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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nintendo News #3

Hi guys! Pérez reporting to duty. Today I was going to publish you a comic-related post, but for some reason my draft was deleted. -_- So now I have to re-write it.
So now I want to tell you the latest news about Nintendo, but I'll include a PS Vita news that caught my attention.

1- Apparently, the 10 GameBoy Advance games for the Ambassador program of the N3DS will be released until next year.

2- Last week (Nov. 20 - Nov. 26) the N3DS was the best selling gaming device in Japan. The curious thing about it, is that it sold more than the rest of the other consoles combined. The N3DS sold 120, 920 units, while the PS3 was the next best-selling console with 34,031. NOTE: N3DS has been the best selling console in Japan since its price cut! :O

3- TLOZ: Skyward Sword had AMAZING sales last week. It sold almost 200,000 copies in Japan, and more than 535,000 copies since its release IN THE US ONLY! If you think those are low numbers, please remember that this game is only in one console, while other games like Battlefield 3 or Skyrim are in at least 3 (PC, PS3, 360). These sales makes Skyward Sword the fastest Zelda game to reach the 500K mark.

4- Nintendo announced today that Mario Kart Wii has sold over 28 MILLION COPIES, which means that for every 3 Wii's, there's one Mario Kart Wii! :D

5- Some third-party games will now include Club Nintendo points in the US.

6- If you couldn't get Victini in your Pokémon Black/White copy, don't worry. Nintendo has announced that you can get him from Dec. 3 to Dec. 31. It will be a level-50 Victini with Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt.

7- Nintendo Europe announced yesterday (Nov. 29) that Luigi's Mansion 2 for the N3DS was going to support 2 players, BUT TODAY Nintendo stated that this is false and that they're sorry for their error.

8- The November N3DS firmware update has been delayed to December 8. With this update, you will be able to record in 3D.

9- Hideo Kojima has stated that the MGS for the N3DS is a full remake, not just a simple port.

10- Super Mario 3D Land is the fastest portable Mario game to reach the 500K mark.

THE PS VITA NEWS: It caught my attention to see that apparently the PS Vita won't have internal memory. Gamespot recently announced the prices for the PS Vita memory cards, which range from USD $29.99 (4GB) to $119.99 (16GB). Remember that the PS Vita will cost USD $249.99 and $299.99 the 3G version.

Currently obsessed with Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the NDS

Friday, November 25, 2011

Preview: Megacon HN 2011

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Today I want to tell you about a convention that will take place tomorrow (Nov. 26) here in Tegucigalpa. Well, first the usual off-topics. Danny, Judini and I are almost finished with this year's last university period. I'm off the hook in December 9, Danny and Judini will also finish around those dates, so we'll be able to concentrate even more in the blog! Well, I guess those are the off-topics for today. XD

Well, you may be like "What is the Megacon HN?" It is this awesome convention of videogames, manga/animé and comics. Here you can find many activities, like karaoke, cosplay, videogame tournaments, Magic tournaments (sadly, no Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament), and many conferences. The two most important events ocurring during the Megacon are the conference and autograph signing by the two international guests and the karaoke segment of White Angel Yuriko. The first Megacon was celebrated November 20, 2010, so tomorrow is its second version! :D
(Last year's cosplay contest winner, Krauser) _\m/

International Guests
Well, last year we had tow great international guests. We had Humberto Vélez and Gabriel Chávez. If you're not form Latin America, Humberto Vélez is the dude that gives Homer Simpson its voice in the Latin American version of The Simpsons, while Gabriel Chávez gives the voice to Mr. Burns :P
A friend of us, told us that when Humberto Vélez and Gabriel Chávez entered the room of the convention, almost everybody bowes to them! XD
(Gabriel Chávez top, Humberto Vélez bottom)

(Humberto Vélez announcing his participation at the Megacon HN 2010)
(Gabriel Chávez announcing his participation at the Megacon HN 2010)

But, this year we are having two even more awesome guests... We are having Mario Castañeda and René García!!!! Mario Castañeda gives the voice to Goku and René García to Vegeta (In the LA version)!!!! Many people will go to the Megacon only for them. If last year the people bowed for The Simpsons guys, what will the people do tomorrow?! Oh, I can't wait to see it!!!! Last year I had the bad luck of not getting an autograpgh from the guests, but this year I am getting them! >:D

