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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry... Leaving for two weeks

Hi guys! It's me, Pérez. I'm making this brief post to tell you that I started the university this past August 22, reason for which I won't be making any Nintendo posts because I have to take a course everyday at the hour when I searched the web for news. The good thing is that this course will end next week, so I'll regain my afternoon and continue making posts! :D
By the way, I've decided to make the Nintendo posts once a week because not everyday there are interesting news to tell you guys.
See you guys again in two weeks!!!! :)

Presenting PS-360 News

What's happening forum? Today, since we are supposed to be covering all three different companies out there and Perez took the matters into his own hands (Nintendo), I guess someone should cover for the other two companies, and who better for that than the hybrid otaku-gamer that you know as Judini/Ricardo? So yeah, since I'm an all-rounder, I'll be covering the news on both the PS3 and the X-Box 360 (Sony/Microsoft respectively), just for the sake to be ok with the three companies out there. Depending on how activity is going, I'll be posting news every Tuesday and Saturday, trying my best to be up to date with the news and bringing them on the scheduled dates. If there's some news that I didn't post here, feel free to post it as a comment, I'll give you the credit obviously for your contribution ;)

All right then, let's rock....

1) Mortal Kombat: Arcade Collection, available worldwide tomorrow!!!

Creative Director and co-creator of MK Ed Boon, has given his thumbs up on this exciting proposition, today for the PS Plus users, tomorrow for all at just $9.99 at PS Store and 800 Microsoft points at X-Box Live. This kollection brings three klassics from the MK origins (MK1, MK2, and UMK3), and will have online gameplay, trophies/achievements, online leaderboard, and much more!! I, as the hardcore MK fan that I am, am very excited about this news, and would undoubtly buy it....... unluckily I have no funds :( But you enjoy this awesome piece of art ;)

2)God of War Origins Demo available for PS Plus users.
That's right...... those Kratos fans out there will be able to live Kratos' past with this game...... as far as I know :P This game supposely coversthe part of Kratos life that hasn't been covered yet..... how he became the ruthless spartan he is now, I believe it still hasn't been given an official release date, but as soon as I get it, I'll be sure to inform it to you guys :D

3)Dreaming with Mirror's Edge 2.......
It has been said by EA DICE's Lars Gustavsson, commenting about the Faith series, that even though it is well received by fans and stuff, they are still dreaming with continue work on that universe, but it still hasn't been scrapped completely, so it is possible for it to come and that he misses it as he misses Mirror's Edge 2 (hence the title lol). They also learned about the comments from Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach, that 3D maybe isn't just completely safe to explore at the moment.

I still don't have many sources so this is what I got so far, I had some other news but unluckily I couldn't find details, hence I would only show titles -.-''

Sorry on that one, if you know where I can find any news, you are welcome to suggest them ;)

Until next time Underworlders!!!
As you are, you can't win. -Itachi Uchiha

Sunday, August 28, 2011

We can't believe it...

Here at the Underworld Honduras HQ (Judini's house) we're super excited about this. When Danny and Pérez started the blog, their goal was to reach the 10,000 visits by the anniversary of the blog (January 26). Pérez made the calculus, and he said that by early January we would reach it. Every month he re-did the calculus because more and more people saw the blog everyday. By March, Judini "joined" the blog, but he had always been part of the Underworld Trio. Now we have reached our goal thanks to Danny's friends in many different forums, Judini's Mortal Kombat friends and Pérez's constant advertisement between the people he knows (mostly on Facebook and his ex-school). We really want to thank you all the Underworlders, we really appreciate it. Now Pérez has stated the blog's next goals:
1- Reaching the 20,000 visits before January 26 and
2- Start going to different conventions to get interviews like next year's E3 and the MEGACON 2011 (a 1-day convention made in  Honduras in November).
Once again, THANK YOU!
We also want to to thank our former Computer Science teacher, Mr. Raf Flores. Thanks to him we did this blog. THANKS MR. RAF! :D

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Well, since this is a post made by the three of us, as a signature we are going to use the possible logo that we are going to use when we create the Underworld store

Friday, August 26, 2011

September 2011 Yu-gi-oh! Banlist

Yare yare...seems like I have been lazing off from posting havent I?...Wrong, actually the reason for my lack of posting is because right now I am working on the Pokemon Interactive Poll that I started a while ago, thanks to all the people who voted...for those who didnt I hope you participate next time, and I am pleased to say that the voting is now closed and the post will be up as soon as I have finished it. I plan on making it the best post that has ever been made in Underworld Honduras so I hope you look forward to it.

