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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Apokolips Dictator: Darkseid!

Hi people! For my next post I’ll talk of perhaps the most powerful villain of DC Comics, Darkseid. Since I’m writing a story (that hopefully I’ll translate it to English someday) and part of it has to do with comics, I asked our cool substitute teacher that likes comics which is DC Comics’ most powerful villain. Danny argued that it was Braniac, but when we asked our sub, he said that Braniac is indeed very powerful, but Darkseid IS the most powerful bad guy of DC Comics. So I investigated him for my story and this is what I’ve learned of him.

He was created by Jack Kirby and appeared for the first time back in the day of 1970. His first appearance was in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #34 (November ‘70.)
As many other mythological gods, Darkseid is incredibly powerful, but can’t escape of his final destination. It has been foretold that he will be defeated by his own son, Orion, in a cataclysmic battle in Apokolips’s Armaghetto. It was supposed that this would be Darkseid’s end and that it would occur in the NEW GODS series’ climax, but the surprisingly cancelation of the series caused the inclusion of Darkseid and Orion to the regular universe of DC Comics. Jack Kirby supposedly made Darkseid based on Jack Palance (Who is him? Does he really look like a blue rock person? Why am I asking this? Ahhhhh!!! :P).

Darkseid is the governor of the planet called Apokolips, title which he got after killing his own mother (don’t judge him, you don’t know if that’s bad in Apokokopolips :P). He is obsessed in finding the “Equation of Anti-Life” and use it to govern the universe; this objective also includes conquering their rival planet, New Genesis. A destructive war between both planets was stopped when Darkseid and New Genesis’s leader switched their sons (What a strange deal, right? What a strange culture Apokolips has, you can kill your mother and change your son with someone else’s son. Cool huh?).
Orion, Darkseid’s second son (his mother is Tigra), was given to the leader of New Genesis while Darkseid received Scott Free, who later became Houdini… nah, he became the best artist of escaping (sorry, I don’t know how that type of magic is called in English, so I literally translated, but I hope you get thanks to the Houdini joke), Mr. Miracle :P. This trade ended up being a huge failure for Darkseid because Orion grew up appreciating and defending New Genesis’s ideals against him, and Scott ended escaping of Apokolips. Darkseid’s first son is Kalibak the Destroyer, whom Darkseid considers as a disappointment, and his third son is Grayven.
Darkseid’s biggest ambition is to erase the universe’s free will of and reshape it as he wants it. With this objective, he seeks to unravel the mystery involving the “Equation of Anti-Life” which will allow him to control the thoughts and emotions of all the living things of the universe.
Even though he still needs to find concrete results of his search, Darkseid has proven in other ways that he has some ways of controlling the universe. He has a special interest with Earth, since he believes that the majority of humans, if not all, possess collectively inside their minds fragments of the equation. That’s why he wants to control us humans, so that he can separate the fragments from our minds.

Powers and Abilities   
Because of his powers, Darkseid is represented as a god. He has an intellect way superior than ours, great physical strength, resistance and durability which can easily be compared with Superman’s, and he also has the ability of self-healing. His main power is the Omega Effect, a destructive energy wave that comes from his eyes, which is able to disperse the molecules of the majority of objects while it burns them (Ouch! That must hurt!) which destroys them form the molecular level. With this power, Darkseid has been able of destroying planets! He is also able of teleporting with a remote control any object. Some people have been able to survive the Omega Rays’ power, like Wonder Woman (who has deflected it with her bracelets) and Superman.
He has access to all of Apokolips’s technology. Thanks to them, he has been able to travel through time and between dimensions by using boom tubes.

Well, I hope you liked it as much as I liked writing it! There was no electricity in my house when I wrote it. :P See you next time!
My next post: 2011: The Year of Important Anniversaries (Part 1).           

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MY Top 10

Hey what’s up people? Pérez reporting for duty. As you may have seen, Danny and Ricardo have made a few Top posts, so I’ve decided to make my own Top 10. What will be the theme? Well, you’ll to check it out yourself :P So be prepared ‘cuz here we go!

10- Cooler: This guy (or whatever he is) is really strong. For me, his best form is his final form, in second place would be Meta-Cooler and in dead last, Cooler. Besides, he kicks Freezer’s ass easily, and his father’s also! (Freezer = Frieza)

 9- Burter: The fastest creature in the whole DB world. The character that gives him a battle with his speed is Gogeta SS4, and since some people don’t consider DBGT as a legitimate part of the DB world, that makes Burter the fastest guy in the whole universre! For me, he could easily kick Ginyu’s purple ass if he wished it! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!... sorry.

 8- Android 16: The best android ever! His design is so awesome, his super Mohawk, his green vest made up of who knows what, and a noble heart! I really identify myself with him because of his loyalty and love for nature. He is REALLY strong. He could have been able to kill Cell if it wasn’t because of Bulma’s dad. (Way to go sir! :/ )

 7- Super Buu: The most awesome form of Majin Buu! He kicked everyone’s ass, but since the heroes can’t die, they miraculously “survived” being eaten after receiving the Chocolate Beam. My favorite stage of Super Buu is when he has already eaten Gohan. (P.S.: Judini is scared of his hellish look. He says that it could easily give him nightmares) :P

 6- Vegeta SS4: Vegeta is really awesome (in all of his forms), and this one is one of the best, but not my favorite. The SS4 phase of Vegeta is obviously the most powerful one of his phases. For me, if he was able to achieve the SS4 phase in a legitimate way (not using a machine), he would be more powerful then Goku SS4! Yeah! I said it! So what?! (Goku fans going “What the hell did he just say?!”).

