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Monday, May 28, 2012

Go to DMC!

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Well I'm really excited because last week I finished reading the manga of Black Cat and watching the anime of Detroit Metal City, so this week I'm starting to read Rurouni Kenshin and watching One Piece. So far, I like the anime, except for Nami. I don't like her personality ¬¬ Also, I finished The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and let me tell you, that is definitely the best Zelda game (at least in my humble opinion). Now I'm playing MadWorld for Wii. I want to thank Judini again, because he gave me the game as a birthday present. It was kind of funny my reaction when he gave me the game, because my older brother and me were saving money to buy the game and Judini bought form the same store we where going to buy it from XD For some reason the game was being sold for the ridiculous price of 300 lempiras (our local currency) which is approximately 15 US dollars O_O So far, the game is great and fun! :D
Returning to the post, today I'm going to talk about the anime of Detroit Metal City.

The manga was created by Kiminori Wakasugi. The manga so far has 86 chapters and is ongoing, but the last chapter was released in July 2011. The anime has 12 episodes. There is also a live-action movie that I still haven't watched, but hopefully I'll watch it this week. In this movie, Gene Simmons makes an appearance. :D The name of this manga/anime is a parody of KISS's song Detroit Rock City (I really like the song, so I recommend it ;) ).

What is it about? Well, the story is about an indie death metal band called Detroit Metal City. They try to be the best metal band in Japan's inde scene. The story focuses mainly on DMC's lead singer and guitarist, Soichi Negishi. The story is really funny thanks to all of Negishi's crazy misfortunes. Negishi wanted to be a pop singer, but somehow ended up being a death metal singer as Krauser II. During the anime, Negishi has many internal conflicts due to his reality and real wishes.


Soichi Negishi/ Johannes Krauser II: Negishi is a very nice man that likes pop music and wishes to become someday a famous pop singer. Krauser, in the other hand, is his alter ego, leader of DMC. He pretends with DMC's fans that he comes from hell and that he has many powers. Due to DMC's first single, Satsugai, many people think that Krauser killed and raped his parents. Because of that song, many people expects Krauser to rape many things, from police officers to statues XD
Negishi/Krauser is a really good guitarist and singer. Krauser is able to play the guitar with his teeth and say rape 10 times in 1 second.
Negishi doesn't like his alter ego, but he recurrently uses him to help people.
It's funny to see DMC fans inventing new powers for Krauser and threaten Negishi's life if he continues to sing pop songs at night in a park XD

Yuri Aikawa: She is Negishi's friend and secret love. She writes a column for a magazine, which is Negishi's favorite section of the magazine. She likes Negishi's pop music and shares his music preferences, but she hates DMC. She doesn't know Negishi is Krauser. It's fun to see Negishi trying to hide he is Krauser from Yuri.

Terumichi Nishida/ Camus: DMC's overweight, strange drummer. He is a short, chubby man that plays really well the drums. His personality doesn't change when he is Camus. Even during dates, he talks about rapes and related stuff, but the girls usually think he is just kidding XD
He is really dedicated with the band.

Masayuki Wada/ Alexander Jagi: He is DMC's bass player. He doesn't show a lot of character development during the anime, so the only thing that I could tell of him is that he thinks Negishi is really amazing as Krauser and that he is the one that interacts the most with the company's president before and after each concert.

The President: A blonde woman that likes death metal and to smoke. Her records company direct DMC. She is constantly getting gigs for the band to show off. She doesn't like a lot Krauser's alter ego, because she feels that Negishi doesn't represent the personality of a death metal performer, so she constantly demands Negishi to "man-up".

