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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally :)

Nice reply, personally I'm not gonna delete the post NOR any comment posted about it, why? becuz I dont give a damn :) I do care if it is someone trying to mock me or any friend of mine, but other than that its fun to see :P I didn't feel like expanding this mainly becuz of doubt that you'd respond, but since you fell for the bait, we can now clarify things like they should... why not ask personally? I know this guy, at first he'll simply lazy his way out of it and of course not revealing any true intentions, the only way to make him talk is by saying something SO goddamned stupid the he feels the URGE to reply , that way he'll cheer up and respond just becuz its fun (in this case, I used a pair of rather empty insults of past things I recall that I or somebody else used as a joke :P) So becuz some people asked me to wrap this episode up, and I'll use Danny's words, to entertain our readers, here's the response to the last post made by fellow Underworlder Danny :) Ohh and nice Aizen phrase, like it :D

1) No, I didn't state that you were unable to believe me becuz of your superiority complex. I just stated that you have it... and before you plan on something, I dont give a damn what you bring in order to disapprove it or deny it, still people deny this kind of stuff just becuz they dont feel they have it so same point here, I'll still think that way, it is my personal opinion based on what I perceive if you wish, I'm not saying it is bad, just stating it, the way you take it is of no concern to me, I just state my facts. Now on to the image, I'll correct you, Shawn was explaining the GL lore to YOU, I already had my certain share of it myself, I didn't have the Red Lantern symbol on my cel at the time of that post, I had the one from the Black Lanterns, after I read that post, I liked the Red Lanterns symbol so I saved it as well as the rest of the post for safekeeping, then a few days later Shawn told me the Black Lanterns didn't exist anymore, so then I changed it to the Red Lantern one, but it was after you deleted that post, I didn't have it nor saw it before that. Yet again I state that I don't care if you believe me or not, I'm just stating the facts to what you stated before. If it seems pretty convenient or one in a ghost of a chance, same philosophy, I just care about the facts, not the assumptions, yet again, its your problem if you dont wanna believe me, I remember this kind of stuff as accurately as possible for anything that may happen so I'm confident on what I said. Ohh wait about the hacing part, I said that it may have been possible to it have been hacked becuz I doubted that you or Pérez made that post just to mock me, I do know that you took that one post down to help me (still I state I didn't wrote it) and even if you think hacking the blog is worthless, people can do much things over a grudge.

2) -.-'' Damn its a way of saying, I didnt say that you did cry over them -.-'' Anyways I didn't slam them SO strongly as you claim, I know I slam the Infernity Archfiend but it wasn't with force (If you get to play with some of my friends, you'd know what a real slam is) So I take the right to make oblivious case to your reasoning in here, becuz we have different ideas on the amount of force used and a discussion wont take us nowhere.

3) This is one of the empty jokes I used to get your attention, I recall that I joked you about this and you said it was true (obviously still joking becuz you knew it was a joke) :P And seriously stalk you 24/7?!? Are you fking kidding me? The answer is no.

4) This is the second empty joke to get your attention... and I think you got it wrong, when I said you showed no interest in girls I meant in the way of girlfriends, not that you were asexual or something -.-'' And yeah, I already know that, and you should know I know that becuz you were the one to say it, but ohh well I guess you are just too lazy to recall that or felt like I was trying to insult you :P

5) He made it a two-point mark, I'll simply unite it becuz both are short :P I'll just comment the bad memory as to being not precisely that. What I think is simply that Danny is so lazy he rather just forget about stuff... which I can understand quite frankly becuz I sometimes do the same. Difference is that Danny prefers to forget everything and be calm, I'd rather remember little stuff that seem unimportant to others becuz they may serve me well, like replying to Danny's statements and accusations in any case. If Danny does the same or anything but just keeps it to himself its his problem not mine.... and yeah I know it probably isn't the best grammar around but I do my best :P 

And about the traffic source, I did knew that, but I didn't let that hinder my work becuz I never really expected that all our views on the marker came from people who read our blog entirely, not many do so, but what drives me to continue is for those who DO read our blog becuz they like what we have to offer, that's the reason I feel it is worth it to continue here. And thanks Danny that's what I wanted to know, if these two are truly the reason you stopped writing then ohh well you are welcomed anytime as long as you give out good material :) I just wanted to make sure it wasn't for that idiotic reason that you didn't believe me, becuz if that's the real reason then I have nothing more to say to you other than I thought you knew better.