 5- Vegeta (Scouter): “It’s over 9000!!!!!” “What?! That’s impossible!” (Hahahahahaha). THIS is my favorite Vegeta. (For some reason, I really like the thingy that Freezer’s minions use to detect Ki (yeah, I don’t know how it is called in English)). My favorite attack from Vegeta is his Galick gun, which is mainly used by this Vegeta. This guy is reckless, cruel and really proud of being a Saiyan (sorry if it’s misspelled :S). He brutally killed Burter for crying out loud! I like all of  Vegeta’s phases, but these two are the ones that I like the most. (Judini’s favorite is Majin Vegeta.)

 4- Bardock: Goku’s father, a loyal teammate, and much more. If you remember my post about Bardock, you would’ve noticed how much I like this guy (if you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?) Long live Bardock! Who killed the majority of Freezer’s minions but sadly got killed by Freezer because he was too tired to put a lot of energy in his finishing blow.

TOP 3 people!!!!!
 3- Yamcha: You must be like “What the hell?! Yamcha?!” Yamcha has always been one of my favorite characters of all time. I love his Wolf Fang Fist. I like him better with his long hair than his short spiky hair, which is also really cool. I really got sad when the stupid Saibamen killed him >:/ and when he almost got killed by Dr. Gero and Android 19.

 2- Gohan/Great Saiyaman: They are the same people, so they had to be together. The Great Saiyaman is a really funny character who deserves a lot of respect because he can easily kick your ass. Gohan has always been my favorite DB character, but his 16-year old version is the one that I like the most. After all, he is the most powerful Saiyan, just after… yes! you guessed it!...  Broly! (Goku fans again like “what the hell?!”) Remember that Broly was never beaten by a SINGLE person. (If you are going to tell me that Goku beat him the first time, remember two things: 1- Broly fought with more than three dudes before fighting against Goku; 2- Goku used the energy of everyone else because Broly was too much for him.)

And the first place of my DB Top 10 goes to…
Ultimate Gohan!!!!!! Gohan and Ultimate Gohan are two different characters but at the same time the same guy. Ultimate Gohan is the strongest version of Gohan, because all his hidden inner power was released, without the need of getting mad. Besides I like his personality of “I’m the best and YOU can’t win ME!” and his orange suit way better than his purple one :P With Judini, I have debated if Ultimate Gohan could become a Super Saiyan, and if he could, would that make him even stronger. I say that he could become one, and definitely become stronger. Judini says that maybe he could become a Super Saiyan, but if he did, it wouldn’t affect his power because it has already been released. What I feel is that the inner power released was the one he would have without transforming, leaving extra power for when he wanted to become a Super Saiyan.    

So there you have it people, my Top 10 of my favorite characters of Dragon Ball. I hope you liked as much as I liked writing it!!!! Smell ya later! (If you don’t recognize this, it comes from an episode of the Simpsons).


Battalion Wars 2

Hey people! Colonel Pérez reporting for duty! Hahaha, Colonel Pérez is my grandfather (RIP) whom I really love. For my birthday (this past May 13) my parents gave me this awesome game as a gift because it was on sale :P. They gave me Battalion Wars 2, which I’ve wanted to play it since 2009 because I really liked the cover :P and because I really like war games. So here goes my review of this really good game!

Type of Game: First of all, this is a strategy game. The Battalion Wars franchise comes from the Advance Wars franchise. Advance Wars are for portables, while Battalion Wars are for consoles. The first Battalion Wars appeared for the great Nintendo GameCube, and thanks to BW2, I want to play the GC version. 
What is it about? (Plot): The story of this game is that the world is going to war because of a rumor that the “Solar Empire” (Japan) has this really extraordinarily powerful weapon, which causes the “Anglo Isles” (Great Britain) to attack them. When the British fail, Japan retaliates and attacks the British. The British, with the help of the “Tundran Territories” (Russia), manage to defeat the Japanese. Later on, you discover that the rumor was started by “Xylvania” (Germany), whose intention was to make the other nations fight between them so that they were weak when they launched their attack. The Xylvanians wanted to get the “Staff of Qa-Len” to activate their ancestor’s (the “Iron Legion” (Prussia?)) super weapon. (I think that the Staff of Qa-Len is from the first game, because there are three “flashback-missions” that are missions from the first game.) The Xylvanians attack the Russians searching the staff, which causes the other nations to unite and form a world legion. They manage to “defeat” the Germans and the game ends. Thanks to the ending, I feel that there may be a Battalion Wars 3 (I don’t know if it already exists or if Nintendo plans to make it), because the Xylvanian Kaiser and his kommandant (that’s how they spelled it on the game) appear alive.

Nations and artillery:
Western Frontier (USA): They have all the units that the game offers (go down and you will see which are the units). Their color is green. You use them in one of the flashback-missions and in the mission where you use the world legion.

Tundran Territories (Russia): They all of them, except for Strato Destroyers and Naval Transports. Their color is red.

Xylvania (Germany): They have all of them, except for Naval Trnsports. They are the only ones with Gas Veterans. Their color is blue.

Solar Empire (Japan): They are the only ones without Battlestations and Bombers, they also don’t have Strato Destroyers. Besides that, they have all the other types of units. Thei color is white.

Iron Legion (Prussia?): They have all of the units, except for Anti-Air Vehicles, Recons, Light Tanks, Strato Destroyers, Air Transport and all the Naval Units. Their color is purple.

Anglo Isles (Great Britain): They have all of the units, except for Anti-Air Vehicles, Recons, Battlestations, Gunships, Strato Destroyers and Dreadnoughts.

