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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. I know the blog hasn't been updated for a little bit more than a week, and I want to apologize for that. The reason I didn't post is because I had a though week in my university (UNAH), I had three exams, one on Monday, the second on Wednesday and the last one on Friday. But now I'm finally over for tests, until next week. XD
So today I'm going to tell you about the first game of Capcom's Ace Attorney series, Phoenix wright: Ace Attorney. Last week I finally finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the NDS. It took me 3 days (about 8 hours a day) to finish the first 4 cases of the game, but it took me like another 3-4 days (around 4-5 hours a day) to finally finish the last case. So let's go!

General Aspects
Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom, Nintendo Australia
Release Dates: North America (October 11, 2005), Europe (March 31, 2006)
Genre: Visual Novel
Rating: T (ESRB)

The game is about a young lawyer named Phoenix Wright who's starting his career. During the game, you play 4 main cases and a fifth "surprise" one (sorry for ruining the surprise >:D). Each case is unique, which makes things very cool. In all of the cases, your client is always "guilty" until Phoenix proves that in fact he/she is innocent. That's what makes Phoenix legendary. He always has all the odds against him, but he stills manages to survive and win the case. The first case is an introduction, so its story is meh, the second and third case have nice stories, but the fourth and fifth case's stories are simply extraordinary. The fifth one has the most twisted and unbelievable story, so when you finally prove that your client is innocent, you have this amazing feeling that against all odds, you saved her. The guy that made the plot, Shu Takumi, created one of the best stories I've seen. Great job sir! :D
Score: 10/10

The gameplay is easy to learn and use. During the trials, you have to to cross-examine the witnesses and present evidences that contradict the testimonies. If you don't know what to do you can also PRESS each testimony to see the witness's reaction and present evidence there and/or get new testimonies. But the game is not only played in the courtroom. As the game moves on, you have to do more and more investigations to get new evidence. During investigations, you must talk to people and examine places and object. You have to read well what each character tells you so that you can continue the investigation. Also, you must examine very well each place in order to acquire new evidence. If you don't do that, you simply won't advance until you do it.
You mostly use the touch screen, but sometimes might need to blow things ;) Like I said, it is very simple, but works perfectly for the game.
Score: 8/10

Music: Well, each place has its own unique tune. The music in the game does help with the mood, especially when you discover something incredible ;)
Sound Effects: They're ok. They're not getting a prize or something, but at least they help with the mood ^_^
Score: 6/10

Well, since this is a 2D game, I don't expect Uncharted-like graphics.
The game's images are great. You can distinguish things perfectly, and the few animations are well done.
I like that the game has this anime-like graphics, where every character has anime reactions :D
Score: 10/10

Replay Value
I guess that this is the game's weakest aspect, because it doesn't have multiplayer, nor hidden objects, etc. Once you finish the game, the only thing that you can do is play any case that you want.
Because of that, I've decided not to include a score for this aspect.

Final Score: 8.5/10

I hope you liked the review and that you play the game if you haven't played it. Until next time! :D

All images belong to Capcom

Friday, April 20, 2012

I will show you the greatest Nightmare!!

Hallou people of the Underworld, Draconic Emperor Ricardo here, well this past week has been kind off depressing for me becuz I was robbed, they took things like my computer, 3DS, my celphone and also my decks which came as a downer to me but now I'm back up ready to swallow all that down :D I had to buy another computer but best of all is that I don't have to share it :D So it's probable you will see me constantly xD Anyways the off-topics for today:
1) As I said before my 3DS got stolen so I really don't feel in the mood I had before of reviewing the games I had in the 3DS ... sorry for that hope you understand.
2) I will address a comment left by Anonymous (no, not the internet hacking movement) over the post that Kaiser Nebur posted a days ago. You see we need you to have some patience with this guy as he's kind off new at the blog and also his english isn't at the level Pérez's, Danny's or even my english could be becuz he didn't had the same education we had, so I'm not asking you to apologize, I just ask you to have some tolerance, he'll be better with practice :) What I can agree is that the font he used isn't the same as ours and sincerely it kind of bothers me becuz it doesn't look right, as well as the missing capitalizations, so since Pérez was supposed to be in charge of helping in that and he is getting his hands full, I'll take responsability of that so as to enhance your experience with Underworld HN :)

That's it for the off-topics, now to the big bone! I'll take you on a wild ride!