Capitalist Pig: He is a masochist man that was hired to be beaten up and abused on stage by Krauser. He also works in a little shop when he is not the Capitalist Pig. He can also sing, but he just did it once. He is so masochist that he will stop anything he's doing to continue being abused and begs for more if the person stops abusing of him. :O

Jack III Dark: He is a black metal guitarist from the USA. He is known as the "Emperor of Metal". he goes around the globe searching for metal bands from each country to destroy them. He goes to Japan to destroy DMC. I won't tell you what happened :P

Well, I guess that is all I can tell you of this anime. I hope you like it!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NEW SEGMENT: Creepypastas!! ;D

Hallou people of the Underworld! Crimson Nightmare Ricardo here :D (yeah I'll change the intro from time to time :P) Anyways I'm sorry for not posting anything, I guess I was really out of ideas :/ so sorry :(

I also want to apologize for that sorry excuse of a post Pérez made, seriously I thought to myself what was going on with his head when he decided just to post that, so I speeded up my selection of creepypastas of today so as to hopefully overwrite that abomination that dares to call itself a post.

Well going on the bright side, I thought of something that was pretty much interesting, the so called creepypastas that have been going through the internet for as long as I can remember (I think I spoiled it in the last paragraph xD). I remember reading them or hearing them just out of curiosity and then after having the crap scared out of me, I decided to go insomniac xD But since I no longer do that (consider the creepypastas being read like when I had 10-12 years or so :P) I thought of making a new segment starring me :D Creepy pastas are always interesting and look to scare you, so I'm looking to entertain you by scaring you so you have further knowledge about your favorite games and how they were considered demonic or something like that xD So hang tight, I'm gonna take you on a wild ride!!


Let's start with this one, you all know that Gary at the begining of his adventure had a Raticate at his posession. You remember you fought Gary at the SS Anne, and then you remember seeing Gary at Lavender Town AKA Pokémon Death Town without his Raticate, and after that you remember said Raticate being replaced by an Arcanine. You do? Nice, the reason I'm telling you this is because you AKA Red killed Gary's Raticate. I know most of you will say "Gary simply got rid of the crap Raticate is and replaced it with something better!" but get serious. The story is like this, after the battle with Gary at the SS Anne, it was impossible for him to actually get off the boat to run to the Pokémon Center, so he carried all his injured Pokémon until he reached ground again. All of Gary's Pokémon were like I like to call it beated up to a pulp, but Raticate especifically received a great deal of damage to his body during the fight, so even though Gary managed to recuperate all of his team, Raticate couldn't take it and it died. Gary, mourning the loss of his Pokémon, decided to travel to the Pokémon Death Town AKA Lavender Town to bury the remains of his friend. Here is when we arrive and see him, looking at the tombstone of his Raticate, and he yells that our/Red's Pokémon don't look dead, but he can make them faint, implying that one of his Pokémon actually died. I know most of you think this is pure coincidence, but I believe it to be true, I mean, since the moment Lavender Town is known for being a place where Pokémon are put to rest when they die, it is natural to think Gary went specifically there becuz his Pokémon died, if not, why the hell go there? Furthermore, after this incident, Gary became far more serious, he hardly showed any emotion when he won, whereas before he would always be cocky. He knows you are responsible for Raticate's death but he doesn't want to admit it, but he still harbors that feeling that becuz of you he lost his best friend and you took away his inocence.

This one is somewhat short really and makes no sense whatsoever, but ohh well here we go. Story: Two kids (for convenience, Carl and Lenny, not their real names) were playing Pokémon Stadium, were Carl easily defeated Lenny until Carl had to go so he left. Next day, Carl called Lenny so as to play Pokémon Stadium again, but Lenny refused, claiming he wanted to play something else. So later Carl went to Lenny's home and took a bundle to play GBA on the NGC with a copy of Pokémon Special Pikachu Edition (Pokémon Yellow xD). On one point of the game, Lenny challenged Carl to get 6 Pikachus and pass the game with them, Carl obliged, and by the next day he got all 6 Pikachus (don't ask me how). They kept playing overnight (still over the bundle and the TV) until Carl decided to leave and left Lenny the game so he could keep playing. Around 3 o´clock or so, Lenny used a thunderstone, and all 6 Pikachus began evolving into Raichus. Then tragedy struck. For some unknown and untold reason, the 6 Pikachus got out of the Tv, surrounded Lenny, and on a fit of violence, ripped Lenny apart, from the legs to the arms to the head, the only thing they left was Lenny's brain. Next day, Lenny's parents watched in horror as they entered Lenny's room and saw a mess of blood splattered all over the room, and even more horror as the watched Lenny's motionless brain on the floor, then static began shocking the room, while the Tv began pouring out blood, writing MAD on the floor.