Unit Dossier:
Infantry: ALL the nations have the same infantry units (except for the Xylvanians that also have Gas veterans).
1-      Rifle Grunts: Good at attacking in large numbers, capturing facilities, and manning emplacements. These dudes are the infantry units that you will have the most, which is why I don’t feel as bad when one of them dies as when one of the other types of infantry unit dies.
2-      Flame Veterans: This is my favorite infantry unit type. Effective anti-infantry troops; vulnerable against armored vehicles.
3-      Bazooka Veterans: Highly effective against enemy ground vehicles; poor against infantry. It is really hard for them to hit an infantry unit.
4-      Assault Veterans: These dudes are like super rifle grunts. Good against enemy infantry and light vehicles.
5-      Anti-Air Veteran: Highly effective against enemy aircraft; poor against ground targets. That’s why you have to take good care of them, they are really valuable.
6-      Mortar Veterans: Used for blowing enemy infantry out of cover and tackling light vehicles. This is my 2nd favorite infantry unit type. It’s really funny watching the enemy flying through the air. (Mwhahahahahaha……sorry.)
7-      Gas Veterans: They are the same as Flame Veterans; their only difference is that they use toxic gas instead of fire. (It’s a shame that you never get to use them in story mode).

Ground Vehicles:
1-      Anti-Air Vehicles: Highly effective against enemy air vehicles; vulnerable to bazookas and tank shells.
2-      Recons: Good for fast-moving reconnaissance, but lightly armored. They are really fast, which makes it kinda easy to lose control.
3-      Light Tanks: Highly effective against infantry and light vehicles; vulnerable to bazookas.
4-      Heavy Tanks: I think this one is obvious which are its characteristics. It’s simply a more powerful and heavily armored version of the light tank, but more slow.
5-      Artilleries: A large, slow-moving cannon that is devastating at long range but easily overwhelmed in close combat.
6-      Battlestations: Heavily armed and armored, it is only vulnerable to air attacks and attacks from other battlestations. (It receives LITTLE damage from infantry and the other ground units. It’s strange that you never see naval units fighting against battlestations. Who would win?)
Air Units:
 Bombers: High-impact air-to-ground offensive capability; really useless for dog-fighting, but the best air-to-ground air unit (except for when you have to wait them when they reload their bombs).
 Gunships: Fast and maneuverable but lightly armored air-to-ground attack choppers. This is my favorite air unit type (they reload a lot faster than a bomber; that’s why I prefer them).
 Fighters: The best air unit for dog-fighting. Very effective against air vehicles.
Strato Destroyers: (Only the Western Frontier and the Xylvanians have them). Armed with both air-to-air missiles and heavy duty bombs; vulnerable to the rear. This is the best air unit there is. It is like the fusion of a bomber and a fighter.
 Air Transports: You never use them; you call them for infantry and/or vehicle backup. Unarmed but heavily armored infantry and vehicle delivery platform. (If you destroy it before it lands, you will kill and/or destroy whatever it is transporting).
Naval Units:
 Battleships: Heavily armored and armed naval artillery platforms; vulnerable to submarines and ineffective against air units.
Frigates: Effective against both air units and submarines; vulnerable to battleship fire. This is my favorite naval unit type.
Submarines: Can submerge for stealth; good against battleships; vulnerable to frigates. 
 Dreadnoughts: Even more powerful and heavily armored than a battleship; vulnerable to subs. (The most powerful ground vehicle is the Battlestation, the most powerful air unit is the Strato Destroyer, and the most powerful naval unit is the Dreadnought. Who would win if they fought between them? I vote in favor of the Strato Destroyer!)
Naval Transports: This is the naval version of the air transports. Unarmed but heavily armored infantry and vehicle delivery platforms.
Graphics: For those of you that feel that graphics are really important in the industry, this game has a really cool art style. Its graphics are between cartoonish and realistic, which really goes well for this game.
Gameplay: I never had any major problem with the gameplay. The only problems that I had are not important. I have a little bit of problems controlling the air units (except for the gunships), but that’s all.   

I hope you liked this post. I hope you get the chance of playing this really awesome game. BATTLE ON!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of The Imperfects

Well, for now it seems that I'm the only one of the Underworld Trio actually alive (with internet :P), so you'll be seeing some of my posts in a row, so ohh well here it goes. Last time I promised you that some people will feel nostalgia with the game I'll review (its based on comics so the category fits :P), and I'm talking about one of the the games I used to play a lot back in the time, I recently saw it again and I so wanna buy it, but until I get the money I'll remember it with this post :P