So as the title and the image suggests, this post is about the Azure Knight Nightmare (no shit Sherlock? xD). So let's see, Nightmare made his debut in SoulCalibur for the arcades back in the 1990s, this means he was a new character for the second game (remember the first game is Soul Edge. Notice that in that game, Siegfried has an alternate named Siegfried! which is simply him but with red armor resembling what was going to become Nightmare).
Siegfried in Soul Edge/Blade... More like the Crimson Knight lol
He was the alter ego of Siegfried Schtauffen... did I spell it right? xD Anyways Siegfried belonged and eventually became leader of the mercenary group Schwarzwind (Black Wind). Later on he accidentally killed his father after assaulting a group of battle-weary warriors and becuz of the trauma of holding his father's head in victory, he thought to himself somebody else killed him, so he set off to find Soul Edge to gain the power to avenge his father. He found Soul Edge besides a defeated Cervantes de Leon (The pirate who held Soul Edge during the events of that game) and consequently beated Inferno (Practically a manifestation of Soul Edge itself) for the right to hold Soul Edge, Siegfried decided to take the sword, but the moment he grabbed its hilt, the evil seed spread out as a beam of light, causing death and destruction. Later Soul Edge tricked him into thinking he could revive his father if he collected souls for the blade. Siegfried agreed, and he became Soul Edge's new host. After years of senseless killing, Soul Edge took over Siegfried's body after restoring its powers and became Nightmare, who began a rampage of death in his wake.
Nightmare SCI
During Soul Calibur, he became the master of Astaroth, Isabella Valentine (Ivy) and Aeon Calcos AKA Lizardman in order to speed up the resurrection of Soul Edge. During the ritual though, their castle was assaulted by Maxi, Kilik, and Xianghua, and with Astaroth defeated by Maxi, and with Ivy and Aeon gone, Nightmare had to fend off Kilik and Xianghua by himself. He initially did well, but after a good time he began tiring and the two-on-one advantage took its toll on him until he succumbed to defeat. also falling into a void where they were fighting.
Nightmare SCII
After Siegfried woke up, he realized he must distance himself from people before Soul Edge took control again. But in his sleep, Soul Edge took over his body to kill people nearby. After 4 years the Azure Knight was back, with his plan to resurrect Soul Edge still on foot. Before long, Nightmare was confronted by Raphael Sorel, who wanted Soul Edge for himself. Nightmare, annoyed by him, beated him to a pulp, but before he could deal the final blow, Siegfried began fighting for control. Raphael looked at Nightmare stunned, as Nightmare wasn't moving at all becuz of the psychological warfare going on, Raphael then pierced Soul Edge's eye, giving Siegfried the time he needed to break free, in the process releasing Soul Calibur from Soul Edge. Siegfried instinctively grabbed the holy sword and pierced Soul Edge in the eye, killing it, or so he thought. He made the mistake of leaving it like that, and Soul Edge's essence poured out of the blade. Without host, Soul Edge wasn't to harm to anyone, but a man, Zasalamel, provided Soul Edge with a temporary vessel which took form into the azure armor left behind by Siegfried. He was Nightmare once again. He created a blade for use to fight, he named it Phantom Soul Edge, as it looked like Soul Edge but had no power whatsoever.
Nightmare SCIII
During the events in SCIII, Nightmare is looking for Siegfried in order to complete Soul Edge again, and tries to get a host as the new body created by Zasalamel is somewhat unstable. He eventually finds him at the lost cathedral, and clashed with him. The sheer impacts of the blows eventually freed Soul Edge from the Soul Embrace (when Siegfried stabbed Soul Edge with Soul Calibur, this is what happened, the Soul Embrace or Embrace of Souls, it nullifies both powers.) After trading blows for a good time Nightmare's Soul Edge vs Siegfried's Soul Calibur as he has become the new wielder, they eventually ripped themselves apart, only to be repaired by their swords and separated by a portal thingie. Nightmare conviniently landed in Ostreinsburg, and becuz of his fight with Siegfried, all of the fragments came to Soul Edge and combined to complete Soul Edge once again, in the process turning Ostreinsburg into a cursed city, harvesting the souls of the townspeople into Soul Edge.
Nightmare SCIV
Now Nightmare here is patiently waiting to clash with Siegfried and continues his soul harvesting, eventually he fights Siegfried, and after dominating for the most part even tossing Soul Calibur off Siegfried's hands, Siegfried managed to outmanuever Nightmare, injuring him. Then Siegfried pierced Nightmare through the chest with Soul Calibur, killing him.
Nightmare SCV
After being destroyed by Soul Calibur, Soul Edge was scattered around the world. People still loyal to it managed to get the fragments and restore as much of the blade as possible. Soul Edge eventually gained consciousness, possessed a swordsman, and posed under the name Graf Dumas in order to enter the politics world and restore the blade without being suspected on. He sent Patroklos to kill people, tricking him into thinking they were malfested and the he will find his sister Pyrrha. But after Patroklos found out Nightmare was not even bothering to look for Pyrrha, he violently escaped. After finding Pyrrha, Patroklos found out the identity of Graf Dumas as Nightmare, so Nightmare attacked but was stopped by Pyrrha. This caused a reaction in Pyrrha's Soul Edge fragment which was put on her body by her mother Sophitia (remember Sophitia thought that Pyrrha needed Soul Edge to survive, becuz Tira tricked her into thinking this. When Siegfried destroyed Soul Edge, Sophitia gave the Soul Edge fragment she had close to her heart to Pyrrha to keep her alive, in exchange of giving up her life. This is what really happened, not the story that she was killed by a malfested strongly implied to be Tira.) Anyways Nightmare now was at full power and he waged war to central Europe along with his followers. He was eventually tracked down and killed by Z.W.E.I. The new host for Soul Edge after that became Pyrrha, transforming her into Pyrrha Omega.

