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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mario Kart 7!

Hello people of the Underworld! Draconic Emperor Ricardo here, so some quick announcements of things I should cover:
1) I was supposed to post some komics that someone requested to me on my Komic Kreator post, the reason why I haven't posted them is becuz in this new computer I lack of a program with transparency skills apparently, and therefore I can't make the komics, once I get hold of how Paint works in this computer I'm gonna post the komics, but aas of now I'm stuck :S
2) I'm pretty sure most of you have revolved the question of "Who the heck is Nebur and why did he make a post? o_O" So I'll answer it here. He's a college friend whom Pérez met back at his university, he is knowledgable enough in comics himself, so we thought that he could help contribute over that factor of our blog..... also he'll be Danny's replacement for those of you who still remember who he is xD
3) I don't know, I needed a third announcement to make it pro xD

So leaving that aside, it's time to unveil (or rather start) the point of this post which is the incredibly super acclaimed Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS :D (yeah I got  3DS back in mid Febraury xD) so hang tight cuz I'll take you on a wild ride!!

So in Mario Kart 7, there are some things that have changed compare to the other Mario Karts, first of all, it integrates an "EARTH-WIND-WATER" system, which means that your kart is capable of going through solid terrain, up into the sky and underwater :D How cool is that? Yeah I know this isn't exactly the first take at this idea (Diddy Kong Racing someone?) but it differentiates on the fact that Mario Kart 7 integrates all of this into one same mechanic rather than needing to change you vehicle according to where you are :P Also, you are able to customize your car any way you like (me? I have a different kart for all the characters I use, I'll especify what I use when I talk about the characters ;D.  With this, you are to see creative karts from their users (or like it tends to happen, all noobs using different characters but exactly the same kart just because those are the best parts in the game -.-'') Well what would be missing to this is the ability to change the colors of the parts (I'm completely sure I would be as sure as hell happy if that were true :D) but ohh well with customizing your kart seems like a good step to me :P Also the way turbo boosts work here is a little bit different also, there are only two boosts, a blue and a red one, which in turn accumulate on how narrowly you're taking your drift :P Sorry, no bikes in here :( (they were cool I liked them but too bad guess we'll miss them)

Let's narrow it down, there's Single Player mode, which divides into 4 basic sub-menus which you probably knew already xD Grand Prix, Time Trails, Balloon Battle, and Coin Runners. Grand Prix in turn divides into 8 cups (Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special cup which are the new ones, and Shell, Banana, Leaf and Lightning cup which are the classic ones ) which are assembled on four different racing categories (50cc, 100cc, 150cc and Mirror)... crao so many divisions x_x Anyways where was I? ahh yeah on those cups you can get 3 categories depending on how well you did. You get 3 stars as rating if you manage to be on first for the majority of the 4 races as well as winning gold. You get 2 stars as rating if you manage to be on first for a good portion of time but didn't manage to get first on all races. And you get 1 star as rating if you barely manage to hang on to first place but still placed good and won. You won't get rating at all if you were dominated during the races. Also you'll notice that on the races there are coins scattered all over the place.... GRAB THEM!! Not only do they give you a little up to your stats during the race, but they also rack up to unock more kart customizations for you to use :D For the first part they come at 50 coins one customization.... but once you get over 1500 coins more or less this changes and I'm not sure of the intervals at which you'll get your prizes :/

Out of the grand prix, there is time trails, which basically resumes to running alone on a course to get the best time possible, which will be recorded as a "Ghost" which you can challenge anytime you like, if you manage to beat your ghost, it means you made a better record than last time.. fk yeah! It's also possible to get ghosts from other people via spot pass (new function of the 3DS) which makes the racing experience even better :)  Also you can catch a Mii character from other people, which will randomly appear in a cup you are playing as one of your competitors :D I'll explain this a little bit more later ;)

Balloon Battle is like in old games, and Coin Runners is how it appeared in Mario Kart Wii, nothing new.

Now there's local multiplayer mode in which you can play with other people nearby with a 3DS and a Mario Kart 7 cartridge, just make a room and wait for your friends (or other people) to join, you can also play on somebody else's room by entering their room :P Also if your friend doesn't have Mario Kart 7... no problema amigo!! Just tell him to enter DS download play and look for your console name, so he can enter the fray..... the only thing is that you'll be using a Blue Shy Guy.... but ooh well I guess it makes you want to buy it xD

There's also online multiplayer, which works as any online game, you can play with a comunity you're part of, with your friends far away, or with random people :P

Now for something interesting.... the Mario Kart Channel.... it works much different here. In here the Mario Kart Channel uses Street and Spot pass to get ghosts, Mii characters for you to play against and community suggestions... I really don't know much about those but I'll explain it someday xD Here also you will see how you are faring, how many coins you got, your street pass tags, VR (rating basically) win/lose record online etc... you can edit a greeting message, you can choose the Mii to use when others tag you, also make your own grand prix with your favorite tracks, as well as customize your kart.... WARNING: The kart you have in here is the same one others will get, so make sure you make your favorite kart here, you can only have one which can be changed any time!

There are 17 different characters counting your Mii, they rack up like this:
Yoshi (Kart Used: Yoshi Egg, Monster wheels, Super Glider)
Bowser (Favorite! Kart used: Koopa Clown Kart, Red Monster Wheels, Swooper Glider)
Donkey Kong
Koopa Troopa
Metal Mario (Kart Used: Barrel Train, Red Monster wheels, Swooper glider)
Shy Guy (Kart used: Zuchinni, Red Monster wheels, Swooper Glider)
Honey Queen

As sure as hell!! It's an awesome game with much replay value and I'm completely sure you'll like it as much as I do!! I just don't recommend to play it in 3D, cuz in Mario Kart you need to be aware of the surroundings and the 3D may only be a headache in this game.

So well this is all for today, see ya later Underworlders hope you enjoy todays post!!
Break the mask of Death, and you'll see  there's nothing behind it to fear.
Draconic Emperor Ricardo


  1. magnificent review on the next big hit of the franchise, love your writing.

  2. Thx man :) Glad to see you like it ;) And also thx for commenting we appreciate it :D -Ricardo