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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Link and Zelda, is it posible?

Good morning/evening/night depending the time you may be reading this. So I came back from an unending void in existence to write a good post here, you may say: “why do we even have to read this when you don't write in a schedule?” the answer is quite simple, you want to read this. Over this I will make an unusual post that is not the type of things or topics I usually do but hence will. I will uncover evidences wether our good old buddy from The Legend of Zelda can have a romance with the well known princess of Hyrule.

First of all, to name the existent and unexistent proofs that point that Link and Zelda have an affair I will make use of the very “understandable” timeline we have to list every Link and Zelda and the possibility of an affair between them. So with nothing more to say that this won't be short, let's begin:


Skyward Sword
This is probably the most common sense knowledge for those who have ever played the game to begining to end that Link and Zelda will almost inevitably stay together as a couple and patriarchs of the royal family of Hyrule. The proofs that they may stay together (note that nothing is confirmed but we can asume they probably married and have children) are:
1)They have been friends since childhood.
2) They develop even more intense feelings for each other as the story continues.
3)Both seem to like each other.
4) Link stayed with Zelda in the land after the ending.

With this stated it is almost sure they did stay together at the end of the game.

Minish Cap

They have been friends from childhood, they in fact may be best friends. Link saves her desperately from Vaati and saves her from a life as a statue in parks. Nothing else goes on, they MIGHT stay together but I don't see any solid reason to believe it neither to deny it.

Four Swords
At the beginning of the game, this incarnation of Zelda presents Link with the legendary blade, this proves they seem to be good friends, however, in any case just like in Minish Cap, it just isn't enought to argue a strong bond of romance, in fact the bond can and probably is unexisting here.

Ocarina of time
OK, I know people will start trolling me to the end of my days for this but I must tell this impartially: “there is no proof here that Link and Zelda could stay together”. You may say: “Why?” Simple. A random kid from the forest meets a lonely tomboy princess after sneaking in her castle, then the princesss of the same age tells him to find about her dream with a man from the dessert (Ganondorf) and that he will destroy Hyrule, the princess thinks that the kid from the forest is the hope to save the land and makes him find 3 sacred and useless jewels to gain the triforce, after they fail and the triforce is stolen, the kid spends 7 years frozen in time and losing a part of his life. He then meets the princess disguised as a ninja and has to look for seven sages to enter Ganon's castle . He finds them, the ninja uncovers that she is actually the princess that made him do all of this and is later kidnapped by Ganondorf. He battles Ganondorf, defeats him and the sages manage to seal him in the sacred realm and then the princess grants the boy the chance to go back in time to prevent Gnondorf from ever taking the Kingdom and the end. See any romance here? Because I don't really see any romantic feelings in the game. Just two random kids involved in a major event. However the manga states them to like each other an show them much more emotional and affective, however the manga is unofficial and hence not canon despite it's great style. So there are two points of view here:

1)They may have just stayed as friends after the event, nothing more and nothing less. This is according to the point of view from the game.

2) They developed a nice bond of friendship after the events and seem to like each other because of Zelda`s apparent lack of friends. They may have something along later… this is according to the manga.


A Link to the Past

Nothing here really indicates a realtionship neither of friendship much less of romance between these two. They didn't meet earlier, didn't interact much throught the game, didn't seem to develop a bond in any way. This is the usual lady in peril-savior relationship.

Oracle series

At the end Zelda just gave a slight kiss in the cheek to our hero, Zelda blushes and Link is shown having the typical hearts of love shown in cartoons. However I can't say they may or may not stay together due to the lack of subsequent data the oracle series offer.

Link's Awakening

Zelda didn't even appear here.

Legend Of Zelda
Basically is the same old story where you beat the villain and save the maid, nothing really states any affectional bond or something bigger than a simple “thank you for saving my life, now move your elfy butt from here.” Without making jokes or alike nothing is more accurate.
The Adventure of Link

For those of you who haven`t played the game, this incarnation of Zelda is not the same Zelda that appeared in LOZ, but a princess of Hyrule that fell into sleep for a long time then is rescued by our elfy buddy with green hat. At the end you can see a curtain in which they hold their hands and get closer to each other. Nothing ever states they may have stayed together or not, most likely this princess really felt affection and more tan gratitude for him.

Child timeline

Majora's Mask

Link remembers his time with Zelda in the game as a friend , nothing more and nothing less than that.

Twilight Princess

This incarnation of Zelda barely interacted with Link in the game and the very brief time they spent together was a simple hero-maid in danger relationship. If you try to argue here they took their hands before fighting Ganondorf then the term of “romance” is very low, it was a simple act of showing his support and trust no more or less.

Four Swords Adventures

Unlike the very first Four Swords game, they don't establish a relationship of love, neither there is enough in-game information that they are childhood friends or even knew each other. Basically Zelda calls him and asks him to beat Vaati and start his trip. Classic hero-maid in danger relationship.

