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Sunday, July 31, 2011

7000 Visits!!!!

Wow! I can't believe we have reached 7000 visits! And most importantly, I got to be the 7000th visit! :D
We now are closer to our 10000 visits goal!
So thank you to all you peple that reads this blog!!!!!

I, Pérez; finally got to make a post about a special number of visits!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!!... Sorry :P

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I challenge you.... to MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!

Ok, just to make something clear, it wasn't lazyness or short term memory the reason I hadn't make this post yet, but I don't have a computer, I have to use a borrowed one, and considering it isn't mine, I can't ask for it anytime I want, this is the only period in which I could take it without anyone trying to knock my door off becuz they want it...... now that I got that, hello!! xD Well you have been waiting for this for quite a while, and now, it's finally here, MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! ----SPOILER ALERT---- I'm going to talk about some hidden stuff in the game, if you don't want it spoiled, DON'T UNDER ANY BLASTED CIRCUMSTANCE READ THIS POST!!!!!

The Kombat Begins.... (Fancy name for Story Mode :P)
Well, it starts at the end of the battle of Armageddon, you'll see the landscape...... a hell lot of kombatants dead, we'll see Scorpion stabbed by Sub-Zero's Kori Blade on his spine (What a bastard xP), Sub-Zero stabbed by one of Baraka's blades on his spine (this guy my hero :D), Baraka splitted in half by Kung Lao's hat, Kung Lao crushed by skull hands brought by Shinnok's clone, a body less Johnny Cage, and a ripped in half Sonya Blade who is being devoured by a vulture (not precisely in that order). You'll be taken to the top of the pyramid, checking the dead as you pass, and will hear Shao Kahn and Raiden brawling it out, you'll here Raiden scream, and inmediatly you'll see him on the floor while Shao Kahn stands over him, Shao Kahn toys Raiden around before finally ending his life with a devastating blow to the head with his Wrath Hammer.... but not before Raiden sent a message to the Raiden in MK1. Raiden receives the message in the form of visions, not sure what they meant, but knew something was wrong..... The story mode is way over 8-10 hours of duration and is divided in 16 parts with 5 fights each in this order:
Chpt 1)Johnny Cage (2) Sonya (3) Scorpion (4) Human Cyrax (5) Liu Kang (6) Jax (7) Smoke (8) Sub-Zero (9) Kitana (10) Jade (11) Kung Lao *The final battle as Liu Kang (12) Stryker (13) Kabal (14) Cyber Sub-Zero *Yes you read that right, I'll explain later (15) Nightwolf (16) Raiden.
Notable stuff that were changed: First of all, Reptile appears as the first fight despite being a secret characters, Baraka appears as the second fight despite being debutted in MK2, same issue with Jade and Kitana which fight later on. Probably the most shocking to you, Cyber Sub-Zero. Originally Sub-Zero escaped and Smoke undergo the automation, but this time, Raiden, after having a vision of what Smoke would be turn into, saved him while Lin Kuei robots tried to take him. Smoke joined Earth's resistance in gratitude. Later on, Sub-Zero was tracked and found by Sektor and Cyrax, and with other Lin Kuei cyborgs, asked Shao Kahn permission to take him away in exchange for the Lin Kuei's loyalty and service, Smoke reached in time and wanted to save his friend, but Raiden forbid it, arguing that they would take him as well. Cyber Sub-Zero appears at Chpt 13, where he fights Kabal after failing to identify him as someone who could use Shao Kahn's portals. He is defeated and reprogrammed and joins Earth resistance. OK, finally, Earth resistance, composed by Nightwolf, Stryker, Jade, Kitana, Kabal, Cyber Sub-Zero, Smoke, Sonya, Jax, Cage, Liu Kang and Raiden, where killed by Sindel, all except Liu and Raiden who where seeking help from the Elder Gods. Raiden accidentally kills Liu Kang after the latter attempted to take out Shao Kahn despite Raiden telling him not to do so, and the Elder Gods punished Shao Kahn via Raiden, after Shao Kahn toyed Raiden around in a similar fashion as the intro to story mode.

