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Saturday, October 29, 2011

School Days :O

Hallou fellow Underworlders, I know that I said that this one's going to be the Red-Eyes tribute, but I didn't got to finish it, but since what I'm missing are simply to make it look better, then I can guarantee it will come next time, been working like 5 hours on it choosing wisely the scenes so that all can sync with the music and make it better than a simple slideshow, so I hope you enjoy it next time like I enjoyed making it :D

Now that I got that out of the matter.... the post. Before anything, know that this series contains explicit material, so watch under your own discretion :P School Days was originally a videogame for the PS2 I believe, I got this one recommended and thought that it isn't so away of reality, there have been situations like the ones depicted here. The game itself has a lot of endings including three bad endings which are the most popular for being insanely brutal and having an MK aura feel in them (now you know why I liked it xD). Then I discovered there was an anime about it, so I decided to check it out. The story is completely different from the game (mainly becuz in the game, in certain spots you have to take decisions and you'll receive an outcome, and depending on what you did you'll get one of many endings, and the anime must go straight forward.). Also the anime's ending is INSANE!! (sorry, I don't want to spoil it for you if you happen to want to check it out :P). The anime is 12 episodes long with two ovas, which have nothing to do with the story of the anime so you can skip them if you wish. For this post, I'll try to speak about the game, the anime, the ovas, the alternative games and so on.... whew that seems long, but we'll give it a shot, I'll take you on a wild ride so get your beverages and let's get started!

The anime consists of twelve episodes, which tells the story of Makoto Itou, in which he got a crush on Kotonoha Katsura (I didn't knew which one was her surname until I saw her sister Kokoro xD) after discovering she was in class 4 of their school and that she rides the same bus as he does. While in class, Makoto meets Sekai Saionji (or something like that :P) which saw a picture of Kotonoha in Makoto's cellphone which he claimed he took it by accident in the train (yeah right). Sekai then decides that she'll help Makoto get along with Kotonoha and succeeds in which Makoto confesses to Kotonoha and they started to hang out.... but for a cost..... Sekai in the process of helping Makoto out, became interested in him as well and developed feelings for him (bad news :o). The story then goes on this love triangle until the conclusion, which as I said, is traumatic and will make you go WTF!!! I won't spoil it for you if you're interested in watching it, but you can search around the internet for it ;)

Hmmm, the game goes somewhat by the same lines but not quite the same. This game is a visual novel, which means it will go from scene to scene prompting the player for decisions on certain spots. This creates a treebranch effect in which certain actions you take will pass on to another branch and thus, will make your ending vary (sounds interesting doesn't it?). You can get 21 different endings (ohh right I forgot, first it was released on PC, then on PS2 '':P) on the PC version, 15 good, 2 harem, 1 special condition, and 3 bad, of the good ones, 7 are for Kotonoha (Kotonoha FTW :D), 5 for Sekai, 2 for Hikari (one of Sekai's best friends) and 1 for Otome (Makoto's best friend from primary). The special condition comes from one of Sekai's and Kotonoha's good endings (Bavarois and Carnal Desires specifically) in which Makoto gets Setsuna (Sekai's unknown half sister and best friend) pregnant (motherfker >: /). In the bad endings.... well they are bad (XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.... just kidding :P), these result in the death of one of the protagonists (either Makoto, Kotonoha or Sekai), in a kind off patern (Kotonoha kills Sekai, Sekai kills Makoto, and Kotonoha kills herself..... ha I bet you were expecting that Makoto kills Kotonoha xD). In the PS2 version of the game, there are five new bad ends and new story branches. The bad ends involve the protagonists getting rolled over and killed by a train, in which Makoto dies in one, Kotonoha dies in one, and Sekai dies in two.... on the last one both Sekai and Kotonoha are taken by the train, only Makoto survives (bastard he should be dead). It was also said that a remixed HQ version will be released in spring of next year :D Something cool to note, is that the game divides in chapters with their own different scenes depending on your actions, full with intro and ending, making it feel like you're watching an anime!! (Awesome!! isn't it?)

Well what to say.... sincerely the story is idiotic makes no sense, it's ridiculous, a cheap idea, trying to get more money out of the successful School Days, they simply are worthless so it's up to you if you wanna check them out, but I tell you that it's a waste of time : /

Yup, nothing can be successful without it. In the anime version, when preparing to air the final episode, tragedy struck. A girl killed her father with an axe in Kyoto, Japan. Since the final episode had similar violence, it was cancelled.... except by one company who decided to show it but obviously changing many details. It was later released with the entire anime set in a DVD, which was uncut. Particularly on the last part of the ending, it was released an image in which shows Kotonoha's boat and under it says "Nice Boat", which inmediatly caused a revolution and became an internet meme which some people may relate to the anime.

33 tracks in total if I recall, 25 were background music and the remaining five were vocal. The opening theme was "Still I Love You: Mitsumeru yori wa shiawase" sung by Kiriko, and the ending theme was "Anata ga.....Inai" by Inami Kuribayachi. In the PC version, a theme song began playing depending on the character who got the good ending.... Sekai's theme was "Bye-Bye Tears" by Yozuca* (yeah, apparently the asterisk is part of the name.... wtf?), Kotonoha's theme was "Hello My Happiness" by Miyuki Hashimoto, the other girls received the combined theme "Secret Zaurus" by Yuria (I don't know if it has to do with dinosaurs.... but it sounds like it o_O). There's also a X-mas theme lol "Futari no Christmas" by Rino (Now you have your music for x-mas eve xD). And finally, the music from the bad ends is "Kanashimi no Muko e" by Kanako Ito. There's also an insert during the folk dance festival in which Makoto and Sekai dance around a bonfire, the song is "Let Me Love You" by Haruko Momoi.