The game begins with The Thing discovering alien invaders destroying the bridge. The Thing fights his way to the end of the bridge and finds another alien that has the same strength as him. The Thing smashes him and the alien reveals they do not want the humans; they want something the humans have. The Thing fights through the city defeating every alien he can. The whole city learns of the invasion and learns that the aliens have defeated Captain America, The Punisher(At this moment Perez has a heart attack again xD), and Hulk.
Meanwhile, Wolverine learns of the invasion and fights through the streets. He arrives at the Avengers Mansion to find it infected with aliens. He fights his way through the mansion and finds The Wink stealing information from the Avengers computer. Wolverine fights the Wink and soon defeats her. The Wink tells Wolverine she was collecting information for her maker, and then she disappears. Wolverine travels to the bridge to find something wrong with Storm. After defeating her, Wolverine finds a mysterious alien device on her, removes it, and she's back to normal.
Elektra, in the Avengers Mansion, gets a call from Daredevil saying he is in trouble. She goes looking for him and finds him on the Daily Bugle building, infected. She fights Daredevil and defeats him. She takes off an alien device from the back of his neck, saving him. Niles Van Roekel is revealed to be watching everything and is disappointed about Daredevil's defeat and decides to let his Imperfects into the city. Fault Zone locates The Thing and they engage in a shaking battle in which he loses.
Daredevil, no longer under the control of Roekel, fights the aliens on the rooftops. He makes his way to Grand Central Station. There he finds Johnny Ohm. They engage in a deadly battle, for Johnny is using an electric clock to access powerful amounts of electricity. Daredevil destroys the clock and is able to defeat Johnny. The game moves to a different story showing a girl named Maya. Roekel tells Maya that she will be the world's best and most deadly warrior ever. She begins her training by destroying different alien devices. The game goes back to Daredevil where he finds Elektra under control of the aliens. Although he was badly poisoned by her, he still defeats her and she comes to her senses.
Later on the bridge, Storm fights her way to the end of the bridge. There she finds Fault Zone. Fault Zone creates an earthquake, and hurls rocks at Storm. But Storm still defeats her. Around the same time, the Imperfect, Brigade, engages Wolverine in battle and beats him.
Venom, who stole information from the Avengers computer, makes his way out of the Mansion. He finds that he can heal himself by destroying a certain alien device. He goes to the power plant and finds Solara, who confronts him. Solara is using the alien device to enhance her abilities and has heat tanks to heal herself. However, she is still defeated by Venom(Venom is da man!!!), who gains possession and control of the alien device to voluntarily infect himself after his victory. Later, Elektra finds The Wink at the power plant. They fight and The Wink walks away as the victor.
Maya, now called Paragon, continues her training, fighting the same aliens the heroes are fighting. She fights her way out of the headquarters. Spider-Man sees her escaping and chases her, but she easily loses him. Spider-Man gets a call from the Human Torch saying he thinks Paragon has gone to the power plant. Spider-Man goes there and destroys many alien machines, but with Paragon not there, he leaves. He finds helicopters waiting for civilians to get onboard. Spider-Man protects the helicopters during this time. Then he goes to the Daily Bugle and finds an infected Venom, where it's revealed of Venom's intention to defeat the web-slinger with the help of the alien device. The deadly battle ends with Spider-Man defeating Venom. He goes to a bridge and finds Hazmat who he also defeats. Johnny Ohm later finds Spider-Man and defeats him in battle. Meanwhile, Solara, who survived Venom's attack, finds Daredevil and defeats him in a fight in the streets.
The Human Torch goes to the Daily Bugle hoping to find Spider-Man, but Spider-Man is not there. He goes to Grand Central Station and kills many of the aliens. He finds the secret headquarters of the Imperfects. He finds an infected Thing and defeats him. He removes the alien device to bring him back to normal. The Human Torch goes to the power plant and sees an infected Spider-Man. The Human Torch is no match for his attacks and is beaten. Storm finds the secret headquarters and is badly beaten by an infected Wolverine.
Iron Man, at the Avengers Mansion to investigate the present events, kills the aliens. He escapes and goes to the power plant. There he finds Brigade. He defeats Brigade and leaves the power plant. Outside an infected Human Torch faces off with him. He defeats him and heads back for the Avengers Mansion. There he finds Roekel in a deadly alien suit. Roekel defeats Iron Man in a high-powered battle(lol power suit battle xD). At Grand Central Station, Hazmat poisons Venom with his toxin(VENOM!!! NOOOOO!!!!).
Magneto fights around the city and finds Paragon. He uses the alien device to control her thinking she will serve as his minion. Magneto then faces off against Hazmat who is trying to rescue Paragon. Hazmat crumbles under the pressure and is beaten by Magneto. Paragon breaks free of the device's control and defeats Magneto. She realizes that she is not evil and plans to stop Roekel. She finds him and fights him. Roekel reveals that he is an alien, that he is the man responsible for the invasion, and that he will spread the invasion. She viciously attacks Roekel and kills him by taking away his life force(Shang Tsung wanna be?). She stops the invasion, and she and the other Imperfects join together to share the Earth with the heroes(awwwww what?).

There are 18 playable characters in all the consoles this game was released on (PS2, Xbox, NGC, NDA, PSP) but the PSP version has two characters replacing other two existing ones. the roster goes like this: BTW: a "*" means PSP exclusive, while a "#" means taken out of the PSP version
-The Thing
#Human Torch
-Iron Man
-Venom (Favorite :D)
*Cap. America
*Dr. Doom
IMPERFECTS (This are EA created as they had a partnership with Marvel at the time)
-Brigade (Huge bombardment guy, armed with missiles and military stuff kind off)
-Fault Zone (Russian Balletist, was in a car accident at age 15 in which she was left paralized and lost her parents, she was enhanced by Van Roekel replacing tissue with cybernetics and added a seismic weapon for her use)
-Johnny Ohm (Electric guy who was enhanced to channel and control electricity)
-Niles Van Roekel (an humanod alien, creator of the Imperfects)
-Paragon (originally Maya, she was abducted and trained in combat, can suck your life by impaling you with her blades, which grow from her arms :O)
-Solara (She's like a female Human Torch, talk about a ripoff)
-The Wink (Name Benedetta, was scarred by toxic fumes and her father was murdered, she could dissapear and appear somewhere else, which was his father's best trick, she was given a device that let her travel to the 5th dimension momentarily, making her almost impossible to catch)
-Hazmat (Name Keith Kilham, he was working at the Pentagon to find cures for the most deadly diseases, after a terrorist attack, he injected himself with all he had created at the time, and his body deteriorated completely, he wishes to find a cure because he believes it is a curse to be alive, 2nd favorite even though he defeated Venom :/)

The gameplay works on a squared fighting arena, and you could throw the gimmicks within it to beat the  crap out of your opponent, and also fist to fist or power to power fight, you could move freely as well. The gameplay was criticized as to making the game to be more about what you throw at each other, and that you couldn't lock on to your opponent. Also, implemented are Vanquish moves, which, activates when your opponents lifebar reaches a dangered state, which was simple to use, and by characters who have long ranged enhanced throws (the method to activating the moves) virtually unstoppable and spammable.

