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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"Do not use such strong words, it makes you look weak" - Aizen Sosuke

Now now, I check the blog after quiet a while and this is what I find? Ill just have to say that not only did I find it completely unoffensive, it was actually quiet amusing to read, in fact it was such that I felt motivated to write this little post here in order to further entertain the readers. Ill kindly give a reply to all the accusations, points and arguments that you have taken the bother to write in here for our estimated readers.

1) First and of course most important of all is that you are insinuating that I didnt believe you because of any feeling of superiority that I have, that I just chose not to believe you without having any reason behind it. Allow me to say that there was quiet a good reason behind my reasoning, after all I do believe that everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt, "Everybody is innocent until proven guilty" like they say.

Now, I would have believed you had it not been for the "apology" post that you had made for the blog about the images that had been stolen from Devianart. Before deleting it, I was careful to copy its content myself in order to defend the blog if needed. The curious thing about this particular post is that you later said that it had been hacked, and that you made no such post, however the signature image was this one:

Rather insignificant for most people, however I remembered that this precise image was the background picture on your cellphone during the time the post was made. Not to mention the fact that it was during this time that Shawn kept explaining to you about the Green Lantern universe and all. Ill have to ask you to imagine the possibilities of this being a coincidence being as near as the difference between a grain of sand and the Earth.

Of course that I was foolish enough to try and help you make it believable by "deleting" the blog on purpose myself to make it appear like somebody had hacked our account, something that nobody would do of course since its not worth it, and in that way clear any suspicion that Perez or anybody else might have. But I guess thats just my fault for trying to help you.

2) I dont remember crying about my cards, what I did was to ask you to stop treating 10 dollar cards that would have been a pain to get again if they were damaged like a gorilla. If you may notice I am very well capable of playing people who can act like humans when playing instead of semi-developed primates, if you dont believe me be so kind as to ask anybody at our locals and see what they answer.

3) About having no social life, Ill have to ask you if you stalk me 24/7 to know what I do with my free time. If the answer is yes, bear in mind that Ill have to start legal procedures against you, if not then Ill gladly say that you dont know about my life.

4) Why I have no interest in girls? I think you wrote that wrong. What I do not have is any interest in getting a girlfriend, one because theyre too much trouble and I like taking things simple with my life and two is that I do not need anybody else to feel comfortable and happy about my life. Not to mention the fact that most people treat girls like objects or trophies, something that I find repulsive and humiliating, and that I have absolutely no wish to take part in.

5) As to why I stopped writing here, two simple reasons:

a) Ill have to say that I am guilty because I was way too lazy to come in here and write anything. Besides the fact I have a very bad memory and usually forget about this blog. Although after seeing the little, and if you tolerate me saying it, badly written, collection of insults against me, it appeared fun enough for me to reply to it.

b) Our main traffic source, and probably I have been the only one out of the four to notice this, is google images, when people click to see the images that we have uploaded here and not the actual posts. So that even if the view count is above 50,000  I have to say that the number of people who actually have read the posts is a lot smaller. This was really a downer for me to discover after we had spent so much effort into this blog, so I didnt know whether or not it was worth it to continue writing here.

I gracefully thank you if you took the trouble of reading through all this post. Whether or not you delete it is up to the three of you. Readers be sure that this wont be the last post that I make, ja ne.

Squad 13 of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.
-Image by Kimi4eva(DevianArt)-

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