Makoto Itou: Well, he is the protagonist, and he's one of my most hated anime characters. At first, he was a composed and good mannered student, but later he became a sex addict and became a bastard, poorly treating his friends and his lovers just for the sake of it, but after he realizes he did wrong, he panicked and tried to undo his mistakes, but anyways the damage was already done..... bastard.

Kotonoha Katsura: Gentle and reserved, she easily is the most pivotal character in the series. She's a cute bookworm (she loves to read :P) that is bullied becuz of how cute she is and how well endowed she is. She was Makoto's initial love interest and they actually started hanging out. She is very.... VERY delicate, becuz when put under stress,  she develops irrational culpability and also a delusioned state of mind in which she isn't capable of supressing the pain and becomes uncaring, unable to listen to anybody else but her own delusional thoughts and capable of anything... I like to refer to her in this form as Shin Kotonoha (True Kotonoha) becuz she lets out all the resentment she has within her, and also becuz I have nothing better to do xD
Isn't she cute?
Shin Kotonoha.... so sad... DAMN YOU MAKOTO!!! >: /

Sekai Saionji: She is the complete opposite of Kotonoha. She's playful, outgoing and very happy for most of the time. She can be very serious at times when she feels beated, and when under sufficient frustration, she is loud, selfish, overemotional and manipulative. She helps Makoto and Kotonoha to hang out, and later becomes jealous of them becuz she also likes Makoto, and ends up seducing him so that he leaves Kotonoha for her..... you name her, but I also feel bad for her in a sense...

This is the song of the bad ends.... I like it becuz its well done and feels in the mood of death that the bad ends should give, as they were made for that reason.... its a good song for this stuff its sad and all but I like it :P

All right, guess this is it for today, I hope you enjoy it and maybe even encourage you to check it out, it has a great story, it is well made, it is strong, and it is shocking, so I can safely recommend it to you, but remember it is somewhat strong, so please don't look for it unless you know you can handle it ;)

Until next time Underworlders!!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bleach: Memories of Nobody

Ciaossu to all our readers, I know this is starting to become a habit but again I am one day late to posting this but I hope that you understand that exam weeks make it hard for me to find time to past as well as the fact that I have a lot of fanfic requests building up right now. If you ever feel like reading them, Ill give you the link to my profile on so that you can tell me just how fail I am at writing XD

Okay the off-topics for today, Ill make a list now about them now to make it brief:
-Lets all congratulate my fellow co-blogger Ricardo on his birthday!!! I wanted to make a banner for him in Photoshop but both because of time and technical problems I wasnt able to. Be nice and send him a congratulations e-mail!
-Oh no a new poll! What happened to the old one? Fear not, we recorded the votes which were in this order:
1.Danny- 12 Votes
2.Ricardo- 6 votes
Thank you all for making your votes count on this post. And specially to all of you who voted for me, this is another banner Ill have to start working on as soon as possible.

I know what you guys are thinking, what Yu-gi-oh!-related post will he be making this time? Well, for a change I will be posting an anime one instead, just because I still havent gotten any feedback if you want us to give coverage on the recent tournaments and such. So FAIL, jk jk...XD

What am I going to talk about then? Well initially I thought about making something about Magic The Gathering, but since I am still a noob on it I would probably make a horrible post and you would all complain about it. Soooo without any more random talking lets get on to our main topic: Bleach Movie 1 Memories of Nobody.


The Opening

With this movie of course, is where Bleach starts the tradition of making an alternate opening whenever they release a movie to advertise it The opening for this one was one of my favorites, Rolling Star by YUI, which was an excellent choice in my opinion.

Plot Preview

Well if the above two videos didnt convince then damn...youre hard to convince, but talking seriously, lets talk about what the movie is about, however I wont give any spoilers or you wont watch it. After a town appears in the sky of Soul Society, where even a team of the Onmitsukido disappeared without trace, at the same time some strange being start showing up in Karakura Town. These red and white spirits called Blanks are searching for their memories, which are said to be stored every hundred years in something called the Memory Rosary. A mysterious girl appears along with them, having shinigami powers yet no memories as to what she was supposed to be doing in the real world. With an evil clan of exiled nobles behind them, will Ichigo and the gang be able to protect her or will the plans of the Dark Ones result in the destruction of Soul Society and the Human World simultaneously?


Yes, of course!! No wait, let me make it clearer: HELL YEAH!!! Its definitely worth watching, even if you dont like thing that are non-canon in Bleach it has a great story, a heart-breaking relationship and an ending that would warm even the coldest hearts. I recommend everyone that hasnt watched it to rush and find it as quickly as possible, so far its my favorite movie out of the four made so far.

ENDING SONG- Aqua Timez- Sen no Yoru wo Koete

Ichigo x Senna
Wishing she had been canon...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nintendo News #2

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Today I'm going to tell you the most recent news that have appeared in the last hours, and an important announcement for those of you who like Meta Knight and use it in official SSBB tournaments. So here we go!