(Mario Castañeda top, René García bottom)

(Mario Castañeda's video announcing that he's coming to the Megacon 2011)

White Angel Yuriko
(White Angel Yuriko performing at Megacon HN 2010)

This chick caught us by surprise in last year's Megacon. She is this incredible singer that specializes on animé songs :D
I don't know if she was only a contestant in the karaoke tournament, but since many many people liked her performances, she is back this year! I remember her singing songs of Full Metal Alchemist, InuYasha, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, etc. She really was one of the best things from last year's edition, and I hope she is even better this year! :D
Whie Angel Yuriko performing the theme song of Gundam Wing in Japanese :D

During the whole convention (it starts at 10:00 am GMT-6 and ends at 9:00 pm GMT-6) many stores will be selling its merchandise. You can find almost anything. You can find awesome T-shirts (last year I saw this amazing TLOZ: Twilight Princess T-shirt with the "Official Nintendo Seal"), mangas and animés in DVD, key-chains, pins, posters, etc. Last year, a guy was selling the four-star dragon ball. It was this small, orange-glass ball that had four red stars inside. It was really beautiful!

(The activities programmed for this year's Megacon)

So well guys, this was my post about the Megacon. I'm going to tell you about our experience in this year's Megacon in my next post :)
I know that this convention is small compared to the Comic Con, E3, etc., but it means a lot to the otaku/gamer/geek/friki/etc. community of Honduras. I know about people coming from all over the country to see this convention...
So, see you next time! :D

Waiting impatiently for the Megacon to start!!!! ^_^

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Structure Deck 22: Dragons Collide

Yare yare...horribly long time hasnt it...I could lie and tell you that I have been busy saving the world and doing something productive...but no...really I just recently have gotten too much in my mind and it kinda skipped my thoughts to write here. Okay things to address....

Off-topics for Today:

-Kansas regionals took place!! Hope that everybody who participated did well, and if not then dont worry, keep bettering yourself and try next time! We finally got to see a few Dark World decks make it into the top 32 and the long-lasting favorite deck, the Heavy Synchro Summon, was finally defeated by a Chaos. It seems like the time of light and darkness has arrived!!!
-Ahhhh Captain Ukitake!!!! Why??????? DX *latest Bleach chapter*
-Why can I never find anime subbed in english? =_=*
-Youtube Yu-gi-oh Channels to Check Out for all of you(No, we are not paid to advertise this sadly xD):
  • Dragonduelistgirl
  • Cyberknight8610
  • Simplyunlucky
  • Vayuenthusiast
  • Meredithanmeow
  • YourYUGIOHChannel

Okay now on to the main topic!!! We are talking no more and no less than Structure Deck 22: Dragons Collide!!

”Dragons of LIGHT and DARK have put aside their differences to unite as one unstoppable force! This Structure Deck includes powerful Dragons, Lightsworn monsters, and some of the best DARK and LIGHT monsters, all merged together into a Dueling juggernaut. More combinations await when additional LIGHT Dragons are unleashed in Galactic Overlord booster packs.”

Thats right, the new structure deck...for a change...will be another insight into the Dragon Decks! It seems that we are going to get a new type of Dragon Deck besides the controlling Disaster and the beatdown Hopeless. These two known kinds are going to have to stand aside for a new race of Chaos dragons! These powerful beasts have arrived from the border between light and darkness, ready to take on every and all challengers to establish their domain over Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sorry there...was trying to sound like the writing on the Structure Decks XD. But here talking seriously it seems that on February 7 of 2012 we will be able to get our hands on never-seen-before cards. Thats actually pretty fast considering that the full list of the deck hasnt been released even for Japan. Personally I am looking forward to seeing what this deck will bring and maybe buying it to try out a chaos deck.

High Lights from this Deck so far(OCG):

Lightpulsar Dragon

Most of us already have at least heard of this card. The almighty FTK Dragon that probably had Konami people thinking "Good god...what the F€$K have we done?!!!". Lightpulsar Dragon is summoned like any other chaos monster, removing one light and one dark from play, however its special in that it can also be summoned like this from the GRAVEYARD, allowing you to banish even more cards, giving you some counters for Chaos Zone or bringing back a heavy hitter to tilt the game. The second effect allows you to special summon a lvl 7 or higher dragon from your grave when this card is sent to the graveyard...AKA bring back Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to special summon this thing again and repeat until you get bored! Oh...and NO people...the Cannon Soldier FTK doesnt exist anymore XD.