ALSO if you have the need to answer something back for any reason or whatever, talk to ME, don't use the blog becuz officially this is where this dies and we resume normal posting activities coming from a post from Pérez if I recall the order correctly.

Thanks for those people who support our blog and for the ones who bother to request things over to me, try checking out our Youtube Channel Underworld HN so you can laugh at Danny's voice and check out some other vids we have to offer :) 

That's all there needs to be here, see ya later Underworlders :)
I am Akuma! And I'll teach you the meaning of pain! - Akuma's SSFIV Intro

Taken from Super Street Fighter IV, to which I'm gonna review the 3DS version :)
Draconic Emperor Ricardo

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"Do not use such strong words, it makes you look weak" - Aizen Sosuke

Now now, I check the blog after quiet a while and this is what I find? Ill just have to say that not only did I find it completely unoffensive, it was actually quiet amusing to read, in fact it was such that I felt motivated to write this little post here in order to further entertain the readers. Ill kindly give a reply to all the accusations, points and arguments that you have taken the bother to write in here for our estimated readers.

1) First and of course most important of all is that you are insinuating that I didnt believe you because of any feeling of superiority that I have, that I just chose not to believe you without having any reason behind it. Allow me to say that there was quiet a good reason behind my reasoning, after all I do believe that everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt, "Everybody is innocent until proven guilty" like they say.

Now, I would have believed you had it not been for the "apology" post that you had made for the blog about the images that had been stolen from Devianart. Before deleting it, I was careful to copy its content myself in order to defend the blog if needed. The curious thing about this particular post is that you later said that it had been hacked, and that you made no such post, however the signature image was this one:

Rather insignificant for most people, however I remembered that this precise image was the background picture on your cellphone during the time the post was made. Not to mention the fact that it was during this time that Shawn kept explaining to you about the Green Lantern universe and all. Ill have to ask you to imagine the possibilities of this being a coincidence being as near as the difference between a grain of sand and the Earth.

Of course that I was foolish enough to try and help you make it believable by "deleting" the blog on purpose myself to make it appear like somebody had hacked our account, something that nobody would do of course since its not worth it, and in that way clear any suspicion that Perez or anybody else might have. But I guess thats just my fault for trying to help you.

2) I dont remember crying about my cards, what I did was to ask you to stop treating 10 dollar cards that would have been a pain to get again if they were damaged like a gorilla. If you may notice I am very well capable of playing people who can act like humans when playing instead of semi-developed primates, if you dont believe me be so kind as to ask anybody at our locals and see what they answer.

3) About having no social life, Ill have to ask you if you stalk me 24/7 to know what I do with my free time. If the answer is yes, bear in mind that Ill have to start legal procedures against you, if not then Ill gladly say that you dont know about my life.

4) Why I have no interest in girls? I think you wrote that wrong. What I do not have is any interest in getting a girlfriend, one because theyre too much trouble and I like taking things simple with my life and two is that I do not need anybody else to feel comfortable and happy about my life. Not to mention the fact that most people treat girls like objects or trophies, something that I find repulsive and humiliating, and that I have absolutely no wish to take part in.

5) As to why I stopped writing here, two simple reasons:

a) Ill have to say that I am guilty because I was way too lazy to come in here and write anything. Besides the fact I have a very bad memory and usually forget about this blog. Although after seeing the little, and if you tolerate me saying it, badly written, collection of insults against me, it appeared fun enough for me to reply to it.

b) Our main traffic source, and probably I have been the only one out of the four to notice this, is google images, when people click to see the images that we have uploaded here and not the actual posts. So that even if the view count is above 50,000  I have to say that the number of people who actually have read the posts is a lot smaller. This was really a downer for me to discover after we had spent so much effort into this blog, so I didnt know whether or not it was worth it to continue writing here.

