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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Post-Halloween Fest :D

Well hello there my dear readers, trolls, subnormal beings and other weird creatures, PKMN Trainer Rickz here reporting up from my new place :'D And now that I mention that, I'll explain the lack of posts in October... no it didn't had to do with my 24th Oct. bday, but I recently moved from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula and I kinda have no internet in here except for my smartphone's hotspot, to which I am requiered to contract an internet plan that I have absolutely no idea how long it will last :'D Other than that, I started working, so even if posts are scarce, I'm going to do my best to keep this going becuz I simply enjoy writing here :3

Anyways, Halloween went by as soon as it came, and since Halloween is supposed to scare you, I'm going to scare you now with some freshly baked creepy gaming... becuz you know I dig that shit :3 So hang tight, stay focused, go for broke, becuz I'm going to take you on a wild ride!!!


By now, you must know I totally hate this series (Tomatoes, trash cans, dogs, and JB disks instantly thrown my way), but even if I hate it, I must agree on something, this was really creepy.... I know this isn't a creepypasta in itself, but it's creepy material, in which I clasify this more as something some random guy did in order to arouse theories, and those theories are what will be that stomp for this interesting story, so here it goes.... Musica Maestro!

Aika Village, that center of commotion ever since it drew breath, this village is probably the reason New Leaf's sales skyrocketed, and here I'll tell you my own story, about me visiting the village and my interpretation. When you first arrive from the Dream Suite, you're greeted with a present, which is a doll dressed in red garments, pretty sweet huh? Anyways, when you head out, you'll notice the village seems full of life, with red and pink roses and trees to cover along the way, not a good start to the story one may say, but here is when it comes interesting. There are a few houses scattered along the way, but the ones we're visiting are the ones with red roofs.

Also notice that the village itself has no story provided from the author, so it's ALL open to fan interpretation, so don't break your heads too much over it :p Anyways, like I was saying, in the first house we enter, there will be a party or something like that, with 3 manequins, 1 dressed in red, and the others at its side, and in the table in front of them, there is a cake, a tea set, and a present, there's also a girl in there, in red garments, which for my interpretation I like to call her Aika. If you talk to Aika, she'll say "I love my mommy"... pretty self explanatory in my opinion, so moving on, the backroom is blocked, so you can't progress in that part of the house, so instead we'll go up to Aika's room, which has a lot of toys scattered around, a stereo player (which if you interact with it, it'll say "You're listening to "K.K. Hypno" which I provided at the beginning and I suggest to keep repeating the video for this whole story.... to have it with a greater atmosphere and it's only sound... just saying) and 3 paintings, one of her mom (IMO), her parents with her in the middle (Aika being the kid dressed in red) and what I think is her dog, also apart from this you'll notice the same doll that was downstairs here, and believe me, you'll be seeing that doll a lot.

Leaving the house, we continue along the path. Here is where the roses change colors, they are now lavender in color. Lavender roses, I believe, are often associated with sadness. So this is our first hint that Aika’s life is taking a turn for the worst. However, we also see red roses still, which may symbolize Aika’s love for her family. Continuing along, we hit a maze. The maze is filled with candy, balloons, toys, pitfalls, money, and one single wetsuit (used for an important thing so make sure to get it). This maze most likely symbolizes the turmoil in Aika’s mind. Her childhood is falling apart, her innocence is being stolen from her. As children, we saw the world in black and white. Things were simple and as Aika’s world fell apart, she was forced to face the harsh reality. Her innocence shattered and she began her slow descent into insanity. This is what the maze symbolizes in my opinion.

Getting through the maze, we come to the second house. If we talk to Aika outside (or inside), she once again says I love my mom. Only, there’s something weird about it. Her speech mixes Hiragana and Katakana, two different Japanese alphabets. In Japanese, you don’t do that. That’s what makes it weird. Essentially, in English, it would say something like I lOvE mY mOm. Capitalized combined with uncapitalized lettering is often associated with insanity when writing online. So this is our second hint that Aika is falling into insanity.

Going into the house, we instantly notice that the first floor is covered in run away signs and chairs. It's a maze actually, you have to sit on the chairs and wiggle around in order to explore and find the exit of the maze. Going upstairs, there are two statues, an apple, and a snake. Being an obvious reference to Adam and Eve, I'm assuming something went wrong with Aika's parents and her dad decided to leave them, giving an incentive on what the run away signs mean. Going downstairs, we notice that it looks like a party. There are four tables connected with dolls sitting all around them and various foods on the table. This symbolizes the last of Aika’s child innocence and I will tell you why. As we go around the table, we will notice that the red doll (Aika) is hiding an axe behind her back. This is the first time we will see it. It’s important.

Going upstairs, shows a room full of toys with their back on you, but if you tweak the camera so you can see the dolls' faces, you'll notice 4 paintings with sets of eyes, looking and staring at your soul... I freaked out when I saw that shit honestly, and I think it means that Aika was left on her own to deal with her family problems, obviously driving her mad, as being a kid, she wasn't able to comprehend what was happening with her family and why it has to turn for the worst.

Leaving the house, we will find a graveyard filled with doghouses. It’s a dog graveyard. When her father left, Aika felt like she wasn’t getting enough attention from her beloved mother anymore. Struggling with this, Aika begins killing her pets in attempts to get the attention she feels she is no longer getting. Moving past the graveyard, we come to the third house. In the third house, we instantly notice a maze of bookcases.  Before we go on, let's talk to Aika again. This time Aika mixes three alphabets. Hiragana, Katakana, and Romaji (English). What she is trying to say is I love my mom. But, you'll notice that at the end, all the characters are the same. What she's trying to say is "daisuki", which means "I love you". But it's just okaasan daidaidaidaidai. Because the creator used some Romaji letters, perhaps we can interpret this as Aika really saying "mother die die die die", meaning her mother is dead at this point in the story. Of course, that could be totally wrong.
As you step into the house, you will hear a creaking noise. This terrified me. It sent chills up my spine. It does this because you have no idea what is making the creaking noise. As you walk further into a house, you will hear a high pitched noise begin to get higher and higher. This just adds to the creepy effect. When you walk into the house, you will instantly notice a doll with an axe. This symbolizes Aika again, the doll always symbolizes her. To me, this means Aika is getting more violent, with herself and those around her. She’s beginning to hurt herself as well as killing her pets, slowly moving towards murdering others.

Going into the backroom, we notice the ground is littered with stationary. There are two glass cases, one with a four leaf clover and one with a book. Now go press A on the book. This room confuses me a bit. Perhaps it means Aika was keeping a diary and all the stationary are the scattered pages of her diary. Going to the room on the right, we find a piano with a bunch of eggs in front of this. This room confuses a lot of people. My best idea is that the eggs represent Aika’s hatred. It’s still developing and hasn’t yet erupted with its full force. You will also find eggs within the bookcase maze, furthering this point.

Going downstairs, we notice a room with letters and a telescope. The bed has a human outline on it. Aika is sitting in the corner on her own. This symbolizes the mother desperately looking for her husband. The hourglass in the room represents the time wasted looking for him. The caged bird with the music sheet in front of it represents a lack of freedom for both Aika and her mother. Going upstairs now, we notice it is a bedroom. However, all of the furniture has the mother’s picture on it. This is Aika’s room and it symbolizes her growing obsession with having her mother’s attention.