I myself enjoyed the game, but it was poorly received, matter of opinion.

Yeah, check all the Vanquish Moves or Finishers on these convenient vid I stole from Youtube MWUAHAHAHAHAHA.......Just Kidding enjoy the vid ;)

I hope you enjoyed my review, and I hope you keep tuned to us for more posts and stuff like that, if I touched that nostalgic feeling well great if not, you might as well give it a try ;)

Until next post Underworlders!!!!
Stealthy as the Night, Deadly as the Dawn

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Favorite DC Superhero: The Flash!

Hi people! In my school for a few weeks there has been this cool guy substituting and he really likes comics, so I've decided to make the post of my favorite DC superhero (remember that The Punisher is my favorite Marvel superhero). So here we go! :P
The Flash is this super fast dude with really awesome reflexes, almost unhuman, and that is capable of violting (is that the word I'm looking for? I hope you get the point even if that isn't the word that I wanted to use) several Physics laws!! :O His first appearance was wayyyyyyyy back in 1940 with Flash Comics #1. ince then, four dudes have been The Flash: 1- Jay Garrick, 2- Barry Allen, 3- Wally West and 4- Bart Allen. I'm going to tell you how each of them became The Flash.

Jay Garrick
Jason Peter Garrick a.k.a. Jay, was born in 1922. When he was an university student, he inhaled a "chemical substance" (drugs? No, just kidding :P) which ended up giving him super velocity and unhuman reflexes (Spidey with super velocity but incapable of shooting spider-webs?). Aftre he was an American Football superstar, he decided to become The Flash. He used a red shirt with a lightning bolt in it and a metalic helmet with wings. He started fighting against crime and never used a mask because his body uhhh... vibrated?.. so fast that whenever you took a picture of him, it would come out blurry. He was a founding member of the Justice Society of America (sorry don't know the real name in English :P). He stills fights against crime thanks to some experiments that make him a fifty-year something guy instead of an eighty-something guy.

Barry Allen
Bartholomew Henry Allen a.k.a. Barry, is a policeman/scientist in the so far 1956. He was famous for being slow and always getting late, which angered his girlfriend Iris West. On night a lightning fell on a "chemistry lab" (a meth lab?) and the chemicals fell on Barry giving him super velocity and unhuman reflexes. With a red suit and a lighting bolt, he called himself "Flash" since when he was little he liked to read about Jay Garrick's adventures, and started fighting against crime. He entered the Justice League and became really good friends with Hal Jordan. He is the father of the Tornado Twins with Iris.

Wally West
Wallace Rudolph West a.k.a. Wally, is the third Flash. His aunt is Iris West, Barry's wife. When he was around ten years old, he went to visit his uncle, and guess what, THE SAME ACCIDENT THAT GAVE BARRY'S HIS POWERS OCCURED TO WALLY! He copied his uncle's suit and fought as Kid Flash. He was a founding member of the Teen Titans with the first Robin, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy. When he grew up, his powers weakend, reason why he retired until he found a cure. His solution: eat A LOT to mantain his metabolism. Thanks to it, he took the same suit and name as his uncle (who had already died) and became The Flash and joined the Justice League. He later starteds going to the shrink and recieved the news that his problem was that he felt that he could never replace his uncle, but after a fight with Dr. Zoom, he conquered his fear, and got his powers fully back.
Like all the other Flash he manages to control fully his powers after defeating Savatar, a priest/student of the "Force of Velocity", and has a nice friendship with his contemporary Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner).

Bart Allen
Bartholomew (yes, another Bartholomew) Henry Allen a.k.a. Bart is the fourth Flash and the second Kid Flash. He is the son of one of the Tornado Twins, making him the grandson of Barry Allen. He suffered an accelerated growing, so he was raised in a Virtual Reality Machine, until his grandmother (Iris) took him to the past. In the past, he got cured thanks to Wally West. He got killed and was replaced by Wally West (sorry dude) :P  The next photo is of Bart Allen in the popular TV show, Smallville:

All of them have common characteristics, like the ability moving, speaking, thinking, reading, processing enormous quantities of info (which sadly, is stored temporarily, except with Bart), and reacting with unhuman speed. Besides, all of them have the ability to vibrate so fast, that they can pass through solids, like walls.
Barry Allen can control perfectly his molecules, so he is able to "melt".  He was also able to travel through time and other dimensions.
Wally West is the only one that controls the Force (that sounded So Star Wars :P). He can even take someones else's speed and even grant them speed (moving objects are also included)!  


Well there you have it people. my post about my favorite DC Comics superhero!!!! 


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Needed Cards in a Good Deck/3000 Visits

Konnichiwa Andāwārudo no hitobito!!!! (Japanese for hello people of the Underworld :P). So here's what I got for you, I've been quite into YuGiOh for a good while, and I've seen many cards. But there are some cards that everyone seems to have, and even though they annoy the hell out of you, you'll someday end up using them yourself. So I decided I'll post some of the most used, if not the most used cards all players have, and yeah, maybe there are a lot of archetypes (X-Sabers, Gladiator Beasts, Lightsworns, Dragons, Zombies, etc.) but this are cards that almost everyone has.

As a quick excerpt, WE REACHED 3000 VISITS!!!!!:D I really knew that we would reach them before school ends, and since Danny didn't thought so, I'll do this....... IN YOUR FACE!!! XD.... Well anyways, I want to thank you all on behalf of the Underworld Trio, and we appreciate your visits, and it is you people which makes us fight over who gets the next post, which many times is stolen :P. So anyways, we are pleased that you enjoy our content, and we hope that you'll be helping us getting to our goal of 10,000 visits before our anniversary (of funding the blog :P). THANK YOU!!!!