Darkflare Dragon

Special summoned also like any other chaos monster this is the dark brother of Lightpulsar Dragon. His effect allows you to send one dragon from your hand AND deck to banish one card in either players graveyard. Basically its a slower version of future fusion to get things you need in the grave and summon more Chaos Monsters, gives you more counters for Chaos Zone and also if needed you banish things from your opponents grave to ruin their strategy..

Chaos Zone
A card that probably we are going to be seeing a lot from now on, Chaos Zone. These Field Spell gets a counter whenever a monster is banished from the game, that includes your monsters as well as your opponents. Accumulating 4 or more counters you can special summon one monster from your banished zone whose stars are equal to the number of counters removed. I see great use in all variants of Chaos Decks, obviously as the name implies, as well as in Macro Cosmos decks and such.

Eclipse Wyvern

Whats this? A new wyvern joins the dragon family! When this card is sent to the graveyard by any means, you can banish one lvl 7 or higher dragon from your deck. Then when this card is banished from the grave you can add that dragon to your hand. Basically we are getting a gold sarcophagus as a dragon and in a chaos deck, where he wont be too long in the grave seeing as how he is a light monster, you can get his effect very quickly indeed.

Dragon Reincarnation
A blast from the past!!! This card if brought directly from the deck of Nightshroud from Yu-gi-oh GX!! You banish one dragon type monster you control and then special summon one dragon from your hand or graveyard. Basically its the effect of the REDMD inside of a card.

Dark Armed Dragon

Everybodys worst fear has become reality....Dark Armed Dragon is coming out as a common!!! DX Well at least thats whats going to happen in the to whats going to be released for us...I am sorry to disappoint you people...I am guessing that theyre going to substitute this big guy with some Lightsworn, most probably Gragonith.

Lord of D.

Why is this card a highlight? Because hell I have to take back what I said...THIS is a blast from the past!! Effect is simply and effective, you cannot target dragons by spells, traps or monster effects. Of course this guy isnt good all by himself, the deck also includes his reliable flute of summoning dragon to special summon two dragons from your hand!

Well that is all for today!! Thank you very much for reading us, keep tuned to Underworld Honduras. Oh and lets all hope that we get DAD in this deck for the TCG. Ill make another post about it as soon as we get more cards from the structure deck revealed in the OCG. Ciao!!!

Downloading Neo Genesis Evangelion

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nostalgia (2/2)

Hi guys! Pérez reporting to duty. Well today I'm writing part 2 of my nostalgic post. But first, I wanted to tell you about my two most recent obsessions: Bleach and Phoenix Wright.
Yeah, I admit that I have never seen Bleach, so last week I started reading the manga. I really liked it from the beginning. I liked it so much that I can't believe I had never seen it. I'm still in the beginning. The last thing I read was when a quincy challenged Ichigo :P
My other obsession is a DS game called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I immediately liked it. I play a chapter each day, so I'm almost finished. When I finish the game, I'll make a review :D

Going back to part 2, today I'll tell you about the other 5 animés that conform my Top10 of favorite animés of my childhood. (Note: I wrote them as I remembered, so there is no specific order in the Top10 except for Dragon Ball and InuYasha that are in second and first place respectively ^_^ )

1- Samurai X
Definitely in my Top10 of All-Time animés. The things that I liked the most were definitely the story and the characters. Like I yo know, my favorite character is Sanosuke :D But Kenshin is also a great character. He has superb abilities yet a noble heart. By the way he acts you wouldn't believe that he was a murderer. My favorite part of the story was the Shishio saga. I took one of those quizzes that tell you which character from x-animé you are, and my result was Sanosuke! :D (In another test I got Misao! WTF?! o_O)

2- Sakura Card Captors
According to Danny, this animé is for girls but that for some reason boys liked a lot also. Well to be honest, if he had never told me that, I would have never guessed that this was an animé for girls XD. Well I really liked this animé anyways. It has a great story. I never expected Yukito to be an angel :P By the way, he was my result in one of those personalities tests :P The episode that I remember the most is one where Sakura and her friends find a ghost and all of them ran panicked except Tomoyo :D