1- The CoD: Modern Warfare 3 launch trailer has been released. It's pretty good, I'm definitely getting it! The game will be released November 8 for the Xbox, PS3 and Wii.

2- Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS will be released in Europe in late 2012.
3- A new TLOZ: Skyward Sword trailer has been released. In this trailer we see a harp that looks important.

4- Nintendo has confirmed that after the November 3DS update, you will be able to record 10 minutes of 3D video. You will also be able to us Stop-Motion Animation.
5- Nintendo of Japan is making a contest where if a person buys 2 3DS games before January 15, they will be participating in the raffle of 3,000 3DS!!!! Nintendo has made 3 special designs of the 3DS (1,000 of each design).

6- Meta Knight has been banned in the US and Canada for the official tournaments of SSBB. The ban will be effective as of January 9. It was banned by  It was decided to ban him after a trial tournament.
7- Battlefield 3 may not be coming to the Wii U after all... EA doesn't want to make a simple adaptation of the 360/PS3 version, so they gave a hint of a possible exclusive BF game for the Wii U or that the next BF will be the one that's coming to the Wii U (probably because the Wii U will be released PROBABLY in the late 2012). This is what BF3 producer Patrick Liu said:

“I think what he (EA boss John Riccitello) said was that we’re looking into what we can do with the Wii U, but there is nothing planned to be honest.”
“We’ve dabbled with it and looked what we can do with it, but there’s no game planned,” he continued.
“I’m a big fan of Nintendo myself, just looking at what they’ve done with the Wii and the Wii U? but we have to come up with something that really uses their controls.
“And until we get that bright idea of what to do with the new controls I don’t think there’s any point in making another version that’s just the same as everyone else.
“It probably wouldn’t be Battlefield 3 anyway because the Wii U is so far out.”
TLOZ: Skyward Sword Reviews!!!
Both Edge magazine and the Official Nintendo magazine have made their review of Skyward Sword. In both reviews, the game has recieved a score from perfect to almos perfect. 
This is what Edge said:
“A triumph.”“How apt that this ultimate tale of hero-making should see Nintendo’s hardware become the console it was always meant to be.”

The Official Nintendo magazine gave Skyward Sword a 98%, they practically said that it is the best Zelda game ever:
“It’s not something we say lightly, but the Zelda series really has never been this good.”


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WWE Unleashed!!

Hallou Underworlders? Hau are you today? Matter of factly, haven't review any game lately I believe, got stuck with two UW Specials in a row (obviously nice to talk about them :P), and since this week I didn't receive further activity, I might as well review a game I came around a good time ago.... Do you like wrestling? Well, I do, I used to watch WWE Raw and Smackdown until the channels were the shows aired were removed :( But I still kept checking on it every once in a while. Anyways, back to the topic, I began playing WWE All-Stars for the PS3, and inmediatly loved its gameplay. So now sit tight, grab some beverages, cuz this wild is gonna get ride!!..... Wait let me try that again.... nah let's continue and try to forget that xD

This game is about the WWE (nahh you swear??? o_O), but it's not nearly enough a mere wrestling game. All characters are incredibly buff (Except Kane, who looks like he actually looks like :P), and the game doesn't only limit itself to the superstars of today (John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H etc) but it also revives great legends of the past (Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat etc), which makes the game more interesting to play if you knew who these guys are, and if not, it's a great chance to know them xD The game engine itself is like a combination of wrestling and a fighting game, that means, that you can win like usual (pin, submission etc) or you can deplete your opponent's life bar and KO them with a brutal finisher.... the finishers and the signature moves are awesome, we'll get to that in a min ;)

Well, it's your usual fighting game, you've got a button for striking attacks, which you may chain into a combo of consecutive strikes or a grapple. You've got a button for... well grappling xD You can do a weak grapple which is fast and low on power, or you can do a strong grapple which has a relatively slow start up animation, but its stronger than the weak grapple :P You've got the usual block and running, you move with the left stick and you taunt with the d-pad or the right stick don't remember right now :P As for mechanics, you've got the life bar on the corners depending on how many players there are, and they have four sections, the green starter one, the yellow, the red, and the flashing red. Green means you have more than 70% life, Yellow means you are in between 69-30%, red means you have about 30%, and flashing red means you have no life and a finisher will KO you. There are three spots under the life bar and a gauge at the side of it, the spots are the number of signature moves you have stored (obtained by hitting your opponent) and the gauge is your finisher (also by hitting your opponent, a signature move gives a huge boost in the gauge). You can juggle, you can use weapons, there is tornado tag team, and some other good stuff you'll enjoy. Also, depending on the character you choose, you will get a different play style, like grapplers, big men etc, find the one that fits your play style :D

There's normal exhibition matches, which include 1 on 1, tornado tag, cage, handicap, triple threat, fatal 4 way, elimination and extreme rules, which is a nice set of options. There's also a kind off story mode where you fight a gauntlet of ten matches until you face either the Undertaker, World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, or the tag team champions D-Generation X. There's also a Legend vs Superstar mode, where a WWE Superstar fights a legend with same characteristics, fighting style, actitude, or else as himself.... btw sorry, no divas on this game... (what a shame.... but as buff as the characters are... maybe it is better this way :P). Also you can create your own superstar, but you must give him the moveset of an existing character... but you can choose the Finisher of your liking :D