Phew! Quite a long bio isn't it? well let's go to something else for a change xD Well in the first two installments, Nightmare is Siegfried, so they play the same way for the most part. Starting from SCIII, Siegfried and Nightmare became separate entities, so Siegfried had his same old moveset, but Nightmare was given a faster, stronger and primal fighting style. He is fast enough to keep up with Mitsurugi, and has the great pressure game Siegfried has, as well as many power moves and so long. He's real weakness would be the lag after his power moves, becuz they can make him pretty much vulnerable to a counter attack, but still he has a lot of good fast pokes which makes him a high tier character of sorts. He's enjoyable, user friendly, and a complete demon at the hands of a good player.

Well quite simply, Nightmare's appearance is simple, he has an azure armor lol. His trademark is probably his right arm, named the "Nightmare Arm" which is a hideous claw with only three fingers. A corrupted owner of Soul Edge will probably grow this arm eventually (as seen with Pyrrha). Other than that, he usually has a helmet with a horn in it, or if not, it has bat-like designs (SCII). He's also associated with fire, as in the intro of Soul Calibur IV, he was shrouded with a fiery aura, and also during his ending, he can be seen burning Siegfried with flames he summoned with a stroke of Soul Edge. Siegfried in part, is associated with ice, which can cancel fire out, as same as Soul Calibur can cancel Soul Edge out :P

Well I think there's nothing more to know about Nightmare, if I missed anything feel free to tell me in the comments section below!