This game has a pretty smooth gameplay, one can grab a controller and play pretty easily, but to really be good at this game you have to practice a lot as with all things in life. You have the infamous Dial-A-Kombo system, but you can cancel them into special moves or something and create your own combos, you have to be pretty creative so give it a shot. I'll show you a video with my favorite/signature combos for you to watch, but you'll have to wait a little for that as I don't have my MK right now. The fighting system is really great, I haven't really noticed any like god character in this game, everybody can beat everybody else with enough work. As for other reviewers, I've seen they complain about "imbalances" like the bosses being immune when they attack, or receiving less damage, or dishing out more damage than the other characters, what I have to say to them is this..... STOP BEING JERKS!! Mortal Kombat has always had overpowered bosses, becuz that's what they are, bosses, they are supposed to be able to kick everybody's ass just becuz they can, and they aren't supposed to be easy, becuz they are fking bosses!! I mean, not to flame Street Fighter becuz I do like Street Fighter, it is a pretty good fighter and I like good fighters, but even you Street Fighter fanboys have got to admit that the bosses in that game fking suckz, they are all too damned easy (Yes, even Gill), they always have a pattern, they are predictable, and it isn't very fun if they don't pose a challenge. Mortal Kombat does that, pose a challenge, and if those gaytard reviewers doesn't like it, then fk them, becuz games are supposed to be praised by gamers, not by reviewers who probably just becuz they don't get the controls say that the game is bad, and seriously, I've seen that A LOT.

There are 28 playable characters in PS3, 27 in Xbox 360, plus 2 unlockable chars, 4 secret battles, 3 unplayable bosses, and 4 DLC chars (DLC means downloadable content) P.S. Legend: Unlockable chars will be marked with !, Guest Characters will be marked with $, Secret Bosses with ?, unplayable bosses with * and DLC chars with +
-Liu Kang
-Kung Lao
-J. Cage
-Noob Saibot
-Shang Tsung
!Cyber Sub-Zero
!Quan Chi
*Shao Kahn
?MK2 Jade
?MK2 Smoke
?MK2 Noob Saibot
?MK Reptile
+Skarlet (new to the series, was a rumor made true)
$+Freddy Krueger (yes you are reading this correctly, just announced at Comic Con this year)

There are 26 stages in PS3 and 25 in Xbox 360 (why? PS3 got Kratos and also a stage for him), 6 of them with stage fatalities (marked by *) and the Kratos stage has 3 different stage fatalities (marked with ***)
-The Armory (MK2)
-The Belltower (MK3)
-The Bridge (MK3 Cameo only)
-The Temple or The Kathedral /Favorite Stage :D (MK3)
-The Courtyard (MK1, Day or Night)
*Deadpool (MK2)
-The Tower or Evil Tower (MK2)
-Goro's Lair (MK1)
-The Graveyard (MK3 Before nightfall with a soulnado in the background)
-Kahn's Colosseum (MK2, Update of Kahn's Arena)
***Chamber of the Flame (PS3 Exclusive, where you begin fighting Zeus in God of War 3)
*The Living Forest (MK2 yeah finally a tree of those can eat you up :P)
-The Desert (MK3)
*Hell (MK3, also known as Scorpion's Lair before)
*The Pit (MK1)
-The Pit Bottom (MK1)
-The Rooftop (MK3)
-Shang Tsung's Garden (New, between Pit 1, Palace Gates, and Warrior's Shrine, day or night)
-Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits (Also new, in the lower part of Kahn's fortress)
-Shao Kahn's Throne Room (MKA)
-Soul Chamber (MK3)
*The Street (MK3)
*The Subway (MK3)
-Shang Tsung's Throne Room (MK1)
-Training Dojo (New, playable in training mode and Test your Luck, plays Throne Room Music)
-Wastelands of Outworld (MK2)