CAST OF WRESTLERS!! (*WWE Superstar / #WWE Legend / $ Downloadable Content DLC)
*John Cena  
#Hulk Hogan
#Andre The Giant
#Stone Cold Steve Austin
#Ricky Steamboat
*CM Punk
*The Undertaker
*Drew Mcintyre
#Eddie Guerrero
*Rey Mysterio
*Jack Swagger
#Bret Hart
#Ultimate Warrior
#Mr. Perfect
*John Morrison
*Kane (Favorite :D)
#The Rock
*Triple H
#Shawn Michaels
*The Miz
*Randy Orton
#Roddy Piper
#Sgt. Slaughter
#Jake "The Snake" Roberts
*Kofi Kingston
#"Macho Man" Randy Savage
#"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka
*Big Show
$Ted Dibiase
$Ted Dibiase Jr.
$Jerry "The King" Lawler
$Chris Jericho
$Big Boss Man
$Michael Hayes
$Mark Henry

If you like wrestling or simply a good and funny fighting game, you might as well give this game a shot, it's easy to pick-up and play, but make sure to read the what each button does or you may be in for a tough beating, other than that try it out, you'll like it a lot :D

If you want to judge how crazy this game is and the amazing graphics it has, check this vid with the finishers, it has that Fatality feel on them becuz the producer was none other than Sal Divita!! (The guy that provided the model for the creation of the sprites in the MK games :D)
These are fun to watch :P

Well this is it for today, hope you enjoyed the post, and next time, FINALLY I'll have time to finish that blasted Red-Eyes tribute, look forward for it :D

Until Next Time Underworlders!!

Keep your head up, body straight and a positive attitude - Ricardo/Judini

Monday, October 17, 2011 are new to Yu-gi-oh?

Ciaossu everybody!!! Danny here with my new Yu-gi-oh post, again sorry for the delay but have been kinda busy doing this and that. Oh and I wanted to tell you all that I recently bought the Vongola Ring Set, soooo I have been feeling special and specifically today EXTREME(KYOUKUGEN!!!!), really awesome, thank you Anime Dynasty store. If any Honduran is reading this, which I hope, I do recommend you this shop for all your Otaku needs.

Incidentally, thank you all for voting on our current poll, which, I am pleased to say, is so far our most voted poll on the blog history, so thank you everybody. I am still thinking of what we are going to do once it ends, probably dedicate a post or a banner to the winner, so please everybody, if you want your favorite poster to win vote on him, we all got equal chances so far...well except Perez...he got -6 votes because of some cheating he did on it...but still if you all readers like his posts please feel free to vote. Thanks!

Next...I think Ill do some advertising for some really awesome Yugitubers, I have promoted them since quiet some time ago, most of you know them, and they are DDG(Dragonduelistgirl) and Nips(Vayuenthusiast). Recently they have been working on some pretty cool altered artworks and also on extended artworks. Their cards are being auctioned by Ebay so please support this two awesome girls, make a bid and hopefully you might get one of this incredible cards.


On Auction Right Now:
  • x1 Agent of Creation- Venus(Rare/Extended Art)
  • x1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu(Altered Art-Machoke)
  • x1 Agent of Creation-Venus(Altered/Extended Art-Morrigan)
  • x3 Space Time Police(Altered-Captain Falcon), Blue-Blooded Oni(Altered-Metaknight) and Vision Hero(Altered- Samus)  


On Auction Right Now:
  • x1 D.D. Crow(Common/Extended)


Okay, what else was I gonna talk about with you readers? Oh right, well you see, whenever I make a Yu-gi-oh post its usually about something random that just came to my mind recently. Getting straight to the point, would you readers like me to start writing about Yu-gi-oh events? Like the World Championships, Regionals, YCS and WCQs? Because I do follow all of these events and just choose not to write about them because you can easily read on them at, which is the official TCG site. But if you readers want me to start giving my views and such about events, please send an email to me, at, or at, whichever you prefer. I take into account everything that you send to me, would really appreciate it if you gave me your thoughts on this matter. Thanks.

Well, lets get on to the main topic, I really cant believe I wrote this much off-topic things but with it I guess XD...I thought that I would talk about how to do things if you are starting to play Yu-gi-oh at the Pro-level for the first time in your life.

So lets say that for x or y reason you decide to enter Yu-gi-oh for the first time, or return to the game after having been away from it for a long time. What should you do first of all? Well if you are 12 years and under you could participate in a Dragon Duel tournament where you will be playing against people your age at least, so the difference wont be too much, take in mind however that there could be some serious kids that have great skills, so dont be too confident.

If, however, like me you entered at a later age into the game, I suggest that the two very first things that you should do are this: try being friendly with everybody, the Yu-gi-oh community is almost always nice people that youll end up becoming good friends with, but if you go to your first tournament with a cocky, all-mighty "I have so much more money than you people" attitude, you wont achieve much in the game, simple as that; second, get to know the judges, specially the Head Judge, theyll be the ones that give you good advice, specially on card trades try to consult them, so its important that you get along with them.

What else? Hmmm, oh yeah, try reading about the current game somewhere, be it in the Yu-gi-oh wikia or on Pojo forums or wherever you think it best, reading will become a very important part of the game for you, so you better get used to it. You might initially be confused with rulings and such, but with time and practice you will get to know the game better and they wont be as complex as before.