As we leave the house, note that it is rundown. This is because her father, assumingly the primary breadwinner, has left and her family is sinking into poverty. From here, I want you guys to head to the beach. Run along the water and you will soon find a pair of shoes. But why are shoes important you may ask.... Here, let me enlighten you :3 In Japan, people who commit suicide will often take their shoes off first. Since the position is close to the third house, this leads me to believe that Aika’s mother committed suicide, leaving Aika on her own. Losing her mother, it deepens her descent into insanity. From here, I want you to go over to the waterfall. Remember that wet suit? Put it on and swim over to the little beach. You'll notice a grave and something buried about it. Dig up that item. That sent chills down my spine. It is so perfectñy placed... You have to go there. It's a must.

As we go along past the third house, we notice the village is wrecked. The trees are burnt down, there are weeds everywhere, the bamboo is dead, and there are rotted turnips everywhere. From here, I believe that Aika went insane by the loss of her mother, killing the villagers and leaving Aika all on her own, further sending her into madness. As we get to the third house, we will notice it looks exactly like the first one. Let's talk to Aika. This time, it's all gibberish, symbolizing that Aika has gone insane. Going in, the room is exactly like the first house, except it is trashed. Trash litters the floor. The cupboards are opened. Clothing is everywhere and the room is pitch black.

We going upstairs and it is identical to the first house as well. Except, the lights are off and the toy isn’t playing anymore. The paintings are scratched out. Her mother’s painting is scratched out, she is scratched out of the family painting, and the painting of her dog is scratched out. Going into the back room, we notice a mannequin dressed as Aika and a doll barricaded in as statues watch them. I think this symbolizes Aika being trapped in her mind, finishing her descent into insanity as everyone watches her. So, maybe she didn’t kill the villagers but rather, they’re watching her as she goes insane. I don’t know. Both are possible.

Soooooo this is my own interpretation of the village, feel free to visit Aika Village yourselves if possible and draw your own conclusion :D Also this images are not mine, I don't have a way to capture gameplay from my 3DS or something like that :(

Now to the next one :3 Musica Maestro!!


This isn't one of those "Haunted Game" stories. At no point are you going to hear me claim something within the game spoke to me, reacted to my words, or forced me to punch myself repeatedly in the face.

No, this isn't about a haunted game or a game doing something impossible or even something it shouldn't have.

This isn't about a glitch or a hidden Satanic message and at no time did I phone Nintendo Headquarters only to have my questions answered with hushed whispers or anguished screams.

This story is about a game feature I don't think anyone else has unlocked.

That's it.

No ghosts. No conspiracies. Just a secret we were all supposed to find, but never did. Something that changes an entire generation's childhood and the very essence of a multi-million (billion?) dollar franchise.

This is about what I assume to be a previously undiscovered alternate ending of Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo.

In 1996, I received my first computer as a birthday gift. I'd been on the internet before, had used computers before, but it had always been in school or at a friend's house.

This one was mine. All mine. I explored the crude, pre-historic web of the time with great interest - I downloaded all sorts of pornography and even printed it out, which made absolutely no sense.

I also pirated media like a madman. Music, games, anything.

This was where I first discovered Mario World. I'd never had a Super Nintendo as a little kid, so it was all new to me. I'd downloaded tons of games along with the SNES Emulator, but Mario World was my favorite.

For over a decade, the same Mario World ROM was my time-wasting hobby. I played it over and over again, beating the game faster and faster until I began to lazily explore the worlds with no particular purpose.

Game Genie codes helped immensely. I could turn off the timer and re-live a particularly entertaining map for an hour as I waited for a download or any number of boring events.

It was in this manner that I must've beaten and re-beaten the game thousands upon thousands of times.

There was comfort in the obsessive-compulsive behavior of this routine... but all of that was shattered when I saw the Blind Boo.

The Blind Boo, as I referred to it, was hovering over the exit from the haunted "Sunken Ship" level later on in the game.

I call it blind because it actually had no visible eyes. It was like someone had made a lazy ROM hack... but I knew from years upon years of experience that this was a normal game.

The Blind Boo just hung there over the exit pipe... blocking it. I turned my back on it, but it didn't chase me.

How could it? It didn't even SEE me.

Then, I noticed something else out of sorts...

There was a Key and Keyhole misplaced above the exit. Keys and Keyholes as such are ways of ending a level in an alternate manner and discovering a secret area.

Still, this didn't belong there and I knew it. For a moment, I considered the fact I'd actually BROKEN a ROM file from over-use!

After taking a screenshot specifically to show all of you Mario Bros. fans out there, I picked up the key and opened the "door", figuring the game would seize up and I'd have to restart.

Instead, it opened up a new path on the map selection screen:

A whirlpool next to Bowser's already creepy head-cave-thing.

I pressed the right arrow and moved onto the whirling drain...

"Oh God No"

This didn't really strike me as odd, because if you're familiar with the Mario World game, there's an area called Star Road that you may note has similar names.

Just stuff like "Tubular" and "Awesome" and all manner of dumb words and phrases. Most of the areas were called "Vanilla Forest 1" and "Donut Mountain 3" and all that, but there WERE maps with odd names like that.

What did concern me, though, was Mario's expression. Surprise? Shock? Fear?

I entered the map.

Oddly enough, the whirlpool in the middle of a lake began with the standard "Castle" entry animation. Mario walked up to a castle door, looked up, then went in.

I could tell it was under water, though, because of the bubbles that periodically emerged from the sprite's mouth and floated to the top of the screen.

Inside the castle, it started to look more and more like I was in fact experiencing a glitch...

There was no room to jump. No room to do anything but run left and right. I must've gone right for ten to twenty minutes, just holding the B-button and running along at full speed.

After a while I ran into one or two Blind Boos in the darkness above. Then three or four... then the screen was full of them.

They just kind of hung there, doing nothing. They wouldn't chase me if I turned my back, as with the previous Blind Boo. If I made any noise... like Mario's jump sound... they would just kind of SHUDDER a bit, like they heard the sound of Mario's movements, but couldn't do anything about it.

Then something made me stop and turn the other way.

Now I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this map was designed specifically to screw with the player. Not because the giant "Bleeding Bill" was hemorrhaging profusely from its face, but because it was INESCAPABLE.

There was literally no way to avoid being killed by it, as you can clearly see above.

That is, unless you're like me and you have the Game Genie cheats on hand. I switched on the code for permanent invincibility.

I let the Bleeding Bill chase me for a while when I was invincible, just to get a good LOOK at the thing. I stopped, and killed it with my invulnerable touch, only when I saw a message that hadn't been there when I'd passed before.


THAT kind of creeped me out. But on the other hand it was kind of interesting because it meant this was definitely a map that was supposed to exist. There was some sort of plot element, here. Something undiscovered.

What did it mean? WHO hated me? King Koopa seemed the obvious answer. Or maybe just the ghosts. When you're in a Haunted Castle that you found by way of a Haunted Ship, a bloody-looking hate message isn't so unbelievable.

I saw it again as I approached some Giant Boos...

I was thankful that the Blind Boos ended at this point, because the more I watched them shudder, the uneasier I felt... almost empathetic toward them, etc.

The thankfulness ended when I turned my back on the Giant Boos and this happened...

Giant Boos with faces I hadn't seen before. They always looked MAD at being awakened, angry that you were invading their haunted houses across the Mario World Island. This was different, and they looked gleeful. Demented.

I could see right down their throats, which seemed odd given the lack of detail their mouths usually displayed.

And yes, of COURSE I'm going to address that message you saw in the picture. "WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!"

... I don't know why. Am I supposed to? Who's asking??