Well, the Challenge Tower, 300 missions you have to complete (you can pay to pass it if you can't do it, but you won't get the trophy/achievement for it) The final mission, Endgame, consists of an Endurance match against Goro, Kintaro, Mileena, and Shao Kahn, but it is really hard as Shao Kahn can actually help your opponent with health boost, more attack power, while also capable of debilitating you or disabling your block. If you win, you get Mileena's Flesh Pits kostume (basically she half naked only covered by bandages).
You also get Test Your Might, Strike, Luck, and Sight, which I talked about before and I won't do it again becuz this post has already become to long I think sorry for that :P You also have Nekropolis, where you can check various stats with a certain character (like victories, fatalities, xrays landed, blood spilled and time played, all with that specific character, you get a Milestone (100 victories, 100 fatalities, 150 xrays...) which at completion will say complete after them, if you complete the 5 challenges for the character, you have gained mastery of the character. You can check music, artwork, and images in here as well. There is also the Krypt, where you can buy stuff for viewing in Nekropolis. There is an easter egg here, where for the 1st time in MK, there is a screamer, I mean, a mutant which appears out of nowhere and screams the crap out of you!! Some players get scared and never return to the krypt, but some (like me) return just to see if that thing appears again :P

Well this is it for today, the 1st Ever Interactive Poll of Underworld Honduras officially is over, I got 1576 votes in total, and I'll post the results in a later post becuz of lack of space, I thank you for participating, and I encourage you to participate on fellow co-blogger Danny's poll, about who will be the best pairing for Ash (Misty, May, Dawn, Bianca, Meganium/Bayleef, or Iris) personally, I prefer Dawn, but you can make the difference so vote now!!

Thanks for reading, hope to catch ya later!!
My team(1st only): Charizard, Poliwrath, Raichu, Gengar, Sandslash, Kanghaskan/Nidoking
My team(mixed): Charizard, Raichu, Feraligator, Tyrannitar, Grovyle/Sceptyle, Swellow
Ricardo AKA Judini

Friday, July 22, 2011

Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3.

Well apologies again, I didnt count my co-bloggers slowpokeness and their apparently short term memory since it seems that I am the only one who remembers about the blog between the 3 of us. *sighs* But getting back on a good topic I decided to give another videogame review, something that I hadnt done in quiet a while and as the reviewed game I chose the second game in which I have spent the most effort playing.

Thats right people, one of the Ninja Revolution game series which has introduced some of the best Naruto fighting games ever seen. For some reason I have put a LOT of effort into playing this one, being so persistent as to unblock each and every character.


Well this game is the basic Naruto fighter, you choose one character out of a huge selection taken from the anime up to the Rescue Gaara arc and are pitted against one, two or even three opponents. The attacks in the game are very varies as not only do almost all characters have many powerful special attacks to choose from but each characters has a large array of combos, a customized throw, four jutsu and sometimes even an activated stage to unlock more power or jutsu.

The game is very easy to play, the jutsus(or STRONG attacks as are called in the game) are released by using the strong attack button while holding any direction in the control pad. Basically you get four plus the kunai-throwing ability that you already have by default so I dont count it as a special.

Combos are rather easy to pull out after you have gotten the hang of them, basically its a combination of weak and strong attacks quickly to keep inflicting blows, each character has its unique combos with different power and purpose. There are combos that can deal about 3/4 of your life bar quickly while others you need to keep pulling them out many times in order to win.

Now lets talk about specials, these are one of the most versatile things in the game. Basically because almost every character has two, three and some even more specials that you can choose from to adapt to the situation youre in. These can range from a massive shower of kunai and poison bombs to a chakra spin to deflect any attack that comes your way and any enemy unlucky enough to be withing your reach. Theyre very easy to pull out, in gamecube controllers you just push a single button while in the wii version you have to press both 1 and 2 at the same moment.

And the newest thing we have in this game is...Team Attacks!!! Thats right, now when youre playing in the Co-op mode in a 2 vs 2 fight you are able to perform a special in which your partner is involved. This is done simply by pressing the special button and the forward one at the same time. Easily resulting in a devastating attack you better keep an eye on what team youre battling.