I gracefully thank you if you took the trouble of reading through all this post. Whether or not you delete it is up to the three of you. Readers be sure that this wont be the last post that I make, ja ne.

Squad 13 of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.
-Image by Kimi4eva(DevianArt)-

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ruler of The Dark Dimension!!

Hello people of the Underworld, Draconic Emperor Ricardo here :) So just for the sake of making a comic post, I'm going to talk about one of my favorite villians from the Marvel universe, the being from the Dark Dimension Dormammu! But before that there's something I feel you people must know about some things that have recently gone through this blog... so if you wanna know feel free to read, if you don't want to know you can simply skip until you see a red title, that's where the post starts xD

So I assume you are aware that Danny hasn't been here for a while and that I told you that he's simply unmotivated to write and will return shortly right? Well that's not gonna happen. After a talk with fellow co-blogger Pérez, I knew I was right on something, Danny isn't planning to return, but what I discovered next was simply the most idiotic thing I have heard in my life... He isn't returning simply becuz he assumes I was lying about protecting my sis on the copyright problem, he's disappointed that you people forgave me, and he'll not return as long as I'm here becuz he believes I'm a liar and that I'll make this a fail blog (BTW Pérez also said that he wasn't sure to believe me mainly becuz he never knew the backstory, but at least he has common sense and see how people thought about it) . Alright, I know I did what I did and I was ready to accept anything, you people allow me again, then great, I apologized and I did what I had to do without trying to defend myself with protecting my sis, now returning to Danny, I hate that he thinks that way becuz of three thing, 1)He isn't anyone to judge me about this, worst if he knows no crap... 2)He isn't my fking boss... or in that same place YOUR boss to be disappointed about our decisions, he's in no position to determine what you must do and what I must do, he wanted me out, it didn't happen, live with it, correct?... 3)I don't really know who the fk he believes he is to be so fking sure I'm lying, hey I'll admit it, I do crack some jokes and lie about some things just to get a good laugh, but that doesn't mean that all my life is a lie, he gets in that arrogant position of "ohh this idiot is lying I'll not believe him" that makes me wanna punch him in the face but I don't do it becuz supposedly we are friends (not even sure of that now :/). Also another of the real reasons why he isn't returning is becuz he's so addicted to Yugioh he simply stopped caring about the blog, to put it this way, he's so addicted he cries like a goddamn baby if you touch his cards -.-'' I mean seriously? Well anyways, I wasn't lying when I said Nebur was going to replace Danny, nor do I believe Danny will even read this, I'm sure he doesn't give a fk about you or the blog, hell, I don't even know what he will do with his life, he has no social life apart from Yugioh friends apparently, he shows no interest in girls, but ohh well that's another story...... mmm did I talked too much? o_O Sorry about that, but we feel (Pérez accepted the idea that this should be known by our fellow viewers) that as our viewers, you have a right to know if changes are happening and should know the backstory of something, like I remember some of you commented about my issue but Danny erased the comments (now you know why I said I don't know who the fk he believes he is to have that power bestowed upon himself), but that isn't happening again :)

Dormammu!! Ruler supreme of the Dark Dimension, was first introduced in the Strange Tales #126 issue which was released in 1964 if I remember correctly, and his concept was conceived by geniuses Stan Lee and Steve Ditko... or at least that's how I think his name is xD Anyways even though that was his first official appearance, he was mentioned in the comic a good time ago, as the ruler of the deranged realm known as the Dark Dimension. After his introduction, he continued appearing as an antagonist to Dr. Strange and also a foe to Sorcerer Supreme. Dr. Strange's first encounter with Dormammu in the Dark Dimension introduced Clea, Dormammu's niece and also seems to contain the Mindless Ones. Also Dormammu has a sister named Umar, and both are mystical beings called Faltine. They teamed up with Loki later on to investigate the Avenger-Defenders wars  in about 3 issues of the Avengers, if I recall correctly, issue #115 to #118. He then appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #498 to #500 and after that became a minor villian in the New Avengers appearing from time to time.