Now about this post...I imagine all of you Yu-gi-oh players out there know that next week we are entering the new format of September 1, 2011. What is interesting about this format are the changes that it will bring to all the current gameplay in general, so be sure to tune up your decks in order to play this new format.

HERE is the new banlist on the official Yu-gi-oh! site.

Ill talk about some of the most interesting changes that we see in this new list and how they could affect the gameplay.

This is one of the cards that I dont fully understand why they were banned. I suppose that it is to level
the fight between meta and anti-meta decks out there, now that I am complaining, this was a major drawback
to using Gladiator Beasts, once Oppression was on the field your game was as good as over unless you have an MST in your hand. What I dont like about this is that the game is becoming focused on special summoning, and what with Xyz coming up soon, Royal Oppression might have been the card to even things out. I still retain my doubts about this one...

This is one card I got several questions about, why are they banning Giant Trunade while Heavy Storm is coming back, the Trunade returns them to the hand allowing them to be used later on while Heavy Storm destroys them and its over. Now think about this, all the OTK decks out there used Giant Trunade to clear the field before they strike, there is nothing that stops cards from going back to the hand so Stardust Dragon wont negate it, nor will other destruction-prevention cards. Another possible reason is that Swords of Revealing Light is now at two, so Giant Trunade would let you be protected from attacks for a maximum of 8 turns if you use it to return the Swords to the hand. Those are 8 turns that would be more than enough to get your monsters set for the play that you wanted.
Everybody take out Giant Trunade from your decks and add this little one. This is the dark hole of magic and trap cards and is now at one, so I am pretty sure this will be the new staple for every deck. Now why would they remove Trunade and add this one? Pretty simple, Stardust Dragon and Starlight Road, both of which I am sure will be run like crazy from now on, try using Heavy Storm to wipe out the opponents 3-4 trap cards and they chain you the Starlight Road, your card will be negated and they get a free Stardust Dragon. Trunade couldnt be negated by these cards so its rather easier to fight back Heavy Storm than Trunade. However be sure, if your opponent hasnt got anything to stop the Storm all their savior traps will be blown away and theyll get a hard hit on their strategy, no Mirror Force/Torrential for them!
And now the main show of this format: Chaos is back! No, all of you OTK-addicts, you wont be getting Chaos Emperor Dragon until Konami thinks up of something even more broken than it or priority gets taken away, but at least youll be getting the Black Luster Soldier to pull out the famous plays that Chaos decks are famous for. However this card comes with a drawback, and that is that EVERYBODY wants to run a friggin chaos deck now, leaving originality at 0. Even though this cards were all-mighty in their time its really annoying to see that everybody is desperately trying to change their decks in order to fit this card, even if it comes at the price of ruining the strategy of it. People, be creative! If you want to make a Chaos deck, thats fine, but netdecking is just stupid, make your own version of Chaos and show people why its so feared!!

Well I am pretty sure we could make this a very very long post if we talked about each and every one of the changes that have been made to the banlist, but because I dont want to tire you out with too long of a post about this, Ill let you see the opinion of two very well known YugiTubers, for those who dont know what that is...use logic...Yu-gi-oh and Youtube...but anyways here Ill show you their opinions on the matter, you make your own conclusions about the new format.



Well that is all for today, thank you very much for reading us. Investigate on your own about the new banlist and be sure to prepare for next week. This is certainly the craziest format we have seen in a long time so take advantage of it!

"El hombre no puede crear sin dar primero algo a cambio"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nintendo News & Rumors #1

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty! I've decided to make two more types of posts (I did videogames, manga/animé and comics), Nintendo news and TCG's. My Nintendo News posts are gonig to be bi-weekly, having a new edition every Monday and Thursday. For my first Nintendo News  Rumors post, I'm going to give you a summary of last week's most important news and rumors.