That's it for today! See ya later Underworlders!!
You cannot defeat me... Now or ever!! - Nightmare
None of this images belong to me!!
Crimson Nightmare Ricardo :)

Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi it`s me the fearsome Kaiser Nebur posting new knowledge to your minds son enjoy mortals! Some of you may wonder who in DC is supposed to be the top dawg? Well my friends most people will say that the presence is the top dog in DC cuz he is the equivalent to Yahweh in DC so you could asume as a Christian reader that he is indeed the creator of the DC multiverse, some might say that the presence is indeed up ther but with someone… this “someone” is none other tan the great evil beast (which from no won we will call GEB) the oposite of the presence his dark side, the yang of the ying or so. Still with the recent aperance of a new thing called overmonitor/primal monitor/overvoid because he is so gfreaking big that he makes the entire DC multiverse looks like a pity germ like thing. Then we come with a thing called the source which is supposedly the stream of powers in the multiverse. I will expose neutrally which of thes “omipotents” is really the top dog here, notice that i will be completely neutral to any charácter and my post does not mean that the winner is necesarily better tan the other so this is justa n analysis about them so here i go:

The presence
The presence first appears in more fun comics # 52 as “the voice” he is the entity who gives the spectre /a damn powerful being) his powers, he has appeared in very few comics in most apperances as cameos in other comics as : the hand, the voice, the source (yes he was confused with the source during the 80`s) and finally the presence as an invisible being.. leaving the back story the presence is eternal he was before everything and will be after all. He created DC (actually his childran Lucife morningstar and Michel Demiurgos did) he has been stated to be the greates poer ever being and the only one who can defeat his son Lucifer, even aside from omnipotence,omnipresence and omniscience, he also is omiversal( which is he is everything and everything is it). So by Reading this ad¿nd the fact he created 3 strong and near omnipotent beings (the spectre Lucifer, Michael) ypu can say he is the winner.. but in the Lucifer comic he stated theat “there are forces outside his control who made him the way he is” this may mean someone created it or that he is kind because his creation demanded it… the way you view this is debatable, because sometimes the presence has stated he will not do something, wether it does not want to or cannot is debatable…

His powers:


It first appears on an edition of the swamp thing in the vértigo line, when the presence created the multiverse this thing actually existed before the creation of anything. His origin is debatable wether if it was created by the presence or if it is actually a part of the presecense itself… it is summoned by a group of brazilian mages who would summon the “ultímate darkness” when it was summoned it was so massive that a tip of it`s nail was as big as a mountain… however the creatura was innocent and childish not knowuing even what darkness, evil and hate whre. However due to the “héroes” ( DR Fte, the Spectre, Phantom Stranger, Etrigan) attacked it without success .they unintentionally taught the creature the meaning of hate, evil, darkness and sin, and told it that he/she was all of that… the GEB proceed thoriught every dimensión seeking the truth on wht it was,. It went ot helll, earth altérnate dimensions, but none could answer it. When the GEB was in hell many demons feard it and some followe it believing it was the real big daddy who could stomp gawd , even Lucifer had to make an Alliance with azazel and dumah to prtenct himself(luci is omnipotent and inmortal and feard the GEB) then the GEB proceed to it`s final fate: heaven. Where it would ask god what eas its being and porpouse. He entered heaven and every angel was in position to battle , however none imagine what happenes the GEB shake it`s hand with presence being a fusión of light and darkness… powers:

Realtive omnipresence

The source
It first appeared in new gods #1, (February 1971).
Persoally i do not even consider this “being” a living thing since most people refer to it like a thing and has had no true dialogue or actions however the new gods from Apokolips and neo Genesis state it to be the source of creation and power and that it is omnipotent in some way. However the source has not been in the main continuity and not much can be known about it…


As i said i do not consider it a living thing in fact….