As you can appreciate on the image (from Marvel vs Capcom 3, game which I already talked about, look it up :D) Dormammu has his head covered in mystical Faltine flames, he usually wears an armor like suit in purple and red overalls as well as sporting something like a cape that only goes from his waist and down, there isn't much science on how he looks, but he looks awesome :D

He is capable of controlling the faltine flames, which are more effective than normal flames becuz of their mystical nature, also, he can open portals out of and into the Dark Dimension at will, as well of summoning pillars of dark energy to strike his foes... not forgetting his flames obviously. Also, being an omnipotent ruler supreme, he's capable of shape-shifting, teleportation, energy projection, matter transmutation, size-shifting, body possesion, revival of the dead, bestowing others with power (Danny believes he has this :/) and he can create demons at will. Also he seems to be stronger in his home dimension, becuz he can tap into the power given to him by his worshippers. He only has ONE weakness, which is if you are capable of taking him somewhere where he can't fuel his Faltine flames, he will be wide open for an attack.

Another version of Dormammu was presented in Ultimatum, where he is actually capable of killing Dr. Strange... or well his son was capable of doing it but it's the same idea, this widely isn't considered canon but it's a fun thing to know :P

Well guess this is it for today, hope you enjoyed the post :)

See ya later Underworlders!!
Wagatamashi! Reddo Demonzu Doragon!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vandal Savage

Kaiser Nebur reporting to duty here from a time back ago… today i am speaking about one of the smartest, vilest, dangerous, cruelest, and coolest villain in the entire DC multiverse if you`re not guessing now i will present to you Mr . Savage!

Vandal savage was a caveman (not a neanderthal) born about like 50000 or so years ago, he was the leader of the aggressive blood . in a common day a meteor crashed in the earth the cavemen of his tribe feared the meteor and escaped from it ( kind of obvious if you are a caveman and see a fire rock falling from the sky you would probably die out of fear), however one caveman did not dear the meteor instead he touched it gaining the powers of a really freaking fast healing and immortality, and from then on this caveman became Vandal Savage and immortal vandal that spreads anarchy, violence and confusion among mankind. Vandal savage has been known throughout history as the cute persons of : Licinus, Alexander the great ,Ghegis Khan, Julius Caesar, Black Beard and Vlad von Dracula or the impaler to some , Napoleon Bonaparte , this is just to name a few of the incarnations savage has taken, he has across history…. Just to name a fun fact he also was a “close friend” to Adolph Hitler in world war II.

His very first recorded act of violence is the destruction of the utopian city of Atlantis just because he wanted to, next i could name all the anarchy he caused after the middle age as Napoleon, Vlad, Hitler`s BUDDY AND SO ON… BUT THE POINT IS CLEAR HE REALLY
HAS DONE REALLY SCARY CRAP ALL THE TIME HE HAS LIVED… during the 40 `s he was a common enemy of the justice society of america . and then on the 90`s and the new millennium he was a great foe to the justice league of america.

Some time during the 80`s he fell in love with a brazilian woman and had a daughter with her, however his consort did not wanted her daughter Scandal (pretty cool name huh?) to come closet of her dad for the fear of her becoming a monster like him, however Scandal gained some of his dad`s skills like a freaking fast regeneration and by her words :”damn hard to get killed”.

He later joined the secret society of supervillains led by Lex Luthor however he later left the group after acknowledging that his daughter scandal Savage plotted to take down the society with the secrte six, wether vandal did this because of the love to his daughter or just for another reason is unknown. After knowing her daughter is a lesbian (you weren't expecting this huh?) he became mad at her and demanded her to give him a heir worthy to follow his steps , however Scandal refused and ended fighting her dad and eventually beat him, but not killing him since he is a darn immortal.

Vandal Savage is currently plotting to take down the current spectre Crispus Allen for some reasons involved with Cain. There are rumors that savage is actually quite an inventor since he invented : violence,anarchy, totalitarianism, cannibalism, manipulation and so on continues the list….


Superhuman strenght: well being a caveman sure gives him the ability to hit really hard and kick like no one

Superhuman endurance: he endured a kick from flash that could cut in half a hippo and survived with Little damage after crashing with a bus.

