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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Well, after a strange week, everything is back to normal. Judini left the blog, but we told him that he could return whenever he wanted. :D
Also, I have already finished Bleach :) It took me tow weeks to read it. Thanks to it, now I'm kind of obsessed with Bleach. For example, yesterday I saw in this Samurai X picture the shape of either Toshiro or Ichigo in the moon O_O
Can you see it?

Well, now ignoring my probable craziness, the purpose of this post is to wish you all a Happy (insert the name of your celebration)! We are really happy with the first Christmas of the blog (and we hope it isn't the last one). So considering that we have a very varied audience, we would like to know how you celebrate your (insert the name of your celebration) in your country. With my family we eat at midnight and then open the gifts. We eat pork, turkey, salad, torrejas (according to Google Translate it is called fritters in English), rice, bread and nacatamales (tamales that have meat).

HAPPY (insert the name of your celebration and make it all in capital letters :P )!

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