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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Structure Deck 22: Dragons Collide

Yare yare...horribly long time hasnt it...I could lie and tell you that I have been busy saving the world and doing something productive...but no...really I just recently have gotten too much in my mind and it kinda skipped my thoughts to write here. Okay things to address....

Off-topics for Today:

-Kansas regionals took place!! Hope that everybody who participated did well, and if not then dont worry, keep bettering yourself and try next time! We finally got to see a few Dark World decks make it into the top 32 and the long-lasting favorite deck, the Heavy Synchro Summon, was finally defeated by a Chaos. It seems like the time of light and darkness has arrived!!!
-Ahhhh Captain Ukitake!!!! Why??????? DX *latest Bleach chapter*
-Why can I never find anime subbed in english? =_=*
-Youtube Yu-gi-oh Channels to Check Out for all of you(No, we are not paid to advertise this sadly xD):
  • Dragonduelistgirl
  • Cyberknight8610
  • Simplyunlucky
  • Vayuenthusiast
  • Meredithanmeow
  • YourYUGIOHChannel

Okay now on to the main topic!!! We are talking no more and no less than Structure Deck 22: Dragons Collide!!

”Dragons of LIGHT and DARK have put aside their differences to unite as one unstoppable force! This Structure Deck includes powerful Dragons, Lightsworn monsters, and some of the best DARK and LIGHT monsters, all merged together into a Dueling juggernaut. More combinations await when additional LIGHT Dragons are unleashed in Galactic Overlord booster packs.”

Thats right, the new structure deck...for a change...will be another insight into the Dragon Decks! It seems that we are going to get a new type of Dragon Deck besides the controlling Disaster and the beatdown Hopeless. These two known kinds are going to have to stand aside for a new race of Chaos dragons! These powerful beasts have arrived from the border between light and darkness, ready to take on every and all challengers to establish their domain over Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sorry there...was trying to sound like the writing on the Structure Decks XD. But here talking seriously it seems that on February 7 of 2012 we will be able to get our hands on never-seen-before cards. Thats actually pretty fast considering that the full list of the deck hasnt been released even for Japan. Personally I am looking forward to seeing what this deck will bring and maybe buying it to try out a chaos deck.

High Lights from this Deck so far(OCG):

Lightpulsar Dragon

Most of us already have at least heard of this card. The almighty FTK Dragon that probably had Konami people thinking "Good god...what the F€$K have we done?!!!". Lightpulsar Dragon is summoned like any other chaos monster, removing one light and one dark from play, however its special in that it can also be summoned like this from the GRAVEYARD, allowing you to banish even more cards, giving you some counters for Chaos Zone or bringing back a heavy hitter to tilt the game. The second effect allows you to special summon a lvl 7 or higher dragon from your grave when this card is sent to the graveyard...AKA bring back Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to special summon this thing again and repeat until you get bored! Oh...and NO people...the Cannon Soldier FTK doesnt exist anymore XD.

Darkflare Dragon

Special summoned also like any other chaos monster this is the dark brother of Lightpulsar Dragon. His effect allows you to send one dragon from your hand AND deck to banish one card in either players graveyard. Basically its a slower version of future fusion to get things you need in the grave and summon more Chaos Monsters, gives you more counters for Chaos Zone and also if needed you banish things from your opponents grave to ruin their strategy..

Chaos Zone
A card that probably we are going to be seeing a lot from now on, Chaos Zone. These Field Spell gets a counter whenever a monster is banished from the game, that includes your monsters as well as your opponents. Accumulating 4 or more counters you can special summon one monster from your banished zone whose stars are equal to the number of counters removed. I see great use in all variants of Chaos Decks, obviously as the name implies, as well as in Macro Cosmos decks and such.

Eclipse Wyvern

Whats this? A new wyvern joins the dragon family! When this card is sent to the graveyard by any means, you can banish one lvl 7 or higher dragon from your deck. Then when this card is banished from the grave you can add that dragon to your hand. Basically we are getting a gold sarcophagus as a dragon and in a chaos deck, where he wont be too long in the grave seeing as how he is a light monster, you can get his effect very quickly indeed.

Dragon Reincarnation
A blast from the past!!! This card if brought directly from the deck of Nightshroud from Yu-gi-oh GX!! You banish one dragon type monster you control and then special summon one dragon from your hand or graveyard. Basically its the effect of the REDMD inside of a card.

Dark Armed Dragon

Everybodys worst fear has become reality....Dark Armed Dragon is coming out as a common!!! DX Well at least thats whats going to happen in the to whats going to be released for us...I am sorry to disappoint you people...I am guessing that theyre going to substitute this big guy with some Lightsworn, most probably Gragonith.

Lord of D.

Why is this card a highlight? Because hell I have to take back what I said...THIS is a blast from the past!! Effect is simply and effective, you cannot target dragons by spells, traps or monster effects. Of course this guy isnt good all by himself, the deck also includes his reliable flute of summoning dragon to special summon two dragons from your hand!

Well that is all for today!! Thank you very much for reading us, keep tuned to Underworld Honduras. Oh and lets all hope that we get DAD in this deck for the TCG. Ill make another post about it as soon as we get more cards from the structure deck revealed in the OCG. Ciao!!!

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