Adult timeline

The Wind Waker

Initially Tetra (Tetra is in fact a descendant of the royal family of Hyrule and the destined princess Zelda) and Link had a simple “friend” relationship in which she supplied him a place to crash and to sail to save his sister Aryl. However, when Daphnes-Johannes Hyrule (King of the Red Lions) reveals who Tetra really is and later to be captured by Ganondorf, their relationship of friendship grew to new levels. The fact they fought side to side against Ganondorf with their full will and the fact that as Zelda/Tetra was more “charmy” to Link than usual, implies that there is indeed some degree of “romance” or “affection” but only ZeldaXLink and not TetraXLink which was a more “friend” relationship.

Phantom Hourglass

This is the sequel to Wind Waker so the relationship only changes to a more BFF relationship than a romantic one due to the lack of the Zelda personalty in the game, so in a fast way it's basically a friend relationship here.

Spirit Tracks

OK, first to clear out this is the second game in which we see a more LinkXZelda relationship, next is the fact this is more interactive game in which you get to use Zelda (since she lost her body against Mladur AKA the big boss here). The fact they spent most of the time with each other made both children grow a degree of good affection for each other in which we can either consider a romantic relationship between the two or the good friendship of a lonely princess with no friends until she met this boy…. Still in several parts Link blushes to some suggestive comments made by our dear princess Zelda and that in a certain part she manages to hug him literally in the final fight with Malladus. In this game Link was reallly, really into Zelda so it's safe to assume Link really liked her and viceversa but, remember in this game they are children so we can't be sure to determine a relationship here and much less a future marriage.

Final words
To whom it may care if I write these and you have the will/effort to read this thnak you. I really enjoyed doing this thing since I took a long vacation XD. Still I hope you have a nice day viewers!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Creepypastas (2/2)

Hallou people of the Underworld! Crimson Emperor Ricardo here :D Now after leaving someone else a chance to post and seeing nothing, I'm gonna post part 2 of my Creepypasta series and nobody ain't stopping me xD But before off topics for today:
1) Since I was sent to another university at cause of some economical problems, there is going to be a little difficulty uploading Yugioh videos on the UnderworldHN youtube channel, we'll see 
how we're gonna work it out........ if you don't know what I'm talking about check out the channel, a new vid is coming soon ;)
2) As far as I'm concerned, I haven't given autorization to anyone to copy/paste my fanfic on another page, yet I found it on a page I'm not gonna mention under another author, it was already taken down. I don't like that crap, I'm open-minded don't be afraid to ask to re-post it, I'm not gonna say no, the only thing I ask is not to sale it and not claim it yours.... speaking of which Episode 2 is coming soon as well be sure to check the blog as to when it comes ;)
3) I still need a third post to make it look pro xD

Well well on to the main idea, creepypastas!! DX Following the same pattern, two will be posted, one of Pokémon (becuz they seem the most interesting :P) and another one that a lot of people know but as I always say, this is meant to culturize people on the way of the other side of gaming, the not so pretty, the scary, the horror, whatever the name you wanna call it, it serves to revive memories if you have seen them, or know about it if you haven't seen them, so without further ado..... let's dance! Musica maestro!! (Music my master!!)
I suggest the music, it adds to the creepyness :)
I also suggest using the replay button xD

You see, I am a simple college student living alone in an apartment. I was very enthusiastic about the release of HeartGold/SoulSilver on the states. I have purposely locked myself out of all media and the internet aside for school purposes. That means no 4chan, no /v/, no Bulbapedia, etc.

As I was busy with the school year and being a poorfag at the time, I wasn’t able to buy SoulSilver on launch date. After my school year ended, I ordered SoulSilver on Amazon (sorry, I’m not a faggy pirate). However, it would take a week for it to arrive. I decided that during that time, I replay my Crystal version on my Gameboy Color.

However, I realized that long ago, my mom threw it away because I told her the save went dead, and I was very upset about it then. She also threw away my Silver version, so all I have is my Gameboy Color. As such, I set out to Gamestop and bought a used Silver version, as it’s the only Pokemon game left that they have for the GBC. Ten dollars - fairly cheap despite it being Gamestop.

I went home and started it up for a nostalgia trip. However, that’s where things started getting bizarre, and most likely the reason why you read this.

The Gamefreak logo started up as normal, but it just froze there. I thought the cart was just errored or something, so I turned it off and on. The same thing happened. I tried pressing A and Start over and over, and all of the buttons. Eventually, the logo vanished and there was a black screen for about five seconds. Suddenly, rather than going to the usual menu screen, I was already in the game in a previous saved file, which was odd as I was expecting all of these carts to have been wiped by the poor battery. Either way, I wasn’t complaining, as I would have chosen the “Continue” option to see what the previous guy did anyways.

First off, I checked his trainer information. His name was just “…” - He didn’t have much originality.

I checked his profile and apparently he had 999:99 hours put into the game, with all 16 badges, 999999 Pokedollars and all 251 Pokemon on the Pokedex.

Seeing as he apparently had Mew and Celebi logged also, I am guessing he either used a Game Genie or is a really hardcore Pokemon player back then.

I checked his Pokemon to see what badass team he has. To my surprise, I saw 5 Unowns and a sixth Pokemon named “HURRY”. I’m thinking that this must be some cruel joke by the person who last played this game, but I decided to check the profiles of those Pokemon anyways. As expected, they were different letters of Unown, all Level 5. I was a bit shaky with my Unown alphabet at the time, but I identified the word spelled out to be “LEAVE”.