I'll tell this one as a first person story as the author wrote it:
''It was around 12am, I was totally alone, my mother went out to dance somewhere, and my brother was at a friend's house. I was mortally bored, I couldn't sleep, and there wasn't anything good to see in the Tv, so I turned on my notebook (laptop), no internet, so I decided to play Pokémon Platinum. I got mad becuz of my inability to beat the Battle Frontier, so I decided to play Super Smash Bros 64. I hadn't played that game in a while and my favorite was Pikachu, so naturally I'd start off as him. I noticed that it was resetted, nothing unlocked. Damn my brother for touching my things. But I didn't mind and start playing on the first battle against Link, but something was wrong.... Pikachu's eyes were bloody red, as if he were crying for some reason, I thought I was looking at it wrong and defeated Link, against the Yoshi horde, his face showed something like a smile of hate more than nothing, I made an excuse and continued playing, but after reaching the break the targets, a pop-up showing Pikachu appear and with a message saying "You forgot about me for long and now you think you can play with me like nothing happened? Do you know how I felt watching you play with all those other Pokémon with tears on my face, see you raise Marian since it was a little Pichu (Marian is my Raichu in Pokémon Platinum), and now just becuz neither she or your other Pokémon can win their battles you return with me? You think I have no feelings? Well you are wrong!" then the message ended and it continued with the next fight. Now it appeared Pikachu was crying blood, still with that horrible smile and those red eyes. I thought my brother hacked it in order to play a cruel joke, so I decided to continue just to see what else he did. When the next bonus (Board the Platforms) was coming close, Pikachu appeared on screen with another message: "You think it is funny for me to harm my partners in this blasted game?! You think I like to die and feel pain in every battle?! I don't debilitate and inmediatly be cured, I die and resurrect, that's a lot of pain, you dont know how this pain feels! But soon you will..." The battles continued, but now Pikachu got new wounds everytime he got hurt, also he would move alone from time to time without me touching anything, around 100% damage, Pikachu began dripping blood from his wounds, drenching the battlefield with it. I thought that by throwing him off the ledge his wounds would be cured, but each time I tried to let him fall, he simply jumped back up, after I got bored I stopped doing that. Then it was the battle against Metal Mario and Pikachu killed him with one blow. After that the screen fade to black and another message appeared : "I don't want to respawn to feel pain again, now you will feel the pain I felt!". Now Master Hand appeared, but he looked much more realistic, also he was using red paint on his nails, the same one I was using just now. I continued playing but realize I wasn't controlling Pikachu, I was controlling the Master Hand. Pikachu looked far to damaged so I decided to let him attack me, he suddenly jumped and began biting the Master Hand... something I felt weird for that game, suddenly I began feeling pain in my hand, and when I examined it I saw the prints of tiny teeth buried inside my flesh, I was scared and couldn't believe it. Suddenly Pikachu began biting Master Hand's middle finger so hard he took out a piece out of it, and I looked in horror as that same piece was almost teared out of my hand, Pikachu then began eating that piece of meat saying "Pika pika" like he always does but much more macabre and lunatic and staring at me, with a message at the side saying "This isn't over!". Afterwards I closed the game, and erased the rom. I tend to the wound and went to sleep, hoping it was just a dream. But then I saw my wounded finger and thought that was real. It were weeks before I opened my laptop again, but I didn't play with the excuse I had no time. One day a cousin went to my house and he asked to play Pokémon Stadium, so I set it up and left to do my things, but soon my cousin called to me and I looked in horror as the only Pokémon available in the game was a Bloody Pikachu, so I erased the rom and the emulator. After a couple of days I forgot all this, but I only use the laptop for Facebook and Youtube. When I realized all this was idiotic, I decided to play Pokémon Platinum again, all was normal, except that my Raichu Marian wasn't there, I searched for her in the PC but she wasn't there. I continued playing and after a battle was to comence, instead of seeing my Torterra out of its Pokéball, I saw an image of the same Pikachu and his face and mouth were covered in blood, he approached me and then with a message said: "I've killed and eaten your precious Raichu Marian... it is my revenge. I hope you know that she died becuz of you. I won't allow you to play anything for eternity unless you do something for me.... I want you to kill a person for everytime I have died in Super Smash Bros, and then give me the thunderstone you have in your purse... if you do that for me I'll leave you alone...". I inmediatly closed the game and erased all the games I had in my laptop, but when I tried to erase Pokémon Yellow, the screen fainted to black and then I saw how the word MAD appeared on screen seemingly written with blood. Afterwards the screen became normal and the program wasn't there anymore, I didn't have to empty the recycle bin, there was nothing there.... like if they never existed in the first place.... Now I feel I was face to face with Mad Pikachu, that internet legend resulted to be true... Now I comfirmed it... it wasn't rare for me to laugh at that creepypasta, and that story could have me killed. If I had given him the stone, Mad Pikachu would surely transform, get out of my laptop and kill me. I still want it to be a dream, but then I see the scar in my finger and my cousin asking me "May I play with your Red Pikachu?" so I know it was completely real. I just feel lucky I didn't suffer the same fate that boy suffered when 6 Mad Pikachus tored him apart. I never played anything on that computer again, and everytime someone invites me to play, I feel uneasy, like if someone is breathing right in my neck, and I also feel the pain on my finger, like if the wound is reopening, and blood is dripping out of it."