#1 Possible Massive Single Player Online Game of Animal Crossing
Nintendo filed a US patent application in 2010, and as of last week, it has been published. This patent is for the idea of a «massively single-player online» game that sounds very much like an advanced version of Animal Crossing. :D

#2 N3DS is rapidly getting more sales in Japan
According to Enterbrain, Japan has sold 214,821 3DS’s since August 8th, most notably hitting a huge spike in sales on August 11th as a result of the significant price drop of 10,000 yen, which brought the cost down to 15,000 yen.
214,821 sales in one week marks the system’s second highest weekly total, just behind the 371,326 units sold during launch week. In total, the 3DS has sold 1,521,326 units. :D (Watch out PS VITA!)

#3 Zone of the Enders 3DS???
Game Developer Hideo Kojima tweeted the picture below from the desk of Takahiro Omori, who has worked on Zone of the Enders and Metal Gear Solid. This is a strong indication that Zone of the Enders will be coming to the 3DS, assuming that “ZOE 3DS” in the background of the picture refers to a future title, such as Zone of the Enders 3DS.

#4 New Wii Version for Europe
This Wii redesign will not make use of any GameCube games or GameCube controllers. The new model eliminates Gamecube from the Wii and takes away all backward compatibility. If you want to make sure your Wii will have backward compatibility, I suggest you guys to purchase a Wii as soon as possible (assuming you don’t already own one :P), or buy this model and buy a GameCube, whichever is cheaper for you. :)

#5 TLOZ: Skyward Sword Finally Has A Release Date!!!!
Yes, you read right. Nintendo announced TLOZ: SS release date! November 18 for Europe and November 20 for America! The golden WiiMote will also be released around those days... :D

#6 New Trailers
Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights (3DS)

Star Fox 64 3D Special Vehicles

Tekken 3D

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Pokémon Rumble Blast

Resident Evil: Revelations

Friday, August 19, 2011

This had to be done......


Yes!! Thats right!! Our power level is over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well not really, but we have registered over 9000 visits, and we said that when this happened, this will be posted, thank you all for your support, and we hope that you will keep synchronizing with us to hear some random crap that maybe you wanna look at :P

This post has no signature as it comes from the 3 of us :P

Enjoy!! Next time comes a real post :D!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why So Serious?

Yo yo, what's up guys?! Pérez reporting for duty. I'm making this post about one of the most famous villains of all time. But first, I wanna remind you guys of Danny's interactive poll and mines as well. Danny's poll is about finding Ash a heterosexual partner (sorry for those of you who would have wanted to recommend Brock :P), the options: Misty, May, Dawn, Bianca, Bayleef, Latias and Iris. I don't know who Iris is, but what the hell, someday Ash will be in his 30s and he'll still have a teenage girl full of hormones that will never do something with Ash due to his suspected homose... sorry. :P You can answer Danny's poll in his e-mail My poll is about "Who is the greatest videogame character?" and you can send me up to ten answers to my e-mail (for those Somalian pirates that want to kidnap me F**k U! >:/ ) If you send me more than one answer, please number them from 1 to 10, with 1 being the best and 10 being the not so best but still pretty awesome. Remember, Danny's e-mail:; MY e-mail: Thanks for voting!!!!

Batman's archenemy. The Joker is one of the most influential villains in the history of comics, and one of the best recognized on a massive scale. He is a threat to both heroes and villains, and is one of the most sinister and dangerous antagonists of ALL the DC Universe.
His first appearance was in the comic book Batman # 1 in early 1940. His conceptual creation was conceived by art assistant Jerry Robinson and then redesigned by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane, who based the character's final drawing (from pictures handed by Finger) of the actor Conrad Veidt in the film adaptation "The man Who Laughs" (1928).
He is responsible for many terrible happenings in Batman's life, like the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin, Barbara Gordon's (Batgirl) paralysis, the murder of Carl Beaumont and the death of Sarah Essen-Gordon.
The Joker was named the eighth best comic book character by Magazine Empire and the fifth best in the Wizard Magazine. And in 2008, reached number one on the list of the top 100 villains also Wizard (pretty good, no?).