As for the sixth Pokemon, it turned out to be a Cyndaquil (mind you, this is before there were individualized Pokemon icons). The Cyndaquil looked normal, but it was Level 5 with only 1 HP left with only two attacks: “Leer” and “Flash”. I don’t know why they named him “HURRY”, but at the time, I just disregarded it. The most eerie thing was that, despite my volume being at max, none of the Pokemon he had said their usual cries. Just pure silence.

Having enough of the team, I closed it. I was parked at what appears to be a room inside Bellsprout Tower. However, for some reason, there were no NPCs around. Even more eerie was that the “pillar” in the middle didn’t move at all, as if just leaning on its side. There was no music at all, and there was no exit or ladder, or least I thought there wasn’t.

I walked around for a few minutes but can’t seem to find a way out. This was certainly not a room I’ve seen in the Bellsprout Tower before. I’ve tried checking my items for an Escape Rope, but the bag was completely empty. There wasn’t any Wild Pokemon either.

Finally, I’ve managed to find a ladder, which turned out to be behind the “pillar”. The screen turned black and the music finally started playing. I had a sudden chill, as I recognize that melody I heard to be the theme you hear when you listened to the radio at the Alph Ruins where the Unown are at.

I immediately realize that it wasn’t a loading transition, but rather I was in a dark room and would need Flash. Before I took care of that though, I immediately checked my Pokegear to change the radio to something more pleasant, but it turns out that there was no Radio card, or even a Phone nor Time cards. There was only a Map card in which Gold (“…” from earlier, and I will call him Gold from now on) was just walking in a midst of black.

I recall that Cyndaquil has Flash, so I turned off my Pokegear and made Cyndaquil use Flash. I didn’t see any message saying “HURRY has used Flash!” or anything like that. The room just became lit just like that, and I soon regretted it. The room was a chilling blood-red with a linear gray path heading south. The ladder I used to go up/down was not there at all.

I had no choice but to head south. The screen got darker every 20 steps I made, until I finally made it to the end, which appears to be a sign. I read the sign, which said “TURN BACK NOW”.

Suddenly, I was asked to answer YES/NO, but there was no question asked. I chose YES as I do not know what it was asking, and the screen went black again, making a “ladder climbed” sound. The Unown Radio music stopped, and in a few seconds was replaced with the not-as-creepy Poke Flute radio music.

I was in another dark room, but I held my breath and used Flash again. Suddenly, it said that “HURRY has fainted!” which was odd since I recall that there was no status conditions like Poison on him, and I clearly wasn’t in a battle. I checked my Pokemon quickly and suddenly he’s no longer in my party. In fact, after a bit of investigating, none of my Pokemon are there, but instead all replaced with Level 10 Unown. I did the same thing as before and spelled out the Unown. My then team of Unown spelled “HEDIED”.

Either way, after that creepy change, the room was lit to reveal myself in a very small room that appears to be only four squares big. The walls of that room were gray bricks, as if I was inside something that was hollowed out. Outside that room appears to be a bunch of graves similar to the ones in Pokemon Red/Blue. I’ve walked around that small room and pressed A but nothing happened.

I’ve already concluded that this was clearly a hacked game and some sadistic fuck sold it to Gamestop. However, my curiosity kept me going. I checked the trainer profile of “…” again only to find out that the sprite of Gold was missing his arms. He also seems to appear less smug, but rather seems more sad and empty in a way that I do not know how to describe. For some reason, it also now said that he has 24 badges, which was clearly impossible.

After a few minutes of aimless wondering, my character suddenly spun and did the Escape Rope spinning animation. Instead of flying up though, my character spun downwards slowly, as if sinking.

After that screen, the music stopped. After finally landing, the overworld sprite of Gold is coloured differently now. Instead of the usual red colour he dons, he appears completely white now, including his skin. It’s as if he came straight from the colorless Game Boy games placed into a colored background of the Gameboy Color. I checked his profile, and now, while now is as white as his overworld sprite, he lost his legs and has what appears to be bloody tears from his eyes. It also says he now has 32 badges, which now starts to disturb me as this change of number seems to represent something important.

I also checked my Pokemon, which this time contains 5 Unowns and a Level 100 Celebi without a nickname. The Unown are this time Leveled 15 and spelled out “DYING”. I checked the Celebi’s profile. It was a shiny Celebi, except there’s only half of the sprite. One leg, one arm, one eye. It only has one attack: “Perish Song”.

The area I was in itself was the Sprout Tower with the immobile pillar as before, except everything is apparently red now. I walked north for what felt like forever. Eventually, I finally encountered some generic men and women NPC. They were all lined up to the side just facing the long slantish pillar in the middle. They were also white, and nothing happens when I try to speak to them. I kept on going north until eventually the pillar finally appears chopped off, with a transparent Red in that spot. I went up to Red and without even pressing A, I was suddenly engaged and finally in a battle.

