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Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi it`s me the fearsome Kaiser Nebur posting new knowledge to your minds son enjoy mortals! Some of you may wonder who in DC is supposed to be the top dawg? Well my friends most people will say that the presence is the top dog in DC cuz he is the equivalent to Yahweh in DC so you could asume as a Christian reader that he is indeed the creator of the DC multiverse, some might say that the presence is indeed up ther but with someone… this “someone” is none other tan the great evil beast (which from no won we will call GEB) the oposite of the presence his dark side, the yang of the ying or so. Still with the recent aperance of a new thing called overmonitor/primal monitor/overvoid because he is so gfreaking big that he makes the entire DC multiverse looks like a pity germ like thing. Then we come with a thing called the source which is supposedly the stream of powers in the multiverse. I will expose neutrally which of thes “omipotents” is really the top dog here, notice that i will be completely neutral to any charácter and my post does not mean that the winner is necesarily better tan the other so this is justa n analysis about them so here i go:

The presence
The presence first appears in more fun comics # 52 as “the voice” he is the entity who gives the spectre /a damn powerful being) his powers, he has appeared in very few comics in most apperances as cameos in other comics as : the hand, the voice, the source (yes he was confused with the source during the 80`s) and finally the presence as an invisible being.. leaving the back story the presence is eternal he was before everything and will be after all. He created DC (actually his childran Lucife morningstar and Michel Demiurgos did) he has been stated to be the greates poer ever being and the only one who can defeat his son Lucifer, even aside from omnipotence,omnipresence and omniscience, he also is omiversal( which is he is everything and everything is it). So by Reading this ad¿nd the fact he created 3 strong and near omnipotent beings (the spectre Lucifer, Michael) ypu can say he is the winner.. but in the Lucifer comic he stated theat “there are forces outside his control who made him the way he is” this may mean someone created it or that he is kind because his creation demanded it… the way you view this is debatable, because sometimes the presence has stated he will not do something, wether it does not want to or cannot is debatable…

His powers:


It first appears on an edition of the swamp thing in the vértigo line, when the presence created the multiverse this thing actually existed before the creation of anything. His origin is debatable wether if it was created by the presence or if it is actually a part of the presecense itself… it is summoned by a group of brazilian mages who would summon the “ultímate darkness” when it was summoned it was so massive that a tip of it`s nail was as big as a mountain… however the creatura was innocent and childish not knowuing even what darkness, evil and hate whre. However due to the “héroes” ( DR Fte, the Spectre, Phantom Stranger, Etrigan) attacked it without success .they unintentionally taught the creature the meaning of hate, evil, darkness and sin, and told it that he/she was all of that… the GEB proceed thoriught every dimensión seeking the truth on wht it was,. It went ot helll, earth altérnate dimensions, but none could answer it. When the GEB was in hell many demons feard it and some followe it believing it was the real big daddy who could stomp gawd , even Lucifer had to make an Alliance with azazel and dumah to prtenct himself(luci is omnipotent and inmortal and feard the GEB) then the GEB proceed to it`s final fate: heaven. Where it would ask god what eas its being and porpouse. He entered heaven and every angel was in position to battle , however none imagine what happenes the GEB shake it`s hand with presence being a fusión of light and darkness… powers:

Realtive omnipresence

The source
It first appeared in new gods #1, (February 1971).
Persoally i do not even consider this “being” a living thing since most people refer to it like a thing and has had no true dialogue or actions however the new gods from Apokolips and neo Genesis state it to be the source of creation and power and that it is omnipotent in some way. However the source has not been in the main continuity and not much can be known about it…


As i said i do not consider it a living thing in fact….

Primal monitor/overvoid/the overmonitor
It appears in the last issue of superman beyond and it si so damn massive that the DCmultiverse si nothing but an lectron-like thing which in fact not even Primal monitor knew since the primal monitor only knew itself as the “sole reality” when it discovered the electro thing( DC multiverse) it created the monito and anti.monitor to investigate and destroy the germ in case of danger:
It is believes that it si all the posible space in DC (in other words it is the paper) but created two powerful beings anti-monitor and monitor so it can in fact create and not only exist .

Life creation
Omnipresence(not in the usual context)


According to the following data the tier ( which is completely impartial to any character) the list should go like this:

Tier 0:
Over monitor/primal monitor/overvoid(cuz DC is basically a germ to it)

Tier 1:
The presence (cuz it`s gawd)
GEB (cuz it`s gawd`s dark side)
Tier 2:
The source(people say it is strong….)

My opinion

I do like the presence more tan anyone else however i must admit it falls short compared to the overvoid and is equaled by the GEB so i think the ier should go like this… however due to some context the presence usually says the TRUE omnipotent may be the writer who determines everything and is in complete control of anything hence omnipotent,omnipresent and omnicient, any critics and coments will be greatly valued so thank 
for Reading. In case you didn`t read just see the tiers up there… so see you later lightsiders!!!!



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