In his first story (Batman # 1, 1940), the Joker was described by Bill Finger as a diabolical criminal mastermind with the facial appearance of a clown that liked to leave their victims with a grotesque smile. This and the joker cards that he used to leave at the crime scene, were considered his signature. The character does not hesitate to murder those who stand in his way and was able to fool even the authorities, masquerading as police (what a great police force there was in the 40's). In that first story, the Joker was about to fall off a building, but Batman saved him and sent him to jail (a HUGE mistake). It is presumed that prior to any criminal act of The Joker, he and Batman maintained a close friendship, but their friendship was affected by the presence of Catwoman who was the apple of discord between them because both showed a visible attraction to her (meoww!!!), in the end she decided to stay with Batman and help him in their mission to hunt criminals and especially the Joker (thats great, first Im going to break your heart and then Im going to chase you).
Here is a photo of a page of Batman #1:

There is no clue about the origins of the Joker, but depending of the author of the reboot or movie they sometimes decide to invent him a past. In The Dark Knight (by Christopher Nolan), the Joker is a psychopath with an unknown past and name, his face is painted in white and has scars on his mouth emulating a freaky smile. In the film, the Joker (brilliantly performed by Heath Ledger) told two different stories about the cause of those marks, in one he attributed them to his mother after killing his alcoholic father before him, he slit his face to see him not so serious. In the other one, his wife, who owed money to gamblers, had been marred by a grunt, so she falls into depression. The Joker then performed in himself the same cuts to support her, but she ends up leaving him (what a great and grateful wife). Both stories, given the nature of the character, are interpreted as hoaxes or jokes.

The original image was of a brilliant psychopath with criminal tendencies to sadism and a weird sense of humor, harassing innocent people and committing curious crimes and brutally inhumane. It represents illustrious chaos and crime as opposed to order and justice embodied in Batman (If Batman is the Dark Knight, then the Joker is the Light Knight?).
Another representation of the Joker (heavily influenced by the Comics Code), was popularized in the 1950 and 1960, which characterized him as an eccentric petty thief, lacking in care and a special appreciation for slapstick gags and paraphernalia. A character style which had its climax in the Batman TV series of the mid-1960.
This was the version of the character which became popular worldwide. For example, in Latin America this funny and bizarre villain won the sympathy of readers and was translated into Spanish as "Comodín" by the Mexican publishing house Editorial Novaro, the largest exporter in the world of Batman comics in Spanish from 1952 to early the 80s, and the name "Guasón" in the translation (also performed in Mexico by the American Film Company SA) from the famous sitcom from 1966 for the interpretation of the character by César Romero. Other popular names in those years were "El Bromista" for the cartoons of Hanna-Barbera: The Super Friends, "Arlequín" (I”ve never heard that name before :P) also in Novaro, and so on. It was until the mid-80's that the Joker's original name was used in Spanish comics (for some reason I know him more as El Guasón than El Joker, and I my birthday was in 1994).
In The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan shows a third film version of the character, this time looking to recreate a more faithful, but in realistic tone, the character of comics from the 40s. He is depicted as a petty criminal with a taste for theatricality and sadomasochistic tendencies that always leaves its mark on the scene (the joker card and the smile on their victims, this time made with a knife). Also, he does not hesitate to kill whoever stands in his way, likes to make death threats to launch in mass media and enforce them. This Joker is able to deceive the authorities to carry out his plans, outwit the mafia, his own followers, to instill terror into the city and cause Batman to lose control.
Meanwhile, in the comics and then the disappearance (presumed death) of Batman in the series Final Crisis (2008), the Joker laments the disappearance of "his Batman" and takes two characters simultaneously: the Domino Killer, murderer of criminals of Dr. Hurts bands, and Oberon Sexton, an English writer and amateur detective, looking for both to murder and thwart the new great enemy of Batman, Dr. Hurt. This happens in the series Batman and Robin (2009 to 2010).
Here he is as Oberon Sexton:

César Romero, Batman, the 1966-1969 sitcom.
César Romero, Batman, 1966.
Jack Nicholson, Batman, 1989.
Hugo E. Blick and David U. Hodges as young Jack Napier in Batman and Batman Forever respectively.
Mark Hamill, Batman: The Animated Series Paul Dini series,1992-1997.
René Requiestas, Alyas Batman Robin, Filipino film of 1993.
Fradegradi Mauro, L'Ultima Possibility, theatrical 1998.
Mark Hamill, Birds of Prey, 2002.
Bud Watson, Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt, 2003.
Andrew Koenig, Batman: Dead End, a short film of 2003.
Brian C. Bethel, Grayson, 2004.
Kevin Michael Richardson, The Batman, 2004
Michael Simon, Catwoman: Nine Lives, 2005.
Paul Molnar, Patient J, Short Film, 2005.
Paul Molnar, Batman Legends, Short Film, 2006.
Gavin Rulon, Star Trek Versus Batman, 2006.
Bryan Bockbrader, Joker, short horror films of 2006.
Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, 2008 (Oscar for Best Actor).
Here we have the two greatest Jokers of all time, Jack and Heath:

Well, this is it. I hope you've liked this post as much as I liked it had when I wrote it. Remember to vote in Danny's poll, as well as in mine!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Watashi no turn!!! Danny here people, glad to be coming back to posting in here, hope that you two havent had much pain dealing with my fellow co-bloggers...joking joking. What I am going to write about this time is one duelist in particular that has come to my attention recently, well I am sure that many serious Yu-gi-oh players from the United States and those that watch videos on it on Youtube also. I am talking no less than about Dragonduelistgirl!

I first saw a video on her while looking for video reviews about the Extreme Victory set that was some months ago, what caught my attention however was her decklist video on the suggestions rack of Youtube, after watching the deck and a few of her duels I got interested in the Disaster Dragon Deck.

This girl is an awesome player, she has years playing with her dragon deck and has become a true dread for anyone who comes against her in a duel. I really recommend her videos to everybody interested in Yu-gi-oh videos and specially for those that have, would like to have or plan on having a dragon-based deck, she is the expert on this. Ricardo(AKA Judini) has gotten some good ideas for the Hopeless Dragon deck that he is right now putting together although making sure not to copy her, after all originality is what makes each duelists deck special and unique.

Here is the link to her Youtube Channel, everybody please visit and if you wish to subscribe, lets support Yu-gi-oh fellow players!:


Not only is this girl good at the card game and awesome in her videos, but she is also the owner of a card shop! For everybody that wants to order structure decks, boxes, play mats and most importantly singles you can get them right here and by watching her videos you even get a discount on your purchases!


I know what all of you are thinking, that we get some kind of reward for putting this in our blog. Well Ill have to disappoint you there, but this was just because I think that she is one amazing duelist and because I want to support those serious Yu-gi-oh players who contribute so much to the game.

Well on other news I thank each and every one of you who has submitted a vote to my post. For those of you who dont know, or dont remember which one it is, since its understandable considering that we have two interactive polls going on right now, the reason for them is to gauge the support of our fans in order to plan future events, interviews and other things for you readers. My poll question is this: Which straight pairing do you give to ash?

Options: Misty, May, Dawn, Bianca, Bayleef, Latias and Iris.

If you wish to support our blog please be so kind as to send your answer(s) to my e-mail:, the winner pairing will get a special post done for it in here. A total of 57 votes have been counted so far, thank you!!

When you are up high, all the stuff that looks confusing and messed up... suddenly becomes crystal clear.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Interactive Poll / 8,000 Visits!!!!