The music starts again, which it sounds like the Unown Radio music again, but played backwards. Gold’s battle backsprite matches his front one with the bloody eyes, white skin, and lack of arms, while Red’s sprite was the same as before in GSC except transparent. The text simply said “wants to battle!” as if he has no name, and both of us only have one Pokemon each, which is weird as I swear I had six with the Unowns. My shiny Celebi came out, conveniently with half-a-sprite for the back sprite also. The “Shiny” noise and animation was different, as the sounds it made sound like multiple “Screech” attacks used consecutively. Red sent out a seemingly normal male Pikachu, except he is Level 255 and his sprite seems sad and has tears in his eyes.

Rather than the usual “FIGHT/ITEM/PKMN/RUN” menu, I was only given the option to use the Attacks. Since Celebi only has one, I chose it. Naturally, since Pikachu was Level 255, he went first.

“PIKACHU used CURSE!”, lowering his Speed and increasing his other Stats. I’m not even sure if Pikachu could even use Curse.

“CELEBI used PERISH SONG!” In three turns, both Pokemon get KO’d - not like I have a choice.

At this point, it didn’t even go back to the Fight menu, as the battle just continued without me. Also note that there was no animations at all for some reason.

“PIKACHU used FLAIL!”, which didn’t do much damage despite his Level and boost as his health was maxed.

“CELEBI used Perish Song!” Nothing happens as it was already used.

“PIKACHU used FRUSTRATION!”, which did a shitton of damage, knocking Celebi down to less than 10 HP.

“CELEBI used Pain Split!”, which surprised me as Celebi didn’t even have that attack in the first place. Now Celebi and Pikachu have about 150 HP.

“PIKACHU used MEAN LOOK!” Not like that did anything.

As expected, due to the effects of Perish Song, my Celebi fainted. Except in the text, it said “CELEBI has died!” and instead of the ordinary drop off the screen animation, the CELEBI backsprite just vanished. For some reason, the Pikachu was still up even with Perish Song and it didn’t count as my lost. Pikachu used one more different attack beyond the 5 attack limit:


Afterwards, it said “PIKACHU has died!”, with a slow fade-out animation. Apparently, I was the winner, as the transparent Red Sprite showed up and said “……….”

At that point, I just freaked out, as that transparent Red sprite was suddenly beheaded, leaving nothing but his transparent body. The battle then ended at that point and faded out along with the music.

I’m back in the overworld, with another change to the Gold sprite - he’s now as transparent as Red’s overworld sprite. I quickly checked Gold’s profile, where this time the only thing remains of him is his head, with a transparent skin. The head was zoomed in a bit, showing a black void in his eyes. It now stated that he now has 40 badges. I then backed out and checked my Pokemon. They were all Level 20 Shiny Unown, which when spelled out, read “NOMORE”.

I was at what I now know is next to the end. There was apparently no music playing, but for some reason I still felt like something was there that could be heard. I was back in my room in New Bark Town. Maybe finally I get to play this game properly, but who am I kidding. I knew that sadistic fuck must have done something. I “walked” around my room to interact with things, as I’m a bit afraid to go down the stairs to see what was awaiting down there. Note I said “walked”, as while the background was moving, Gold was not moving his transparent limbs at all while doing so, just floating like those ghosts you see in Diamond/Pearl.

As expected, the radio, computer, and TV did not work, so I had no choice but to go down the stairs. I ended up in the same lower level room of my house. Everything appears normal, except mom isn’t home. After failing to interact with anything in this room, I decided to go outside. To my surprised, that door leading outside at the south didn’t work, and instead I just walk straight through it to a void. I continued moving south to see what the fuck was going on. My house vanishes as I head south into the void. It was creepy as when I entered the void, the outline on Gold’s transparent sprite turned white to contrast with the pitch black. Eventually, I reached a white area and Gold’s sprite turned black and transparent again. I continued south without thinking of stopping at all.

After a long trek south, I finally encountered something. It was GOLD’s regular sprite. I talked to it. He said “Good bye forever ….” (notably with a space inbetween the forever and ….), and vanished. As that happened, it said “??? used NIGHTMARE” which at that point, I would not deny that being possible. Gold did another Escape Rope animation spinning slowly downwards like before.

I’m now back into that small hollowed-out room by graves earlier. Or at least I say I was back there, as there’s no sprite anymore. I tried to walk around but nothing moved - not even wall bumping noise. I checked my trainer profile with absolutely no Gold sprite left. It said I have 0 badges and all the pictures of the Johto Gym Leaders at the bottom were replaced with skulls

I checked my Pokemon, which were all Level 25 Unown. As expected, it spelled out a phrase that I dared to read. “IMDEAD”

As soon as I went back to the overworld, the room I supposedly was in was then covered with the same blocks as the walls. I then figured out what exactly that room was when the final text was said: “R.I.P. …”

That room was a big grave, surrounded by other grave. Gold has already been dead. He died presumably a few years after he defeated Red.

He was a young trainer who, despite his efforts in collecting so many badges and attempts at becoming a Pokemon master, was still unable to avoid the inevitable fate of death, and his efforts were eventually forgotten by the next generation.