3- Beyblade
3, 2, 1... LET IT RIP! Wow, this animé definitely brings back so many good memories. This animé also caused a huge phenomena in Honduras. It was rare the kid that didn't have a beyblade (or an imitation at least). I remember a Christmas where Santa gave me a blue beyblade and a stadium to play. I still have them both! :') NOW I WANT TO PLAY AGAIN! XD But returning to the topic, my favorite character was the tiger-kid, Ray Kon. I only liked the first part, I think that hey ruined the animé with part two >:/

4- Captain Tsubasa
Here in Honduras it is called Súper Campeones. This animé was a huge sensation. Everyday at school, we would talk about was the episode form the previous day. The three most popular characters were Steve Hyuga, Oliver Atom and Benji Prce (to a lesser degree). My personal favorite is Steve Hyuga ;) For some reason, when Oliver goes to Spain, they changed the name of the team from Barcelona to Cataluña. Many people still debates which is the real final episode of the series. I firmly believe that the real end is when the Final for the World Cup between Brazil and Japan starts.

5- Crayon Shin-Chan
This is one of the funniest shows that I remember I have ever seen! This animé used to make me cry from the laughter. I remember one time that my mother prohibited me to watch more than 2 hours of TV a day (>:/), so she tolde me to tell her which shows I was going to watch, and one of them was Shin-chan ^_^ This may be a somewhat unknown animé because I don't remember more than 5 people that watched it at school (I may be wrong :P ) The best thing of this animé is its characters because they're really funny.

So this was the part 2 of my favorite childhood animés. :)
I hope you liked it! See you next time!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nostalgia (1/2)

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. This past week I was really nostalgic. On Monday I saw Toy Story 3 in Starz. This movie usually makes my eyes watery in the final scenes when Woody says good-bye to Andy (first with the help of Bonnie and later by himself when Andy drives to the horizon.) The thing that officially made me nostalgic was in the night when I was watching videos on YouTube. I somehow ended up watching videos of Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park was a huge thing in my childhood :') ) So thanks to those movies, I ended up having a very nostalgic week remembering my childhood everyday. I remembered the videogames that I grew up with, like Super Mario 64, Pokémon Stadium, Chameleon Twist (I don't expect you to know it XD ), StarFox 64, TLOZ: Majora's Mask (I liked it more tha Ocarina of Time), etc. etc. I also remembered the TV shows that I never missed, like SpongeBob, Jimmy Neutron, Catdog, Hey Arnold!, Rocko's Modern Life, 31 Minutos (Latin Americans should know it :P ), Johnny Bravo, Tom and Jerry, THE SIMPSONS (my favorite show of all times).
Since this is an animé post, I will tell you about my favorite childhood anime's. So here we go!

1- InuYasha
Definitely my favorite animé of all times. I remembered being in 3rd grade and rushed the bus driver to go fast because I wanted to get home to watch InuYasha. It is simply an extraordinaire animé. I really liked InuYasha because of many reasons. I think that the 3 things that I liked  the most were the story, the characters (specially Aome :P ) and the battles. I really loved when InuYasha's demon part was released and he killed monsters so easily.

2- Dragon Ball
Perhaps the mot popular animé from all times. This animé definitely changed my life. It was the first animé that I saw. I remember having 2 T-shirts of Goku when I was in kindergarden!! This is my favorite animé after InuYasha. Trust me, it was really difficult for me to choose between Dragon Ball and InuYasha. I think that the best thing of Dragon Ball was the epic battles. My personal favorite is Majin Vegeta vs Majin Buu. I cried when Vegeta sacrificed himself to kill Majin Buu.

3-  Pokémon
Ahhhh Pokémon. "I've gotta catch 'em all" I really loved pokémon. It was so different, original than the rest of the animés that I had seen. My favorite season was Johto. My favorite pokémons are
Nidoking and
I have a complete list of my favorite pokémons generation by generation, and I'm going to publish it in my next animé post :D

4- Digimon
Digimon... Pokémon's arch-enemy (according to many people.) Even though I didn't like it as much as I did with Pokémon, this was a very entertaining animé. My favorite season was the third one. I didn't like a lot the 4th season and I don't want to see the 5th one. I really liked Guilmon and Gabumon, you could say they are my two favorite basic digimons... Like I said, my favorite season was the third, and for some reason, I don't remember a lot of the 2nd season.