First of all, WOW! We've reached 8,000 visits in less than 10 days! a whole new record for us!. Now I wonder if we're going to be able to reach 20,000 visits before our anniversary. I hope we do!
Second of all, Danny and Judini have made an interactive poll each. Danny made it about finding a girlfriend for Ash Ketchup (yes, I know I spelled it wrong!) and Judini about fatalities, so I want to make my own interactive poll. The theme: "Which is the greatest videogame character of all times?". So send me your answer(s) to my e-mail please! I'm going to publish it as a Top 10, so you can send me more than one choice!! If you send me more than one character, please number them from 1 to 10, 1 being the best and 10 being the not so best!!! Example: 1- Mario, 2- Kratos, 3- Sonic and so on!
REMEMBER MY E-MAIL!!!!!   !!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

1st Ever Underworld Honduras Interactive Poll Results (MK Top 10 Fatalities)

What's happening you silly Underworlders? Getting too beated up? Well I've got the cure..... see others get beaten up xD Nahh I'm joking, but finally here it is, the Top 10 MK Fatalities!!! You may be wondering why I took so long? Yeah, I forgot to erase the account and I received 500 more votes, and becuz I couldn't get rid of them and didn't want to be mean, I included them as well, so here it is the FINAL final version of the results of the 1st Ever Underworld Honduras Interactive Poll Results!! I'm gonna take you on a wild ride and get ready becuz this is....

NUMBER 10!!! Quan Chi's Leg Beat MK4 (70 votes)
Well check this out, Quan Chi takes "Why you hitting yourself??" to a whole new level!!
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 I love how Quan Chi keeps beating the hell out of them even after they are grounded, I also liked that the guy is still screaming in pain of the blows, I also feel this fatality got ruined in MK9 :/

NUMBER 9!!! Havik's Homerun MKD (99 votes)
What's up with you people and leg beats? This is kind off based on Quan Chi's fatality but a has a new twist...
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Lol at this one, it's hilarious and gruesome at the same time, I also like it that the scream cuts off right after Havik homeruns their head off, other than that, same as Quan Chi.

NUMBER 8!!! Kratos's Blades of Olympus MK9 (101 votes)
Well, he may be a guest character, but his Fatality kicks ass, one of the most gruesome in MK9...
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 It's gory, it's brutal, it is all what you expect from the Spartan Ghost Kratos.

NUMBER 7!!! Shao Kahn's Great Divide MK9 (102 votes)
The Emperor is big, bad, and kicks your ass, and his Fatality just makes his reputation even easier to believe...
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Just try to argue why this should be lower, if you do, Shao Kahn himself wants a word with you xD

NUMBER 6!!! Johnny Cage's Nut Overkill MKSM (126 votes)
He literally nut punches the crap out of you until he makes sure you are completely unable to have any kids..... or legs...
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 You may be wondering why I keep with the fatality ratings if you believe they are all gonna be 5/5..... well you'll be in for a surprise ;)

NUMBER 5!!! Reptile's Head Eat MK2 (150 votes)
Hell, this is what we call, being too lazy to go to the fridge and we eat the first thing we have at reach..... this case, your head :)
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Why the original was used over the remixed version in MK9? Well, ask the voters, some of them like this version better becuz of the distinctive "mmm" sound that Reptile makes after he eats the head. ;)

NUMBER 4!!! Noob Saibot's Make a Wish MK9 (157 votes)
Well, Noob Saibot shows why being capable of bringing your shadow to life might be helpful :P
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Gruesome so it's awesome, also kind off a foreshadowing, as Noob-Smoke did something similar to try to kill Sub-Zero in the netherealm in MKD, got saved by Sareena.

NUMBER 3!!! Liu Kang's Inner Dragon MKSM (201 votes)
Well, why MKSM version? Maybe it really shows off a really ferocious dragon when they attempt to run away :P
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Lol, never really liked Liu, but the victim trying to run away from this giant dragon is just hilarious!!

NUMBER 2!!! Kung Lao's Razor's Edge MK9 (352 votes)
Talk about pain, damn this Fatality really has got to hurt!
FATALITY RATING: 5/5 Kung Lao, for buzzsawing the crap out of Quan Chi.... you da man :D

Damn, if I hadn't admitted those extra votes, Scorpion would have taken a 76-vote lead over Sub-Zero, unluckily, Sub-Zero managed to caught up, and they ended tied, remember that you could send up to 3 Fatalities in one mail, so yeah this is possible, anyways, just enjoy the show :p
FATALITY RATING BOTH: 5/5 Self explanatory, complete awesomeness.