Me- I attack with Heraklinos, hit with 3000.
Opponent- I summon Gorz
Me- O.o. What is a Gorz????? O.o
Opponent- Errr....if you attack directly I can special summon it...then it forms a token with the damage received.
Me- Ohhhh okay *activates bottomless trap hole*
Opponent- You cant, its summoned in damage step.
Me- What????? That card is invincible!!!! DX


Ahhh....good old noob times...ever happened to any of you? Took me a couple of tries until I could learn what it was that Gorz actually did, I have many more noob FAIL moments, maybe Ill write them in a post sometime.

Sneak Peaks...well everybody says that this events are the best ones that you can use to start into the game as you have as much chance to win as everybody else, but like everything in life and specially in Yu-gi-oh it has its advantages and disadvantages

  1. You have the same chance as everybody else at getting cards from the packs
  2. If you study the card spoiler beforehand you might have as much knowledge as everybody else about the cards and how to use them, making things fair.
  3. You might get lucky enough to pick up a $50+ card, sell it and use the money to start making your own deck or if unsure of which, buy a deck from somebody.
  4. If youre exceedingly lucky, you might get most of an archetypes cards in the packs to make a deck from T.G. in the Extreme Victory release.

  1. Then again, its possible that you get absolutely nothing worthwhile in the packs and youll be stuck with a load of cards that youll never use and that will sell too cheap for them to be any gain.
  2. Since the price of the cards hasnt been released yet, trading can be dangerous as it can possibly lead to scams. Like said before, contact a judge before doing any trades at Sneak Peaks if you feel the need, by experience, listen to them, youll save a lot of trouble...and money...if you do that.

Summing it all up, ask for your friends advice, preferably if your friend knows about what hes talking about, or even better yet, for any doubts go to your closest judge or Head Judge. Besides that, its all up to the experience that youll earn from all of it, be it from good or bad moments, that will determine how you will grow as a player. I wish you the best of lucks and welcome to the world of Yu-gi-oh!!!


Puh-Lease! I'm just a lowly-but-handsome merchant. How could I possibly perform Bankai?     

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am Iron Man!

Hi guys! It's time for another comics post! This one's about Iron Man. Danny suggested me the subject, so here I am doing it. By the way, this is our 90th post, so we are pretty close to our 100th post! :D


Tony Stark was born in Long Island, New York. At 21 he inherited Stark Industries, after his parents (Howard Anthony Stark and Maria Collins Carbonell Stark) were killed in an alleged car accident :/.

There are several versions about the origin of the hero: the first one, he made a trip to Vietnam, in another version he traveled to the Gulf War, in another to Afghanistan and elsewhere after having developed a mini-transistor, which was intended to help U.S. troops. On this trip, while passing through the jungle, he was captured in an ambush by the Vietnamese General Wong Chu. In attempting to escape, he stepped on a landmine and a piece of metal was embedded near his heart, leaving him to the brink of death. The Vietnamese tried to hide that information to force Tony to develop an arsenal of weapons for the Vietnamese troops during his last days of life, but Tony deduced what was going on. Beside him was another scientist, Yin Sen, who had been kidnapped. They worked in secret in a suit that would keep Stark's heart but at the same time give its wearer different skills. Tony Stark decided to use the armor to escape, but before completely charging the batteries, Yin Sen sacrificed himself to gain the time he needed, and was killed by the troops of Wong Chu. After defeating the Vietnamese and while returning, Tony found a Air Force pilot in the United States, Jim Rhodes. Tony introduced as "Tony's bodyguard" to Jim to hide his true identity. Together they returned to the United States. Stark continued to improve his armor and that's how he created his new identity, Iron Man. In addition, Stark Industries expanded, and was renamed to Stark International.

Iron Man is known to be the bodyguard and "pet" of the company of Stark. Due to its image as a billionaire, there was never any suspicion that would lead to the assumption that Tony was actually Iron Man. Stark's personality is shown as a somewhat arrogant person and allows that the end justifies the means.

Tony Stark was a founding member of the Avengers, and given his immense fortune he became the group sponsor, donating a house in New York, which later became the Avengers Mansion. He also created Maria Stark Foundation, a nonprofit organization, to which he gave the name of his mother, who is responsible to cover all expenses of the team. This foundation is independent of the rest of Stark's business, so it still works no matter if Stark companies have problems.

At the time, it was made public the state of Stark's heart, so he underwent a heart transplant. However, although it solved this problem,  he became an alcoholic, caused by the stress of certain situations. One was the news that the organization SHIELD had been buying a substantial amount of shares of Stark International, as a way to keep Tony's company developing new weapons for the organization. At the same time, his business rival, Justin Hammer, recruited several villains to attack Stark, who with the help of Rhodes, defeated them in battle. He stopped being an alcoholic thanks to the support from his closest friends.

Some time later, there was one of the most vicious enemy of Tony Stark, Obadiah Stane, who in an attempt to take control of Stark International, led Tony to alcoholism again, manipulating his emotions, which led to Tony losing the company to Stane. Stane helped by S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to buy Stark International and renamed it later as Stane International.

