So buckle-up because here we go!

PÉREZ: Well, for me the best game that was presented for the Xbox 360 was Forza Horizon. What can I say? I love racing games :P
JUDINI: Sincerely, I was disappointed, but ohh well, I guess what made more of an impact to me was Halo 4. Still the presentation wasn't top notch but it was nice.

PÉREZ: I really was impressed when I saw the presentation of The Last of Us. If I had a PS3, I would definitely buy it!
JUDINI: Nothing more and nothing less than God of War Ascencion... I mean come on it was great, but as mentioned above, I'll credit The Last of Us for making a great impact.

PÉREZ: There were very interesting PC games shown during E3, but my vote totally goes for South Park: The Stick of Truth. I mean, the game looks great and a lot of fun. I may not be the big PC gamer, but I'm definitely getting this game.
JUDINI: I'm going for Dead Space 3 here, it was nice, really interesting, and it looks like a nice addition to the saga and PC games alike.

PÉREZ: Even though I feel that this is a copy of the Super Smash Bros. series, that doesn't make the game bad. I vote for PS All-Stars Battle Royale.
JUDINI: No speech needed, PS All-Stars Battle Royale ftw.

PÉREZ: There were many interesting games presented for the Wii U. I feel it strange to vote for a non-Nintendo game, but well, I guess Ubisoft was serious when they said that they would make the best games for the Wii U. My vote goes for ZombieU.
JUDINI: Sincerely this was a disappointment to me, I expected much more from Nintendo, I couldn't care less about Pikmin 3 yet they were so excited for it, even though it isn't anything great or out of this world, but ohh well, vote goes with Rayman Legends, although I'm not a big fan of it, I feel the presentation pretty nice and fluid, and also it is the first (and only) game of this series that actually made me say sweet :P

PÉREZ: Well, there were very few games presented during E3 that are coming to Nintendo's aging console. If I had to pick one, I would go for Skylanders Giants.
JUDINI: Can't comment, too few and not that much interesting for me to say something...

PÉREZ: SCRIBBLENAUTS UNLIMITED, simple as that. I had never heard of the series until Nintendo's conference and I was like "Woah! That looks amazing!". When I get my 3DS, this game will be a day-one game I'll get.
JUDINI: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon without a doubt, extremely awesome, something people have been asking since the original, and Luigi is as sure as hell better than Mario xD

PÉREZ: Well, I had big expectations of the event and I did get kinda disappointed with SONY's, Microsoft's and Nintendo's conference. So I vote for Ubisoft. For me, they showed the best games of the show. If I had to put in order the presentations, I would putt them like this UBISOFT>EA>NINTENDO=SONY>MICROSOFT.
JUDINI: Well, disappointing E3 overall, but someone got to shine, and that someone is Ubisoft, they really came to E3 for business, and were truly innovative and awesome at their moment of spotlight.

Now, let's go to the overall game awards!
PÉREZ: Many, many shooters were shown at this year's E3. I didn't see one that disappointed me, I kinda liked them all. But I must choose a winner, and for me the winner is Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It looks really good the game.To bad that it isn't coming to the Wii (I still don't know if it will come out for the WiiU).
JUDINI: Shooters, so trivial and so many xD Sincerely I'm not an XBox player, but I believe the winner without a doubt is Halo 4, because I get the feeling to want to play it after watching it get presented :P

PÉREZ: Forza Horizon. The game looks great, and I've only seen great reactions from people when they talk and/or show the game.
JUDINI: Well as much as I want to say NFS Most Wanted, I'm going for Forza Horizon for making a better presentation overall.

