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Friday, December 30, 2011


Yare yare..... so seriously WTF I leave and nobody wanna make a post? Seriously thats wrong!! and just becuz I feel it is wrong I decided to postpone my retirement for this time (apart from some who actually know my status and encouraged me back and actually solved my problem, thank you guys you know who you are :D)

I seriously hope you people (principally the ones affected) accept my apologies, never meant it to be that way  :(

So anyways, leaving that behind, I know it's new years and all, but I saw something interesting about my Tails Doll post, a comment claiming Weegee to be able to kick his ass.... but some people may think, who in freaking blue hell is Weegee?! So becuz the Tails Doll got a good response from a good part of you and Weegee sounded like a challenge, I decided to talk about the phenomenom that Weegee is, so hang tight, cuz this story is about to start :D

Weegee is a meme based on Luigi's appearance on the DOS version of the incredibly stupid educational game "Mario is Missing" for PC.

Hey I told you it came from Mario is Missing, some crappy educational game released in order to profit from Mario's popularity..... but seriously, that game, and the other educational Mario games released freaking suck are bad and worthless. Hmm if I recall, Weegee (actually a deformed Luigi :P) was the protagonist in that game in 1992 I think released by Software Toolworks. It was the only game to have Luigi/Weegee as a protagonist until the release of the awesome Luigi's Mansion for the NGC.

Well, quite frankly, Weegee stands in a seriously incredibly awkward posture, and has a really uncomfortable stare (feels like he's gazing into your soul o_O). It was first pointed out by a user named MonkeyinCloset (or something like that :P) who posted it on some forum back in 2007. It inmediatly began exploting and manifesting itself, as different images, given powers, and other weird stuff that is simply hilarious xD He is name Weegee becuz of a mis-translation when carrying over Luigi's name from japanese to US english, becuz there wasn't a proper spelling for the letter L (poor L Lawliet :/).  Afterwards Weegee spread through DeviantArt, Newgrounds, personal blogs and such.

Matter of factly yeah they did :P (What curiosity causes xD). But it wasn't that simple, becuz simply typing Weegee will actually take you to some photographer named Arthur Fellig, who was famous for some black and white street photography (actually pretty cool :D), and his pseudonym (no idea if I spelled it right xD) was actually Weegee... so finding info about our particular Weegee is pretty tricky to find but not impossible. I read the Frikipedia article about Weegee (I think it's only in spanish :/ sorry for that) and read some things that are pretty hilarious and wanted to recomend to you (the ones who manage spanish.... probably latin american humor :P) becuz I had a good laugh with them xD


Looks creepy huh? Among his alleged powers, is the ability to "weegeefy" people into a copy of himself, making him thus far, able to create an armada of Weegees by simply staring at you o_O Also, after he weegeefies you, he steals your soul and keeps it away for eternity o_O People say that he's cousin of the Tails Doll (mostly becuz both incite terror and despair or something like that xD)

Nice cousins xD (Made by sheimidicaprio)

Also, although Weegee can't move any of his body parts (he moves by levitation or fast teletransportation), he was cropped into some random dancing monkey-look-a-like suit totally worth a laugh x'D

EPIC! XD (don't know who made this)

Jajajaja yeah so I believe here is where it ends..... no wait another pic :D

Poor Sonic XDDDDD

Now yeah enough for today xD Hope you enjoyed the post and hope you have a nice new year (if you have it :P)!!

See ya later Underworlders!!

Prepare to Die!! 
Draconic Emperor Ricardo

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Well, after a strange week, everything is back to normal. Judini left the blog, but we told him that he could return whenever he wanted. :D
Also, I have already finished Bleach :) It took me tow weeks to read it. Thanks to it, now I'm kind of obsessed with Bleach. For example, yesterday I saw in this Samurai X picture the shape of either Toshiro or Ichigo in the moon O_O
Can you see it?

Well, now ignoring my probable craziness, the purpose of this post is to wish you all a Happy (insert the name of your celebration)! We are really happy with the first Christmas of the blog (and we hope it isn't the last one). So considering that we have a very varied audience, we would like to know how you celebrate your (insert the name of your celebration) in your country. With my family we eat at midnight and then open the gifts. We eat pork, turkey, salad, torrejas (according to Google Translate it is called fritters in English), rice, bread and nacatamales (tamales that have meat).