5- Yu-Gi-Oh!
The animé that started a world phenomena almost as big as Pokémon. My favorite part was the saga with Marik. He is one of my favorite animé villains of all time! The best thing of that saga was when Yugi finally got the three Egyptian Gods. The episode I'll never forget is the match of Mai Valentine vs Marik. I still remember how she failed to summon Ra, and how she started forgetting her friends. I watched the show until the light dudes appeared in GX.

Well, those are some of the animés I saw during my childhood. I also liked to watch Ultimate Muscle (Kid Músculo), Sakura Card Captors, Beyblade (the original), Samurai X (I would have written about it, but I decided to write about it in part 2), Captain Tsubasa, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon, etc.

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked writing it. See you next time!
So tell us guys, which were some of the animés you saw during your childhood (until you were 13)? Tell us in the comment section below. :D


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Super Smaaaaaaaaaash Brotheeeeeeeerrrrssss!!!!

Greetings, Emissary of Darkness Ricardo here (felt like making something different :P), hmm I know this is an odd hour for a post, but considering we can now steal the other's post, guess it doesn't matter (Dunno about that, will consult later), anyways I also know that I'm supposed to post the Red-Eyes tribute, but I received a mail requesting that I do something for the winner of the poll (why me? Becuz it's obvious that I'm the fighting fan here xD), and becuz we rarely have been getting requests, guess that this gets priority and gets to be posted first, but next time comes the tribute for real becuz I'm getting kinda tired of having to move the date I was gonna post it lol.... so anyways the winner is Super Smash Bros, so since there are only three, I'll talk about them all :D So sit tight, and relax, becuz we're gonna begin shortly :D

So here it is, the beginning of a new era, the exellence of execution, the herald of awesomeness! Released in 1999, this game became one of the most popular games in the N64, it was so blasted innovative that it was awesome. The game counted with 8 regular characters (Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Pikachu, Kirby, Yoshi and Fox McCloud) and 4 secret ones (Jigglypuff, Cap. Falcon, Ness and Luigi). This game very differently from the traditional fighting games, as instead of the usual 1-on-1 encounters, you are able to get three other friends and have a fight to the death. Also, there aren't any lifebars in this game, you instead have a damage percentage, which goes up as you receive damage, more damage, the farther you can be sent flying away, and along with that, the damage percentage has as a background a symbol representing from which game the character comes (Mario with a mushroom, a pokéball for Pokémon etc).
The gameplay is simple, anyone can grab a controller and play, apart from multiplayer, there's also single player, which lets you run an arcade-like battles until you reach the final boss, which is Master Hand (he's a right giant globe, the spirit of creativity or something like that :P). Pretty fun to play this game :D

This was coming sooner or later, the successor of the successful Super Smash, it was expected greatness from this game, and know what? It brings it. More characters, more moves, more blood...... no wait the last thing no that's Mortal Kombat II XD anyways, it brings the smash concept to a whole new level, appearance of characters that we didn't even knew in here (The japanese yes becuz Fire Emblem was formerly japanese exclusive until Melee came out), also, this game introduces various challenges (Event Matches, Homerun Contest etc), and also introduces a new "Trophy" concept, and the opportunity to actually collect trophies by fulfilling conditions. It introduces about 14 new characters, plus the original 12, bringing the count up to 26 chars, which is a good thing...... well except that about 6 of the new characters are clones of of other characters in the game..... but ohh well...

Back in February 2008, everybody was waiting for this blockbuster to come out, and when it did, they were amazed. Amazing graphics, nice effects, solid gameplay and a nice set of characters, this game is simply great. I was also glad that my main (Bowser) got a super revamping and got a hell lot more powerful than he was in Melee, making him now more letal than ever (back in Melee, it hurts me but Bowser sucked, hardly able to keep others in check, and even though I always played as him, he still was a lot of trouble to use, and Ganondorf was incredibly good and I had to switch to him, but now, I can safely say that no matter what Bowser is my main :D). Also, although some characters where scraped out (sadly Mewtwo was one of them :(... ) some others were added that added diversity and a fighting style for each and any player. I can say this one really kept up with the expectations, also letting you to create your own stages, and having an adventure mode that easily could be a game of its own lol