So to the point of this post, this are the cards that you'll most probably see when entering duel tournaments......
1)Bottomless Trap Hole: This card is so SOB. Well, just hear the effect: Activate only when your opponent summons a monster. Destroy and remove from play that monster. You can imagine someone's grief when they summon their Ace/Favorite Card and it gets easily dumped by this card (Imagine my grief when I summoned my Red Eyes and Danny used this card against it :'[ ). People have at least two of them in their deck, and try to get good counters, you'll see this one a lot.

2)Mirror Force: This is one of those cards that makes you go SOBing the person that used it against you. Imagine having your Five-Headed Dragon on the field, readying an attack on a Meklord Army Wisel after using Shield and Sword (5-Headed Dragon ATK:5000 DEF:5000 when swapped, Wisel ATK: 0 DEF: 1800 when swapped, it's so an OTK). So now you attack and your opponent uses Mirror Force, good bye dragon -.-. You'll see this one a lot, and if not, you'll see Magic Cylinder, but it's rather more believable you'll see this one.
3)Stardust Dragon: This is one hell of a card and it's freaking overpowered as well. It has the power to negate your magics, traps, and monster effects and destroying them by just sending itself to the graveyard, and in the end phase, it'll come back, as if nothing happened. This one I know you'll be seeing a lot because there's a guy in Danny's tourney that has three stardusts and isn't afraid to use them all, so beware the power of the dragons :O

4)GAMEMATS!!!!: Well, not really a card, but this is also something you'll tend to see in tourneys, there isn't almost a single player that doesn't have one unless they are new. There are various gamemats, customized game mats and so on, but the most traditional only have the the 10 spaces for monsters and spells, one for deck, one for graveyard, one for field spell, and one for extra deck, I'll show you a customized game mat which I believe is awesome:

There are some others (Exceed summons are quickly on the road) and some are powerful too, but these 3 are the ones I remember right now :P. I hope you enjoyed this and wait until my next post, which I know some people will remember it or feel nostalgia.

Until then Underworlders!!
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Yu-gi-oh Archetypes.

Ciaossu readers! Well since it seems that some time has passed since our last post I guess I must explain, we are going under the stressing situations that are final exams, so basically we havent been able to write much into blogger lately but we always have in mind that we need to come back as soon as possible. Anyways taking that back and since I managed to steal this moment in order to make a post lets get to business....

Been some times since I last posted something about yu-gi-oh? Well Perez isnt as much into the game as Ricardo and I are so he doesnt want us to make many posts about it in a row, but since he wont be coming back for some time Ill write to my hearts content.

Well one of the main things that youll be noticing in Yu-gi-oh is obviously the archetypes, which is the kind of deck that you are using based on the cards that you have. Your deck generally revolves around a single type of card or a single objective and that is what we call archetypes. What makes the game so fun is that you meet many kinds of people with a great variety of deck types so youll never know what to expect in a duel.

Which Archetype is the Best?

Although this is always very bound to argument there is no archetype that can be clearly defined as the best. There are many powerful archetypes like X-sabers, Lightsworn, Gladiator Beasts and Six Samurai that are generally believed to be the best yet as there is always a deck that can beat them there can exist no supreme and invincible kind of deck. That Ojama deck that you made fun off can actually crush your stardust dragon if its used by the right person.

How do I know which deck I could use?

Well I always think that the first step towards building your deck is to look for a kind of card, be it monster or simply a type(beatdown, burn, control, etc) that you really like playing with. After that search for an archetype that relies on those kinds of cards and figure out ways to use them in your style. The advice of experience duelists is always valuable but bear in mind that it will be you playing with that deck so try for it to be something that you like. There are no limits as to what kind of deck you can use!

Some Common Archetypes

There are tons of Archetypes that I would be forever in writing and I even doubt that Blogger allows so much writing in a single post so Ill just describe briefly some that are very often seen in tournaments.

The X-saber archetype is based mostly on swarming...swarming...did I mention SWARMING?! Seriously this is the fastest summoning archetype that I have seen so far. And with their support card Gottoms Emergency Call theyre able to Synchro Summon at alarming rates, theyre definitely one of the top archetypes that there are. If you like overwhelming the opponent with number of monsters then this is your kind of deck.


Lightsworns are light-attribute monsters that where introduced in the Light of Destruction Pack(Seriously...this pack had like 1 billion cards on its list). Their effects basically rely on sending the top cards of your deck to the graveyard, although this sounds suicidal its actually a benefit as you can not only activate powerful effects such as destroying cards or summoning more lightsworn but you can discard Wulf to the graveyard and special summon a 5-star monster to the field instantaneously. And of course eventually you want to ge tto that Judgmenet Dragon that wipes out the field for a mere 1000 LP.

Six Samurai

Another swarmer...the six samurai archetype as the name states relies on the use of Six Samurai warriors and the Great Shogun Shien that they serve. They work with cards that gain counter every time you normal or special summon one of them, this is one deck that can often lead to a OTK due to its intense swarming abilities that rivals the X-saber.


Well thats all folks, hope that you enjoyed reading my review and that maybe I got you a little motivated to join this great game that has communities all around the world. Till we see each other and remember, get you game on!

Live well, age well, and go bald well. And die after me. And... if you can, die smiling. Don't hesitate to act. Sadness is a cool thing to shoulder, but you're still too young.

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Mortal Kombat TOP 10!!!!

How are you doing Underworlders? Co-blogger Judini AKA Ricardo talking to ya, I've already received a good quantity of votes (almost like 200....which is not too bad) on the MK Fatalities Top 10 I invited you to participate, and as I said it'll be shown exactly one post before the review (makes it the Random Post), so I invite you to continue voting, and to have a little twist, I'll let you have 3 tries, so you can send 3 different options (if you are of those afraid of fraud, don't worry I don't bite :D.... nah I'm kidding, I'll erase that account as soon as I'm finished with this so I'll not keep any email address or stuff like that :P) so I'm inviting you to send your vote :D.