I let the Giant Boos touch me, and they died like the Bleeding Bills, of which I had encountered two. Despite any attempt to SCARE the player, I knew that being invincible meant INVINCIBLE no matter what they threw at me.

After a while of running down this strange claustrophobic corridor with no more eventful happenings, I came to a room with an exit pipe. Taking the pipe downward, I came out the other end and dropped into a room filled with water.

The water made sense, this being a sunken castle beneath a whirlpool and all...

I was rewarded for my troubles with a question mark block that released a mushroom for me. I could've easily done this with a cheat code, but the thought had escaped me as I faced all these new and strange sights.

The first creatures I encountered in the underwater portion of the castle where Thwomps. Unless you've been living under a rock since the mid-80s, you know Thwomps are stone-like square creatures that hang from the ceiling and fall whenever you come near. They try to crush you, essentially.

Well these Thwomps, lined up in a tight row, dropped repeatedly and randomly with no real trigger or any sense of logic. They would just wait or drop whenever they seemed to feel like it.

It also looked like these Thwomps had been very successful Thwomps...

More cartoony blood. This was getting pretty unusual for the Mario Bros. franchise, which I hadn't recalled seeing BLOOD in at all. Now I'd seen it used three times. The Bloody Bills, the messages, and these perpetually smashing, grinding Thwomps who were working their victims (who?) into pulp... forever.

In the hampering effects of the water, I walked slowly under these things, making sure every single one touched me and DIED. There were almost thirty of them in a row.

The sight of them mindlessly crushing over and over again just made me hate them with an unsettling intensity.

What's weird is that the blood caused Mario to slide as if he were on an ice level.

After walking through that gauntlet of depravity, I swam into a more open area that was filled with spikes on the floor and ceiling.

It was difficult to swim in this manner without touching the spikes, but since I was still invincible I didn't think much of it. I avoided them more for fun than out of any sense I'd be damaged.

It stopped being "fun" really fast, though.

Now I knew some of what was going on. The bloody mess the Thwomps were unendingly spattering? It was other Marios. Past Marios that had tried to traverse this level and failed.

I had to admit this was an excellent touch, even if it was a bit ghoulish. Whoever had designed the map actually broke the fourth wall and showed you the bloated, motionless abortions of the player's own careless treatment of Mario's tiny life.

The bodies only floated straight up and down a tiny bit, as if to show the effects of a light current.

It was genius, and I couldn't believe I MIGHT be the first and only person to ever see this.

I toyed with the idea of taking more than the one screenshot I just presented to you, basically so all of you reading this could enjoy the secret map as much as I had, especially this weird little touch...


Without swimming... without kicking or moving in any way... the Dead Marios started to come at me like torpedoes. Their faces remained blank and blue and... dead... but they moved with astounding speed.

They angled and positioned and worked all sorts of unique trajectories that left me almost nowhere to move. They continued coming at me and swarming and backing up to try again, and... I just couldn't bring myself to let them touch me.

I moved with more speed and skill than I'd ever exerted, frantically trying to keep Mario free of the drowning victims that seemed dead set on rocketing straight into him.

When I finally reached the purple exit pipe you see above, there had to be ten of those things right behind, pitching, turning, and chasing me...

I entered the pipe as fast as I could, thankful that it worked properly and had Mario out of that situation in a heartbeat.

The corridor that followed was empty, thankfully. It was just a blue underwater hallway of sorts with nothing to avoid or kill. It was boring and predictable like the game had been all these years, which brought back a sense of safety.

At the end of the hallway I came to the standard pair of doors you'd enter to face a final boss.

Beside the doorway, a mushroom power-up.

I didn't touch that shit.

Going through the door was as you'd expect. The typical change of map views occurred, and Mario was standing on the ubiquitous bridge over boiling lava.

... Or had it been blood all along?

When Mario walked out onto the bridge, however, there WAS no boss creature.

Instead, Mario immediately looked to the side and froze. I couldn't control him anymore. He just stood there.

Keep looking until you see it.

I didn't even see it at first, so I don't expect you to notice it right away. If you still haven't spotted the thing, look in the third window from the left.

FYI - That's not usually there.

Mario seemed to regain his composure and looked back and forth slowly, surveying the room. There was still no boss, and I still couldn't control him, so I stopped trying and just watched.

This went on... and on... for what seemed like forever. Nothing happened.

Then a familiar face walked in from the right.

Dressed in green, tall, and angry.

It was Luigi.

Mario recoiled in horror. It's difficult to say that without thinking how crazy it sounds, but Mario really reeled back with a sort of terror that was uncharacteristic for such a peppy, happy-go-lucky mascot like him.

Then, Luigi spoke.

It was all connecting, now. The messages scrawled on the walls... "I HATE YOU!" and "WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!"


He's always been Mario's second banana, the "Player 2", the one who doesn't get the Princess in these early games. No matter how identical he is to Mario in skillset and ability and tenaciousness and bravery, at the end of the day the game is "Super Mario Brothers", and he's just "the Brother".

How he must've hated Mario... Who among us wouldn't? Think about it. No matter what happens, Mario always comes back. No matter how many corpses he leaves littering the battlefield, he's always there once more to leap and cheer and get all the adoration.

And Koopa hadn't worked alone? I didn't know what that meant at first, if anything, but again you just have to think it through. HOW exactly does King Koopa consistently succeed in kidnapping the Princess?

From day one, from the original Mario Brothers onward, it had always been an inside job.

Still unable to control the character, I watched Mario simply cower in fear as Luigi leapt high into the air... as high as he could in Mario 2, the bastard child of the franchise...

He jumped on the pathetic, weeping Mario again... and again... and again...

I was powerless to stop it.

When he was done, he seemed to look at Mario's limp body with this overwhelming rage...

Then the bridge started to disappear. Soon, Mario would be dead. As I looked on, I had an irrational thought - would in be permanent?

Within an instant, as Luigi turned to seemingly strike a "victory pose" like he'd beaten the level, Mario awkwardly got to his feet and took him by surprise.

Fear and sadness and confusion had given way to anger, and Mario overpowered his brother with little effort.

To this day, I'm still haunted by the final result of his wrathful reprisal...

There was the map's title.

None of this was a glitch, none of it was a mistake. It wasn't a developer getting back at Nintendo and it wasn't a GHOST haunting a Nintendo cart.

It was a planned, purposeful part of the Mario Brothers mythos.

If you beat the same level X number of times, a secret part of the world opened, and you learned that from Mario Brothers through Mario Land, Luigi had secretly been working against you and was in fact facilitating the repeated abduction and abuse of the Princess.

But why?

Money? Power? No, it was all there. Because he couldn't take not being the one in the spotlight. Not being Mario himself.

After Luigi died... well and truly died... Mario just sat on the edge of the bridge and wept.

I was forced to watch this for minutes on end before the screen faded to black.

I played the rest of the game through to see if anything changed. Nothing else odd happened, as one would expect since this whole ordeal was just supposed to be part of the actual full story.

I couldn't access the whirlpool again. I'd seen the events once, and that was all I was apparently allowed.

It was back to the game as usual. The same exact game I'd played since the 90s, and would probably continue to play for the rest of my days.

Well, it was the same except for the final image...


Huehuehuehuehue I totally missed doing this... hope you enjoyed, comment, like and subscribe if you wan.... wait what?

Anyways, this was it for this entry, I'll try to update as fluidly as possible :P

See ya later Underworlders!!!

I am Nightmare! Conqueror of Worlds! You'll taste no victory...

Rickz Jaggerjaquez

Monday, September 30, 2013

Wake me up when September ends...