CHARACTERS!! (Original/Melee/Melee Only/Brawl)
-Donkey Kong
-Fox McCloud
-Cap. Falcon
-Bowser (Favorite :D)
-Princess Peach
-Ice Climbers
-Ganondorf (2nd Favorite :D)
-Falco Lombardi (3rd Favorite :D)
-Mr. Game & Watch
-Dr. Mario
-Young Link
-Mewtwo (Favorites :D)
-Lucario (Favorites :D)
-Meta Knight (Favorites :D)
-King Dedede
-Zero Suit Samus
-Sonic The Hedgehog
-Solid Snake
-Diddy Kong
-Pokémon Trainer (Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard)
-Toon Link
-Wolf O'Donnel (Favorites :D)

Well guess this is it for today, hope you enjoyed the post, next time without ANY and ALL delays, the Red-Eyes tribute, wait for it :D

Until next time Underworlders!!

Emissary of Darkness - Ricardo

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Awesome Naruto Shippuden Live Action

Second post for today!!! Yoshi, I am on a roll now!!! Nah not really...just wanted to share with you another video now that I though of it, and I didnt want to edit my last post since this has nothing to do with the previous.  This time we are talking about Naruto!!

Another time...I found an interesting video in Youtube while randomly looking around Youtube. This is a fan-made live action video from Naruto Shippuden, its definitely one of the best that I have ever seen and I really recommend to all of you that you watch it complete.

Liked it? Then subscribe!!!! We are still waiting for the second part of this awesome videos!! Give these guys some support and appreciation for the huge effort they make in producing every one of these videos.

Okay, that is all for today I guess, unless I find something else that I think awesome enough to share with all you people!!!

100 POSTS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bleach Fan-made Opening 3: Houki Boshi

Ciaossu!!!! Huh? Why am I posting twice in a row? Because I just felt like doing it, besides the fact that I found something interesting that I wanted to share with all of you readers, just randomly looking around Youtube to see what I can find.

Now to all of the Bleach fans out there, I am pretty sure that youll remember this ending, since it was the third ending and one of the coolest, after all they made a different version of the ending for each of the thirteen squads in the Gotei 13.

Here are all the endings from the 1st Squad to the 8th Squad:

And here are the rest of them, that is from the 9th Squad to the 13th.

Now what was I saying about the fan-made openings in the title? Well I found a few of them that were made by Kanongoldenz. All of them were made with different scenes of the Back to the Pendulum Arc 100 years ago. Hope you enjoy them!!!





All credit goes to the creator of this videos Give them a thumbs up if you may and hope that you all liked them. That is all for this post, thank you!!

Trying to finish watching Yu Yu Hakusho

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Taking Yu-Gi-Oh Too Seriously

Ciaossu!! Well I know what youre thinking, EPIC FAIL for writing this so late, but I havent had the time to get in here, but anyways I am sorry for the delay but the important part is that here I am writing. for today...and yeah...I have off-topics every time I make a post so I will put them here anyways:

-Thank you all of our awesome viewers for helping us reach the 20,000 Views. For a moment I have to admit that I doubted it, but here we are after hitting that goal!!!! I hope that you all keep with us and reading our blog, a huge thank you!!! I hope that you all like the banner I made!
-Photon Shockwave Sneak Peak was yesterday!!!! Anybody got a Rescue Rabbit??!! Hope that everybody had good luck on their pulls.
-I remembered that I still owe you the pairing post about Pokemon that we had the poll about...things are building up in my To-Do list...Ill try to finish it soon for you.
-IchiRuki FTW!!!!

Okay...I think those are all the off-topics that I wanted to mention to you, so lets get straight to the main topic, somebody asked me what I thought about the people that seem to take Yugioh too seriously.

Well I am guessing that what you meant are the ones that get angry over the game rather easily, if not please be so kind as to send me another message to what you meant.

About that, I do know that many people get angry during the game, be it for losing or just when they think that an unfair play was made on them. I have to tell people that that is nothing new, no matter the game youre playing, youre always going to find people like that, its simply human nature to hate losing, just that some people show it more than others. Its nothing belonging to Yu-gi-oh, so stop thinking that, dealing with people like that is something that we all are going to handle, and I am also pretty sure that every one of us has gotten angry sometime when we have lost.