This are 3 Fatalities that almost made the cut, but for some reason or another they couldn't...

Ermac's Telekinetic Slam MKD
USER COMMENTS: One of my personal favorites, almost can't believe it didn't make it :(
Kano's Eat your Heart Out MK9
USER COMMENTS: Taken from Scorpion, in a trailer Scorpion used this on Sub-Zero and it was given to Kano in-game. Kano also has Scorpion's original throw..... Does Kano wants to shout get over here as well?
RATING: 3/5 I feel it goes way too fast :/
Hotaru's Leg Slam MKD
USER COMMENTS: I don't know you people, but I feel he stole this from Ermac, and since he didn't have telekinetic powers, decided to slam them by the leg.... same idea, different method.
RATING: 4/5 I like it but feeling it the same as Ermac's takes it down.
This Fatalities were never even mentioned in the more than 2000 votes they sent me, and just wanted to show you :P

Frost's Overfreeze MKDA
RATING: 2/5 She was created just for the sake of a female character.... too bad, I really liked Frost :(

Kenshi's Eye Popper MKDA
RATING: 1/5 It goes insanely slow, you get bored right at the middle of it and you dont really feel the emotion of beating your opponent.
Tanya/Hotaru Triple Neckbreak MK4/MKD
RATING: 2/5 It isn't THAT bad, but they feel made just to fill the need of a Fatality.

I invite you to vote on the Ash's best match up that fellow co-blogger Danny is making, if 2000 of you could send me 2000 Fatalities, well I think it is safe to say you can help Danny out, plz support the site, we aren't asking for donations or anything but we want you to take part of Underworld Honduras and currently this is one of the easiest ways to do so, so plz send your vote to Danny's mail and be part of the Underworld movement :D

This is it for now, hope you enjoyed this Fatality fest!! Cya next time Underworlders!!!
Hey you!! Yeah you! I'm down here busting my ass while you sit on yours watching me jump around?? I hardly see how's that fair.... Deadpool MvC3 xD

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Favorite Samurai X Character: Sanosuke!!!!

As I promised in my last post, here’s my post about Sanosuke Sagara!

Birthday: August 6, 1860 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANOSUKE!!!!!)
Age (Today): 151 years old
Height: 1.79 m (about 5’10”)
Occupation: Mercenary (I suppose that’s the correct term for his job)
Important Family Members and Friends: Souzo Sagara (leader and great friend), Kamishimoemon (father), Naname (mother), Uki (younger sister), Outa (younger brother), Kenshin (best friend and mate), Kaoru (friend and mate), Yahiko (friend), Megumi (friend)
Weapon: Zanbato and Fists (yeah, he likes to fight bare-handed. Pretty awesome, huh?)
Seiyu: Yuji Ueda

Nobuhiro Watsuki, the genius that created Sanosuke, was inspired in Sanosuke Harada, the captain of the tenth division of the Shinsengumi, when he created Sanosuke. In some scenes (supposedly), you can see the resemblance of Sagara’s face with Harada’s. Sanosuke’s jacket has a hate symbol towards the Meiji government. He hates them because of the death of his comrades and his mentor, Souzo Sagara.
A pic of Sanosuke HARADA:

Sanosuke appears for the first time in the fourth chapter of the story, when he is hired to get rid of Kenshin. In those days, Sano (that’s how Kenshin tells him in the Latin American version of the animé, I don’t know if he gets called the same around the world) was a street fighter (not a member of the awesome game. Can you imagine Sanosuke fighting against Ruy, Ken, M. Bison, and the others?! It would be pretty awesome!!!!!) specialized in using a humongous weapon/sword called Zanbato. Kenshin manages to defeat Sano and breaks the Zanbato. After that they become the best friends (a cliché?).