Well the biggest disadvantage by far is its story mode. Not only is the story mode really short but after being waiting through lots of talk and talk youre put against an extremely over-powered Deidara thats virtually impossible to defeat by most players. After going through like at least 10 failed attempts I was barely able to defeat him...but not before being pulled through a good kicking first....

Okay....maybe some punching instead...

Besides this major flaw is the fact that although the characters have been more balanced than in the last Naruto Shippuden games there are still many differences in their abilities. For example Kakashi is still the most powerful character in the game easily, while Shino is just about the only character in the game that can defeat me. Youll just have to master a character in order to avoid these differences.


Chiyo!!- A character we had all been waiting for to appear in a game. In this game she is given Mother and Father puppets as her only weapons and she is able to manipulate them in a lot of ways. She takes a LOT of practice to master correctly as she is completely defenseless without her puppets although if you can keep her safe from the opponent crushing them wont be a problem at all. For defense she has her arm shield which is one of the strongest in the game.

Deidara!!- You get to love using this character, that is after you beat him in the Story Mode since youll probably start hating him before that. He is very powerful when it comes to dealing quick and accurate damage with explosions however his physical attacks are extremely weak and as such like with Chiyo you better keep him away.

Sasori!!- One of my favorites, almost all of his attacks are poisoned so youll be annoying your opponent by inverting his controls just for the heck of it since he is able to deal damage quick enough to end the fight quickly.

Anko!!!- Not really a new addition but one thats definitely worth to talk about. She is my favorite character by far to use, not only is she fast, but she has great combos and is really hard to hit. And she has her curse mark for those hard spots when you need to finish in one single combo.

These are just some of the many new and amazing characters you will be seeing in this game! Well that is all thanks for reading, next post will be up soon as I wont let my co-bloggers keep lazing off. Thank you and have a nice day!!

P.S.- Only 15 votes received so far as to the Pokemon Pairing post, please send me your vote to my e-mail( or make an anonymous(or not) comment on any of our recent posts as we will read them always. Keep voting please!

My Team: Scizzors, Dragonite, Flareon, Tyrannitar, Milotic, Breloom

Friday, July 15, 2011

A brief analysis of Ash...

Hey there everyone!!! Long time no see, I am sincerely very sorry for having left for such a long time but be sure that I was completely unable to come in here since I had absolutely no internet service. It seems that I must also ask for forgiveness for my co-bloggers laziness when it comes to posting since it seems they had left this blog abandoned for some time. Well since thats not something I want Ill share with you a little thinking I made about Ash(Satoshi) the other day.

Well since I have no internet and no cable in my house I havew resorted to watching local channels in the TV in hopes of finding some anime, the only two that are worth mentioning are Pokemon and Zatchbell. Watching so many episodes on the TV caused me to enter a pokemon stage in my life that I thought I had left behind long ago, well recently I was watching all the openings of pokemon so far and I have noticed something that caught my attention: the girls always change, the pokemon always change, brock comes and goes, basically the only consistent thing is Ash and pikachu.

During this analysis I came to these conclusions just for fun, hope you dont get angry:

1) Ash doesnt like younger girls, he didnt pay much attention to Dawn.
2) Ash doesnt like girls his age, yet again no interest in May.
3) Ash doesnt like older girls, even though they traveled together for ages no feelings for Misty.
4) Ash doesnt like men, he is completely able to travel without Brock.
5) Ash isnt a pedophile, he didnt mind Max.
6) Ash doesnt like pokemon, otherwise he would still be around Meganium or Latias.

CONCLUSION: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS ASH?????? Does he really have no interest in anything? I can only come to the conclusion that Ash is member of a new kind of magnemite-like gender: neutral. Otherwise he would have paid attention to anybody that has traveled with him.

Talking about Pokemon I would like all you readers to give me your opinion about who would be the best pairing for Ash, straight only. Options are here:

Misty- Pokeshipping
May- Advanceshipping(I go for this one)
Dawn- Pearlshipping
Meganium or Bayleef, depending until what episode you watched.