All these problems turned Stark into a hopeless man, leaving him in the street and wandering through them, not before he gave his armor to Rhodes, who became for a long period Iron Man

Anthony (I like the name Anthony :D ) then recovered and built a new company, called Circuits Maximus. While continuing to develop new technology, Rhodes continued his duties as Iron Man but his aggressiveness and paranoia were increasing. At first it was believed that the state of Rhodes was due mainly to the armor was programmed to interact with the mind of Tony, but it was later revealed that the condition was natural and entirely psychological. Rhodes got out of control and Stark built immediately another armor to stop Rhodes. Circuits Maximus continued development and expansion, but was attacked by Stane and Stark confronted him with the new generation of armor. Stark's skills were superior over Stane (best known for the moment as Iron Monger) and that he committed suicide to avoid capture.

Spymaster found out of the new designs of Stark, so these were given to Stark's rival, Justin Hammer, initiating mass production of similar designs on the armor of Iron Man, which in turn began a conflict known as "Armor Wars". It consisted of Stark in an attempt to put a stop to those who used the technology, destroying the armor, similar in design and technology to his own, of heroes and villains alike. However, this conflict came to a tragic end with the death of Titanium Man. Stark destroyed on its way, the Mandroids, the armor of the Guardsmen (prison guards of a supervillain jail known as Vault,) and defeated  Stingray in battle, the armature of the latter had nothing to do with Iron Man's, so the conflict worsened. Thus the little reputation Iron Man was devastated.

During the conflict there was a deterioration of the relationship between Stark and Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), who always agreed with the reasons for Anthony to destroy the other designs of his armor, but not the means employed to do so. After dismantling the Guardsmen, the United States government declared Iron Man as a threat.

Stark's health presented a serious drawback, since it was discovered that the interface cyber armor was causing damage to his nervous system. This problem was compounded by an assassination attempt by a mentally unbalanced chick, which left him paraplegic. In an effort to walk again, Stark implanted a chip in his spine that allowed him to use his legs again, but left him exposed to the external control of his body, though his mind was unaffected. This weakness was well used by Tony, who with the help of Rhodes achieved to control cybernetically his body and armor while kicking the ass of who caused his paralysis.

Stark's nervous system was still failing and had to stop using his armor of Iron Man but he managed to handle it by remote control. The armor, however, failed in battle against the Masters of Silence. For this reason, he built a new armor, heavier with the name "Variable Threat Response Battle Suit", also known as War Machine.

Finally Stark faked his death and placed himself in suspended animation in order to improve his health, after the damage to his nervous system was too extensive. Rhodes was in charge of Stark Enterprise and kept the identity of Iron Man by usinig War Machine. Anthony made a full recovery using the chip implanted in his spine to "reprogram" himelf and once again assumed his identity as Iron Man. When Rhodes knew that Starkhad deceived his friends by faking his death, Jim separated from his friend and decided to continue as War Machine.

Well, I hope you liked this Iron Man post. See you next time!!
Captain America to Tony Stark: "Big man and a suit armor, take that away, what are you?"
Tony Stark to Captain America: "A genius, billionaire, playboy, and a philanthropist."
(Thor laughs)

Here's the official trailer for The Avengers movie!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Underworld Special: Winning vs Having fun?

Hallou people of the Dark World!..... emmm Underworld! Sorry, been thinking on how I'm gonna make my newest deck, the Dark World :D But enough of the little excitement, let's get to the good stuff. Recently I made my official debut in Pro Yugioh leagues (and got my ass handed to me -.-'') but it really doesn't matter considering I won a duel (not a match) against Danny's gaytard Gladiator deck :'D (No offense intended :P) And later on the night, I received an email from a guy named SlayerX000 (read Slayer x-thousand XD) who requested an Underworld Special talking about what is more important, having fun or winning always.... he explained that he wanted to know becuz he fought against a bastard who played him in MK and beated his ass pretty badly online and he wanted to know if his philosophy of respecting over winning was correct.... he said that he really hoped XDNightmare (the guy who beat him) would feel bad for ruining the game's fun becuz of just wanting to win. So on that request, here it is!! Btw Slayer, if you read this, you will know that XDNightmare got this message and will give you how he views things right away...why you may ask? Becuz you are talking to him right now xD Well without further adew.... Ricardo/Judini/XDNightmare presents:

Interesting? Yes. Debated  until consciousness falls? Hell yeah. Controversial? As sure as hell. But why so controversial? Becuz people have different ways of viewing things. Maybe there are people who respect their rivals over winning and play the game honestly, but there are others who rely on cheap tactics to win and brag about how good their cheating is.... and if their cheating isn't working and you come up as the victor, those players will come and say things like "You were cheating!!" or "I got tired of winning so I let you win this time" or (in the case of online matches) "The only reason you can win is becuz of your laggy connection!" or even "I'm not cheating, that is his best combo why the **** wouldn't I use it?" And guess what the incredible combo is... Punch punch kick... punch punch kick.... over and over and over.... and over again, and where's the cheating? That combo "coincidentally" traps you in an infinite loop which is impossible to break. No matter how it is, you'll always find someone like that, and the probabilities of finding someone who isn't like that is somewhat rare but not impossible.

I'll not lie to you, I used to be of the "win! win! win!" side when I was starting, but I changed my ways the moment I began mastering a game and became able of holding my own against others, also helping out newbies, remembering that somewhere along the lines I used to be a newbie. So I'm completely sure I can give you what passes through the mind of both of these types of players. first with the "Have fun" ones:

A game is made with one sole purpose, entertain the people. It matters not being good or not in a game, what matters is how you treat the ones you play with and that you are enjoying the game, if I play the game and I'm good at it, well great, but I always respect my opponent over my desire to win the game.