During the fight, it is revealed Sano’s past. He came from a humble background and was a member of the Sekihoutai (a group of countrymen under the commands of Souzo Sagara) that supported the Ishin Shishi. When the Ishin Shishi felt that the Sekihoutai were not needed anymore, they killed all of them (except Sanosuke obviously) and cut the head of Souzo :(. Sanosuke adopts Souzo’s last name, and becomes SANOSUKE SAGARA!!!!!! Since then he has dedicated to fighting (Sanosuke for Street Fighter? Tekken? Super Smash Bros.? Mortal Kombat?) and afterwards, focuses in weaponless fighting. His fighting style is similar to boxing, though he occasionally uses his legs (kickboxing? UFC?)
When Kenshin travels to Kyoto (Tokyo’s anagram sister city) to defeat Makoto Shishio, Sanosuke follows him, and receives training from a monk. The monk teaches him a special attack called Futae No Kiwami, which is capable of easily destroying the hardest objects. With time, he discovers that the monk works for Shishio, so he decides to defeat him. He defeats him with a new version of the attack, which now includes a third blow extending the fingers. He also gets a thing with Megumi :P
After Kyoto, Sanosuke is very hurt by the continued use of his technique, so he starts using the Zanbato. When Kenshin is exiled to ostracism, Sanosuke travels Japan, where he reunites with his ​​family, the Higashidanis, from whom he was separated when he was 10 years old. The family is composed by Kamishimoemon (father), Nanam (dead mother), Uki (younger sister) and Outa (younger brother). A curious fact about the names of the family members is that in Japanese their names mean up-down, diagonal, right and center, respectively.
Among his greatest achievements is a fight in his hometown, where he  manages to defeat 200 men and injuring a "ishin" (pretty awesome huh?!). The poor dude had to be bandaged from head to toe. He It is said that anyone that fights with Sano sees the kanji in his back for weeks in their nightmares (like in the Sherlock Holmes movie: “Physical recuperation: 6 days. Mental recuperation: 6 months :P.
At the end of the manga, we learn that Sanosuke has to flee the Japanese police, and makes a long journey through the world, which leads to the far western United States and the steppes of Mongolia (in Danny’s post about Samurai X you can see the end of the manga, so check it out later!).

I hope you've liked this post as much as I had when writing it. Remember to comment!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dueling Network.

Hello there people on the internet, Danny reporting in, well I should say that its been some time since my last post and the reason for that is that like Perez I am experiencing some severe internet problems that dont let me post as much as I used to do since it blocks my entries sometimes. Anyways getting to the important things I think that its about time I make a Yu-gi-oh post, talking about which I am glad to inform that I finally finished my gladiator beast deck, the recipe of which I will post in some later post soon so you guys can tell me what you think about it, now this post will be about a site that has caught my attention a lot recently.

Its called Dueling Network, one of the best sites to play Yu-gi-oh online and also one of the very few that are easy to use and are free to the public, so you wont have to worry about buying some membership or items like some other websites that I have visited require you to do.


There are many benefits from using this site, first of all youll notice that you have almost every card in the game available to be used in your decks so youll be able to create basically limitless amounts of decks easily and without needing to unlock them. This site is also very good in order to test your real deck against players all around the world to see how good you are in the game and also in order to build decks that you are planning on buying but before you do testing them on the site to see if its really worth it to buy them.

Some people like me like to make their real life decks into the game and then adding cards that you dont have in real life to it so that you can see how well they perform in your deck and maybe consider buying them someday.


The major problem with this site is that you have to do everything like you would have to in real life meaning you are responsible for carrying out the effects and requirements of the cards by yourself and you have to lower your own life points according to what the opponent does. Due to the including of a chat feature in the game its easier now to make the other player understand what you are doing, still this system allows for many flaws in the gameplay and leaves too much to a duelists moral code.

The other huge problem with this is the amount of bad players you are bound to run into when playing this game, lots of people try cheating with things like drawing cards when you are not seeing, refusing to lower their lifepoints or summoning monsters without fullfilling the conditions. And most annoying of all is the fact that when you pull out a winning card they quit most of the times ending the duel in nothing.


For all those duelists out there that really know the game this game is definitely something they must get into to test their decks and further improve their gameplay however for those noobs that know nothing about it and just want to annoy and cheat others please be so kind as to leave the game.

Cyber Dragons FTW