Well hello there my little kremlings from the Underworld, Rickz aka Nightmare here, haven't updated in a while so I'll do so know, sounds legit right? xD Just noticed I seem to be having this blog on a monthly post, and I'm not too proud of it but I've been playing too much crap as of right now, like I've already managed to install DOTA 2 and it's really a nice game, for the moments I suck and can only play effectively with Night Stalker but hey it's something! My steam name is XDNightmare (what a surprise) so if ya wanna play, or give me some advice or something, feel free to do so :3 So on to the main topic... I kinda have none ._. HUEHUEHUEHUHUEHUEHUEHUE!

None the less I'm intended on making this damn post... let's talk about something like... like... know what I'll take an idea I was given in my Twitter and let's talk about those little things we all enjoy in our game, and that's glitching it :3 So hang tight, as we'll cover what a glitch is (probably many of you know what it is but information at its finest!!) and some interesting and cool glitches on various games I can think off, maybe can turn it into a series and explore glitches on games you suggest? What do you think of the idea? Anyways, let's get this post started cuz it's a HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME RUN!!!!!


So like I said, we'll start from the very beginning... what is a glitch? Glitches (or bugs, whatever you wanna call 'em) are software errors that may cause varying results by exploiting a flaw in any part of the game, this ranges from texture mods (character models corrupting and thus showing unintended postures of the games graphics, may them be funny or outright creepy) to completely freezing the game, to changing stuff or causing error messages in dialogues or stuff like that, you know, things programmers didn't expected and did not wanted in the game at all, of course, this may be repaired with patches or things like that, but sometimes, like in the older games, things like that were not possible, so you had to live with the glitch whether you liked it or not.

In any case you were interested to know, when a game is in beta, and the programmers ask for "beta-testers", the main idea behind it is not only having a glance at the game and what they can improve on it, but also to look and search and replay any glitch they may find, in order for it to be fixed. Sometimes, some glitches cause a pretty good effect with zero to no damage to the game medium, which in turn prompts the testers to not report that glitch in order to be able to use it in the game when it comes out (pretty sneaky huh?) but there are some glitches, that may cause freezing, and in the worst case, complete loss of data and thus making the game unplayable or unable to be used anymore, those type of glitches are best avoided for obvious reasons, and beta testers are prompted to find these specific glitches in order to avoid them being accidentally be left in the final product.

Now there are people that get the final product of any game for the sole purpose of glitching and exploiting it in any possible way, these guys are called glitchers, as they find glitches extremely interesting and noteworthy to take a peak at. Of course, this consumes a lot of time, as glitchers are required to find by themselves what things may cause the game to glitch, and must try any and all interections they find along the way (sometimes even ducking in certain place at certain time may cause the game to glitch, glitchers must be trying this for a good good time in order to find these glitches they seek.)


Here, I'll give you some glitches I found and some I have seen, note that there's no specific order except from where these glitches come from, and that they may or may not be a lot, I'll cover as much glitches as I possible can and maybe manage to make this another of my segments :3 So here we go!

Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

We'll start with my favorite game from the entire SNES era, Donkey Kong Country was the first game I ever played, and as such, has a great sentimental value to me, I really love this game, and it has some great glitches as well, let's get to 'em!

1- Naughty Rambi Glitch

In Jungle Hijinxs, jump on the Rambi box that is past the checkpoint barrel, and go back to the beginning. Leave Rambi by the beginning and get the steel keg. Throw the barrel and jump onto it (press and hold Y during that time), and when you’re past Rambi, press B so that you jump back on Rambi, then stop pressing the Y button and you’ll see Rambi turn into a “metallic” Donkey Kong. To turn back into Rambi, press any action button (like jumping), or getting hit by an enemy. Using these instructions, you will be able to see Donkey Kong performing a “mounted jumping” animation repeatably, making it appear though as Donkey Kong is “humping” the metallic-version of himself, I know, extremely hilarious looking xD

2- Flying in Mine Cart Carnage

In Mine Cart Carnage, go through the stage and get the continue barrel, then jump down a hole or get hit. While you begin to come out of the continue barrel, rapidly press Y and then B in sequence continuously, as if you were rolling and then jumping. When Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong comes out of the barrel, they will be performing rolls and then jumps over and over in the air which causes them to fly. Keep pressing the pattern to keep flying.

3- Not-So-Infinite Lives

On the level, Millstone Mayhem, using Diddy Kong, go right and you will soon encounter a Krusha. Lead Krusha to the beginning of the level into the area you entered the level in. Jump on Krusha as he walks to the left wall of the ditch and hold down right on the D-pad. If done right, Diddy Kong will bouce off Krusha continuously, creating a source of potential infinite lives, note that this in fact allows you to get over 99 lives, but it's not infinite because eventually Diddy will not be able to bounce of Krusha and you'll kinda lose a life there.

4- Nega Warp

For this glitch, you will need both Diddy and Donkey Kong. On the level, “Temple Tempest”, go to the bonus room with the vultures. Walk straight into the first vulture, which should paralyze your character, switching you to your second character, which ever it happens to be. Now kill the first vulture and drop straight down the hole against the wall. This will warp you back to the very first level. Most likely in the game’s programming, this is the failsafe warp when something goes wrong and it doesn’t know how to interpret the situation. And with failsafe warp, I mean that it rather take you to the first level instead of crashing itself, pretty neat huh?

5- Enguarde Warp Colors

First, go to Croctopus Chase. Then, after the parts where the Kongs are carried from one place to another by the blast barrels, find Enguarde and get on him. Then go back through the level until the you reach the last blast barrel that the apes were shot from. By simply getting in that barrel and getting fired out, the player can perform four different glitches:

The first of these is that Diddy will be walking, not swimming, behind Donkey Kong. You can get off Enguarde and swim to his side. Then press select. If done correctly, the camera will freeze and Diddy alone will be able to walk around as if it were a land level.

While still frozen, you can jump back on Enguarde. Diddy should turn into a greenish-blue color and hover in mid-air. This allows the player to control Enguarde by himself, which results in the Kongs being left behind if the player continues on through the level.

While on Enguarde, you can press the Y button and then the A button once quickly after. Enguarde should turn into another greenish-blue Diddy that the player will be able to control. If the player touches the other floating Diddy it will turn the player back into Enguarde.

While using Enguarde once again, press the A button quickly and repeatedly; it will permanently turn him into a reddish color with either DK or Diddy following behind.

As this new red Enguarde, have Diddy follow behind you (if Donkey is behind, press the A button twice and the Kongs should switch). Then, press the Y button and the player then has to press the A button. This results in Enguarde transforming into an oddly colored Donkey Kong that hovers in the air while the player is left controlling the Kongs once again. You can redo this with DK following behind you while the player is controlling Enguarde, and a normally colored Diddy should be hovering in the air instead of the oddly colored Donkey Kong.

Mortal Kombat II

Mortal Kombat II was the first MK game I ever played, and it led me down the path of a kombatant in order to come all the way here and be able to say proudly, this is my favorite fighting series, I have played all MK games ever made, but this one still holds dear to me, now don't get me wrong, the best MK game out there is MK9 heads down, this one is just sentimental value to me :3 Now let's explore its glitches :3

1- Scorpion's Baby Problems

Play as Scorpion or as Shang Tsung morphed into Scorpion. Your opponent must not have enough blood to survive your next attack. In the corner let your opponent jump toward you and perform an air throw on him. While falling your opponent should rapidly perform Uppercuts while you do Scorpion's Babality. So your opponent will uppercut you in the moment you turn him into a baby. You will be able to perform one more move after that: Fatality, Second Babality, Friendship or if you play as Shang Tsung you will be able to morph into someone else and experiment, really really worth it, but I have only tried it in the arcade and SNES versions.