Now with the "Win! win!" ones:

A game is made with one sole purpose, to let others know who's the best. If you aren't good enough then don't play the game, and if you want to get humilliated, play me. You know why? Becuz I'll beat you up like a ragdoll becuz I'm the best at this game and nobody is going to ever win me a round.

Well, what to say, I may consider myself one of the fun players, I like to enjoy my games, even if they beat me up (Evidenced in how I play Yugioh even if I know they are going to kick my ass :P). If you are of the win! win! type of gamers, I would suggest that you better star enjoying the game.... that doesn't mean you can't aim to try to go up against Daigo Umehara (Street Fighter) or Perfect Legend (Mortal Kombat EVO2K11 Champion), but don't be a fail player, come up with creative things, not trapping your opponent or simply spamming, play honestly, it gives more life to any game :)

Well, this is it for today, I hope you liked the topic, and remember you can always suggest something you want me (or co-blogger Pérez/Danny) to talk about ;)

Until next time Underworlders!!

-Don't ever give up, you are not dead until the last play is over- Ricardo/Judini

Friday, October 7, 2011

Yu-gi-oh Staples

Ciaossu to all my readers, Danny here, sorry for the delay for this post, I had some other matters to attend to yesterday so I wasnt able to finish in time. Anyways ignoring that lets get to brighter announcements, and that is that our blog Underworld Honduras has hit the 15000 Visits milestone, this is something that really made us happy, not even a year of being in operation and we already have so many views, a great thanks to each and every one of you who take the time to visit our blog. As is usual for me, I made a little banner to commemorate this event, Photoshop skills kind of rusty but I hope you like it, a chilling celebration for Underworld Honduras!!

Okay now for the topic of this post, since we dont make only-milestone posts anymore in order not to bore readers, I decided to talk about which cards are considered staples in the current game, their different functions and recommendations. Now, I know that my co-blogger Ricardo made a similar post some time ago called Needed Cards in a Good Deck or something along those lines, but I felt that post was too vague and that there were some cards he missed so Ill write my own version for it, with all due respect for him of course.

Well, first things first like they say, when is a card called a staple? Putting it in simple turns, its a kind of card than can be played in almost every deck and has become commonplace due to their usefulness or their flexibility. Note that all staples do not go always go in all kinds of decks, it all depends on your kind of deck and the gameplay you focus on, so its not necessary to struggle into adding staples to the deck if it would weigh down the major goal.

Lets start with our list:

Dark Hole

We all know what this little card does, as its effect is as simple as it is deadly "Destroy all monsters on the field". This card has many uses, the most common of which is of course, just cleaning up the field for your attacks. I dont think I have to explain much about this card really, just note that for all the new players that arent able to get a Dark Hole, or for some decks that need discarding,  Lightning Vortex is a good replacement for this one.

Bottomless Trap Hole

The big brother of Trap Hole, at the condition of the monsters attack being 1500 or more you not only destroy it but remove it from play. Useful for getting rid of problematic cards, be wary not to waste this card on just any monster. Note that this card says destroy on the text so you can negate it with anything that prevents destruction. Another tip: if you cant afford to let a monster get removed from play destroy it with one of your own card so that it goes to the graveyard.

Even with the turn priority that your opponent has you still can get rid of that monster.

Mystical Space Typhoon

Long name for a short but useful effect, a classic one for one card, you destroy 1 spell or trap card on the field regardless of being face down or not. There is a split opinion about using this card, whether to blindly MST any set down cards for fear of them being powerful traps, or waiting for the opponent to activate them. I prefer setting it, waiting for the opponents end phase and using it to destroy their face-downs so they cant activate them in return. Dust Tornado is almost a fourth MST and being a trap is not affected by some common lockdown strategies, so its possible side deck material.

Starlight Road

The perfect remedy for a Dark Hole and specially for a Heavy Storm, this card not just negates the effect of the card but you special summon a Stardust Dragon from your deck. Although the stardust cannot return from the graveyard if it uses its effect, you still get to negate another destruction-related card with it and use it as a beatstick. Note: If you wish to avoid the opponent to summon the Stardust you can destroy your own card also, since Starlight Road only summons if it destroys the card.

Torrential Tribute

Another field cleaner, you wipe out all the monsters in the field, same as with Dark Hole it is prevented by destruction-preventing cards. Very useful, either for stopping your opponents swarming(Six Sams) or even destroying your own monster to avoid it from being hit by bottomless trap hole.

Book of Moon

Lets say your opponent summons Judgement Dragon, you used your bottomless and solemns already,(New card effect for that one already, Bottomles DOES stop it now) so you cant destroy it, well you CAN still flip it face down to avoid its effect from resolving, giving you one more turn to get rid of it. Other than that you can use this card to stop Jinzo-like effects, Stardust Dragon or such cards that present a problem for you.

Well we could go ages and ages with this...and I am pretty sure Ill have to make another post about cards that are considered to be staples. But for now I leave you with this ones, I hope that I was clear enough for you guys to understand. Any questions or suggestions send them to this email or just comment on this post. Thank you so much for sticking with us, bye bye!!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Pipiru Piru Piru Pipiru Pi

¡Hola gente! Pérez reportándose al trabajo. Hoy les... what? You can't understand me?. Ok, I'm swithcing to English? Better? :P OK. Today's post is about an animé that a friend recommended me. Like I told you in a previous post, I am in the university, so in my Spanish class I made two friends, one of them likes animé and videogames as much as I do. One day he told me to watch an anime called Dokuro-chan and he posted me the link to the first episode in my Facebook wall. I saw it, and immediatley liked it. So I want to tell you about this short, but awesome anime.