I would appreciate if you send your preference to my e-mail or leave a comment on this post. The pairing with the most votes will get a special post in our blog, along with a fanfic or two and the best fanarts I can find.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011: The Year of Important Anniversaries

Hey people! You know, this year has been fortunate of having really important anniversaries for great series. In Latin America, at least in Honduras, the Nintendo Power magazine isn’t sold, but we have another great magazine, CLUB NINTENDO. This is an official Nintendo magazine, so it is a really good reference for us readers when we want to buy a game, especially since the three guys that review the games (Master, Crow and Panteón) are sincere whenever a game sucks. I’ve been a loyal reader since 2005. My goal for this year is to have bought their entire monthly magazine, and until the moment I’ve got all of them. Going back to the point, in the six issues that have been released this year (one for every month), they have made special reports of some anniversaries that this year has had. So I’m gonna talk about these anniversaries.

Mario’s 25th Anniversary

 In January’s issue, the cover was dedicated to Mario’s anniversary. Nintendo celebrated it big time. They released a red version of the Nintendo Wii with New Super Mario Bros., a red Nintendo DSi XL with details of the figures of the Mushroom Kingdom plus Super Mario Kart DS. Nintendo also released Super Mario All-Stars. This game includes a soundtrack with the best songs of Mario and an art book with the design of Mario (a really important collection item). The game itself has four games (the remastered versions for the SNES, not the original versions for the NES) in it, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

Animal Crossing’s 10th Anniversary

 Animal Crossing is like one of the most original games that Nintendo has. It appeared for the first time on America in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube. Originally, it was intended for the Nintendo 64, but Nintendo decided to bring it as a GameCube game for America (unlike Japan that has it as a N64 game known as Animal Forest). Since then, the game has become a huge phenomena in the world (it even has a movie!). In 2005, Animal Crossing: Wild World was released for the Nintendo DS. It has the same essence as the original one, but this one had two great advantages. First of all, the gameplay was better thanks to the touch-screen, and second, it had online gaming, so anyone could appear in your world and say hi. :) In 2008, Nintendo released Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii, which is considered the best version of the game. The most important feature of this version is that you can go to a city and do lots of things! Nintendo announced a game for the 3DS. :D

The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary

I can’t believe it! Link’s 25th anniversary. I bet Shigeru Miyamoto never thought that this series would become a huge thing when the first game was released. The series started with The Legend of Zelda for the NES in 1986. A year later, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link appeared for the NES. In 1991, A Link to The Past was released for the SNES. Two years later, in 1993, Link’s Awakening saw the light for the first time on a portable console, it was in the Game Boy (which later had a version for the Game Boy Color). Five years had to pass for perhaps the best version of the series and in 1998, TLOZ: Ocarina of Time appeared for the N64. Two years later, in the Y2K (:P), TLOZ: Majora’s Mask appeared for the N64, which is my second favorite game of the series. A year later, TLOZ: Oracle of Ages and TLOZ: Oracle of Seasons were both released for the GBC (they worked like the Pokémon games where between the two versions you could get things that you couldn’t get in the version that you had). Two years later (2003), my favorite Z-game appeared, TLOZ: The Wind Waker appeared for the NGC. A year later, in 2004, TLOZ: Four Swords Adventures saw the light in the NGC.  In 2005, TLOZ: The Minish Cap appeared for the GBA (I’m currently playing it). In 2006, TLOZ: Twilight Princess appeared for both the NGC and the Wii, which is a true masterpiece in the videogame industry. In 2007, TLOZ: Phantom Hourglass appeared for the NDS. Two years later, 2009, TLOZ: Spirit Tracks appeared for the NDS. Now we are waiting for the release of the latest game, TLOZ: Skyward Sword, which promises not to be a good game, but promises to be a more than excellent game.