Genius level of intellect: savage`s strongest weapon by far… living around 52.000 years has given him vast knowledge about the world in many issues like science,politics, philosophy, tactics, physics , mechanics, and manipulation, he virtually has lived every battle and strategy.

Immortality: basically this guy will be around forever….

Super fast regeneration: he regenerates as fast as wolverine.

Skilled martial artist: Vandal Savage knows basically every martial art known and unknown by man making even for batman to be on par with him in a clean fight.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

My favorite pokémons

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Today I'm going to tell you (like the title says) my favorite pokémons. I'm first going to tell you the pokémons I like generation by generation and at the end, my top pokémons. Let's-a go!!!

1st Generation: My pokémon team for the first generation would include Nidoking, Arcanine, Golduck, Scyther, Tauros and Jolteon.

2nd Generation: My pokémon team for the second generation would include Bayleef, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Espeon, Umbreon and Skarmory.

3rd Generation: My pokémon team for the third generation would include Salamence, Manectric, Aggron, Swellow, Mightyena and Grovyle.

4th Generation: My pokémon team for the fourth generation would include Glaceon, Leafeon, Lucario, Floatzel, Pachirisu and Toxicroak.

5th Generation: I would be lying if I gave you a list from the fifht generation because I haven't played any pokémon games from this generation. XD

Now, my All-Stars :D My All-Stars pokémons are my favorite pokémon of every type. If a pokémon has two types, then I stick with the one which look "more dominant" OR it's original type if the second type was included afterwards. The images I got them from DeviantArt. I don't remember who was the artist, but if by any chance you know who he"she is, please let me know to give him the credit for his work. ^_^
Steel: Aggron

Water: Feraligatr

Bug: Scyther

Dragon: Salamence

Electric: Manectric

Ghost: Haunter

Fire: Typhlosion

Ice: Glaceon

Fighting: Lucario

Normal: Tauros

Plant: Grovyle

Psychic: Espeon

Rock: Onix

Dark: Mightyena/Houndoom (I can't decide which one I prefer more XD)

Earth: Nidoking

Poison: Toxicroak

Flying: Swellow

So tell me guys, ¿which are your favorite pokémons? Until next time!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mario Kart 7!

Hello people of the Underworld! Draconic Emperor Ricardo here, so some quick announcements of things I should cover:
1) I was supposed to post some komics that someone requested to me on my Komic Kreator post, the reason why I haven't posted them is becuz in this new computer I lack of a program with transparency skills apparently, and therefore I can't make the komics, once I get hold of how Paint works in this computer I'm gonna post the komics, but aas of now I'm stuck :S
2) I'm pretty sure most of you have revolved the question of "Who the heck is Nebur and why did he make a post? o_O" So I'll answer it here. He's a college friend whom Pérez met back at his university, he is knowledgable enough in comics himself, so we thought that he could help contribute over that factor of our blog..... also he'll be Danny's replacement for those of you who still remember who he is xD
3) I don't know, I needed a third announcement to make it pro xD

So leaving that aside, it's time to unveil (or rather start) the point of this post which is the incredibly super acclaimed Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS :D (yeah I got  3DS back in mid Febraury xD) so hang tight cuz I'll take you on a wild ride!!

So in Mario Kart 7, there are some things that have changed compare to the other Mario Karts, first of all, it integrates an "EARTH-WIND-WATER" system, which means that your kart is capable of going through solid terrain, up into the sky and underwater :D How cool is that? Yeah I know this isn't exactly the first take at this idea (Diddy Kong Racing someone?) but it differentiates on the fact that Mario Kart 7 integrates all of this into one same mechanic rather than needing to change you vehicle according to where you are :P Also, you are able to customize your car any way you like (me? I have a different kart for all the characters I use, I'll especify what I use when I talk about the characters ;D.  With this, you are to see creative karts from their users (or like it tends to happen, all noobs using different characters but exactly the same kart just because those are the best parts in the game -.-'') Well what would be missing to this is the ability to change the colors of the parts (I'm completely sure I would be as sure as hell happy if that were true :D) but ohh well with customizing your kart seems like a good step to me :P Also the way turbo boosts work here is a little bit different also, there are only two boosts, a blue and a red one, which in turn accumulate on how narrowly you're taking your drift :P Sorry, no bikes in here :( (they were cool I liked them but too bad guess we'll miss them)