HAPPY (insert the name of your celebration and make it all in capital letters :P )!

Monday, December 19, 2011

My first Bleach impressions

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Sorry I haven't made any posts lately, but it is because I've been really busy with my Scouts group because in January we are going to Panama to a MOOT (an international Scouts event). At first it was only for the Central American scouts, but apparently, scouts from Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and Spain have confirmed that they're also going. So this is going to be an exciting thing ^_^ Because of this trip, I don't know if I'm going to be able to make any posts during the event, so don't be surprised if I don't make any posts from January 1 through January 15. Well, I'm really happy that we have reached the 30,000 visits mark, so I want to thank you all in behalf of all the Underworld group. By the way, we are NOT removing Judini from the group because we feel that the last post was enough punishment for him, so I hope you understand our position.

Currently I'm in chapter 316 of Bleach, so I plan on finishing the manga by December 23. I still can't believe that I never watched Bleach. Now I'm wondering what other great animés and mangas are out there that I have never seen/read. Well, back to my post, I'm going to tell you what I've liked about Bleach and things like that. I can't make it like a review because Danny would kill me! XD He wants to make the review of this great manga/animé. So, this post was approved by Danny before its publication :P
So first, I'm going to start with the things that I haven't liked so far... WARNING!!!! THERE MAY BE SOME SPOILERS!
1- Tousen!!!!! God, how I hate him! I can't stand this guy. He is so arrogant about his sense of justice, that I laughed when Komamura told him that he got even more blind after he started seeing when he became a hollow. And I got happy when he was killed mwahahahaha!!! >:D Well, I haven't read that in the manga, but I saw this AMV of Tousen's death...

2- Ichimaru... This guy gives me creeps with his weird eyes and smile...

3- Inoue -_-... Doesn't need anything more XD... Now, seriously, at first I liked her, but then I started noticing her uselessness... God! How useless she is! -_______-

Now, the guys that I didn't like before, but now think that they kick ass!
1- Byakuya At first I thought that he was a soulless shinigami because he didn't "care" about Rukia's death sentence, but after seeing his reasons and knowing from where he was coming from, I started to like him. Right now I finished the arrancar arc, so I was like OMFG when I saw how easy he killed Rureaux. I really like his ban kai :D

2- Kurotsuchi I swear to God that I will die if he appears to me in a lighless alley! He scares the sh*t out of me! I had nightmares with him, but after seeing his total overkill (Danny's phrase :P ) to Aporro, I was like OMFG!!! For me, that is the worst way to die that I have seen. I can't imagine feeling horrible pains for hundreds of thousands of years! But like Danny told me, he does give an excellent monologue to the dying Aporro about prefection.

3- Hirako At first I thought that he looked like a pedophile and/or raper, but now I like him thanks to Danny's spoilers (XD) and... well, mostly Danny's spoilers :P

And finally, the guys that I've liked since the beginning!!!
1- Kenpachi!!!! I have no words for him... He's just so awesome!!! I like how he laughs when he gets hurt. I was like "That was a HUGE mistake" when Nnoitra ripped Kenpachi's patch. I know many will agree, while others disagree, but I feel that if Kenpachi gets a ban kai, Aizen is dead. But I think that it is impossible because I believe that Kenpachi doesn't have a zanpakuto because he had his sword before he entered the Gotei...

2- Toshiro!!!!! My favorite character so far. I don't know what makes him so incredible, but I really like him. I love his ban kai. I would definitely cosplay as him, but he's too short, it wold look weird to see a really tall Toshiro XD (I don't know why, but I usually like secondary characters more than the protagonists)

3- Komamura!!!! Well, I LOVE animals, and wolves are me third favorite animal, so it would be impossible for me to not like him. :D

4- The hot USEFUL gals :P What can I say? Because of them, I think that Inoue should simply step aside and stop being a burden for Ichigo. My Top3 would be Yoruichi, Rukia and Matsumoto :) I love how Matsumoto beats Kon and Asano when they try to do whatever they think they're doing XD

5- The epicness of how out of all odds, the characters manage to win their battles.

So well, this is my Bleach post. I would have made it longer, but Danny would have gotten mad XD.
See you next time!