So anyways to the point of this post, I'll give you a Top 10 about my favorite MK characters, some antis, and some honorable mentions, I'll also throw in a fatality of theirs, so as you to decide how awesome they are, so all right let's begin, becuz this is.......

NUMBER 10!!! Havik 
Yes, I am old school, but I do enjoy the newer MK's as the die hard fan I am, from the new games, I like this dude, Havik, the cleric of Chaos. He debuted in MK Deception, returned in Armageddon, and died in the battle of Armageddon. Hailing from Chaosrealm, Havik seeks to keep the world at constant chaos and create the perfect chaos. But Havik at the beginning was intended to be an alternate costume for Noob Saibot, but then became an independent character. Being a cleric of chaos, Havik has a bizarre fighting style to suit his persona, and plays with the opponents mind and body (sick bastard.... gotta love it :D). He can recover life by breaking his bones (yeah you read that right), and he experiences surges of satisfaction instead of pain when he is hurt or hurts himself (masochistic?). His arsenal includes the Morning Star (it's like a giant mace with a lot of spikes that resembles a star), and as special moves, he has the Crackling Legs Projectile (he cracks his legs backwards and shoots a purple projectile... WTF!?!?), he has the Torso Spin (he rotates over his chest and punches you 3 times...weird o_O), Diving Corpse (he slides....literally), and two healing moves, in which he snaps his necks, and snaps his back. So overall well deserved 10th place.
FATALITY RATING: *** Vicious, but somewhat short :P

NUMBER 9!!! Mileena 
All right covering number 9, we have the sexy, vicious, and savage Mileena. Don't get fooled by the poor amount of clothing she has, becuz she can give you a nasty surprise (don't ever look under her mask :O). So she e¡is actually a clone of Kitana, to which Shao Kahn had the idea of replacing before she could betray him, Mileena was created from Kitana's essence and tarkatan blood, but something went wrong and gave her razor sharp teeth (covered by her mask). Instead of killing her, Shao Kahn introduced her as Kitana's twin and raised them both as his daughters and trained them in the art of kombat, but Mileena progressively began hating her "sis" becuz Kahn favored her among others, and she (Mileena) was put in charge of watching Kitana, to avoid her betrayal. Mileena is both beauty and beast, which had made her mind unstable, causing her to random streaks of murder intent and other stuff (isn't she adorable?). She utilizes sais as her main weapon, and her abilities include the Rolling Thunder (she rolls on the ground and knocks you out of your feet, like a bowling ball :P) and the Kick from Above in which she teleports above you and kicks you. Well that's Mileena and number 9 winner for you :D.

FATALITY RATING: ***** Awesome fatality, no more words for it.
NUMBER 8!!! Baraka
Yeah, I do like tarkatans, and this guy is no exception. He is the image of savagery, his tarkatan senses makes him really strong, he can smell you, and he can kill you. He has large blades that retract like Wolverine's, and he also has his large trademark tarkatan blades. He hails from Outworld, and has been under the service of warlords like Shao Kahn and the Dragon King. He is a fearsome warrior to contend with. His abilities include using his blades to charge his opponent, he can send a blade spark, and he can spin and damage you with his blades or stab you rapidly, a fearsome tarkatan warrior that slashes his place to number 8.

FATALITY RATING: **** Pretty awesome, but his victim spins so fast yo can't really amze yourself with the chopping, but overall pretty.
NUMBER 7!!! Shang Tsung
The evil sorcerer and soul taking bastard Shang Tsung arrives at number 7. He hails from Earthrealm, but sold his soul to Shao Kahn for power. He was condemned by the Elder Gods for taking a soul, and was punished so as he needs to be consuming souls to sustain his youth or he'll die prematurely. He was defeated by Liu Kang twice in two different MK tournaments (the first and the second), and got his revenge until Deadly Alliance where he defeated Kang with help of his new ally Quan Chi (never could win on his own :P). In his abilities, he can fire flaming skulls, dunno where he keeps them though, some sorcery or whatever, and his also able to use his soul stealing, and he has shape-shifting abilities, depending on the game, he can transform into all characters in the game, or only on the one he's fighting. So the soul stealing freak gets 7th place.

FATALITY RATING: ***** Reviving the best fatality from MKvsDC and making it gorier, is just plainly incredible. :P

NUMBER 6!!! Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn's evil is just matched by his ruthlessness. His so powerful he scares the crap out of the Elder Gods. In the original timeline, he is one of the only 5 survivors of Armageddon (the others being Taven, Shinnok, Daegon, and Liu Kang (spirit)). He killed Raiden in this battle also. But before he was defeated two times by Liu Kang (in MK2 and MK3), and left in a weakened state, he continued to do so, and then created a clone of himself and escaped, so as to draw his enemies toward his clone, which was killed by the Deadly Alliance (Quan Chi and Shang Tsung). He revived Goro after Goro was nearly killed by Noob Saibot and formed an alliance with Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, and Onaga. He won the battle of Armageddon as told before. He is the ultimate tyrant. He is armed with his Wrath Hammer, and he is also masterful of the black arts. The ruthless antagonist gains number 6.

FATALITY RATING: ***** Self explanatory, just plain A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!

NUMBER 5!!! Ermac
This ninja is shrouded in mystery. He was originally a mistake in programming that turned Scorpion red, and was believed as a new character, but was continuously made false until MKU3 where he was made into a full character. He is made of several souls joined together by sorcery, and therefore refers to himself as "we", "our" instead of "I" and "my". He was evil, but Kenshi freed him from Kahn and since then has become a force for good. His abilities include telekinesis, teleporting, and such of those becuz of the souls within him. All around ninja that gains number 5.