Damn that was big xD Anyways hope you enjoyed our new segment, expect more from me next time ;)

See ya later Underworlders!!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amazing dominoes

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Sorry for not posting anything for the past days, but Judini and I have been very busy with our universities, but I'm finally on vacations now :D
Today I'm showing you an amazing video about dominoes that was uploaded a few days ago on Youtube. The video is a tribute to Nintendo's franchises and consoles plus a non-Nintendo franchise.
This video was made by Shanes Dominoez. Watch and enjoy!!!


Friday, May 11, 2012

The Godfather PC Game

Someday - and that day may never come - I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as gift on my daughter's wedding day.  Whats going on guys? Danny here, noticing that apparently blogger has a new interface for post creations that I am not sure I like more than the old one. But never mind that, lets get straight to business, I am going to give you guys a review on the game The Godfather!

What is the game about?

EA made a big bet when they decided to purchase the rights to make this game, hoping to get into the world of Open RPGs like RockStar Games with GTA. The game itself is an attempt at recreating the famous storyline of The Godfather books and movies, although introducing a new character that the player controls into the story so that one may get more into the game rather than having to play the role of Michael or such.

The Screen

If youve played the GTA Games then this screen is going to look perfectly normal, and actually even easier to understand than what youre used to. EA probably decided to use this GTA-like design for the screen so that users wouldnt be lost into having to learn to handle a completely different interface. 

Map and Police -> You have your familiar-looking map on the right hand lower corners, as well as the number of "Police Stars" that you have, in this game indicated by badges that make a shooting sound when they appear letting you know the police is after you. The different colored dots and crosses that appear in the map indicate, much like in GTA, different directions and points of interest in the game.

Money/Level/Experience/Health-> Upper right corner we have the health bar in green, the purple experience bar and the current level you are at. When you level up in the game you get skill points that you get to distribute among various areas to make your character stronger, have better aim or more health.


Explosions, shooting, punches, strangling, blowing up heads, throwing people off buildings; the combat in this game is WAY more exciting than in GTA!!! You have at your control an arsenal of guns and other weapons typical of the 1930s that you can keep constantly upgrading with the local weapon-dealers making them more powerful and getting you closer to your dream of being Don of NYC. The first-person view of the game complimented by the aiming key makes shooting in this game pretty easy once you get the trick of it, not only that but youll have to learn to duck and hide at moments if you want to avoid being turned to cheese by your tommygun-wielding enemies.

