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Friday, June 3, 2011

Mortal Kombat TOP 10!!!!

How are you doing Underworlders? Co-blogger Judini AKA Ricardo talking to ya, I've already received a good quantity of votes (almost like 200....which is not too bad) on the MK Fatalities Top 10 I invited you to participate, and as I said it'll be shown exactly one post before the review (makes it the Random Post), so I invite you to continue voting, and to have a little twist, I'll let you have 3 tries, so you can send 3 different options (if you are of those afraid of fraud, don't worry I don't bite :D.... nah I'm kidding, I'll erase that account as soon as I'm finished with this so I'll not keep any email address or stuff like that :P) so I'm inviting you to send your vote :D.

So anyways to the point of this post, I'll give you a Top 10 about my favorite MK characters, some antis, and some honorable mentions, I'll also throw in a fatality of theirs, so as you to decide how awesome they are, so all right let's begin, becuz this is.......

NUMBER 10!!! Havik 
Yes, I am old school, but I do enjoy the newer MK's as the die hard fan I am, from the new games, I like this dude, Havik, the cleric of Chaos. He debuted in MK Deception, returned in Armageddon, and died in the battle of Armageddon. Hailing from Chaosrealm, Havik seeks to keep the world at constant chaos and create the perfect chaos. But Havik at the beginning was intended to be an alternate costume for Noob Saibot, but then became an independent character. Being a cleric of chaos, Havik has a bizarre fighting style to suit his persona, and plays with the opponents mind and body (sick bastard.... gotta love it :D). He can recover life by breaking his bones (yeah you read that right), and he experiences surges of satisfaction instead of pain when he is hurt or hurts himself (masochistic?). His arsenal includes the Morning Star (it's like a giant mace with a lot of spikes that resembles a star), and as special moves, he has the Crackling Legs Projectile (he cracks his legs backwards and shoots a purple projectile... WTF!?!?), he has the Torso Spin (he rotates over his chest and punches you 3 times...weird o_O), Diving Corpse (he slides....literally), and two healing moves, in which he snaps his necks, and snaps his back. So overall well deserved 10th place.
FATALITY RATING: *** Vicious, but somewhat short :P

NUMBER 9!!! Mileena 
All right covering number 9, we have the sexy, vicious, and savage Mileena. Don't get fooled by the poor amount of clothing she has, becuz she can give you a nasty surprise (don't ever look under her mask :O). So she e¡is actually a clone of Kitana, to which Shao Kahn had the idea of replacing before she could betray him, Mileena was created from Kitana's essence and tarkatan blood, but something went wrong and gave her razor sharp teeth (covered by her mask). Instead of killing her, Shao Kahn introduced her as Kitana's twin and raised them both as his daughters and trained them in the art of kombat, but Mileena progressively began hating her "sis" becuz Kahn favored her among others, and she (Mileena) was put in charge of watching Kitana, to avoid her betrayal. Mileena is both beauty and beast, which had made her mind unstable, causing her to random streaks of murder intent and other stuff (isn't she adorable?). She utilizes sais as her main weapon, and her abilities include the Rolling Thunder (she rolls on the ground and knocks you out of your feet, like a bowling ball :P) and the Kick from Above in which she teleports above you and kicks you. Well that's Mileena and number 9 winner for you :D.

FATALITY RATING: ***** Awesome fatality, no more words for it.
NUMBER 8!!! Baraka
Yeah, I do like tarkatans, and this guy is no exception. He is the image of savagery, his tarkatan senses makes him really strong, he can smell you, and he can kill you. He has large blades that retract like Wolverine's, and he also has his large trademark tarkatan blades. He hails from Outworld, and has been under the service of warlords like Shao Kahn and the Dragon King. He is a fearsome warrior to contend with. His abilities include using his blades to charge his opponent, he can send a blade spark, and he can spin and damage you with his blades or stab you rapidly, a fearsome tarkatan warrior that slashes his place to number 8.