2- Double Gotcha!

If you are playing with Shang Tsung against Jax, morph into Reptile and just before he morphs back release a forceball. Then quickly morph into Jax and catch your opponent with the Gotcha move before the forceball hits him. While tapping LP let the other Jax perform the Gotcha move too and he will interrupt yours. It causes funny animation effects. Doing the same glitch with Scorpion's Spear will freeze the opponent in the air after the spear hits for a few seconds in order to juggle him/her, also only tried it in the arcade and SNES versions.

3- TUG (SNES Exclusive)

What this glitch does is that it makes projectiles stationary, makes an invisible "hit" float on the stage which can hit the opponent, so it can lead to many Fatality glitches.

As Johnny Cage, be across the screen so that your back is up against the edge of the screen. The SNES version is weird in this aspect, when you try to get both people across the screen, only one person can be all the way against the side of the screen. The other person is about a character's length away from their side, and can't get any farther away.

Be a short character, so Cage's high fireball will go over them. Throw a high fireball, then, before that one gets off the screen... as soon as you recover from the animation... throw another high fireball. The second one won't come out at all. Now do a Shadow Kick. If your shadows are slightly higher than you are, you did it correctly. If they are exactly even with you (horizontally) like they should be, try again.

Effects of TUG:

-There is an invisible "hit" floating on the stage. (The "hit" is a few steps back from where you did the Shadow Kick.) If your opponent walks into it, they will get hit. If you don't do the Shadow Kick, the invisible hit is not present.

-The next time you do a fireball with Cage, it will come out from where you did the one that disappeared. So if you did TUG from mid-screen, then walked back half a screen and threw another one, it would come out half a screen in front of Cage.

-As Shang Tsung, morph to Johnny Cage (D,D,B+LP). Do the TUG. When you morph back, throw a fire ball (B,B+HP). It will be frozen in mid-air (right where you did the Shadow Kick).

Most characters' projectiles will behave in the same way, they simply get stuck on screen in the same general place (but some appear higher up than others). Below is a list of the different effects of all the character's projectiles that do not behave generically.

-Liu Kang- No matter what fireball you do (high, low, or air) it will be at the height of the regular fireball (F,F+HP).

-Kung Lao- While his hat-toss behaves normally, the "aura" coming off of him from his spin move (U,U+LK) will come out from where you did the shadow kick.

-Mileena- If you do her Sai Shot while right next to them, they will be hit, even though the sais came out behind her. (The sais will still be frozen in mid-air.)

-Scorpion- The Spear will come out normally and float in mid-air, however; when they get hit by it, they are NOT dizzied, they simply stagger backwards.

-Sub-Zero- If they get hit by the Ice Blast, they will stagger and not be frozen, then another Ice Blast will appear directly above where the last one disappeared. If they touch *that* Ice Blast, they will be frozen.

Having stationary projectiles can lead to legions of glitches.

Try fooling around with having a fireball stationary, then doing a Fatality that knocks them into it.

Super Mario 64

Too sum it all up, we have this great and awesome game, this game sure packs interesting glitches huehuehue :3

1- Zombie Mario

This glitch can be done in any level that has a Cannon or Bob-ombs, but is easier to do in the Bob-omb Battlefield level. First, the player must forcibly reduce Mario's Health Meter to one or two sections by running into enemies. After this has been accomplished, quickly grab a Bob-omb and then run in front of a cannon, so that Mario's back is facing the cannon. If done correctly, the Bob-omb will explode, and Mario will fall backwards into the cannon, losing the remaining two sections of his Health Meter in the process. Mario will not die, however, and the player will then be able to aim the cannon and shoot him out of it. In addition, if the player collects a Wing Cap before doing this, they will be able to control Wing Mario regularly after firing him out of the cannon, despite having no health remaining. Flying into any coins will not refill Mario's Health Meter. It is not until you touch the ground again (or the Wing Cap runs out) that Mario will lose a life.

This phenomenon will also occur if Mario falls in front of a door in Princess Peach's Castle with only two sections of health left. When this happens, the remaining two sections will be lost, causing Mario to enter the door, but then lose a life when he is at the end. This glitch was fixed in the DS remake as if the player depletes Mario's lives and goes into the cannon after depleting the last one, he will just die in the cannon.

There is another method that is more difficult than the previously mentioned methods in both preparation and execution. In order to perform this, the player must have all 120 Stars collected (to unlock the cannon in front of the castle). Then, deplete Mario's health by at least half. Then, use the cannon to access the castle roof. Acquire the Wing Cap there and fly down to the cannon again. Here, aim the cannon as high as possible at the castle tower. If done correctly, Mario will be standing on the sloped roofing under the tip of the tower (a platform that is not normally accessible in the game). Upon reaching this section of the tower, there are eight walls placed in octagonal fashion. Go for the wall that is facing in the direction of the waterfall to the left of the castle. This certain wall shares the same properties of the brick pillars in Shifting Sand Land, allowing Mario to climb the wall by simply running over it. This will lead Mario to the very tip of the castle tower.

This is obviously the most difficult part of the glitch. Aim Mario towards the cannon you shot out of earlier, and run towards that direction. If executed properly, Mario will strangely slide down the wall, and the sloped roofing below him will ricochet him airborne at a very low trajectory, covering a large amount of distance in the way.

This is where the actual glitch is performed. Steer Mario so that he lands right in front of the cannon. Mario will hit the ground, lose all health, and the momentum should cause him to tumble into the cannon (if you steer Mario directly into the cannon without touching the ground beforehand, then he will take no damage and would not become a "zombie"). After successfully performing this, Mario will be in the cannon, despite being technically "dead"(hence the term "zombie Mario"). Like mentioned before, if Mario still has the Wing Cap, then he will be able to fly in midair regularly until he makes any contact with the ground.

It should be noted, that if the player aims Mario at a tree or pole, then Mario will instantly let go and die.

2- Dead Mario Freeze

To execute this glitch, go to Bob-Omb Battlefield and do the "Zombie Mario" method by using a cannon while under the effects of a Wing Cap. Then, fly to the floating island, and Ground Pound the ! Block star. When done correctly, Mario will die, but he will also freeze and won't be able to move or lose a life, effectively staying that way until you reset. Do note that doing this MAY cause permanent damage to your game.

3- Bowser's One-Hit Kill

To trigger the glitch, go to any of the three levels you fight Bowser (Dark World, Sea of Fire or the Sky). If you grab his tail while it is positioned off the edge of the battlefield, Mario is immediately teleported to the bottom of the screen while still holding Bowser by the tail, resulting in losing a life (if it is the Bowser in the Sea of Fire fight, however, the player lands in the lava, losing a life after three hits).

4- Reverse Long Jump

Ever wanted to beat the game with 0 stars? Here's your how, go to any set of long stairs, then face the stairs and turn around, so Mario is facing away from the stairs. Now, perform a long jump. As soon as Mario jumps, hold backwards on the control stick. After Mario lands, rapidly tap the A button and after a while, Mario should start zooming backwards at very high speeds, usually going through walls and doors. The Reverse Long Jump is most famously known to be used to get to the top of the Endless Stairs in Princess Peach's Castle. The reason this works when traveling the Endless Stairs is because the game can register how fast Mario can normally move, however, when the Reverse Long Jump is performed this breaks how fast Mario is able to move. So the game then has nothing to do but let Mario to the top. This is also the way Mario can go through walls. This glitch can do a lot of things, like give access to the "Black Room of Death".

