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Saturday, April 7, 2012

When animes stop being good...

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Sorry for not posting when I should have, let's just say that I've been busy (yeah right) XD. I'm really excited because Xenoblade Chronicles finally has been released in America! I can't wait for my birthday and get the game ;)

Well today I will talk about a few animes that I feel have stopped being good. The majority of them is because their new seasons don't bring nothing new or they bring new concepts that ruin the previous seasons. So lets-a go!
1- Pokémon
I think that this is the anime that best represents when an anime doesn't bring new stuff to keep it fresh. At first, Pokémon was great, but it slowly started getting repetitive and boring. For me, Pokémon's climax was with Pokémon Johto, then the quality started to fall. The basic formula for almost all Pokémon episodes is: (Ash meets someone)-(Rocket Team finds Ash and everybode else)-(Ash fights the new person)-(Team Rocket interferes and rob a lot of the pokémons)-(Ash and everybody else finds Team Rocket)-(Team Rocket is defeated)-(Ash finishes the fight)-(The episode ends). And like in the mainstream Pokémon games, it certainly doesn't help that a new continent and a lot of new pokémons are discovered from nowhere.
I will give credits for creating the pokémon contests, it did give something new, but it is getting repetitive that every new female companion that Ash gets wants to be the best in those contests.
For me, the best way to make Pokémon glorious again is to make the anime based in the manga (which I've heard that is really good) and/or make Ash actually win a tournament.

2- Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yu-Gi-Oh! is in this post because it is one of those animes that new thing are added to keep fresh the formula, but unfortunately doesn't do a good job. I will admit that I haven't watched a lot of 5D's, but Danny and Judini say that it is actually good. At first I was skeptical, but I will listen to them and someday give 5D's a chance (I would watch it, but my internet sucks for watching anime online). With me, I stopped watching Yu-Gi-Oh! at around half of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It stopped being fun for me. I felt that GX was far from being as epic as the original Yu-Gi-Oh! was. Danny says that Yu-Gi-Oh!'s quality went up thanks to 5D's, but it crashed and failed with ZEXAL. Danny told me that ZEXAL's main character is the dumbest and worst main character of the 4 main characters.

3- Beyblade
Beyblade was one of my favorite animes back in the day. I really liked its first season, but when the second season went out, I stopped watching it. I didn't like it at all. Beyblade is in the same spot as Yu-Gi-Oh!, but unlike Yu-Gi-Oh!, Beyblade hasn't recovered its quality. With the third season, I don't know if it will be good as the first one, mainly because now it is a new story with new characters. Only time will tell if this third season will be good. So far from what I've seen, it has a good chance to at least be better than the second season.

4- Digimon
Digimon is in this post representing the animes whose story, characters. etc. have been completely changed. Back in the day, Pokémon and Digimon where like two different poles. "Society" was divided in two, those who liked Pokémon more, and those who liked Digimon more. For me, Pokémon was the one the had more followers, but that doesn't mean that Digimon was bad. I mean, Digimon is a great anime, and unlike Pokémon, it did try to change. But not all of the changes were good...
I will admit that my favorite Digimon season was the third, Digimon Tamers. So far, so good. I felt that Digimon was doing great. And then the fourth season was released. At first I liked it, but slowly I started losing interest in it, and stopped watching it. I got bored and felt that the good things from the previous seasons was lost due to the destruction that the Digiworld experimented, and its character don't convince me a lot. I admit that I liked the fact that humans became digimons, but after a while it was like meh.
There is a fifth season, but Kaiser Nebur suggested me to not watch it, and I'm following his advice.
For me: Digmon Tamers>Digimon>Digimon 02>>>Digimon 4

5- Dragon Ball Z Kai
I don't have words for this monstrosity. DBZ Kai is here because it is a new version of a great anime, but IT SUCKS. It is heavily censored, and the drawings suck a lot. For some reason, it looks like the characters barely have muscles.
I still can't believe that such a thing has Dragon Ball Z written on its name. I honestly don't know what is a bigger disgrace to Dragon Ball, Kai or Evolution. D:
A little cousin of mine is growing up with Kai, and I feel sorry for him. I showed him the original DBZ, and he said that he preferred Kai O_O I know that when he get older, he'll go to the good side and like DBZ more than Kai ;)

So there you go people, a few animes that I feel that have stopped being as good as before. See you later! :D


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  1. great post!!! i sugest you perez to watch x evolution and by the way, i think naruto should deserve a mention since it is a good anime realñy but, so much filler is really anoying...

    by her Kaiser Nebur