Primal monitor/overvoid/the overmonitor
It appears in the last issue of superman beyond and it si so damn massive that the DCmultiverse si nothing but an lectron-like thing which in fact not even Primal monitor knew since the primal monitor only knew itself as the “sole reality” when it discovered the electro thing( DC multiverse) it created the monito and anti.monitor to investigate and destroy the germ in case of danger:
It is believes that it si all the posible space in DC (in other words it is the paper) but created two powerful beings anti-monitor and monitor so it can in fact create and not only exist .

Life creation
Omnipresence(not in the usual context)


According to the following data the tier ( which is completely impartial to any character) the list should go like this:

Tier 0:
Over monitor/primal monitor/overvoid(cuz DC is basically a germ to it)

Tier 1:
The presence (cuz it`s gawd)
GEB (cuz it`s gawd`s dark side)
Tier 2:
The source(people say it is strong….)

My opinion

I do like the presence more tan anyone else however i must admit it falls short compared to the overvoid and is equaled by the GEB so i think the ier should go like this… however due to some context the presence usually says the TRUE omnipotent may be the writer who determines everything and is in complete control of anything hence omnipotent,omnipresent and omnicient, any critics and coments will be greatly valued so thank 
for Reading. In case you didn`t read just see the tiers up there… so see you later lightsiders!!!!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

When animes stop being good...

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Sorry for not posting when I should have, let's just say that I've been busy (yeah right) XD. I'm really excited because Xenoblade Chronicles finally has been released in America! I can't wait for my birthday and get the game ;)

Well today I will talk about a few animes that I feel have stopped being good. The majority of them is because their new seasons don't bring nothing new or they bring new concepts that ruin the previous seasons. So lets-a go!
1- Pokémon
I think that this is the anime that best represents when an anime doesn't bring new stuff to keep it fresh. At first, Pokémon was great, but it slowly started getting repetitive and boring. For me, Pokémon's climax was with Pokémon Johto, then the quality started to fall. The basic formula for almost all Pokémon episodes is: (Ash meets someone)-(Rocket Team finds Ash and everybode else)-(Ash fights the new person)-(Team Rocket interferes and rob a lot of the pokémons)-(Ash and everybody else finds Team Rocket)-(Team Rocket is defeated)-(Ash finishes the fight)-(The episode ends). And like in the mainstream Pokémon games, it certainly doesn't help that a new continent and a lot of new pokémons are discovered from nowhere.
I will give credits for creating the pokémon contests, it did give something new, but it is getting repetitive that every new female companion that Ash gets wants to be the best in those contests.
For me, the best way to make Pokémon glorious again is to make the anime based in the manga (which I've heard that is really good) and/or make Ash actually win a tournament.

2- Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yu-Gi-Oh! is in this post because it is one of those animes that new thing are added to keep fresh the formula, but unfortunately doesn't do a good job. I will admit that I haven't watched a lot of 5D's, but Danny and Judini say that it is actually good. At first I was skeptical, but I will listen to them and someday give 5D's a chance (I would watch it, but my internet sucks for watching anime online). With me, I stopped watching Yu-Gi-Oh! at around half of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It stopped being fun for me. I felt that GX was far from being as epic as the original Yu-Gi-Oh! was. Danny says that Yu-Gi-Oh!'s quality went up thanks to 5D's, but it crashed and failed with ZEXAL. Danny told me that ZEXAL's main character is the dumbest and worst main character of the 4 main characters.

3- Beyblade
Beyblade was one of my favorite animes back in the day. I really liked its first season, but when the second season went out, I stopped watching it. I didn't like it at all. Beyblade is in the same spot as Yu-Gi-Oh!, but unlike Yu-Gi-Oh!, Beyblade hasn't recovered its quality. With the third season, I don't know if it will be good as the first one, mainly because now it is a new story with new characters. Only time will tell if this third season will be good. So far from what I've seen, it has a good chance to at least be better than the second season.