Sonic’s 20th Anniversary

Here comes the fastest creature on Earth! Well, what can I say? Sonic is one of my favorite characters from all times. I prefer him a thousand times more than Mario (sorry, but it’s true). Even though every new game is practically the same thing as the last. It appears like Sonic’s magical formula (getting to the end of the stage, collecting rings, and fighting against monsters) still works because I still enjoy its games! Sonic was created by the SEGA’s Sonic Team to rival Nintendo’s Mario. Sonic is fifteen years old, measures one meter and weighs around eighty pounds. For me, Sonic has won the battle against Mario. I won’t talk much about him, because I want to make a post about him (Danny, Judini, I’ll kill you if any of you makes a post about Sonic!!!).

Resident Evil’s 15th Anniversary

Resident Evil was created for Capcom by Shinji Mikami (he is also the creator of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBT?). For the 10th anniversary, Capcom released for the NDS Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. Now for the 15th anniversary, we are waiting two, yes TWO, games for the N3DS (what a great way for celebrating 15 years filled with horror and zombies!), RE: Revelations and RE: The Mercenaries. The two most iconic characters of this franchise definitely are Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who have not only appeared in the games, but also in the animated movie Resident Evil Degenerations. The basic story of RE is that the Umbrella company created a virus that brought back to life the dead. This virus infected Raccoon City and the local police was not able to control it. So, the Bravo division from the STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) was needed. They disappeared, so the Alpha Team was needed. In RE 0 (which is exclusive to Nintendo :P), we learn what happened to the Bravo Team. In conclusion, RE is one of the franchises that have given us one of the best stories that you can get in the industry, it has caught us for 15 years with its adventures and it will surely do it for many more years.

Well people, this is my post of the most important anniversaries of this first half of the year. By December-January I’ll have the “part 2” of this post. Until next time! GAME ON!
My next post: My Favorite Samurai X Character!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6... TEKKEN 6!!

                                                       Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama
Hey guys how yaa doing? I was checking out E3 this past month and I noticed a lot of titles I've wanted to try and some interesting things as well. It caught my attention the announcement of Street Fighter x Tekken (crossover), and also the announcement of Tekken Wii Successor for the Wiipad....I mean Wii U, and also Tekken 3D for the N3DS, and since I consider myself a fan of the Tekken series and I'm actually playing Tekken 6 (for PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as PSP), I decided to review this game as part of my RANDOM category, so go grab your favorite beverage and some popcorn becuz this is gonna get wild!!

Jin Kazama defeated his great grandfather Jinpachi Mishima and gain control of the Mishima Zaibatsu(the family's company), and used its military power to make black ops operations around the world to weaken their military and finally declared war to all countries in the world after declaring the Zaibatsu as an independent state. Jin Kazama became a tyrant and needed to be stopped, which is where his father, Kazuya Mishima, comes into play. He began working against the Zaibatsu with G Corporation, which he forcibly took after exacting his revenge on their high executives. The world saw Kazuya as a hero, and then put a bounty on Jin's head (He's not really a hero, he just wants to rule the world himself :P). Jin inmediatly responded by announcing the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, which Kazuya predicted he would do. Legend says about two dark stars that upon confrontation will give rebirth to The Rectifier. The dark stars were understood to be Jin and Kazuya, while The Rectifier is identified to be Azazel (a large creature wwith crystals around his body and hideous appearance).

There is offline mode, which allows you to enter classic Arcade Mode, as well as Survival Mode, Time Trail, Ghost Battle (you battle recipes, that means cpu controlled characters who mimic a real player's fighting style). There is online mode, which lets you download ghosts, fight ranked and player matches against other people. There is also a gallery which let you see endings, the opening movies, credits and other stuff. There is also options, which lets you change various stuff, you can choose your main character and your main stage (this will appear in your background in the main menu, for example I have Yoshimitsu as my main character and for a stage I have one that is named Electric Fountain.). There is also Scenario Campaign, which is the main story mode, you take on the role of Lars Alexandersson (sounds familiar? Yeah he is the guest character in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, sweet huh?) and later on the mission you gain a partner, Alisa Bosconovitch, which is an android, and they together band up against a beat em up style of gameplay across many places. This mode is well done for me and it has a great story, you'll also see all characters in the game in this mode as a boss of a given place, and without sounding wrong I almost cried kind off to the end, really good story I don't wish to spoil if you plan on playing this game.