Let's narrow it down, there's Single Player mode, which divides into 4 basic sub-menus which you probably knew already xD Grand Prix, Time Trails, Balloon Battle, and Coin Runners. Grand Prix in turn divides into 8 cups (Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special cup which are the new ones, and Shell, Banana, Leaf and Lightning cup which are the classic ones ) which are assembled on four different racing categories (50cc, 100cc, 150cc and Mirror)... crao so many divisions x_x Anyways where was I? ahh yeah on those cups you can get 3 categories depending on how well you did. You get 3 stars as rating if you manage to be on first for the majority of the 4 races as well as winning gold. You get 2 stars as rating if you manage to be on first for a good portion of time but didn't manage to get first on all races. And you get 1 star as rating if you barely manage to hang on to first place but still placed good and won. You won't get rating at all if you were dominated during the races. Also you'll notice that on the races there are coins scattered all over the place.... GRAB THEM!! Not only do they give you a little up to your stats during the race, but they also rack up to unock more kart customizations for you to use :D For the first part they come at 50 coins one customization.... but once you get over 1500 coins more or less this changes and I'm not sure of the intervals at which you'll get your prizes :/

Out of the grand prix, there is time trails, which basically resumes to running alone on a course to get the best time possible, which will be recorded as a "Ghost" which you can challenge anytime you like, if you manage to beat your ghost, it means you made a better record than last time.. fk yeah! It's also possible to get ghosts from other people via spot pass (new function of the 3DS) which makes the racing experience even better :)  Also you can catch a Mii character from other people, which will randomly appear in a cup you are playing as one of your competitors :D I'll explain this a little bit more later ;)

Balloon Battle is like in old games, and Coin Runners is how it appeared in Mario Kart Wii, nothing new.

Now there's local multiplayer mode in which you can play with other people nearby with a 3DS and a Mario Kart 7 cartridge, just make a room and wait for your friends (or other people) to join, you can also play on somebody else's room by entering their room :P Also if your friend doesn't have Mario Kart 7... no problema amigo!! Just tell him to enter DS download play and look for your console name, so he can enter the fray..... the only thing is that you'll be using a Blue Shy Guy.... but ooh well I guess it makes you want to buy it xD

There's also online multiplayer, which works as any online game, you can play with a comunity you're part of, with your friends far away, or with random people :P

Now for something interesting.... the Mario Kart Channel.... it works much different here. In here the Mario Kart Channel uses Street and Spot pass to get ghosts, Mii characters for you to play against and community suggestions... I really don't know much about those but I'll explain it someday xD Here also you will see how you are faring, how many coins you got, your street pass tags, VR (rating basically) win/lose record online etc... you can edit a greeting message, you can choose the Mii to use when others tag you, also make your own grand prix with your favorite tracks, as well as customize your kart.... WARNING: The kart you have in here is the same one others will get, so make sure you make your favorite kart here, you can only have one which can be changed any time!

There are 17 different characters counting your Mii, they rack up like this:
Yoshi (Kart Used: Yoshi Egg, Monster wheels, Super Glider)
Bowser (Favorite! Kart used: Koopa Clown Kart, Red Monster Wheels, Swooper Glider)
Donkey Kong
Koopa Troopa
Metal Mario (Kart Used: Barrel Train, Red Monster wheels, Swooper glider)
Shy Guy (Kart used: Zuchinni, Red Monster wheels, Swooper Glider)
Honey Queen

As sure as hell!! It's an awesome game with much replay value and I'm completely sure you'll like it as much as I do!! I just don't recommend to play it in 3D, cuz in Mario Kart you need to be aware of the surroundings and the 3D may only be a headache in this game.

So well this is all for today, see ya later Underworlders hope you enjoy todays post!!
Break the mask of Death, and you'll see  there's nothing behind it to fear.
Draconic Emperor Ricardo