Disclaimer: All images (except my two signatures and my banners) that I use are not made by me. Unless I state otherwise, any images that I use, are not made by me.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Underworld Disclaimer

Hello to all our readers, for the first time in our history Ill be making a serious post. It has come to our knowledge recently that one of our members, Ricardo to be specific, copied some images from DevianArt, modified them, as we have confirmed ourselves, and put them up here some time ago as signature, under the pretext that they were created by him.

Now, in name of our blog, Ill have to give you Devianart community our most sincere and humble apologies, as up til recently we were unaware of what our member was doing. To make the point clear Ill put it this way: Underworld Honduras in NO, and I empathize NO, way takes responsibility for the actions of our member, as he acted completely individually and does not represent us as a whole. Any measures that are wished to be taken should be directed to Ricardo specifically, and should not be against our blog.

What pictures are we talking about? Well actually the two signatures that our co-blogger Ricardo has claimed to be made by him, after some tracking we found both of them and their original creators.

Original Creator: Wolfman-07

These was the first signature that we believed had been custom made by our co-blogger Ricardo. After searching for a small time we found its original creator.

Now, for the few of you who saw the post yesterday "apologizing" for the theft of intellectual property, after some discussion Perez and I decided to erase it. I then got in touch with some people from the Devianart community that I know(you all know who you are, many thanks for the help), I asked them to read the post and give me their thoughts on it, and we all concluded in the same thing: it was no less than INSULTING.

Why would it be insulting? Because if after stealing somebody's work, passing it off as your own, you then just apologize for the works being "coincidentally similar", youre basically rubbing it on the artists face that you dont care a f*ck for their rights on that work and all the effort they put into making it.

Second Image:

Now, if somebody can lie once...why wouldnt they do it twice? So we started searching for this design also, and effectively enough, we found that sadly enough, this was also a stolen work that had been passed off as Ricardos own creation. As to the original owner of this picture, it was kind of a confusing search but we eventually tracked down two people who passed it off as their own in different years, so for safety well just assure you that this is certainly NOT something created by a member of Underworld Honduras.

We also wanted with Perez to apologize to ALL the people whose videos/pictures we have used in our posts so far in Underworld Honduras history, and we hope that you forgive our use of them in the posts in which we have forgotten to include a disclaimer. Remember though, that with our blog, our idea is to promote your videos, pictures and all other artistic creations, and that we are a 100% non-profitable group.

Yet again, the rest of Underworld Honduras is truly sorry for what has happened with these pictures, and we assure you all readers that this is not going to be allowed to happen once more.

Thank you all for your attention, Underworld Honduras out.

A message from Underworld Honduras

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fandub Songs!(Spanish and English)

Ciaossu to all readers!!!! For a change I am making this post much later than I was supposed to, watching anime seems to keep you out of other things and I am also practicing for the Yu-gi-oh regionals to be held soon here. Well try to give some coverage of the event, although dont expect too much as I will be playing and we avent confirmed if Ricardo will be assisting to the tournament.

Off topics for today:

-Creator God of Light Horakhty and Sky Dragon of Osiris(Slifer) are gonna be released soon in Japan. Looking forward to seeing this new awesome cards! Creator God isnt gonna be too playable, seeing as how it has huge requirements, but maybe with a Gadget deck it would be possible. Slifer keeps a very good effect, although its coming without card immunity.
-The new structure deck Dragonic Legion was released this Saturday in Japan!! Well see how these new chaos dragons do in the meta there.
-What could be more expensive than Tour Guide from the Underworld? Well of course the bus that she is guiding!! As a TCG exclusive we are going to see Tour Bus from the Underworld in the new pack Order of Chaos.

Our topic for today? Well I decided to share with you the best fandub videos that I could find!! What is fandub? Its when a fan like any of us decides to sing a song known in an anime.

Daia No Hana, Black Cat Opening

Konoyo No Uta T-T

Rolling Star - My favorite

Fighting Dreamers

Just to be ironical....Dream Fighter

Alones- Aqua Timez

Smile Bomb- Yu Yu Hakusho Opening

Sobakasu/Freckles- Samurai X Opening

Angeles Fuimos- Dragon Ball Ending

Houki Boshi- Bleach Ending

Okay....even though I have many more Ill save them for another post, so this will be all for today. Thank you for keeping with us and stay tuned to Underworld Honduras. Ciao!!!!