PÉREZ: There were few fighting games shown at E3, but for me the best fighting game shown was Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I know many people were waiting for a new Smash Bros game, but please remember that Mr. Sakurai started working on the game around January/February of this year, so he may still be deciding what to do next. So far, we only know that there is going to be a 3DS version with some kind of interaction with the Wii U's version. There are heavy rumors that state that Megaman will appear in the game.
JUDINI: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 my homie!! Returning Jun Kazama, Angel and Prime Ogre as DLCs, nice gameplay, innovative tag functions, makes this game a nice experience and overall, the urge to buy and beat the hell out of people xD

PÉREZ: During this E3 we had major games of this genre announced. For me, the best one would be between The Last of Us, Tomb Raider and Watch Dogs. If we could declare a tie, I would name these 3 games as the winners, but I'll have to choose Tomb Raider. It's still unkown if the game will appear on the Wii U.
JUDINI: It's clear the Watch Dogs came here wanting to stay, and it's really something unexpected but at the same time plain awesome, going for this one for taking us by surprise and delivering a nice show.

PÉREZ: Because of its Kinect version, I'll go with FIFA 13. Last year when I heard that EA was making FIFA 13 for Kinect, I wondered how people would play it. I mostly imagined them running. But the way they integrated Kinect to the game was a real surprise for me.
JUDINI: As an actual basketball player, I can't simply say NBA2K13 because people will think I'm doing so because I like it better than football, but my vote goes to it for overall being something that you can feel the change, unlike FIFA13 that it's the same product but with bugs corrected, like a patch if you will.

Well, those were our E3 awards. Give us your thoughts of what you thought of this year's E3, which games you liked, which ones you didn't, etc.
    PÉREZ          &          JUDINI

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Project M: Opening Borders

Hallou people of the Underworld! Draconic Emperor Ricardo here :D Off-topics for today :P

1) I've received a wide variety of mails waiting for things I've promised in the past, like for example the Red-Eyes tribute and the komics. I won't lie, I didn't forgot them but I couldn't get the time to work on them :( Soon I'll have a break from college so I will begin work ASAP, to accomodate those dues I have with you people :P

2) I'm so excited!! After so much, I finally got ALL the original time-line of Mortal Kombat!! (MK Mythologies Sub-Zero, which I got the original copy as well as the rom in my laptop, MK1-2-U3 as part of the MK: Arcade Kollection I won on MK Secrets on a give-away held by them to celebrate their anniversary (THANKZ SO MUCH!!), MK4, same as MKM: SZ, MK Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon for the Wii, and finally, Mortal Kombat 9 for the PS3. So becuz of this, I decided to make somewhat like an MK History kind of thing for you to enjoy, wait for it :D

3) E3 is just around the corner!! Make sure to check out for it!! They may announce a really nice surprise for all of you ;)

Well now on to the story.... So there is this guy, and that other guy, and then another guy, and they said, "what if Brawl were more like Melee?" So this dudes came up with this vision, this idea in their heads, to create a Melee engine for its use on Brawl, and their final product... PROJECT M. Hang tight, go for broke, cuz I'm gonna take you on a wild ride!!

