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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Needed Cards in a Good Deck/3000 Visits

Konnichiwa Andāwārudo no hitobito!!!! (Japanese for hello people of the Underworld :P). So here's what I got for you, I've been quite into YuGiOh for a good while, and I've seen many cards. But there are some cards that everyone seems to have, and even though they annoy the hell out of you, you'll someday end up using them yourself. So I decided I'll post some of the most used, if not the most used cards all players have, and yeah, maybe there are a lot of archetypes (X-Sabers, Gladiator Beasts, Lightsworns, Dragons, Zombies, etc.) but this are cards that almost everyone has.

As a quick excerpt, WE REACHED 3000 VISITS!!!!!:D I really knew that we would reach them before school ends, and since Danny didn't thought so, I'll do this....... IN YOUR FACE!!! XD.... Well anyways, I want to thank you all on behalf of the Underworld Trio, and we appreciate your visits, and it is you people which makes us fight over who gets the next post, which many times is stolen :P. So anyways, we are pleased that you enjoy our content, and we hope that you'll be helping us getting to our goal of 10,000 visits before our anniversary (of funding the blog :P). THANK YOU!!!!

So to the point of this post, this are the cards that you'll most probably see when entering duel tournaments......
1)Bottomless Trap Hole: This card is so SOB. Well, just hear the effect: Activate only when your opponent summons a monster. Destroy and remove from play that monster. You can imagine someone's grief when they summon their Ace/Favorite Card and it gets easily dumped by this card (Imagine my grief when I summoned my Red Eyes and Danny used this card against it :'[ ). People have at least two of them in their deck, and try to get good counters, you'll see this one a lot.

2)Mirror Force: This is one of those cards that makes you go SOBing the person that used it against you. Imagine having your Five-Headed Dragon on the field, readying an attack on a Meklord Army Wisel after using Shield and Sword (5-Headed Dragon ATK:5000 DEF:5000 when swapped, Wisel ATK: 0 DEF: 1800 when swapped, it's so an OTK). So now you attack and your opponent uses Mirror Force, good bye dragon -.-. You'll see this one a lot, and if not, you'll see Magic Cylinder, but it's rather more believable you'll see this one.
3)Stardust Dragon: This is one hell of a card and it's freaking overpowered as well. It has the power to negate your magics, traps, and monster effects and destroying them by just sending itself to the graveyard, and in the end phase, it'll come back, as if nothing happened. This one I know you'll be seeing a lot because there's a guy in Danny's tourney that has three stardusts and isn't afraid to use them all, so beware the power of the dragons :O

4)GAMEMATS!!!!: Well, not really a card, but this is also something you'll tend to see in tourneys, there isn't almost a single player that doesn't have one unless they are new. There are various gamemats, customized game mats and so on, but the most traditional only have the the 10 spaces for monsters and spells, one for deck, one for graveyard, one for field spell, and one for extra deck, I'll show you a customized game mat which I believe is awesome:

There are some others (Exceed summons are quickly on the road) and some are powerful too, but these 3 are the ones I remember right now :P. I hope you enjoyed this and wait until my next post, which I know some people will remember it or feel nostalgia.

Until then Underworlders!!
Dragons Rule!!

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