I was unable to escape from that text no matter what I pressed. I tried resetting the game, and the same thing happened, at which I then finally decided to give up on that horrible nightmare.
After that experience, I will never look at the “gimmick” Unown the same way again. They say that only the first generation have folk tales and legends, but the second generation have shown me how unpleasant the truth can be. I eventually enjoyed SoulSilver immensely, but I still can’t unthink what that rigged game have told me.
Jujuju creepy isn't it? Well on to the next one! I'm gonna take you on a wild ride! Musica!
I was a super fan of Brawl, I played it everyday no matter what, that is, until my friend asked it back... Yes the Brawl was borrowed. Because I wanted to continue playing, I decided to save up to buy my own copy of Brawl, the problem was that getting an original copy in my country was incredibly difficult, and if it was found, it was ridiculously expensive. So I decided to buy it from a second-hand shop. When I reached home with my new game, I inserted the disk on the Wii and proceded to play my favorite game of all times, but I noticed something on the disk.... the cover was completely scraped off, and it was written "SUPER SMASH BROS CRUEL" with a black marker which looked horrible, but I didn't mind that much, thinking that the previous owner was just a demented and sadic kid, and continued.

Since it was a Friday, I played all the Subspace Emissary in a matter of seconds, but after I unlocked the final character.... in my case Wolf, I beated him with no problem, but it appeared that another character has appeared as well... which really surprised me as Wolf was supposed to be the final character. I didn't mind it much and pressed "A".

I appeared in the Animal Crossing stage, but much darker and decrepit and horrible and with the ground from the Luigi's Mansion stage and Final Destination's length. The music was simply the wind blowing. The character I was fighting was a decrepit Link, a horrible link with worms oozing out of his eyes, and his armor and shield ragged and badly damaged. It looked like the zombies of Resident Evil 4, with its cloths destroyed and his right eye out of its socket. Worst of all, I was using Link as well. 

We began fighting. Something I noted was that when I attacked it, it sounded like if you were smashing raw meat, also, he made tons of damage to me, almost 20% more I calculate... but he barely moved me out of the platform. Also, when I sent it flying, he returned like if it was nothing. By the minute of fighting, I had 956% damage and he had 267%. No matter what I did, it always came back. When I reached 999% damage, Link did the motion like when you lost in a Stamina Match.... but how could that be if I was playing a percentage match? When I lost, nothing appeared, not even GAME!! like it usually does, nothing appeared but it said DEAD!! in a penetrating voice, after that I saw the most horrible thing I've ever seen, the zombie Link began eating my Link, and it sounded like if you were eating with your mouth open. I put on the mute until it all ended, and it returned me to the home screen.

After that I decided to play a friendly match, and since my brother was out, I played alone against the computer. I tried to choose Link, but when I did so, an error sound was heard and Link's face was replaced with a decrepit Smash Ball. I was mad because I could no longer use Link. I finally chose Wolf, and after I won, the new character screen appeared again. I appeared on the same stage as before, with only the wind blowing. This time, my enemy was a zombie Wolf which looked far worse than Link, with its intestines going out of his stomach. This time I was more catious, and after a harduous match, I finally managed to defeat it.

A messaged appeared "You have unlocked Cruel!!" and followed by "You have unlocked ALL of the characters!!.... The real Cruel brawl has started I thought. 

I went to play a few friendly matches with Cruel, he replaced the "RANDOM" and appeared as a black Smash Ball but with a dark aura. I chose it and I choose Luigi... because I hated him, and chose a whatever stage and began fighting. Cruel adopted Wolf's image, also, I noted Cruel was a beast. He jumped incredibly high, made a lot of damage, and was ridiculously fast.... still with the liability of being incapable of sending them to fly away. When Luigi's life reached 999%, nothing appeared and "DEAD!!" was heard again in a penetrating tone and Cruel began to eat Luigi.... but this time, Luigi's cries of pain were heard, I once again used the mute button, because I couldn't stand it. 

Despite I hated the way Cruel ended their foes, I liked using him, as he was a new way to play. After defeating Jigglypuff and Mario with Cruel, I decided to stop using Cruel and decided to use Mario... but Mario's face was replaced with the decrepit Smash Ball.... at that moment I felt like an idiot... because I forgot that if I couldn't choose Link after being defeated by Cruel, it will happen the same to the others. I bowed not to use Cruel again, and noticed that Link was selectable again, but when I chose him, the bar that says "Ready to fight..." didn't appeared, and that happened with all other characters. I tried playing other modes, but the result was the same. I tried erasing the data, but it appeared the message "Impossible to erase data.... You still have to finish with Cruel.".... still finish with Cruel? I thought  that meant that Cruel must eat all other characters.... wanting to end this nightmare, I began slaughtering all other characters with Cruel, muting the part were Cruel eats them up. 

After all characters were dead, the screen froze for 3 seconds, and then faded to black for another 30. then an image appeared, it was all of the Brawl characters, but decrepit, zombie-like, with red eyes staring at me. A text appeared "You killed us.... now we will have our revenge by eating you piece by piece." I was horrorized and ran to turn off the console but it didn't turned off. But when I attempted to take off the power source, a horrible screech was heard from the tv and a message appeared "You won't get rid of us so easily... if you turn that console off, you'll repent for the rest of your life." I obeyed.... I still don't know why. 