FATALITY RATING: **** Pretty awesome, but his victim spins so fast yo can't really amze yourself with the chopping, but overall pretty.
NUMBER 7!!! Shang Tsung
The evil sorcerer and soul taking bastard Shang Tsung arrives at number 7. He hails from Earthrealm, but sold his soul to Shao Kahn for power. He was condemned by the Elder Gods for taking a soul, and was punished so as he needs to be consuming souls to sustain his youth or he'll die prematurely. He was defeated by Liu Kang twice in two different MK tournaments (the first and the second), and got his revenge until Deadly Alliance where he defeated Kang with help of his new ally Quan Chi (never could win on his own :P). In his abilities, he can fire flaming skulls, dunno where he keeps them though, some sorcery or whatever, and his also able to use his soul stealing, and he has shape-shifting abilities, depending on the game, he can transform into all characters in the game, or only on the one he's fighting. So the soul stealing freak gets 7th place.

FATALITY RATING: ***** Reviving the best fatality from MKvsDC and making it gorier, is just plainly incredible. :P

NUMBER 6!!! Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn's evil is just matched by his ruthlessness. His so powerful he scares the crap out of the Elder Gods. In the original timeline, he is one of the only 5 survivors of Armageddon (the others being Taven, Shinnok, Daegon, and Liu Kang (spirit)). He killed Raiden in this battle also. But before he was defeated two times by Liu Kang (in MK2 and MK3), and left in a weakened state, he continued to do so, and then created a clone of himself and escaped, so as to draw his enemies toward his clone, which was killed by the Deadly Alliance (Quan Chi and Shang Tsung). He revived Goro after Goro was nearly killed by Noob Saibot and formed an alliance with Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, and Onaga. He won the battle of Armageddon as told before. He is the ultimate tyrant. He is armed with his Wrath Hammer, and he is also masterful of the black arts. The ruthless antagonist gains number 6.

FATALITY RATING: ***** Self explanatory, just plain A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!

NUMBER 5!!! Ermac
This ninja is shrouded in mystery. He was originally a mistake in programming that turned Scorpion red, and was believed as a new character, but was continuously made false until MKU3 where he was made into a full character. He is made of several souls joined together by sorcery, and therefore refers to himself as "we", "our" instead of "I" and "my". He was evil, but Kenshi freed him from Kahn and since then has become a force for good. His abilities include telekinesis, teleporting, and such of those becuz of the souls within him. All around ninja that gains number 5.

FATALITY RATING: ***** It is so awesome, but I would like if they combined it with his old version, and slam his victim 3 times, then tear his limbs off, and finish him off with the head splat, would be way more awesome :D

NUMBER 4!!! Cyrax
The ex Lin Kuei cyber ninja Cyrax, originally a man with african origins whom relied on his instincts to battle. At first unwilling to undergo automation, he was eventually caught and automated against his will. He was tasked with finding and killing Sub-Zero, he did found him but was defeated and reprogrammed to kill Shao Kahn. But Kahn was defeated before he could successfully plant a sneak attack. He awaited orders which never came, and malfunctioned and was stranded in a desert. He was rescued by Jax and recover his soul with help of the Special Forces (specifically Jax and Sonya), and joined them as an act of gratitude. His abilities include firing a green net of energy which traps the foe for a free hit, his armed with grenades, and can also teleport, he also posseses a Pulse Blade (don't kid yourself, it is Luke Skywalker's light sword, and later on it becomes Obiwan's sword, talking about rip offs :PXD). Later on he is equipped with a buzzsaw BTW. Formidable robotic nightmare gains 4.

FATALITY RATING: **** It's pretty nice and all, but could be a lil bit better, but is excellent none-the-less

NUMBER 3!!! Reptile *Perez's Favorite 
This lurking and tricky lizard gets a well deserved number 3 spot, becuz he is pretty much an awesome character. He's a saurian, which comes from Zaterra after being driven off the Earthrealm by Raiden. They lived at peace until Shao Kahn conquered them. Reptile is the last known survivor. He uses his primal instinct to fight, and is adept at ninja skills as well as being capable of turning invisible, spitting acid, and create forceballs. He is the first ever secret character of all times, making the hidden fighters quite popular for people, as he was really tough (having Scorpion's and Sub-Zero's powers). He was later given his own moveset. He's of the best MK characters in my opinion and gets the well deserved 3rd place.