As to the people who take Yu-Gi-Oh! seriously, like its more than a game, the explanation for that is pretty simple. There are two reasons why these people are so into the game: A) They want something that they want to be good at, such as sports for other people or arts, its something that every person needs. B) They want to belong to a group, you make friends and get to know many people in the game, so they dont feel alone. Its something perfectly understandable actually.

Well I think this explains it pretty well, so thatll be all for today, see you next time, Ill try to finish my Advanceshipping post for our next meeting.

Gadget Power!!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

3 months earlier...

Hi guys! This is one of our most (if not the most) special posts we have made.

We are super excited about this. Pérez made the goal of reaching 20,000 visits before the blog's anniversary (January 26) before he saw that the 10,000 mark was reached. Now that we have made it, we want to reach the 25,000 visists before this year ends and reach 30,000 visits by February 1.
So like in the 10,000 visists post, each one of us has made an banner celebrating this accomplishment.
Danny's banner:

Judini's banner: 
Hallou! Sorry to keep you waiting, had a few problems with my connection, but anyways here it is, thank you all for visiting, we appreciate it. I hope you all continue to enjoy yourselves with what we (The Underworld Trio) post for you :D - Ricardo/Judini
Pérez's banner:

We hope that you liked the banners. We make this blog for you guys, the Underworlders. We are happy that you guys like this blog. ^_^
See you next time!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The zombies... are coming.

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Well, today it is November 1, so we have almost finished 2011. So today I'm going to review a famous game that has obsessed me in the last two weeks. I'm talking about Plants vs Zombies. This is a simple, but fun game. If you haven't played it, then you are missing one hell of a game. So prepare your plants because here we go!


Plants vs Zombies was released by PopCap around mid-2009. In this game you have to defend your house from the attack of zombies who only want to eat your brain. To do this, you have to defend your house in three different stages: your front lawn, your backyard and your roof. As you progress in the game, you get more plants, but stronger zombies also appear. The first stage is your front lawn, here you learn how to play and all, it's a really easy to play game. The "staple" plants in this level are the sunflowers, peashooters, wall-nuts, snow peas and repeaters. After you finish the level, you play in your front lawn again, but this time in the night! Day and night in the game are totally different. During the day, you receive sun from... well you guessed it, the Sun, but during the night where you have no sun, you have to find another way (besides the sunflowers) to get more suns to plant. Here you get introduced to the mushrooms, who only work during the night. The 'shrooms are really helpful because they are kind of cheap to plant, and you have little sun. Your staple shrooms should be the puff-shrooms and the grave busters. After the night, you go to your backyard. The most important feature of this level is the pool. Now you have to get worried by "aquatic" zombies. Here you get introduced the lily pads and tangle kelps, your two water plants staples. In the night levels, you get introduced to the sea-shroom, which is the aquatic version of the puff-shrooms. After the night level, you go to your backyard again, but this time it has a thick fog that covers most of your sight, so here you MUST have  blovers to repeal the fog and balloon zombies. After this level, you go to your roof. The zombies somehow managed to get there. Here your previous offensive plants are kind of useless because the roof isn't straigth. so you now use catapult plants. Your previous plants will only be useful in the flat part of your roof, but the bad part is that it's near from the edge of the screen, so they will have less time to kill the zombies. Your staples should be the flower pots, cabbage-pults and kernel-pults. After this level, you're ready to fight the evil zombie boss. How do you defeat him? Well, by this time, you should have your own strategy, but I'm going to tell you the two plants you'll need to stop his attacks: Ice-shrooms and jalapeños. You have to figure out how to use them :P


