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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am Iron Man!

Hi guys! It's time for another comics post! This one's about Iron Man. Danny suggested me the subject, so here I am doing it. By the way, this is our 90th post, so we are pretty close to our 100th post! :D


Tony Stark was born in Long Island, New York. At 21 he inherited Stark Industries, after his parents (Howard Anthony Stark and Maria Collins Carbonell Stark) were killed in an alleged car accident :/.

There are several versions about the origin of the hero: the first one, he made a trip to Vietnam, in another version he traveled to the Gulf War, in another to Afghanistan and elsewhere after having developed a mini-transistor, which was intended to help U.S. troops. On this trip, while passing through the jungle, he was captured in an ambush by the Vietnamese General Wong Chu. In attempting to escape, he stepped on a landmine and a piece of metal was embedded near his heart, leaving him to the brink of death. The Vietnamese tried to hide that information to force Tony to develop an arsenal of weapons for the Vietnamese troops during his last days of life, but Tony deduced what was going on. Beside him was another scientist, Yin Sen, who had been kidnapped. They worked in secret in a suit that would keep Stark's heart but at the same time give its wearer different skills. Tony Stark decided to use the armor to escape, but before completely charging the batteries, Yin Sen sacrificed himself to gain the time he needed, and was killed by the troops of Wong Chu. After defeating the Vietnamese and while returning, Tony found a Air Force pilot in the United States, Jim Rhodes. Tony introduced as "Tony's bodyguard" to Jim to hide his true identity. Together they returned to the United States. Stark continued to improve his armor and that's how he created his new identity, Iron Man. In addition, Stark Industries expanded, and was renamed to Stark International.

Iron Man is known to be the bodyguard and "pet" of the company of Stark. Due to its image as a billionaire, there was never any suspicion that would lead to the assumption that Tony was actually Iron Man. Stark's personality is shown as a somewhat arrogant person and allows that the end justifies the means.

Tony Stark was a founding member of the Avengers, and given his immense fortune he became the group sponsor, donating a house in New York, which later became the Avengers Mansion. He also created Maria Stark Foundation, a nonprofit organization, to which he gave the name of his mother, who is responsible to cover all expenses of the team. This foundation is independent of the rest of Stark's business, so it still works no matter if Stark companies have problems.

At the time, it was made public the state of Stark's heart, so he underwent a heart transplant. However, although it solved this problem,  he became an alcoholic, caused by the stress of certain situations. One was the news that the organization SHIELD had been buying a substantial amount of shares of Stark International, as a way to keep Tony's company developing new weapons for the organization. At the same time, his business rival, Justin Hammer, recruited several villains to attack Stark, who with the help of Rhodes, defeated them in battle. He stopped being an alcoholic thanks to the support from his closest friends.

Some time later, there was one of the most vicious enemy of Tony Stark, Obadiah Stane, who in an attempt to take control of Stark International, led Tony to alcoholism again, manipulating his emotions, which led to Tony losing the company to Stane. Stane helped by S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to buy Stark International and renamed it later as Stane International.

All these problems turned Stark into a hopeless man, leaving him in the street and wandering through them, not before he gave his armor to Rhodes, who became for a long period Iron Man

Anthony (I like the name Anthony :D ) then recovered and built a new company, called Circuits Maximus. While continuing to develop new technology, Rhodes continued his duties as Iron Man but his aggressiveness and paranoia were increasing. At first it was believed that the state of Rhodes was due mainly to the armor was programmed to interact with the mind of Tony, but it was later revealed that the condition was natural and entirely psychological. Rhodes got out of control and Stark built immediately another armor to stop Rhodes. Circuits Maximus continued development and expansion, but was attacked by Stane and Stark confronted him with the new generation of armor. Stark's skills were superior over Stane (best known for the moment as Iron Monger) and that he committed suicide to avoid capture.

Spymaster found out of the new designs of Stark, so these were given to Stark's rival, Justin Hammer, initiating mass production of similar designs on the armor of Iron Man, which in turn began a conflict known as "Armor Wars". It consisted of Stark in an attempt to put a stop to those who used the technology, destroying the armor, similar in design and technology to his own, of heroes and villains alike. However, this conflict came to a tragic end with the death of Titanium Man. Stark destroyed on its way, the Mandroids, the armor of the Guardsmen (prison guards of a supervillain jail known as Vault,) and defeated  Stingray in battle, the armature of the latter had nothing to do with Iron Man's, so the conflict worsened. Thus the little reputation Iron Man was devastated.

During the conflict there was a deterioration of the relationship between Stark and Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), who always agreed with the reasons for Anthony to destroy the other designs of his armor, but not the means employed to do so. After dismantling the Guardsmen, the United States government declared Iron Man as a threat.

Stark's health presented a serious drawback, since it was discovered that the interface cyber armor was causing damage to his nervous system. This problem was compounded by an assassination attempt by a mentally unbalanced chick, which left him paraplegic. In an effort to walk again, Stark implanted a chip in his spine that allowed him to use his legs again, but left him exposed to the external control of his body, though his mind was unaffected. This weakness was well used by Tony, who with the help of Rhodes achieved to control cybernetically his body and armor while kicking the ass of who caused his paralysis.

Stark's nervous system was still failing and had to stop using his armor of Iron Man but he managed to handle it by remote control. The armor, however, failed in battle against the Masters of Silence. For this reason, he built a new armor, heavier with the name "Variable Threat Response Battle Suit", also known as War Machine.

Finally Stark faked his death and placed himself in suspended animation in order to improve his health, after the damage to his nervous system was too extensive. Rhodes was in charge of Stark Enterprise and kept the identity of Iron Man by usinig War Machine. Anthony made a full recovery using the chip implanted in his spine to "reprogram" himelf and once again assumed his identity as Iron Man. When Rhodes knew that Starkhad deceived his friends by faking his death, Jim separated from his friend and decided to continue as War Machine.

Well, I hope you liked this Iron Man post. See you next time!!
Captain America to Tony Stark: "Big man and a suit armor, take that away, what are you?"
Tony Stark to Captain America: "A genius, billionaire, playboy, and a philanthropist."
(Thor laughs)

Here's the official trailer for The Avengers movie!!

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  1. nothing about the other armor that he has? nothing about the stolen ones? looks like ur review is only about the movie not comics