This glitch also works with elevators and similar platforms. The player executes the glitch in the same way, but if you stop tapping the A button while the wall is still behind Mario, he starts to run backwards very fast as soon as the player holds the control stick backwards. If you don't stop tapping A button and have reached the top, Mario will teleport somewhere behind him (depending on what speed he gained while jumping onto the platform). This glitch was fixed in its DS remake as if when Mario attempts a backwards long jump, the camera will go behind Mario, making him do a normal long jump.

5- Naughty Bully

Remember Naughty Rambi? Well, here we have Naughty Bully!! Go to Lethal Lava Land and jump into the volcano, then go to the platform with the Bully. Make the Bully run after you and make Mario run into the corner of the platform that has both walls. The Bully will ram into Mario continuosly, but Mario will be unable to move, because the two walls are blocking him and the Bully is keeping Mario stuck in the corner. The Bully will keep ramming into Mario, making you unable to escape his wrath. Now, turn Mario around so he's facing the corner, it will look as if the Bully is raping Mario, amplified by the "oof" sounds Mario emits, making it extremely hilarious to watch. The glitch will only end if the player resets their N64 system. This glitch was changed in the DS remake, where, if a Bully rams into the player, it will stand still for a few seconds before charging again, giving them a chance to escape.

6- Killer Corner

After collecting all 120 Power Stars, take Mario to the roof of Princess Peach's Castle. For this to work, Mario has to walk to the far right side of the castle roof. When Mario reaches a corner, he will fall down slightly and grab onto a ledge. Pull yourself back up onto the roof, at which point Mario will lose a life. For unknown reasons, he also loses his hat.

7- I can still fight!

This glitch can be achieved during any Bowser battle. To do this glitch, grab Bowser's tail and throw him off the edge. When Bowser jumps back, grab his tail while he's still in the air and throw him onto a bomb. The result will be that instead of dying, Bowser will be sent flying off the edge of the stage but will still be alive. He will eventually jump back to the center of the stage and the battle will progress normally.

8- You'll not be the one to kill me!

In any Bowser battle, more easily on Bowser in the Dark World, explode a bomb, so it won't interfere with the glitch. Later, throw Bowser near the edge of the platform but make sure Bowser doesn't fall off it. Then, stand near the edge too but staying far away from Bowser. If done correctly, Bowser will jump but will eventually fall from the platform. As Bowser's fall wasn't caused by Mario, Bowser won't jump back to the platform, and Mario will stay there until he quits the level or jumps off of the platform.

OK fellas, I believe this much glitches are enough for today, I'll eventually come across more to which I'll gladly post in here :3 Maybe next time I can upload video samples of these glitches, I dunno, I'll probably do it :p

That's it for today, see ya later Underworlders!!

War reveals what lies within us.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Creepypasta Time :3

Hallou people of da Underworld! Rickz here coming up from some severe... ehh working conditions? Anyways, I'm still brainstorming on both my fanfics, and I think I might have to re-do the League of Legends one becuz I found one in and to my surprise, it looks pretty much the same except from maybe one or two different stuff, but I feel that if that idea is already taken, I might as well re-do it, maybe with another champion as the main or even an OC, if you have any idea please let me know :) The Yu-Gi-Oh one is pretty much original, haven't seen any like it, so that should stay the same I guess, anyways, since I have the brainstorming going on, I might as well treat you with some tasty Creepypastas :3 So hang on, I'm going to take you on a wild ride... and it's a HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME RUN!

Ohh but here are the links to the past Creepy series I've made :3


Pokémon Diamond. My most beloved game ever, the one I had beaten within days of getting it. I was well on my way to catching every Pokémon, only a few left. Whenever I was bored, I'd whip out my old DS and have a wander around with the Poke Radar, looking for the ones that had escaped my attention. It was taking a really long time, but I refused to cheat, and I didn't want to trade for it either. That just left the old fashioned way - good old man power.

It was roughly 1am. I have quite severe insomnia, making it impossible for me to sleep some nights. It was times like these that I would play Diamond to tire out my brain, and half the time it managed to induce sleep in me. Maybe it would work tonight.

Yawning softly, I booted up the game and went to try for 100 straight battles in the Battle Tower. I was at 48, but then lost to the Battle Tycoon. Damn him. I didn't have enough will power to try again, so I decided to instead go looking for Pokémon with the Poke Radar. I had never searched the first route, so I flew over there on my Crobat, making sure to leave three spaces free for any new Pokémon. I set to work.

It wasn't long before I found something. A Nidoran male. I held in a shout of excitement - I loved Nidoran, but didn't think you could get in this game. Without attacking, for I knew it would faint, I went straight to my bag and threw an Ultra Ball. Ultra Balls will always catch a Pokémon lower than level fifteen, I had discovered, and I wasn't proved wrong. Grinning, I named him Caro, after a rabbit I used to own. He was only level two, but I didn't mind; that was what training was for! I immediately took him to the Trophy Garden, my favourite place to train, and gave him the XP share. My Crobat easily defeated every Pokémon I faced, and Caro slowly rose through the levels until he was strong enough to stand on his own four paws. He was at level fifteen, and I knew they evolved at level sixteen into Nidorino, but I never really liked that Pokémon at all. I switched his XP share for an Everstone, and began to train him again. He was a very good battler, and I didn't have to heal him that often.
Soon Caro was level twenty three, and I was on my way out of the Trophy Garden to train somewhere higher
Spr 4d 172The little bastard.
levelled when I got into another battle. I thought that I might as well use the experience points, and let Caro go up against a Pichu, level seventeen. I thought I'd go first, but I didn't; the Pichu managed to hit me with Thunder Wave. Consequently, Caro was unable to move, which kind of ticked me off - I hated paralysis. 25% chance of not moving, my foot; it seemed my Pokémon were NEVER able to move when they got paralyzed. Because of this, I always carry around loads of Parlyz Heals, one of which I used to heal Caro. I waited for the Pichu to make its move, but it used Thunder Wave again. Okay, no sweat. Another Parlyz Heal. I once again waited for the Pichu's move, and cursed when it yet again used Thunder Wave. I was starting to get really pee'd off now, and as I used yet another Parlyz Heal I decided that if it used it again, I'd just forget the battle and go train somewhere else. The move Pichu used next? Thunder Wave.

Without another thought, I pressed 'Flee'. Upon returning to the Overworld I used a Parlyz Heal to get rid of Caro's remaining paralysis, and began to walk towards the Mansion. I hadn't gone two steps when I got into another battle. I cringed when I saw it was a Pichu, same level. I pressed 'Flee' again. I couldn't be bothered with this paralysis nonsense, and I was wasting my Parlyz Heals which cost hard-earned money. But...

'You can't escape!'

Oh, wonderful, that was. And when the Pichu used Thunder Wave again, that just made everything so much better. I kept using my Parlyz Heals; this Pichu would NOT beat me, no way! I'd fight it until he ran out of PP...!

Or I ran out of Heals. I looked at the empty space forlornly. No Parlyz Heals left. Sighing, I returned to the battle screen, pressing 'Flee' without much hope.

'You can't escape!'

I waited for the Pichu's attack, but it only used Thunder Wave again. Jeez, is that all Pichu's learn?! I began to grow uneasy as the same four lines kept flashing up on my screen...