4- Digimon
Digimon is in this post representing the animes whose story, characters. etc. have been completely changed. Back in the day, Pokémon and Digimon where like two different poles. "Society" was divided in two, those who liked Pokémon more, and those who liked Digimon more. For me, Pokémon was the one the had more followers, but that doesn't mean that Digimon was bad. I mean, Digimon is a great anime, and unlike Pokémon, it did try to change. But not all of the changes were good...
I will admit that my favorite Digimon season was the third, Digimon Tamers. So far, so good. I felt that Digimon was doing great. And then the fourth season was released. At first I liked it, but slowly I started losing interest in it, and stopped watching it. I got bored and felt that the good things from the previous seasons was lost due to the destruction that the Digiworld experimented, and its character don't convince me a lot. I admit that I liked the fact that humans became digimons, but after a while it was like meh.
There is a fifth season, but Kaiser Nebur suggested me to not watch it, and I'm following his advice.
For me: Digmon Tamers>Digimon>Digimon 02>>>Digimon 4

5- Dragon Ball Z Kai
I don't have words for this monstrosity. DBZ Kai is here because it is a new version of a great anime, but IT SUCKS. It is heavily censored, and the drawings suck a lot. For some reason, it looks like the characters barely have muscles.
I still can't believe that such a thing has Dragon Ball Z written on its name. I honestly don't know what is a bigger disgrace to Dragon Ball, Kai or Evolution. D:
A little cousin of mine is growing up with Kai, and I feel sorry for him. I showed him the original DBZ, and he said that he preferred Kai O_O I know that when he get older, he'll go to the good side and like DBZ more than Kai ;)

So there you go people, a few animes that I feel that have stopped being as good as before. See you later! :D


Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'll teach you the meaning of pain!

Hallou people of the Underworld, Draconic Emperor Ricardo here, I know this wasn't supposed to be my post but Pérez told me something so stupid about the reason he hasn't made his post yet I decided to make this myself -.-'' Anyways this time around I'm really hyped becuz of the expectation and desire I have to play Street Fighter x Tekken, it seems incredibly awesome (as a fan of fighting games, of Tekken games, and of Street Fighter games) and the OST i got is incredible. Anyways, this combined with the extreme play I've given Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, inspired me to make a post about my favorite character of the Street Fighter world, that of course being the Master of the Fist Akuma AKA Gouki in Japan. So hang tight, go for broke, cuz I'll take you on a wild ride!!

He made his debut as a secret character and secret boss in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, canonically he's Gouken's baby brother and Ryu's adoptive uncle (or if you wanna follow fanfics, he's Ryu's father xD).
His outfit consists of a black gi (sometimes seen as a dark blue-ish or purpl-ish depending on how you wanna see it) tied up with a rope (formerly black belt). His hair is red and pointy, which he has tied up with a rope at the top, he sports his deceased master and father's (Goutetsu) prayer bead around his neck, awesome crimson eyes (I wish I could have crimson eyes T_T) and also he can show a red glowing kanji () in his back during certain win poses (this is the "ten" kanji, also said to mean sky/heaven). Yeah I know, I would love to have a red glowing kanji on my back, probably the dragon kanji xD Ohh also a curious fact, he's ONE inch taller than Ryu :O

As you can imagine, Akuma is incredibly powerful, a talented warrior, and a cold individual. His only reason of existance is to fight other warriors the he deems worthy of a battle to the death, and to further hone his skills as the Master of the Fist. His training comes before anything else, and he'll not stop it to warn off little kids playing around his training ground, if they get wounded or killed, Akuma shall take no responsability (talk about a "Warning: Akuma Training Grounds" sign xD). He is devoid of any emotions apart from fits of rage every now and then, and he deals seriously with those who dare to interrupt his training. He likes to battle strong opponents in order to test his strength. Of those he has deemed worthy we can include Gen and Oro btw. But nevertheless, he never uses his true power, he always holds back becuz he knows there isn't almost anyone who can withstand his full power. He hates Gouken for not using Ansatsuken (the fighting style they learned from Goutetsu) as he feels was the original idea, and also hates him for sealing off Ryu's satsui no hadou, claiming Ryu will never reach his true potential, and cancelling his fight with Ryu, as he feels only a true practictiones of the satsui no hadou can hope to defeat him. He refers to himself as a denizen of hell  and also as the evil incarnate, and for most people, he is (completely awesome ;D).