Yu-gi-oh 5Ds= Epicness

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Death Note

Yoo, Ricardo here. I know that as of lately we have been lacking, but I'm not sure which retard had to make the next post, and becuz of poor reliability, I'll be the one to do it xD So anyways no Red-Eyes tribute becuz this wasn't supposed to be my post, so I'll talk about the psychological anime we know as Death Note :D Now hang tight cuz we're about to start xD

So the story starts showing off the brilliant mind that is Light Yagami, how he gets good grades and all that crap. One day, he finds a notebook, and the moment he touches it, a creature appears before him, the Shinigami Ryuk. Ryuk presents himself to Light, and Light, at first oblivious, begins trying to evade it, claiming him to be false, but later, intrigued by Ryuk's claim of the Death Note, he decides to try it after reading the instructions, assuming that nothing will happen to the first criminal that he wrote down, but after 40 seconds passed, the criminal he wrote down died of a heart attack, and Light realized the the note's power is real. He decides to create an utopia free of criminals in which he would be god. But after the killings began and the police had no idea what was happening, they hired L, the world's best detective, in order to uncover Light (known as Kira).
Light and his Death Note
The story is completely psychological, Light has an incredible capability to quickly analize and develop plans according to the situation given (as such when his house was full of cameras and mics). This capability is only rivaled by L, who also has said ability. Both are aware of every little detail, are capable of uncovering various endings to a single thought, and are highly analitical. As long as the story goes, both Light and L try to outsmart the other and excert psychological pressure on each other in order to find the other, L in order to arrest Light, and Light in order to kill L with the Death Note. I'll not spoil the story for you, I'll only go ovber few aspects of this :P
L over his laptop
As a quick note, I'm posting ALL important characters in here, so if you don't wanna get spoiled, continue on to the recommended? part of this post xD

Light Yagami: High school student, brilliant mind, known also as Kira, he wants to create a perfect world without criminals and he wants to be its god. He posseses a Death Note and his Shinigami is Ryuk. His rival is L, and seeks to kill him to avoid being caught by him. 2nd Favorite in Death Note :O

L Lawliet: Hunched back private detective who took over the Kira case and took it personal. He loves sweets... and when I say loves, I mean LOVES. His rival is Light/Kira, and looks to arrest him for all the murders he ahs done. Highly analitical, always one step ahead, favorite character in Death Note xD

Misa Amane: She's a model..... but also the 2nd Kira. She's in love with Light, in part becuz he's Kira and Kira killed her parent's murderer, and in part becuz she thinks he's cute. Light takes advantage of this and uses her for her own purposes as she made the shinigami eyes contract with her shinigami Rem.

Ryuk: A bored shinigami, threw his Death Note in the human world to see what happens, when Light came upon it, Ryuk t¿said he'll be the one to write Light's name in the Death Note, and that he hoped that Light would entertain him for the while.

Rem: Misa's female shinigami, she became Misa's protector and did everything she could for Misa's happiness, and dies later on becuz of this, I'll not say how or why xD

If you like psychological stuff, you'll like this for sure, if not, well you'll get bored, its fun to see how the critical thinking develops in here so try to check it out if you will ;)

Guess that's it for today, hope you enjoyed :D

Cya later Underworlders :D

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer - Draconic Emperor Ricardo :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tails Doll

Hallou fellow Underworlders!! Yeah I know I wasn't active at all in the past weeks, but my computer..... mmm let's say its dying. It erased majority of my info (luckily my desktop was untouched :D), but it killed my tribute, and it killed other info I needed, apart from that it began crashing from time to time, but now its working okeii, but I gotta start the tribute AGAIN -.-'' Next time it comes :D Also check our Youtube channel!! I've recently uploaded a vid, and upgraded some of the visual aspects, hope you like it :)

So now to the main show..... I'm aware that maybe some of you are aware of the story behind Tails Doll, but are not so sure of its origins and such, I decided to write down about it to expand our culture of gaming lol So sit tight, grab a beverage, and hang on, I'm gonna take you on a wild ride! Go FOR Broke!!