'Caro is paralyzed! It may be unable to move!'

'Caro is paralyzed! It can't move!'

'The wild PICHU used Thunder Wave!'

'Caro is already paralyzed!'

This repetitive dialogue began to fill me with fear. There was no way Thunder Wave had that many Power Points. Holding my breath, I pressed 'Flee'...

'You can't escape!'

Oh, yippee. I awaited the Pichu's Thunder Wave...

'The wild PICHU fled!'

Oh, thank the Lord! I breathed a sigh of relief as I finally returned to the Overworld. I walked quickly out through the Mansion, heading towards Veilstone City. For some reason my screen kept glitching, like when your Pokémon is poisoned, but I knew none of my team had a status condition except Caro, and he was paralyzed.

I made my way to the Pokémon Centre, eager to get Caro healed up.

'Hello! Welcome to the Pokémon Centre. We restore your Pokémon to full health. Would you like to rest your Pokémon?'

No. I came here to admire the view.

'Okay, we'll take your Pokémon for a few seconds.'

'Oh? Your Caro...'

Huh? This wasn't part of the normal script...

'He has been permanently damaged.'

WHAT?! What do you mean, he's been 'damaged'? Give me some more information, lady!

'Thank you for waiting. We've restored the rest of your Pokémon to full health.'

Yeah, yeah, I bow back to you, and I don't hope to see you again because that means my Pokémon have been hurt. God, what does it take to get good help around here...?

I opened up my party and, to my shock, Caro was still paralyzed. I felt anger fill me. Can't a stupid virtual nurse do her job properly?! Grumbling, I went over the Pokemart and replaced all of my lost Parlyz Heals. I immediately went to use one on Caro.

'It won't have any effect.'

What? Do you mean... Did it mean that Caro was paralyzed for life? That I couldn't heal him? I went over to the PC. Placing a Pokémon in the PC got rid of status too. I deposited him, exited, then went back and got him out. He was still paralyzed. I shook my head, refusing to believe it. But I didn't care if he was paralyzed or not, I was going to make Caro a permanent member on my team! I sent him out to get trained again. After all, he could still attack 75% of the time, even if he was a little slower. In fact, I could use it to my advantage. I taught him Facade using a TM, a move which power doubles from 70 to 140 if the Pokémon was burnt, poisoned or paralyzed. Also there was the fact that he couldn't be frozen, put to sleep or burnt because he already had a status condition. Oh yes, I could use his disability very well.

I couldn't be bothered with training a paralyzed Pokémon, so I gave him the XP share and took him and five of my usual six to the Elite 4. After many run-throughs, and even more cancelled evolutions later, I got him all the way up to level fifty five. I took him to the Battle Tower and entered him for the double battles with three of my other team members. I put him up front with my Raichu as a partner. Raichu didn't last long - Earth Power from a Golem took him out immediately after he took out the opponent's Gyrados. I waited for Caro to attack.

'Caro is paralyzed! It will never move again!'

What?! Caro... What was wrong with you?! My opponent replaced Gyrados with Hitmonchan. I sent out my Crobat and told it to use Fly, telling Caro to use Horn Attack. However, my opponent's Hitmonchan moved firstwith Bullet Punch on Caro. It hardly took any of his HP though, thank God. Crobat flew up high, avoiding my opponent's Golem's Rock Tomb. Caro was next...

'Caro is paralyzed! It will never move again!'

Caro! Do something, anything! Don't just sit there! Crobat moved first, taking out Hitmonchan with a critical hit. Golem knocked out Crobat too, using Rock Tomb. And Caro's turn...

'Caro is paralyzed! Why won't you understand?'

Wait... It said a different message that time! I had passed it without thinking, meaning I never really grasped what it said. I sent out my final Pokémon, Mr. Mime. My opponent sent out Scyther. Mr. Mime used Grass Knot, getting rid of Golem, whilst Scyther used Fling, which unsurprisingly didn't faint Mr. Mime but burnt him, as the Scyther had been holding a Flame Orb. I already knew the gist of what Caro's turn would give me.

'Caro is paralyzed! But you don't care.'

Okay, that was not true! I did care, but what could I do? I couldn't heal him, and I couldn't switch him out either. Scyther used False Swipe at the start of that turn, taking Mr. Mime's health into the low red with a critical hit. And Mr. Mime used Encore. Caro's turn? You know what happened.

'Caro is paralyzed! Someone, please listen!'

Mr. Mime fainted from his burn that turn. That left Caro and the Scyther. The Scyther was of course forced to use False Swipe, which took Caro to 1 HP, but of course no lower.

'Caro is paralyzed! It is in extreme pain!'

The worst thing was, the most I could do was nothing. I had no other Pokémon, the Scyther was stuck on Encore and Caro couldn't attack. I was left watching the same text scrolling...

'The foe's SCYTHER used False Swipe!'

'Caro is paralyzed! It is grimacing and crying...'

"The foe's SCYTHER used False Swipe!'

'Caro is paralyzed! Why are you doing this?'

'The foe's SCYTHER used False Swipe!'

Caro is paralyzed! Stop this torture!'

'The foe's encore ended!'

Oh, thank God for that! Now I can finally get out of this horrible, torturous loop...

'The foe's SCYTHER used False Swipe!'

'Caro is paralyzed! PLEASE LET ME DIE!'

Why wouldn't it use a different move?! The encore had ended; it was free to do anything... I found myself weeping silently, horrified at what I had done to Caro. Forcing him to battle, when he couldn't do anything... Over and over again, those same two lines, Scyther using false Swipe and Caro begging for death, until...

'The foe's SCYTHER used Mercy Strike!'

'Caro fainted!'

I breathed a sigh of relief as Caro slid off the screen and I returned to the Overworld. Once outside, I went straight to the Pokemon Centre PC and went to Caro. I lingered over 'release'... Was it really the right thing to do? How would a paralyzed Nidoran survive in a world all alone? Without a prompt, the screen closed itself and I was greeted with the sight of Caro on my top screen. Well, greeted is hardly the right word. I stifled a scream as I looked upon his mangled form - Continuous yellow flashes came from him, and one of his ears was torn and bloodied. There were slashes all over his body. One of his eyes was tightly squeezed shut, crimson liquid pouring down from it. He appeared to be trying to speak from his sprite, mouth opening ever so slightly before closing again. Shaking faintly, his ruined eye opened to reveal a gaping hole, deep black and red. Even more of the life giving fluid ran out of the eyeless socket. As I watched, another tremor wracked his body and it sparked faintly.

'I want to die...'

The text that appeared at the bottom of the screen was understandable. I knew I would want to die if I were in that state.

'Kill me...'

"No!" I yelled in horror; how could it ask me to do that?

'Please... I'm suffering...'

I felt tears falling from my eyes as I slowly nodded. But I didn't know how I supposed to fulfil his wish. I wasn't kept waiting long. A Pokémon Battle started. Caro came out on the other side, but I wasn't given the option to send out a Pokémon. Instead it acted like the Safari Game. I was given only one option; 'Mercy Killing'. Without pause, I clicked it. The screen flashed black, and a sickening snap was heard. I didn't need to look at the screen to know what had happened, but I did anyway. Caro's eye was wide and staring, mouth open in a silent o. His neck was bent at a horrible, unnatural angle. I had broken his neck.

To this day, I have never forgotten Caro, and I still fear battling Pichu. I live in constant terror that I will relive this story, perhaps with one of my more dear friends that I travelled with on my original journey. I tell you all this story so you don't make the same mistake as me - Never, ever underestimate the severity of paralysis.