I sat down and took the controller. I appeared at Peach's Castle... but how come? That stage wasn't even in Brawl. The wind from when I fought Cruel the first time was heard, and my opponent was Luigi, but he looked in a far worse condition than before, missing and eye, without gloves and without a foot. My character to say the least was me... with the same shirt, same eyes, same hair among other things, in a battle pose. The battle started instantly, no 3..2..1 countdown nor GO!!... it simply started. My character was to weak and I was defeated like the first time I fought Cruel, then Luigi began eating me.. and the cries were becoming louder and louder.... I tried muting it, but it didn't let me do so... I was baffled as to how a game could go as far as to control the volume from my tv.

Next I appeared at Final Destination and my rival was Jigglypuff.... but it looked like a gross meatball... My character only had a few scratches on him... once again I was defeated and once again I was eaten... this time I puked... I couldn't stand all this. Then I fought Mario in Onett, this time around I was more damaged.... this is when I realized I was fighting against all characters in the stages I killed them with Cruel. On the course, I lost all my limbs as each and every character killed and ate me up. After the last character defeated me and ate me. I thought it was all over, but it wasn't meant to end that easily.

I appeared in the stage where Cruel killed Link, and my enemy was myself... but in a good state. I recovered my limbs, but they were badly damaged. A text appeared: "You kill them all! I will never forgive you!" and the battle started. Eventually, a smash ball appeared.... which was pretty odd considering it had never appeared after I began using Cruel. I tried to grab it, but my other me got it first and then he used a really rare Final Smash.

He grabbed my character by his throat and yelled "This is the end!" he chokeslammed me to the ground and began eating me alive. The cries of pain only intensified, and because the character made a 180 degree turn, I could see how I was being eaten... until eventually my other me fell to the ground alongside me.... both horribly dead.... rotting... fallen... I turned off the Wii but that image stood there. I took out the game and threw it to the trashcan never hoping to see it again.... but everytime I turn on the Wii, the image of me and the other me rotting on the floor appears... and that is an image I'll never forget in my life.
Jujuju enjoyable with music!!

Well this is all for today, hope you enjoyed my creepys xD

See ya later Underworlders!!!
Blood... darkness... I shall drown the world in both!!
Draconic Nightmare Ricardo

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Super Smash Bros. 4

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. I'm sorry for the absence, but well, I simply didn't have any good ideas for my posts until a few days ago. :P
So, a few weeks ago, it was announced that Namco Bandai was going to help in the next Super Smash Bros. entries. I thought that it was a good idea, because Nintendo lately has been involving third-party companies in the making of their games and so far I haven't felt disappointed. I feel Namco Bandai is perfectly qualified because of their numerous fighting games, like Tekken and the Dragon Ball games.

And a few days ago, the first concept art of SSB4 was shown in this whiteboard. I'm impressed with the quality of the drawings because I've never seen amazing images drawn on whiteboards :P

The purpose of this post is to give you a list of the characters (and some with their attacks) that I feel could be good additions to the roster of characters of the next SSB entry :D
First, let's go with Nintendo's first-party characters:
1- Daisy,: Yes, I said Daisy. I know that she is a secondary character that mostly appear in sports games and party games, but I think that Daisy could be a nice addition for the ladies. I have a 5-year old cousin and she "plays" with Peach (we put Peach as a computer character >XD) because she loves princesses, and remember Daisy is sort of a princess.
I can't imagine her move set, but like Peach, all her moves are going to be made up for game.

2- Paper Mario,: Well, I think that if we had Dr. Mario (who for me could return to the game), why not have Paper Mario, Paper Luigi and even Paper Bowser? But for now, only Paper Mario should be added. The Paper Mario games are really great and people have at least played the N64 version.
In the games, Paper Mario has a known move set, so I feel that his attacks should be:
-B: he could use as his "B attack" the fire flower. You may be thinking "There is already a fire flower item", and you're right, but that shouldn't restrict a character from having his own item, right? Like Ness, he has his own baseball bat, even though there is already an item like that.
-B left: he could use his thunder rage item, and electrocute enemies.
-B right: he could use his ice storm item, and momentarily freeze his oppenents (maybe 2-3 seconds)
-B down: he could use his earth quake item, and knock down nearby opponents.
-B up (recuperation): he could become a paper airplane and glide.
-A: his "A attack" should be his hammer.
-A right/left: his attack would vary, he could either freeze or burn. Which hammer he uses, will be totally random.
-A down: since the downward smash attacks hit both sides, I think that his hammer spin attack would be ideal.
-A up: He could throw his hammer upwards.
-Final Smash: His final smash would be his Supernova attack.

3- Bowser Jr.,: Bowser's most famous son. He has been appearing lately in Mario games, so I think that his inclusion wouldn't be so much of a surprise.
Well, his attacks could be similar to Bowser, like the Link/Toon Link relationship.

4- Birdo,: Why not include Yoshi's "girlfriend"?
Its attacks should be similar to Yoshi's, but with a changes:
-B: Instead of swallowing characters, Birdo should throw eggs from its mouth.
-B left/right: it could throw something like an explosive egg, or something XD
-B down: It could also make a gound-pound like Yoshi.
-B up (recuperation): I really had to think this one, and the only thing that I can imagine, is Birdo shooting an egg downward and going up thanks to the impulse.
-A attacks: I feel like this ones could be the same as Yoshi.
-Final Smash: its final smash should be something like a big Birdo stampede (maybe even shooting eggs).