FATALITY RATING: **** I like this Fatality, would be more enjoyable if they like slo-mo the explosion at the end, would been really nice

NUMBER 2!!! Noob Saibot and Smoke
Yeah, more good stuff. This characters were awesome as Noob-Smoke, and they are awesome separately also, and I couldn't decide from the 2, so I added them both. Noob Saibot's name is Bi-Han, also known as the original Sub-Zero, before being killed by Scorpion. He (Noob) descended into the 5th plane of the Netherealm (MK's hell), and became the wraith known as Noob Saibot (the developer's Boon and Tobias backwards, sure you didn't know that one xD). Smoke on his side, was Tomas Vrbada, and he was sacrificed to some strange cult, and he became an enenra, a being made of gas and vapor. He was recruited by the Lin Kuei for his stealth capabilities. He in the original timeline was automated to Cyber Smoke, who recovered his soul, and discovered he was one of Raiden's chosen warriors, but was captured by Kahn as a trophy. Noob encountered him some time after and reprogrammed him(Smoke) to serve him (Noob). They were known as Noob-Smoke. They continued this alliance until Sareena defeated them when they tried to kill Sub-Zero. In the alternate timeline, Smoke still was friends with the younger Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang), but he was saved from automation, making Sub-Zero take his place in that process. Noob has the powers of the dark, the shadows, while Smoke has the powers of invisibility and control his namesake. They are both excellent characters, and they both win number 2. As an aclaration, I like both of Smoke's forms (Cyber and Human).
Noob Saibot
FATALITY RATING: ***** It's so gruesome it is awesome
FATALITY RATING: ***** It feels so nice hearing the victim scream xD

Let's recount!!!...... 10)Havik....9)Mileena.......8)Baraka.....7)Shang Tsung......6)Shao Kahn.....5)Ermac.....4)Cyrax.....3)Reptile.....2)Noob/Smoke.... now prepare becuz this is......

Well, what I gotta say, Scorpion is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be (1UP to the one who discovers from where I got that :P). His story is quite sad, his clan and family were killed by Quan Chi (when revived Scorpion was told by Quan Chi that the Lin Kuei did it), and he himself was killed by Bi-Han (original Sub-Zero). Since then he's become a spectre, a hellspawn bent on revenge. His name before all this was Hanzo Hasashi, and he gain the nickname "Sasori" traduced to "Scorpion" for his superb ninja skills and mastery of the kunai. When revived his face is gone, only an illusion made by his mask, for when he removes it, a (sometimes blazing) skull is revealed. He is associated with hellfire, a darker variant of fire. His abilities include the classic Spear (GET OVER HERE!!!!!), a teleport punch/kick, a hellfire (fire from the ground), a scissor sweep, and  the backflip kick. He is for me, the best character in MK, there can be no MK without him, and since the beginning until the end, I'm associated with Scorpion as my favorite MK character. Becuz Scorpion is number 1, I'll be showing two Fatalities of him instead of one :P.

FATALITY RATING: ***** One of the most iconic MK fatalities, is this one, the famous Toasty!, recognizable all over the world!!!

FATALITY RATING: ***** Debuted in MK2, not as iconic as the first, but it is still of the best fatalities Scorpion has at his disposal.

Well, this is my Top 10 for you, our readers, the vids I got them from Youtube, and some if not all of the character images I got them from MKSecrets (check it out if you need to find Fatalities, glitches or stuff like that, but on a later point, you'll find all of that stuff in here :P). I hope you enjoyed yourselves with this, I've got a good number of votes and I invite you to send your best fatality vote (max 3) to

Until my next post, see you later forum!!!
Believe in yourself, because nobody will do it for you.
Judini/Ricardo/Dragon/You get the point :P

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