That poor Nidoran :'( Let's go on... *sniff* *sniff*


 It had been a while since I've played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is my favorite game of all time to this day, and I'm talking about the Nintendo 64 cartridge release. I never really owned my own cartridge, I shared it with my brother but when the Xbox console came out he switched to Xbox gaming. I had my own N64, and it was fire-orange.

My brother gave me his old OoT cartridge. I was very happy, he said, "Keep this game. I don't play it anymore and I don't want to sell it because I know you still love and play it." As soon as I held the cartridge in my hand, memories came rushing back into my mind, like the time it took me five years just to learn that you could put the Master Sword back, when I didn't know what the "eye of truth was," or the time I beat the game for the very first time. Nostalgia was among me.

I played the game, but I stopped playing it for a few years after a while. I was 10 years old, and decided to look in my closet for some old things or collectables that I used to have. Among searching, I found posters, a Link figure, some old clothes, as well as shoes; but I found something that intrigued me the most. The same Ocarina of Time cartridge I played a few years back. It had a lot of dust on it, so I decided to wipe it off. I wanted to see if it still worked, so I popped it into my N64 console and watched the N64 logo flash.

The title screen popped up and I decided to watch one of the scenes that happens when you leave the title screen put. I began to play, and noticed one of my older files. It was named "ASDFjdsk" Since I never knew how to read or care to name him. I decided to choose it and see what was in it. The game was complete, with every upgrade besides 12 Skultullas. I saved and quit the game and decided to start a new file, and named it "Link." The intro cutscene started and I was into the game.

I made lots of progress, some glitches happened, but I thought it was just the game conveying its age. One of the most strangest ones was Link's body glitching as if I tilted the cartridge, more strangely it did this when I went away to get something, such as a drink.

I progressed and obtained the Goron's Ruby, but I then remembered that I didn't get the Sun's Song. I decided to head up Death Mountain first to get the magic meter, and hitched a ride on that annoying owl to land on the house with the cow in it, it was night at this point so I ventured into the Graveyard.

I thought I had entered the Graveyard before because I got the Hylian Shield here, but the cutscene when you first came here played for some reason. I went up the huge tombstone in the back of the graveyard, and played Zelda's Lulluby. Link's body glitched again like described earlier, and when the tombstone exploded, it didn't play a sound effect. Link didn't scream either, all that played was the glitchy noise that occurs when you mess with the cartridge. I entered the Royal Family tomb.

Upon entering, it seemed normal. I killed the Keese to unlock the door, but then a message box appeared and said, "One within the House of the Dead..."

I didn't exactly remember this, since it had been forever since I touched the game. I thought it was normal and proceeded into the door. I then made an angry sigh, since I knew Redeads were in this room. I walked slowly and quietly to the next area, and looked back for a moment to see a Redead appear then disappear quickly.

I ignored it and read the stone, and it told me to play the Sun's Song. I pressed the song's button pattern, > C V C ^ C, and the cutscene played. However, when it played, it didn't turn day in the cutscene, it remained night.

A text box appeared when I returned to playing and it read:

"An alternative route is a descent into the darkness."

I assumed that it meant to head back into the Redead room. I went back into the room and played the Sun's Sung to freeze the Redeads, and killed them for the hell of it. However, upon reaching the door, the Redead scream happened over and over again, and kept me frozen. Then a mysterious Shadow like body ran up behind Link and grabbed him, kind of like the figure in the Nocturne of Shadow cutscene.

The game flickered to a black screen, and I was spawned into a different tomb. There was a light fog on the floor, and appeared to be very eerie. Blood was on the walls, just like in the Shadow Temple and in the Bottom of the Well. The Shadow Temple music was playing in reverse, in a very low pitch.

There were also pictures of a strange head being lifted from the ground, similar to the walls in the Shadow Temple. Link didn't have any of his items or equipment, but his tunic appeared to be a more desaturated green... The grave had only four walls, and looked very similar to the Royal Tomb.

However, there was no warp out of the grave, or anything to do in it. A vibe came upon me, and it felt as if they wanted Link to die. A box of dialogue appeared and said:

"Here is gathered Hyrule's bloody history of greed and hatred... An alternative route is a descent into the darkness..."

I could've sworn I had seen this text before, then I felt like I was being watched. There were chains dangling from the ceiling also, as well as a twitching Dead Hand body on the floor, which really got me the most. I walked up to it and it said "Check," and I pressed A. The text box was blank, and played a low pitched Poe voice with an echo, then his body disappeared.

I was in the tomb for several hours trying to figure out what to do. I noticed a strange script on a wall, and all it said was, "If someone with an evil mind has his wish granted, the world will be consumed by evil... If you want to see a ferry to the other world, come here..." I reluctantly went to the wall, and Link walked through it. All that was in there was the Lens of Truth.

After receiving it, another box of dialogue appeared and said, "One who gathers the Eye of Truth will be able to see what is hidden in the darkness..." I equipped the Lens to a C button, and used it. I saw spirits of people who have died... I talked to them and they all said, "An alternative route is a descendent into darkness..."  I tried to comprehend what it was trying to tell me.

The Redead scream happened and I was spawned into the basement of the Bottom of the Well. Link's skin started to become pale. The Shadow Temple music played, but only the chants were heard. Poes were laughing in a low pitch in the background, along with Redead moaning.

I walked around the room and saw a chest placed there, which appeared to be a boss key chest. I opened it, and I received a bottled Big Poe. The text underneath it said:


I couldn't get rid of the Poe, all it said, "This item doesn't seem to work here..." One of Dead Hand's Hands came up and grabbed Link, and dragged him into the ground.

I spawned into Dead Hand's room, but Link's hands were attached to a chain suspending from the ceiling. Link's face had a dark shadow underneath his hair, as if he were depressed... Dead head came out of the ground, but no music played. The only sound that played was him moving, along with the sounds of blades dropping. Dead Hand slowly walked toward Link, and Link looked at him with his depressed look.

A text box appeared, and seemed to be Link talking, "P-please hurry... It won't last long..." after this, Link made the sound when he dies. Dead Hand began to attack him, then the low-pitched Poe laugh reverberated. Link didn't make a sound, it were as if he were already dead. Link's body then fell from the ceiling, and it was lifeless. His body was picked up from an anomalous force, and he disappeared. The screen faded to black.

I was warped into Dark Link's room in the Water Temple, but there was no water or doors. Instead of water, it was just eerie fog. The tree wasn't there either; the sand patch was just a pile of skulls. Link transformed into Dark Link, and he just stood there. His eyes were glowing red, and it made me feel like I was being watched. The sound that played appeared to be birds along with dark wind. Dark Link was staying still, while the camera was slowly zooming into his blood-red eyes.

His voice was deeper than Dark Link's, he laughed in a way a maniac would laugh... A text box appeared and said, "Descent into darkness..." His eyes grew, then the screen faded to black again... for a few moments. His face was back into the camera again, and his eyes were glowing and dripping with blood. At the top of the screen, it said "CURSED" in the style of the "GAME OVER" text.

All that was heard was the background noises, the low-pitch Poe laugh, and the disturbing laugh of Dark Link. I reset the game, but it took me back to the same screen.

I turned it off and on, and it still took me back to the same screen... The "CURSED" text faded.

It was unknown as to why this happened to Link, but I knew it had to  do something with descendents and abandonment, or as it felt to me...
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Darkness is absolute, yet, light may peak in every now and then.
Nightmare, The Herald of Doom
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