Okay, the anime is called Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. In English it is called Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan.
It originally started as a novel made by Masaki Okayu. It had nine chapters.
It was later made a manga by Mitsuna Sakuse (I almost wrote Sasuke :P ) for MediaWorks. The manga had 3 volumes.
Afterwards, it was made an animé. It has only two seasons and a OVA. The first season only had 8 episodes and the second one only 4. I haven't seen the OVA, but I feel that it is part of the story because there are some things in the second season that I didn't see in the first one.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT?: The story is about a 13-year old guy called Sakura Kusakabe (apparently, Sakura is a neutral name in Japan, like Ashley in English and Ariel in Spanish.) This guy in the future will create the technology for eternal living, but it makes women to stop growing at the age of 12 because his purpose is to create "the perfect world for pedophiles!!!" :O.

So Dokuro is sent by the Rurutie (an organization of killer-angels) to kill him, but she liked him, so she decided not to kill him and find another way to stop making him a future-pedophile (but she kills him 2-3 times per episode for various reasons with her waepon called Excalibog and revives him with her spell "Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi"). The Ruruties don't like this, so they send another angel, Sabato, to kill him with her weapon called Durandal. She is only seen to try it twice, and fails each tme. The fisrt time, she failed because Sakura took her halo and threw it far far away. You may be right now like "How did that make her fail?" well let me tell you a secret: Taking an angel's halo makes them have the worst diarrhea ever! XDXD.

The second time she failed, was in the movie theatres, Sakura touched Dokuro's boobs so that she waked up and protected him. Dokuro did wake up and instead of protecting him, she gets really mad and throws Excalibolg to Sakura, but he uses poor Sabato as a shield. She recieves the hit and immediatley faints and starts to like vomit a yellow thing. Sakur also vomits the same thing and gets killed by Dokuro, just to be revived by her. Shizuki leaves the room when Sakura gets killed. Shizuki is Sakura's love (and apparently she also loves him).

After that, Sabato leaves Sakura alone and starts to live under a bridge, where a bird steals her underwear XD. After that, you see many funny adventures of Dokuro-chan with Sakura-san until Zakuro appears... Zakuro is another killer-angel and Dokuro's younger sister (but believe me, she looks older than Dokuro... Dokuro is supposedly 13-years old and Zakuro is 9-years old). Zakuro comes to take Dokuro-chan back to heaven because she is charged with treason because she disobeyed her orders. Sakura realizes that he loves Dokuro-chan and promises Zakuro that he'll become gay, EXTREMELY gay so that he doesn't create the technology for eternal life and so that Dokuro stays with him. Zakuro doesn't care and takes Dokuro back to heaven. The next episode (which is the season finale) Sabato helps Sakura to escape Zakuro. Sakura goes home and finds Dokuro-chan, and she kills him "to express her happiness" :P
In the second season, the most important thing is that Zakuro now lives with Sakura and Dokuro-chan.

(Yeah... they're only 9 and 13....) :P

Main Characters!!!

Sakura Kusakabe: He's one of the main characters, but not the most important one. In the future he will become a pedophile. I believe that he will become a pedophile because Dokuro-chan puts him in many situations that could easily become a hentai scene (D:) which almost always (if not always) ends up in Dokuro-chan killing him :P. He is in love with Shizuke. I consider him the Kenny (from South Park) of the series :P

Dokuro Mitsukai: She is the most important character (for me). She is a 13-year old angel with the body of a 16-17 year old :P She mostly kills Sakura for fun XD When she goes to school with Sakura, one of the first things she does when she presents to the class is to tell her measurements :O She also likes to provoke Sakura just to kill him afterwards...

Sabato Mihashigo: She was sent to kill Sakura but fails. She used to leave under a bridge, but because the police was looking for her, she later lives in a box in the woods :( Sakura once told Dokuro and Zakuro that they should take a bath because they went to the park and bother Sabato and came back home all sweaty... Let's just say that Sakura ends up in the bathtub with Dokuro and Zakuro,and with Sabato afterwards, but gets killed because the four of them didn't fit in the bathtub :P

Zansu: He is another angel. He came with Dokuro to save Sakura. He is really a pervy angel, who makes SUPOSSEDLY porn movies in his free time. Sakura found him naked in the woods almost at midnight naked with some cameras... You see why I think he makes porn movies?! :P He talks with Dokuro through a cone-shaped thing (which Dokuro is seen to keep it in her underwear :O ).

(Make your own opinion) :P
Zakuro Mitsukai: Dokuro's "younger sister". She is 9-years old, but has the body of a 20+ year old woman. Her weapon is a wet towel (yes, a wet towel) called Ecksilax which is stronger than Dokuro's Excalibolg :O. She is afraid of taking baths alone, so in one episode she takes a bath with Sakura and Dokuro and Sabato afterwards. :P

(Taking away the fact that he's gonna gety killed, isn't he lucky?) :P

Shizuki Minakami: She is this hot girl from Sakura's class that afterwards gives the impression that she is secretly in love of Sakura.

Well that's all that I can tell you of this funny animé. I hope you like it!