Hmm, around 1983 in the US, everything was normal.... but PUM a massacre on a house, everyone dead except for two, what was surprising was the supposed apparitions the victims had. In the house, there was one of the corpses who had "TD" in its chest, and later one of the survivors said that the assasin was something like teddy bear but extremely bloody, fiery bloody eyes, and a stench of death, and died inmediatly afterwards.

Since then, people believed they were dealing with a psycotic serial killer who was lurking over those places, becuz they actually saw blood stains on the streets from where he walked and left his trademark "TD" where he could. Inmediatly the police began searching all over for him becuz of the brutal murders increasing, and becuz of the "TD" mark, they knew they were dealing with the same assassin.

But all changed that certain night.... in 1984, in one silent night, a group of policemen saw a figure writing the mark "TD" on the floor. The policemen watching this inmediatly began going after the figure, hoping to end the killings once and for all. They followed the figure into a local cemetery, and pursuited it deep into the cemetery, until... PLUCK! A butcher knife was thrown at the policemen and caught one on the throat, inmediatly killing him. His partners, enraged, continued the pursuit in name of their fallen comrade, when it suddenly stopped. Thinking quickly, one of the policemen grab an old camera and took a picture of the figure, and when it was revealed, he panicked and runned away. The remaining policemen continue pursuit, but eventually the figure disappeared, and the policemen returned to HQ. At HQ, the policemen where ready to unload on the policeman that fled, but he, still shaking, showed them the pic he took : it was a teddy like figure covered in blood with a butcher knife in its hand, jumping from grave to grave just to escape.

Since then, it was no longer considered a psycotic killer, but a demon.... a blood plastered demon just looking to kill. The US kept it in its secret files as a demon eith a little gem hanging from an antenna on its head, pure blood color, but publicly it said it was still the serial killer, until in 1987, some guy named Cristopher hacked into the US secret files and found that story, took about 50 copies of it and give it away to people so that everyone should know.

Afterwards, the government decided to make it public, and the massacres increased in exponential numbers. The people, scared, decided to adorn their houses with religious stuff, in hopes that they wouldn't get killed. Nobody was out after 6 pm, and were scared of the demon, who laughed and said "This protections you have won't last forever!!"

In 1988 the solution was given by a church, which invited all to a non-stop preaching of almost one month. Then in a lonely night, the preacher went out and encountered the TD, and inmediatly many others began preaching around it, and the TD began losing its power, and then the TD began crying blood ordering them to stop, but then the preacher threw sacred water on the body of the TD, which after a while exploded in a gory fashion becuz it was unable to contain all the purity of it.

All was peace after the death of the TD, everyone was happy again, that is until the release of Sonic R.... in which the people at first thought if it as innovative but later discovered something interesting about the cast to unlock.... one of them was named Tails Doll, which was like a teddy bear (rather odd considering Tails is a fox :P), with an antenna that had a red glow on its head (apparently its power supply xD).

Then the rumors spread, and in LA (Los Angeles :P), a mother found her child dead. She expressed that he was playing his Sega Saturn with a new game that was given recently, she was calling for him to attend his grandparents who came by to visit, but after many unanswered calls, she went to his room, and found him dead, with dilated pupils, blue lips, a lost vision to the roof and foam coming out of his mouth, with a track playing over and over again on the console. She said that his son was mad with the idea of unlocking "some kind of doll or something like that." Then at the boy's funeral, they selled everything, except the Saturn, which was given to the boy's best friend, who at the moment of turning on the console, he noticed the last thing the boy did before he died was to unlock Tails Doll. The forensics said that the boy died asfixiated while in an epileptic attack, which was weird becuz nobody in his family had that sickness. The people began fearing the TD was back, until sometime later, a massacre occured, and there the symbols "TD" were found with the message "Thanks to your fear and Sega I'm back, except for my body, so now I'll be the Tails Doll".

The people began panicking again, but after years passed and nothing happened, the incident was taken as a joke and everything returned to normal.

Jujuju spooky isn't it? Well I hope you enjoyed this horror story, and hope you check our Youtube channel as well :D

See ya later Underworlders!!!

New sig xD Next up, the Red-Eyes Tribute :D
Draconic Emperor Ricardo