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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Battalion Wars 2

Hey people! Colonel Pérez reporting for duty! Hahaha, Colonel Pérez is my grandfather (RIP) whom I really love. For my birthday (this past May 13) my parents gave me this awesome game as a gift because it was on sale :P. They gave me Battalion Wars 2, which I’ve wanted to play it since 2009 because I really liked the cover :P and because I really like war games. So here goes my review of this really good game!

Type of Game: First of all, this is a strategy game. The Battalion Wars franchise comes from the Advance Wars franchise. Advance Wars are for portables, while Battalion Wars are for consoles. The first Battalion Wars appeared for the great Nintendo GameCube, and thanks to BW2, I want to play the GC version. 
What is it about? (Plot): The story of this game is that the world is going to war because of a rumor that the “Solar Empire” (Japan) has this really extraordinarily powerful weapon, which causes the “Anglo Isles” (Great Britain) to attack them. When the British fail, Japan retaliates and attacks the British. The British, with the help of the “Tundran Territories” (Russia), manage to defeat the Japanese. Later on, you discover that the rumor was started by “Xylvania” (Germany), whose intention was to make the other nations fight between them so that they were weak when they launched their attack. The Xylvanians wanted to get the “Staff of Qa-Len” to activate their ancestor’s (the “Iron Legion” (Prussia?)) super weapon. (I think that the Staff of Qa-Len is from the first game, because there are three “flashback-missions” that are missions from the first game.) The Xylvanians attack the Russians searching the staff, which causes the other nations to unite and form a world legion. They manage to “defeat” the Germans and the game ends. Thanks to the ending, I feel that there may be a Battalion Wars 3 (I don’t know if it already exists or if Nintendo plans to make it), because the Xylvanian Kaiser and his kommandant (that’s how they spelled it on the game) appear alive.

Nations and artillery:
Western Frontier (USA): They have all the units that the game offers (go down and you will see which are the units). Their color is green. You use them in one of the flashback-missions and in the mission where you use the world legion.

Tundran Territories (Russia): They all of them, except for Strato Destroyers and Naval Transports. Their color is red.

Xylvania (Germany): They have all of them, except for Naval Trnsports. They are the only ones with Gas Veterans. Their color is blue.

Solar Empire (Japan): They are the only ones without Battlestations and Bombers, they also don’t have Strato Destroyers. Besides that, they have all the other types of units. Thei color is white.

Iron Legion (Prussia?): They have all of the units, except for Anti-Air Vehicles, Recons, Light Tanks, Strato Destroyers, Air Transport and all the Naval Units. Their color is purple.

Anglo Isles (Great Britain): They have all of the units, except for Anti-Air Vehicles, Recons, Battlestations, Gunships, Strato Destroyers and Dreadnoughts.

Unit Dossier:
Infantry: ALL the nations have the same infantry units (except for the Xylvanians that also have Gas veterans).
1-      Rifle Grunts: Good at attacking in large numbers, capturing facilities, and manning emplacements. These dudes are the infantry units that you will have the most, which is why I don’t feel as bad when one of them dies as when one of the other types of infantry unit dies.
2-      Flame Veterans: This is my favorite infantry unit type. Effective anti-infantry troops; vulnerable against armored vehicles.
3-      Bazooka Veterans: Highly effective against enemy ground vehicles; poor against infantry. It is really hard for them to hit an infantry unit.
4-      Assault Veterans: These dudes are like super rifle grunts. Good against enemy infantry and light vehicles.
5-      Anti-Air Veteran: Highly effective against enemy aircraft; poor against ground targets. That’s why you have to take good care of them, they are really valuable.
6-      Mortar Veterans: Used for blowing enemy infantry out of cover and tackling light vehicles. This is my 2nd favorite infantry unit type. It’s really funny watching the enemy flying through the air. (Mwhahahahahaha……sorry.)
7-      Gas Veterans: They are the same as Flame Veterans; their only difference is that they use toxic gas instead of fire. (It’s a shame that you never get to use them in story mode).

Ground Vehicles:
1-      Anti-Air Vehicles: Highly effective against enemy air vehicles; vulnerable to bazookas and tank shells.
2-      Recons: Good for fast-moving reconnaissance, but lightly armored. They are really fast, which makes it kinda easy to lose control.
3-      Light Tanks: Highly effective against infantry and light vehicles; vulnerable to bazookas.
4-      Heavy Tanks: I think this one is obvious which are its characteristics. It’s simply a more powerful and heavily armored version of the light tank, but more slow.
5-      Artilleries: A large, slow-moving cannon that is devastating at long range but easily overwhelmed in close combat.
6-      Battlestations: Heavily armed and armored, it is only vulnerable to air attacks and attacks from other battlestations. (It receives LITTLE damage from infantry and the other ground units. It’s strange that you never see naval units fighting against battlestations. Who would win?)
Air Units:
 Bombers: High-impact air-to-ground offensive capability; really useless for dog-fighting, but the best air-to-ground air unit (except for when you have to wait them when they reload their bombs).
 Gunships: Fast and maneuverable but lightly armored air-to-ground attack choppers. This is my favorite air unit type (they reload a lot faster than a bomber; that’s why I prefer them).
 Fighters: The best air unit for dog-fighting. Very effective against air vehicles.
Strato Destroyers: (Only the Western Frontier and the Xylvanians have them). Armed with both air-to-air missiles and heavy duty bombs; vulnerable to the rear. This is the best air unit there is. It is like the fusion of a bomber and a fighter.
 Air Transports: You never use them; you call them for infantry and/or vehicle backup. Unarmed but heavily armored infantry and vehicle delivery platform. (If you destroy it before it lands, you will kill and/or destroy whatever it is transporting).
Naval Units:
 Battleships: Heavily armored and armed naval artillery platforms; vulnerable to submarines and ineffective against air units.
Frigates: Effective against both air units and submarines; vulnerable to battleship fire. This is my favorite naval unit type.
Submarines: Can submerge for stealth; good against battleships; vulnerable to frigates. 
 Dreadnoughts: Even more powerful and heavily armored than a battleship; vulnerable to subs. (The most powerful ground vehicle is the Battlestation, the most powerful air unit is the Strato Destroyer, and the most powerful naval unit is the Dreadnought. Who would win if they fought between them? I vote in favor of the Strato Destroyer!)
Naval Transports: This is the naval version of the air transports. Unarmed but heavily armored infantry and vehicle delivery platforms.
Graphics: For those of you that feel that graphics are really important in the industry, this game has a really cool art style. Its graphics are between cartoonish and realistic, which really goes well for this game.
Gameplay: I never had any major problem with the gameplay. The only problems that I had are not important. I have a little bit of problems controlling the air units (except for the gunships), but that’s all.   

I hope you liked this post. I hope you get the chance of playing this really awesome game. BATTLE ON!

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