5- Koopa Troopa,: I include him because I feel that he could be an interesting character.
His attacks wouldn't be very strong, but instead they should be very fast:
-B: His "B attack" would be him throwing a shell. Oh the sweet irony XD
-B left/right: Like Yoshi, he could enter his shell and move sideways (sorry, couldn't find a better way to describe it)
-B down: Tough one, I can only think in  of a counter, where he would enter his shell and if someone hits him, he would immediately attack.
-B up (recuperation): This one's interesting. I thought that a pair of wings would appear making him momentarily a Paratroopa.
-A: Well, why not have him kick and punch?
-A right/left: he could attack by jumping "backwards" and hitting his opponents with his shell.
-A down: Like Sonic, he could get inside his shell and attack sideways.
-A up: Like Bowser, attack with his shell upwards.
-Final Smash: For his final smash, I thought that he could make a Shell Slam that could be a one-hit KO.

Donkey Kong
1- Kritter,: Well, this is one of the most common types of villians in the Donkey Kong world, so it isn't such a crazy idea.
Now, his moves could be:
-B: he could release klaptraps.
-B left/right: he could throw big rocks, maybe even charge for the lenght of the throw (or maybe even the size).
-B down: maybe he could assemble the klaptraps like Olimar. If he did this, then he should get like a limit number of released klaptraps like 3 .
-B up (recuperation): since he can't fly, maybe he could somehow get inside a barrel that shoots him upward.
-A: Kritters have a big physique, so he could easily give powerful punches and kicks.
-A left/right: he could like throw a big bite, the more it is charged, the thougher it is.
-A down: he could attack with his tail.
-Final Smash: Kritter could become a Krobot, making him almost invulnerable and stronger.

2- Tiny Kong,: Well, it was hard for me to choose between Tiny and Dixie, but I ended up going for Tiny.
Her moves could be like Diddy Kong's, but she would attack with her hair (lol) and her recuperation would be her ponytails spinning like a helicopter. Her weapon would be her feather bow. I'm still not sure if her saxophone would be useful. Maybe it could be her final smash, like DK.
I prefer the DK64 look, but since Rare was sold, Nintendo adopted this new look. ¬¬

3- Lanky Kong,: Another character form DK64.
His moves should include his ability to inflate himself as a ballon (recuperation), his grape launcher (B attack) and his final smash could be either his trombone tremor or his ability to become Enguarde. His "A attacks" should include his ability to stretch.

4- Chunky Kong,: He is the strongest of the Kongs, so he should fight with brute force.
His "B attack" should be him using his pineapple shooter, his "A attack" his punches, and for his final smash, he should become Hunky Chunky (a giant version of him).

The Legend of Zelda
1- Darbus,: I think Gorons would be a good addition, so I thought which goron should appear in the game, and I had to decide between Darunia (from TLOZ: Ocarina of Time) and Darbus (from TLOZ: Twilight Princess).
Before I describe his moves, I want to tell you guys that I've decided to only mention the "B attack", "A attack" and Final Smash for the next characters, because if I thought of the rest of the moves, this post would be very long. In case I do have a good idea for more moves, I'll include them, but mostly expect those 3 attacks.
His moves could be:
-B: he could pick up big boulders and throw them at people. I think that if the attack could be charged, the bigger the boulder should be.
-B down: Since he is a Goron, he could pick up flower bombs and throw them.
-A: the usual, punch.
-Final Smash: He could become Fyrus (I chose Darbus for this idea).

2- Vaati,: If you don't know him, then let me tell you that Ganondorf hasn't been always the main villian in all the TLOZ games ;)
Well, he is both a sorcerer and a swordsman, so his attacks should be a combination of both:
-B: he could throw magic orbs to his opponents.
-A: like I said, he is also a swordsman, so he could fight with a sword.
-Final Smash: I'm still not sure of he should become "Vaati's Wrath" or the Vaati we fought in TLOZ: Four Swords Adventures.

3- Ghirahim,: Like Vaati, Ghirahim was thought to be the main antagonist in the game he appears in, but well, he is the second main antagonist of TLOZ: Skyward Sword.
He, like Vaati, has magical powers and is a swordsman. His attacks should be:
-B: he create and throw knives or maybe even create monsters like bokoblins.
-A: unlike Vaati, Ghirahim is able fight with two swords, so it would be interesting to allow him to fight like that (he also appears fighting with only one sword).
-Final Smash: his final smash should be him turning into his most powerful form.

Fire Emblem
1- Roy,: Yes, I believe he should return.

2- Lyndis,: Well, she is one of the few female lords in the Fire Emblem universe.
Her moves should be Marth-like, but she is (for me) faster than he is.

In here I'll be honest, I sincerely can't imagine what attacks they have, so I'll just name some of the most famous characters of the series.
1- Leon,: I don't know if he is very popular, but to be honest, he is my favorite racer :D

2- Black Shadow

3- Samurai Goroh,: He appears in Brawl as an assist trophy, so I imagine his attacks include his katana and force.

4- Jody Summer,: With Leon, she is one of my favorite pilots.