FATALITY RATING: ***** It is so awesome, but I would like if they combined it with his old version, and slam his victim 3 times, then tear his limbs off, and finish him off with the head splat, would be way more awesome :D

NUMBER 4!!! Cyrax
The ex Lin Kuei cyber ninja Cyrax, originally a man with african origins whom relied on his instincts to battle. At first unwilling to undergo automation, he was eventually caught and automated against his will. He was tasked with finding and killing Sub-Zero, he did found him but was defeated and reprogrammed to kill Shao Kahn. But Kahn was defeated before he could successfully plant a sneak attack. He awaited orders which never came, and malfunctioned and was stranded in a desert. He was rescued by Jax and recover his soul with help of the Special Forces (specifically Jax and Sonya), and joined them as an act of gratitude. His abilities include firing a green net of energy which traps the foe for a free hit, his armed with grenades, and can also teleport, he also posseses a Pulse Blade (don't kid yourself, it is Luke Skywalker's light sword, and later on it becomes Obiwan's sword, talking about rip offs :PXD). Later on he is equipped with a buzzsaw BTW. Formidable robotic nightmare gains 4.

FATALITY RATING: **** It's pretty nice and all, but could be a lil bit better, but is excellent none-the-less

NUMBER 3!!! Reptile *Perez's Favorite 
This lurking and tricky lizard gets a well deserved number 3 spot, becuz he is pretty much an awesome character. He's a saurian, which comes from Zaterra after being driven off the Earthrealm by Raiden. They lived at peace until Shao Kahn conquered them. Reptile is the last known survivor. He uses his primal instinct to fight, and is adept at ninja skills as well as being capable of turning invisible, spitting acid, and create forceballs. He is the first ever secret character of all times, making the hidden fighters quite popular for people, as he was really tough (having Scorpion's and Sub-Zero's powers). He was later given his own moveset. He's of the best MK characters in my opinion and gets the well deserved 3rd place.

FATALITY RATING: **** I like this Fatality, would be more enjoyable if they like slo-mo the explosion at the end, would been really nice

NUMBER 2!!! Noob Saibot and Smoke
Yeah, more good stuff. This characters were awesome as Noob-Smoke, and they are awesome separately also, and I couldn't decide from the 2, so I added them both. Noob Saibot's name is Bi-Han, also known as the original Sub-Zero, before being killed by Scorpion. He (Noob) descended into the 5th plane of the Netherealm (MK's hell), and became the wraith known as Noob Saibot (the developer's Boon and Tobias backwards, sure you didn't know that one xD). Smoke on his side, was Tomas Vrbada, and he was sacrificed to some strange cult, and he became an enenra, a being made of gas and vapor. He was recruited by the Lin Kuei for his stealth capabilities. He in the original timeline was automated to Cyber Smoke, who recovered his soul, and discovered he was one of Raiden's chosen warriors, but was captured by Kahn as a trophy. Noob encountered him some time after and reprogrammed him(Smoke) to serve him (Noob). They were known as Noob-Smoke. They continued this alliance until Sareena defeated them when they tried to kill Sub-Zero. In the alternate timeline, Smoke still was friends with the younger Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang), but he was saved from automation, making Sub-Zero take his place in that process. Noob has the powers of the dark, the shadows, while Smoke has the powers of invisibility and control his namesake. They are both excellent characters, and they both win number 2. As an aclaration, I like both of Smoke's forms (Cyber and Human).
Noob Saibot
FATALITY RATING: ***** It's so gruesome it is awesome
FATALITY RATING: ***** It feels so nice hearing the victim scream xD

Let's recount!!!...... 10)Havik....9)Mileena.......8)Baraka.....7)Shang Tsung......6)Shao Kahn.....5)Ermac.....4)Cyrax.....3)Reptile.....2)Noob/Smoke.... now prepare becuz this is......

Well, what I gotta say, Scorpion is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be (1UP to the one who discovers from where I got that :P). His story is quite sad, his clan and family were killed by Quan Chi (when revived Scorpion was told by Quan Chi that the Lin Kuei did it), and he himself was killed by Bi-Han (original Sub-Zero). Since then he's become a spectre, a hellspawn bent on revenge. His name before all this was Hanzo Hasashi, and he gain the nickname "Sasori" traduced to "Scorpion" for his superb ninja skills and mastery of the kunai. When revived his face is gone, only an illusion made by his mask, for when he removes it, a (sometimes blazing) skull is revealed. He is associated with hellfire, a darker variant of fire. His abilities include the classic Spear (GET OVER HERE!!!!!), a teleport punch/kick, a hellfire (fire from the ground), a scissor sweep, and  the backflip kick. He is for me, the best character in MK, there can be no MK without him, and since the beginning until the end, I'm associated with Scorpion as my favorite MK character. Becuz Scorpion is number 1, I'll be showing two Fatalities of him instead of one :P.

FATALITY RATING: ***** One of the most iconic MK fatalities, is this one, the famous Toasty!, recognizable all over the world!!!

FATALITY RATING: ***** Debuted in MK2, not as iconic as the first, but it is still of the best fatalities Scorpion has at his disposal.

Well, this is my Top 10 for you, our readers, the vids I got them from Youtube, and some if not all of the character images I got them from MKSecrets (check it out if you need to find Fatalities, glitches or stuff like that, but on a later point, you'll find all of that stuff in here :P). I hope you enjoyed yourselves with this, I've got a good number of votes and I invite you to send your best fatality vote (max 3) to

Until my next post, see you later forum!!!
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