I hear people complaining that fighting in this game is impossible because the default keys make it too complicated to react in time and that they were often killed because they werent able to pull their guns out, aim and fire in time at the incoming enemies. What I wonder is if they knew that the game had the option to change the key configuration to something that makes it more comfortable to how you use the computer, because a couple of hours into the game I was already able to pull off at least two shots at each of the enemies before they even had the chance of drawing their weapons.

Another nice aspect of this game are the special deaths that you can give to your enemies, these go from simply grabbing their heads and shooting their brains out to more complex ones like using your garrote to strangle them while they where distracted or even throwing somebody into a bakery oven because they refused to obey you. A gory aspect that adds quiet the bit of realism to the game and that isnt present in GTA games, youll find yourself attempting to get the All Execution Styles achievement pretty early into the game.


The life of a mafioso would be empty if killing everybody who gets in your way was the only thing you did, so in The Godfather one of the biggest aspects of the game is the part of extorting stores and various characters. 

Youll have a lot of fun finding the weak points of every store owner, be it the fear of getting shot, to seeing their employee murdered or, if you want to keep it simple, throw a stick of dynamite into the store and see him running out in a much better mood for negotiation.

The Big Question: GTA vs. The Godfather

Storyline: The Godfather

Not even the best GTA storyline can compare to being able to feel yourself into such a classic story as is The Godfather, simple as that. Having much more complex characters and a well built story makes this games storyline an attempt to be respected at emulating the books and movies, not perfect of course but something that definitely needs to be taken into account.

Playability: GTA

GTA is easier and way simpler to play due to the shorter amount of controls, so you wont be needing as much practice as TGF where youll find yourself trashing with the controls for about half an hour before getting the hang of it. Another thing is that driving in GTA is way better handled, I dont know if cars in that time were that bulky and heavy but trying to drive in GF at high speeds more often than not ends in a terrible crash until you learn to handle the different kind of cars.

Replay Value: DRAW

Once you finish the storyline youll find that your last challenge is to become the Don of NYC, and in order to achieve that youll need to own all the stores and warehouses of the city, something that by itself means a lot of time to be spent on playing it, as well as completing all the hits that are given to you by people all around the city.


  1. Never kill store owners...itll take them a couple of hours to respawn and thats a lot of time that you lost and in which you could have leveled up, became more famous and tried to extort the guy again.
  2. SPEED IS BOSS,  I have found that the best skill to level up at first is the Speed, by the third hour playing I had maxed out speed and that made things WAY easier. Your character will pull his gun faster than enemies allowing you to take them out before they have a chance of attacking you, you are able to hide behind walls faster as well as ducking. 
  3. USE COVER, youre getting nowhere in this game if you dont learn to duck and hide properly, there are many levels and areas where youll have to deal with four or more enemies with shotguns and/or tommy guns at the same time, so if you dont learn to get to cover in time youll find yourself dying before getting far.
  4. Save those blue bottles!! If you see a health bottle that an enemy dropped or is there hidden, unless youre about to die dont take it right away, first make sure you have killed all the enemies in the current area and then take the bottle. That way youll make sure that precious health doesnt go to waste if they hit you while youre healing.
  5. With rank comes power, if a rival family or policemen are chasing you, find a hotel or a compound you control and let your underlings handle them. Youll happily find those men are more than ready to give their life in order to protect you from any harm.


Thank you very much for your attention! Keep tuned to Underworld Honduras! Ciao!

Se vivo ti ammazzo, se muoio ti perdono

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Good evening/morning/night in any case here Kaiser Nebur greets you. Today my post will be about one of my favorite groups of Digimon ever, the Royal Knights. So please enjoy this or at least read it about half of the article… so enjoy or die!!!!

What are Royal Knights?