So basically, Project M is a collaborative effort from a team in order to create a Melee engine for use in Brawl. This means, they want to make Brawl a much competitive game, like Melee was. This implies the return of edge-hogging, wavedash and variations, the infamous Bowser train, L-cancelling, and so on. This also means, things like tripping will disappear forever.  However, this is not meant to be a coast to coast copy of Melee, so some subtles changes will be made on some characters so as to enhance and or balance them so anyone has a good chance of fairing well in competitive play.
Well, why actual? Becuz not all characters have been ported to Melee standards just yet, they will come with time, hopefully soon enough :D So I'll rundown the characters and some changes they received :P
Fox McCloud - The leader of StarFox, he was given back his Melee greatness and is ready to rumble once again :D
Falco Lombardi - Star Fox's Ace pilot was revamped to Melee greatness and is ready to put boots to asses!!
Jigglypuff - Quite frankly, I don't feel her like in Melee, but she's still good :P
Sheik - The better Zelda returns with former Melee glory at her disposal.
Marth - Same case.
Peach - Same case.
Captain Falcon - Same case...
Ganondorf - Same case... well except he was left with his Shadow Choke, and now it is possible to grab the ledge out of it :P
Mario - He was fused with his Dr. Mario counterpart, and now, having the best of two worlds, finally becomes a fierce competitor in Project M.
Pikachu - Pikachu was given back his Melee phychics, and a little tweak here and there and also was given his back air from the 64 era :D
Donkey Kong - His grab pressure combos are back, as well as added mobility and stability
Luigi - Arguably the super wavedasher, he makes his return with his Melee air pressure godness
Link - Stronger, faster, the hero of legend comes back with a mission, prove he can hold his own
Zelda - The kind off useless princess of destiny has her heels ready to be planked upon your face.. sadly no good compared to Sheik at least...
Mr. Game and Watch - Combining some goodies from his Brawl self and returning to his Marth range, Ganon strength, and Luigi Neutral air Melee goodness made stronger, G&W is a fierce competitor and a fun paper cannon to use xD
Bowser!! - Arguably, Bowser is that one character that received a major work coming into Project M. He obviously was restored to his Melee pressure tank game, but now he has a light armor of which makes him capable of bulldozing over small hits, has more range and priority, much better and killer front smash, his down special is now jump cancellable at the height of the bomb, super armor on big moves, and was given back his Koopa Claw, combined with the jump cancellable bomb, makes him capable of comboing and pursuing an easy task... finally, after not being given any respect and making him a laughung stock in Super Smash, he will get his revenge in Project M >:)
Ness - Can't comment, I don't like him so I haven't played as him :/
Snake - Given some new attacks like his new forward smash, faster deploying of bombs and a little less kill power from normal attacks, Snake has become a master camper, capable of setting up a minefield before you can react :P
Wario - Changing him completely, the Project M team decided to add things from his Wario Land incarnations, like the shoulder tackle and the ground fist, making him more versatile in his moveset
King Dedede - Mmm haven't played him much can't really tell anything :/
Lucario - He was completely revamped, his high damage high aura system is gone, replaced with a combo system natural to fighting games. Lucario has speed, can chain his normal moves, stronger grabs, and this sums up to "charge" his aura so he can use enhanced versions of his special moves :D also he now has a shoryuken (up smash) and the tatsumaki senpuu kyaku (neutral air)
Toon Link - He was combined with what made Young Link fun, making Toon Link a freaking beast... me likes xD
ROB-ROB was revamped, changing his up and side special into a series of robo-boosts, more versatile in the air than in the ground, and can use up to three, must land to recharge, really fun to use
Pit - talking seriously, Pit was a noob character, all noobs used Pit, now in Project M that is no longer possible, now playing as Pit finally requires some science and good knowledge of the game... as it should be
Wolf - Wolf was made something like Fox and Falco, not making him a clone of them, retaining some of his Brawl moves and some others made better
Sonic - Well well what have we got here? Breaking the barrier of sound, taunts after his air attacks, revamped special moves, Sonic's transition to Melee is great :p
Ike - Sincerely I only played Ike for the great Aether in Brawl, but now, he's faster and much more better at poking and sending people to fly :P
Charizard - Yup, the PKMN trainer is gone, which means Squirtle and Ivysaur are also free, Charizard by his part, was given a moveset which gives him an aerial assault mode moveset. His down special is now fly, from the ground, it will make Charizard jump into the air and is chargeable, in the air it will make him glide, his new side special is heat wave, and his aerial moves were revamped so as to make him a beast in the art of air pursuing... also his up grab is seismic toss like in the anime :D
Lucas - Lucas is better than Ness, simple xD his neutral special is a charge, it will make the smashes stronger, his down air is now a spike, his back air is an excellent kill move, his side special is now PK Freeze but with PK fire physics, simply nice

Matter of fact, they have a webpage dedicated to this Project, as well, they have download links for you to play the current 2.1 demo version of Project M. Notice that to play this you require the original Brawl NTSC disc, becuz the creators do not support Piracy... soo... I don't know try it out xD here's the link:

Well I guess this is all I can tell you about this, more character and project specific things are stated in the web page. have fun trying out this new alternative to Brawl!!

See ya later Underworlders!!

People deal with grief differently right? Some people fuck at funerals, I cut off heads. - Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
Crimson Nightmare Ricardo :)