Akuma abides by the "Code of the Warrior", he fights to hone his skills, he fights opponents which he considers strong or have the potential to be the best, and rarely but not never fights to gauge someone else's abilities. Even though he killed Goutetsu and Gouken (supposedly), he did so in combat, so he didn't broke the code. This still implies during fights, as he decided to abandon a match with Gen after discovering the latter suffered from a lethal illness. Also he fought Ryu in Street Fighter Alpha 2 to test Ryu's combat prowess and help him develop the satsui no hadou, and in SF3 Third Strike he fought Oro in order to test himself. Even though he prefers a nice combat, he's not unwilling to viciously sneak attack someone, like he did to M. Bison (Dictator) and Gill. Some say it was becuz the Satsui no Hadou is corrupting his ways, I say he simply felt Bison and Gill were purely evil and decided to give them a good finishing technique for the measure.

Shin Akuma (True Demon in Japan) is Akuma whilst releasing ALL of his power. Shin Akuma is usually faster, stronger, and better suited for situations than regular Akuma. But Shin Akuma feels the sting of being a glass cannon more than the regular Akuma (glass cannon refers to a character that does excellent damage but in exchange receives a lot of damage from attacks), but sometimes that doesn't matter becuz Shin Akuma can kill you faster than you can say ohh crap! Lol, Akuma also has another alter ego called Cyber Akuma (Mech Gouki) which was the boss of Street Fighter vs X-Men I think, he feels like Shin Akuma, but his moves are changed to be more robotic, and also he has an aerial Shun Goku Satsu named Shining Gou Shock. He appears in Marvel vs Capcom 3 (also in Ultimate MVC3), the newest Street Fighter x Tekken, Capcom vs SNK series, and the list goes on xD

AKUMA'S MOVES!! (When I go through the super arts, I'll say the original move and at the side the name received for Cyber Akuma)
Go Hadoken (normal Hadoken)
Zanku Hadoken (air Hadoken)
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (hurricane kick)
Go Shoryuken (dragon uppercut)
Ashura Senkuu (teleport move)
Demon Flip (can go for a grab, a punch or a Tenma kuujinkyaku)
Tenma Kuujinkyaku (the aerial move where he suddenly sticks out his foot downward and falls fast to the ground, allows for combos afterwards)

Super Arts
Messatsu - Gou Hadou (super hadoken)     /  High Mega Gou Beam
Tenma Gou Zankuu (super air hadoken)      / Thunder Gou Shower
Messatsu - Gou Shoryu (super dragon fist)  /  Scramble Gou Punch
Messatsu - Gou rasen (upwards hurricane kick) / Scramble Gou Passen
Shun Goku Satsu (Instant Hell Murder)        / Shining Gou Shock
Shin Shun Goku Satsu (True Instant Hell Murder)
Misogi (Something like he jumps, homes on you then falls down and shoves your face to the ground :P)
Tenshou Kaireki Jin (his 2nd ultra from SSFIV)
Kongo Kokuretsu Zan (He slams his fist to the ground to create powerful shockwaves)

Well, I can't say I told you all, but you can get a glimpse of the awesomeness of Akuma, all what he has are things people like us want to have (Yeah i wanna shun goku satsu the hell out of people xD) But anyways I hope you enjoyed this little trip through Akuma's files and guess we'll check around in a couple of days... hopefully one of my partners lol.

That's all for today, see ya later Underworlders!!
This is Messatsu...
Draconic Emperor Ricardo