The Royal Knights are a group of holy knight digimon that saved the Digital World a long time ago and usually serve in the name of YGGDRASSIL or “justice”, despite their justice being somewhat cruel, emotionless and evil to a certain degree. They usually serve YGGDRASSIL or Lucemon (only Rhodokinghtmon and Dynasmon have been seen serving him). The group acording to legends was founded by Alphamon and Imperialdramon paladin mode. Even though Imperialdramon paladin mode being a memeber, he is not counted as one of the knights for some unknown reason and his whereabouts are shrouded in mystery. The same path is with Alphamon since he appears only when the situation is so damn bad that he needs to intervene (he is one of the most powerful digimon that has ever appeared both in amnga and anime). The group is of 13 members, however as I said before, Imperialdramon paladin mode is not counted, so if a guy tells you he is a royal knight he is lying to you. Also, only 11 royal knights have made their debut leaving 2 memberts in mystery. It is worth to notice that there are no girls in the royal knights, and no, Rhodoknightmon isn't a girl…. So the known members are:

1) Alphamon (the big boss and the strongest)
2) Omegamon (second strongest and the current leader)
3) UlforceVeedramon (the fastest along Alphamon)
4) Dukemon/Gallantmon (the most popular one, and he isn't the dukemon from Tamers)
5) Dynasmon (the strongest in terms of physical strenght with Alphamon,)
6) Rhodoknightmon (the gay dude in the group)
7) Sleipmon (a centaur with icy powers)
8) Duftmon/Leopardmon (the smartest and arrogant one)
9) Craniummon (YGGDRASSIL`s favorite knight)
10) Examon (the mighty king of all dragon digimon)
11) Magnamon (the only one who isn't a mega)


The royal knights have made several appearances in both the anime and the manga of Digimon. Rhodoknightmon and Dynasmon introduced the group in Digimon Frontier being the main antagonists during the revival of Lucemon against the digidestined. Omegamon, Dukemon, Maganamon and Alphamon were presented as members of the group in the Pendulum X manga, the D-Cyber manga and the movie X Evolution.
Craniummon, Duftmon, Ulforceveedramon and Sleipmon were confirmed to be royal knights in the Digimon Savers anime. Examon hasn't made any apperances, however, Bandai officially stated thet he is in fact a royal knight.


Believe what I'm writing… These guys are no joke and are no wuss to mock, they are the elite warriors and guardians of the Digital World, so no, they are not weak at any rate. Just to point how tough they are, Dynasmon took 4 megas at once and beat them effortlessly, the same with Rhodo. Even in the Frontier anime, Koji and Takuya needed to become KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to fight more or less even… despite losing almost every time… In the movie X-Evolution ,the Omegamon of the Royal Knights proves that he is much tougher, smarter, and hence, cooler than his adventure counterpart by a lot, being able to destroy a mountain with a single fast shot of the garuru canon and take on WarGreymon X and Metalgarurumon X in a handicap match. In Savers, they outclassed almost every time the digidestined and their digimon easely, and if Sleipmon wouldn't have intervened, ShineGreymon burst mode wouldn`t walk among us… and Alphamon is simply broken in all ways around. He controls time, space, has the strongest sword in the Digital World to date, has an attack that is WAY more powerful than the garuru canon and took an universal level threat known as Death-x- mon (who is no wuss by the way). To put an example, the Dark Masters from Digimon Adventure would lose terribly with only one of them quite easely, and Magna angemon despite being more popular, would lose badly to any of them… so please do not underrate them.

The crew


Ok, so if you have read up to this point, you may know that in several times I have stated that this guy is the top dawg of the RK and even he is one of the strongest digimon around to date… His past is unknown, the only things known about him are that he with Imperialdramon Paladin mode founded the group but left it in a certain point… even the Royal knights got impressed by his reapperance… his nickname is “Lord of the Empty Seat” due to his absence… however, it's stated that he led the group in a distant past…his most recent apperance has been in the movie X-Evolution as the protagonist in the identity of Dorumon. His techniches are:

Ultímate blade ouryuken: (strikes with an energy blast from his blade, so powerful not even touching the energy might lead to death)

Digitalize of soul: (attacks with fast and even more powerful strikes tan the garuru canon, they have green color.)