True to Tekken standards, the game is played in an arena which can be multi tiered, walled, or completely free. There are 4 buttons to control each limb of your character, you block by holding back, and there is a new bound system, which gives you the power to make people bounce of the ground to continue a juggle. You fight until your healthbar is completely decreased, but you are given a last chance to turn things around. Once your lifebar reaches a certain minimum, a new feature called Rage mode will activate, giving you a significant boost in power, which may give you the win if you now how to dodge damage and giving good damage of your own.

There are almost 40 characters in the game, 8 more than Tekken Dark Resurrection, making it the biggest roster in Tekken history, I will mark new characters in this game with a "*" and characters new to the Bloodline Rebellion game which the japanese got, and we received simply as Tekken 6 with a "**":
Alisa Bosconovitch **
Anna Williams
Armor King (2nd Favorite :D)
Asuka Kazama (Favorite Female :P)
Azazel (Final Boss)
Baek Doo San
Bob* (he's an extremely fast powerful and fat fighter.......yes I did said fat and fast in the same phrase)
Bruce Irvin
Bryan Fury (4th Favorite :))
Craig Marduk
Christie Monteiro
Devil Jin (3rd Favorite :D)
Eddy Gordo
Feng Wei
Heihachi Mishima (Father of Kazuya and Lars but these two doesn't discover it until a later part in scenario campaign, grandfather of Jin, original owner of the Zaibatsu at the beginning of the Iron Fist tournaments, stole it from Jinpachi)
Jack-6* (Technically a new characters but Jack robots have always existed in every Tekken game(every Tekken game has one), Jack(T1), Prototype Jack(T1 AND T2, most Jack appearances), Jack 2(T2), GunJack(T3), Jack 4 (but wasn't playable in Tekken 4), Jack 5(T5) are the former Jack models)
Jin Kazama (mid boss)
Julia Chang
Kazuya Mishima
King II
Kuma (he's a bear, Heihachi's pet)
Lars Alexandersson** (Game's protagonist)
Lee Chaolan
Lei Wulong
Leo Kliesen* (Nobody knows what is this guy, some say male some female, Namco made this character as someone people would love regardless of sex)
Lili (Emily "Lily" Rochefort)
Ling Xiaoyu
Marshall Law
Miguel Caballero Rojo* (Seeks to kill Jin becuz Jin's forces bombarded a church in which Miguel's sister was marrying and the explosions killed his sister)
Mokujin (he's a wooden dummy, takes on a random fighting style of any character to fight)
NANCY-MI847J* (Don't get fooled, it is a gigantic robot bet on kicking your ass from all possible angles, it appears in an EXTRA stage before fighting Jin, it takes very little damage and has a high damage potential, nobody know why is it called Nancy)
Nina Williams
Panda (pallete swap of Kuma, but she is a different character, she is a panda who is protector and friend and pet of Ling Xiaoyu)
Paul Phoenix
Roger Jr.(well he doesn't fight directly, his mother does the fighting while he is in her pouch, they are kangaroos btw, genetically altered to fight, and they actually know boxing, and since the mom fights but has to use her son's name, it is considered a moment of undermining of woman with this character)
Sergei Dragunov (yeah, like the sniper rifle)
Steve Fox
Wang Jinrei
Yoshimitsu (FAVORITE :DDDD)
Zafina* (she's the one that guards Azazel and tries to avoid Jin and Kazuya to confront each other)

I believe this game is an awesome pick for anyone looking for a solid fighter, and there's a fighter for each fighting style, just gotta find your own, I strongly recommend this game, and if you follow the Irate Gamer show and saw the review he gave of this game, I'll tell you something, FK HIM!!

Until then Underworlders!! Be sure to check us out, coming soon...... MORTAL KOMBAT!!! As well as the results of the first Underworld Honduras Interactive Poll about the best MK fatalities :D Don't miss it!!!
Lord of Darkness