1- Peashooter: he shoots peas to the zombies.
2- Sunflowers: they give you sun from time to time. YOUR MOST IMPORTANT STAPLE!!!!!
3- Cherry Bomb: a bad-ass cherry that explodes to kill nearby zombies.
4- Wall-nut: He is your best defense plant at the beginning of the game.
5- Potato mine: His name says it all :P
6-  Snow Pea: He shoots frozen peas to the zombies making them slower. I consider it an almost staple plant, but its usefulness depends on your strategy.
7- Chomper: Petey Piranha's cousin. He devours a whole zombie. He is a good combo with the wall-nuts and tall-nuts.
8- Repeater: He shoots two peas at the same time to zombies.
9- Puff-shroom: He's your best friend during the night because he is a FREE mushroom that shoots to nearby zombies.
10- Sun-shroom: He gives you sun during the night. I've never found him very useful...
11- Fume-shroom: A bigger and stronger version of the puff-shroom.
12- Grave Buster: He literally eats graveyards.
13- Hypno-shroom: The zombie that eats this shroom, will get high and start attacking his friends.
14- Scaredy-shroom: Another bigger version of the puff-shroom. When zombies get really close, he hides scared underground. The bad part, is that he stops shooting at them.
15- Ice-shroom: He freezes all the zombies in the screen. (Doesn't freeze zombies that appear afterwards)
16- Doom-shroom: He makes a huge explosion, but leaves a crater where you can't plant. I think that after a while, the crater disappears...
17- Lily Pad: You need her to plant in the water...
18- Squash: A pear-like plant that smashes the closest zombie. He can kill more than one zombie if they are close.
19- Threepeater: He shoots three peas in different directions...
20- Tangle Kelps: He drown the first zombie that touches him.
21- Jalapeños: He explodes killing ALL the zombies in one lane with a lane of fire! :O
22- Spikeweed: Your best friend against zombies that ride any type of cars... Besides, he makes damage to any zombie that walks over him.
23- Torchwood: A trunk of wood with fire. You put it after any peashooter, repeater or threepeater, and the peas will catch fire. (Hint: don't put it after a snow pea, or don't use snow peas if you are going to use torchwoods, you have to guess why :P )
24- Tall-nut: Wall-nuts bigger brother. He resists more and can't be passed over it.
25- Sea-shroom: Your best friend in the pool during night. He is also free.
26- Plantern: He emits light during the night. He is only usefull during foggy nights, but I prefer blovers.
27- Cactus: He shoots spikes against the zombies, but his most important purpose is to explode the balloon of balloon zombies.
28- Blovers: He blows away the fog and balloon zombies.
29- Split pea: He has two heads... yes two heads. One aims towards the back and the other towards the front. He is necessary to fight against digger zombies, who make a tunnel underground and appear at the beginning of your lawn, and starts eating all your plants from the front to the back.
30- Starfruit: A star-shaped plant that shoots stars in 5 directions.
31- Pumpkins: You put them over your plants to give them an extra-layer of protection.
32- Magnet-shroom: One of the most important mushrooms. He attracts the metallic objects from zombies, like the helmets and ladders.
33- Cabbage-pult: He throws cabbages to the zombies.
34- Flower pot: You use it to plant in your roof.
35- Kernel-pult: He throws kernels and butter (yes, butter) to the zombies. Butter makes a zombie stop for a short period of time.
36- Coffee bean: You use it to wake-up mushrooms during the day. I usually use him to wake up the magnet-shrooms.
37- Garlic: When a zombie bites him, he will immediately go to another lane. I used 2 times the most.
38- Umbrella Leaf: He protects the plants next to him from bungee zombies.
39- Marigolds: Flowers that give you money from time to time.... A waste of suns in my opinion...
40- Melon-pult: He throws watermelons to the zombies. The watermelons make damage to nearby zombies also.
So these are the basic plants. You can also buy things to upgrade some plants. The only one that I use: Gatling peas, you plant it over a repeater and it will make the repeater fire 4 peas at the same time! :D


I won't tell you the zombies, so that you have surprises when you are playing the game. I know that I've told you a few of them, but they're way more than those :P

Adventure Mode
Mini-games: Here you play various fun mini-games.
Puzzle: You have two types of puzzles, but more than one of them. Each puzzle is harder than the last one.
Survival: Here you play the basic levels of the adventure mode, but you have to survive for 5 or 10 (depending on the difficulty) zombie attacks.
Zen Garden: The name says it all. You "raise" plants that give you money, you can also sell them.
Shop: You have a neighbor called Crazy Dave that sells you useful stuff throughout the game.
Almanac: Here you find information about all the plants and zombies you've encountered.

Well guys, I hope you liked the post and get interested to play this game either by the first time, or for another time. See you next time! :D