Seiken gradalpha:(strikes with light energy to a vast area of opponents).


In first place he is not the Omegamon from Adventure, nor he is the Omegamon of Tai and Matt. He is the current leader of the knights to date. He is the seceond most powerful member of the team next to Alphamon (despite being a large diference between the two), however he is extremely powerful and can take on multiple opponents quite easely. His personality is that of a loyal knight to YGGDRASSIL, however, he will refuse to follow his master if the deeds performed by him are mean,cruel or vile as seen in X-evolution when he questioned YGGDRASSIL's methods with the new digital world. He also seems to be good friend with Dukemon and Magnamon and has great respect and admiration towards Alphamon. He denies to fight oponents who are weaker tan him. His moves are:

Supreme canon: (fires a shot from the garuru canon of icy energy that freezes to absolute zero giving instant death, this attack is really fast).

Transcendent sword: (creates light energy from the grey sword and trows it in a boomeranglike way).

Double shot: (fires with quick successive strikes from fire and ice from the grey and garuru arms).

Omega blast: (fires a wide range nuke from the garuru arm).


No, she is not a girl, he is a dude in first place. This knight is the lord of all knightmon and hence, the strongest of them. He also calls himself “the beautiful lord Rhodoknightmon” and is very vain about his apperance. He also seems to justify the end of peace and prosperity by all means and doesn't question YGGDRASSIL at any rate. He is a very good friend with Dynasmon. His moves are:

Spiral masquerade: (attacks with a very fast strike from his ribbons to evey point of his foes, note that his ribbons are vey Sharp).

Arm of athena: (strikes with a very strong blow from his shield into the oponent's chest, despite looking like a single punch it packs deadly power).

Laser lattice: (creates an energy net that traps the foes).


He is in first place YGGDRASSIL's favorite knight. He is an honorable warrior with a high degree of respect toward the foe and delights on a fair and dificult fight. He is also a perfeccionist in the whole meaning. In Digimon Savers, he started a rivalry with the digidestined specially with Shinegreymon… he even fought Shinegreymon, Rosemon, MirageGaogamon, and Ravemon all in burst mode in an uneven fight that was hard to both sides, he is also the only royal knight in Savers who questioned YGGDRASSIL's orders and later rebeled against his master. The name of his shield is Avalon and his lance Claeim Solais. His techniques are:

Power of breath: (uses his Avalon to deflect and stop ANY attack for 3 seconds, 3 seconds may look like little but considering that he can staop ANYTHING it`s cool.)

Shock ringer: (fires a sonic wave at supersonic speeds, it pulverizes into ashes the opponent caught in.)


In first place, he is not Takato`s Guilmon to begin with. He is one of the few digimon whose armor is made of 99.99 chrome digizoid. His spear name is “Gram” and his shield “Aegis”. He is one of the strongest royal knight due to his ability to wield both a great spear and an impresive shield, even manhandling Shinegreymon, Rosemon, MirageGaogamon, and Ravemon quite easely in their first fight, however he lost somewhat easy to his good friend Omegamon in the X-evolution movie… his personality is very similar to Omegamon`s with a mix of loyalty to his master YGGDRASSIL and a compasssion and justice to the weak being the knight who first questioned YGGDRASSIL's orders in X-Evolution. He also seems to be hightly polite and like all the other royal knights he fights clean. He is a good friend of Omegamon and Magnamon. His moves are:

Royal joust: (dispatches a strong and quick blast from Gram).

Final elysion: (Dukemon's trump card, dispatches a powerful beam from Aegis that destroys anything in it's path).

The rest

Since I'm too lazy to post all the royal knights and their moves, bio and picture, I will simply put the images of the rest with their name… and don't blame me, I know that most of you didn't even read to Alphamon so don't demand!!!







I really hope you enjoyed reading this as much I did in doing it. No seriously, I hope you can read it and post something about it. Any sugestions or comments are always opened. So with this I shall be preparing my next post. So from Kaiser Nebur: READ AND POST IF YOU READ IN FIRST PLACE so farewell readers!!