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Thursday, June 23, 2011

MY Top 10

Hey what’s up people? Pérez reporting for duty. As you may have seen, Danny and Ricardo have made a few Top posts, so I’ve decided to make my own Top 10. What will be the theme? Well, you’ll to check it out yourself :P So be prepared ‘cuz here we go!

10- Cooler: This guy (or whatever he is) is really strong. For me, his best form is his final form, in second place would be Meta-Cooler and in dead last, Cooler. Besides, he kicks Freezer’s ass easily, and his father’s also! (Freezer = Frieza)

 9- Burter: The fastest creature in the whole DB world. The character that gives him a battle with his speed is Gogeta SS4, and since some people don’t consider DBGT as a legitimate part of the DB world, that makes Burter the fastest guy in the whole universre! For me, he could easily kick Ginyu’s purple ass if he wished it! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!... sorry.

 8- Android 16: The best android ever! His design is so awesome, his super Mohawk, his green vest made up of who knows what, and a noble heart! I really identify myself with him because of his loyalty and love for nature. He is REALLY strong. He could have been able to kill Cell if it wasn’t because of Bulma’s dad. (Way to go sir! :/ )

 7- Super Buu: The most awesome form of Majin Buu! He kicked everyone’s ass, but since the heroes can’t die, they miraculously “survived” being eaten after receiving the Chocolate Beam. My favorite stage of Super Buu is when he has already eaten Gohan. (P.S.: Judini is scared of his hellish look. He says that it could easily give him nightmares) :P

 6- Vegeta SS4: Vegeta is really awesome (in all of his forms), and this one is one of the best, but not my favorite. The SS4 phase of Vegeta is obviously the most powerful one of his phases. For me, if he was able to achieve the SS4 phase in a legitimate way (not using a machine), he would be more powerful then Goku SS4! Yeah! I said it! So what?! (Goku fans going “What the hell did he just say?!”).

 5- Vegeta (Scouter): “It’s over 9000!!!!!” “What?! That’s impossible!” (Hahahahahaha). THIS is my favorite Vegeta. (For some reason, I really like the thingy that Freezer’s minions use to detect Ki (yeah, I don’t know how it is called in English)). My favorite attack from Vegeta is his Galick gun, which is mainly used by this Vegeta. This guy is reckless, cruel and really proud of being a Saiyan (sorry if it’s misspelled :S). He brutally killed Burter for crying out loud! I like all of  Vegeta’s phases, but these two are the ones that I like the most. (Judini’s favorite is Majin Vegeta.)

 4- Bardock: Goku’s father, a loyal teammate, and much more. If you remember my post about Bardock, you would’ve noticed how much I like this guy (if you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?) Long live Bardock! Who killed the majority of Freezer’s minions but sadly got killed by Freezer because he was too tired to put a lot of energy in his finishing blow.

TOP 3 people!!!!!
 3- Yamcha: You must be like “What the hell?! Yamcha?!” Yamcha has always been one of my favorite characters of all time. I love his Wolf Fang Fist. I like him better with his long hair than his short spiky hair, which is also really cool. I really got sad when the stupid Saibamen killed him >:/ and when he almost got killed by Dr. Gero and Android 19.

 2- Gohan/Great Saiyaman: They are the same people, so they had to be together. The Great Saiyaman is a really funny character who deserves a lot of respect because he can easily kick your ass. Gohan has always been my favorite DB character, but his 16-year old version is the one that I like the most. After all, he is the most powerful Saiyan, just after… yes! you guessed it!...  Broly! (Goku fans again like “what the hell?!”) Remember that Broly was never beaten by a SINGLE person. (If you are going to tell me that Goku beat him the first time, remember two things: 1- Broly fought with more than three dudes before fighting against Goku; 2- Goku used the energy of everyone else because Broly was too much for him.)

And the first place of my DB Top 10 goes to…
Ultimate Gohan!!!!!! Gohan and Ultimate Gohan are two different characters but at the same time the same guy. Ultimate Gohan is the strongest version of Gohan, because all his hidden inner power was released, without the need of getting mad. Besides I like his personality of “I’m the best and YOU can’t win ME!” and his orange suit way better than his purple one :P With Judini, I have debated if Ultimate Gohan could become a Super Saiyan, and if he could, would that make him even stronger. I say that he could become one, and definitely become stronger. Judini says that maybe he could become a Super Saiyan, but if he did, it wouldn’t affect his power because it has already been released. What I feel is that the inner power released was the one he would have without transforming, leaving extra power for when he wanted to become a Super Saiyan.    

So there you have it people, my Top 10 of my favorite characters of Dragon Ball. I hope you liked as much as I liked writing it!!!! Smell ya later! (If you don’t recognize this, it comes from an episode of the Simpsons).



  1. Perez, I tell you that you are wrong and I side with Judini on that one, because what the Super Saiyan transformation do is to release your inner power, and also gives you a fancy look. On the other hand, Elder Kai did exactly the same thing with Gohan, except with the fancy look. So overall, if Ultimate Gohan went super, it wouldn't matter, all of his power was released, not only the power he would have had in base form, it includes all his potential, after that, he has nothing more to release, he has no extra power, it is all out.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment. The nice thing about this particular debate is that since it never happened, you will never get the answer. You may have a point, but remember that since Gohan is a Saiyan, his power will increase after each battle, making him stronger. Another important thing that you must consider, is that when you train, you become stronger and stuff. I remember when Goku fought against Dr. Gero, Dr. Gero told Goku that he had been studying him and that it would be impossible for him to surpass an x-level. Goku told him that he had already surpassed that level after he went to Namek and he proved it to Dr. Gero.
    Greetings from Honduras! :D

  3. Hey! I got here by searching Android 16 pictures for my wallpaper. :D I think it's great you included an Earth guy, as it was really sad that they were later almost completely excluded from the show. I had a huge respect for Krillin, Bulma and Gohan going to Namek, facing many times stronger opponents, and it was actually pretty interesting because they had to stratergise. Speaking of Frieza, he's my second favorite person because of his sadistic sense of humor, and he was cute (please don't judge me). And my all time favorite is Piccolo. :)