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Sunday, August 28, 2011

We can't believe it...

Here at the Underworld Honduras HQ (Judini's house) we're super excited about this. When Danny and Pérez started the blog, their goal was to reach the 10,000 visits by the anniversary of the blog (January 26). Pérez made the calculus, and he said that by early January we would reach it. Every month he re-did the calculus because more and more people saw the blog everyday. By March, Judini "joined" the blog, but he had always been part of the Underworld Trio. Now we have reached our goal thanks to Danny's friends in many different forums, Judini's Mortal Kombat friends and Pérez's constant advertisement between the people he knows (mostly on Facebook and his ex-school). We really want to thank you all the Underworlders, we really appreciate it. Now Pérez has stated the blog's next goals:
1- Reaching the 20,000 visits before January 26 and
2- Start going to different conventions to get interviews like next year's E3 and the MEGACON 2011 (a 1-day convention made in  Honduras in November).
Once again, THANK YOU!
We also want to to thank our former Computer Science teacher, Mr. Raf Flores. Thanks to him we did this blog. THANKS MR. RAF! :D

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Well, since this is a post made by the three of us, as a signature we are going to use the possible logo that we are going to use when we create the Underworld store

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  1. Congratulations, well deserved, MK FTW!