5- Blood Falcon

Star Fox
Luckily for me, almost all the attacks that the "originals" were given are made-up, so I don't have to think the attacks for the "new" characters. I can only think of similar attacks for them, and they would vary mostly in speed and strength.
1- Krystal

2- Panther Caroso

3- Leon Powalski

4- Pigma Dengar

1- Pokémon trainers from the other 4 continents,: In Brawl we got Red, who is from Kanto. So I think it would be a good idea to have trainers from Johto, Sinnoh, Hoenn and Unova.

2- Zoroark,: Nebur suggested it as a replacement for Lucario.

1- Space Pirate,: I think that a combination between the pirate commando and a pirate aerotrooper would be a good idea.
Its moves would be:
-B: fire its grenade launcher.
-B up (recuperation): since it's also an aerotrooper, its recuperation would include the use of its jetpack.
-A: Pirate commandos also fight with scytes, so I guess that would be its "A attack".
-Final Smash: Well, I guess it could become a Dark Pirate Commando, which is stronger.
Pirate Aerotrooper                             Pirate Commando

2- Dark Samus,: the main enemy in the Prime series. Since it's a phazon-based copy of Samus, I believe that its attacks should be very similar to Samus's, except that they're made of phazon. Its final smash could be a huge phazon cannon beam, but since there is no Zero Suit Dark Samus, its armor wouldn't be destroyed.

3- Galactic Federation soldier,: For this one, I thought that it should be based (or be) Anthony Higgs. He is known to have a freeze gun and a plasma gun, so those should be his main weapons (B attacks). Missiles and bombs wouldn't be a crazy addition to his armory (B right/left and B down). He is also known for being physically strong and athletic, so he could also appear fighting without weapons (A attack). His recuperation may be something like he had a jet pack in his armor. For a final smash he could use an enhanced version of his guns.

1- Little Mac,: he is the star of the Punch-Out!! series. Besides punching, the only idea I have for him is him becoming Giga Mac.

Here I'm going to write the name of the franchises that I haven't been able to play (and that could have good characters to add to the list) or that I have no idea of who to include.
1- Kid Icarus

2- Advance/Battalion Wars

3- Fossil Fighters

4- Sin and Punishment

5- Xenoblade Chronicles

6- Baten Kaitos

Mii/Custom Character
I think that it would be interesting that we could either play with our Miis. But I'll be honest, I would prefer that we were given the option to create our own custom character. Maybe it would already have its move preset, but it would be pretty awesome that we could even choose the attacks. And to avoid people choosing only the best moves, there could be a points system where we would be given an x-amount of points to buy the moves for the character. Yo could spend the majority in two extremely powerful attacks, but the rest would be crappy.

Now, let's go to the second-party characters of Nintendo (I'm including characters of companies that now don't develop exclusively for (or not at all) Nintendo):

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
1- Alexandra Roivas,: she is the main protagonist of the game. She uses "magick". Her final smash could be her summoning an Ancient.

2- Pious Augustus,: he is a Roman Centurion and the main antagonist of the game. He should fight with his sword and magick. Like Alexandra, his final smash could be him summoning an Ancient.

It would be nice if Microsoft allowed Rare to lend Nintendo the characters of this franchise. Banjo-Kazooie was one of my favorite games of the N64.
1- Banjo and Kazooie,: I guess that this would be the best idea for them to appear XD But I do feel that if they appeared separated it would be very interesting. ;)
Their attacks would include punches from Banjo, eggs from Kazooie, them performing forward rolls and even pecks from Kazooie. Their final smash would be them making a powerful vehicle/machine, like they do in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

2- Gruntilda,: she is after all the main antagonist. She should be able to fight with magic and her recuperation would be her using her flying broom. Her final smash could be her summoning her sisters and making a spell.

It's the same as with the first-party franchises. ;)
1- Battletoads

2- Conker's Bad Fur Day

3- Killer Instinct

4- Perfect Dark

So now let's go to the third-party characters that could appear in the game :D
This is based on what Nebur told me. Honestly, my playing time of Megaman games is extremely low, so I won't include their attacks.
1- Megaman

2- Megaman X

3- Megaman Zero

Sonic the Hedgehog
1- Shadow,: Judini's favorite character :D
His attacks could either be very similar to those of Sonic or more focused in the use of weapons like in Shadow's own game. His final smash could be the same as Sonic's, but I would like him to perform a Chaos Blast.

2- Knuckles,: the protector of the chaos emeralds. His attacks should be based on his strength, so he should appear punching mostly, but he has various attacks like the Quake Punch. He has the ability to glide, so his recuperation should be him flying (You don't say? XD)  His final smash should be him entering his Hyper Knuckles mode.

3- Amy Rose,: her attacks should be based in her Piko Piko Hammer, plus the usual spin jump and spin attack. Her recuperation should be her recuperation should be her Propeller Hammer ability. For final smash, I can only imagine Cream the Rabbit appearing and making an attack with her, after all, they're best friends (almost like sisters).

4- Dr. Eggman,; the main antagonist (in the majority of cases) of the Sonic games. He should appear in a machine of his invention. His final smash could be a super machine or something like that :D

5- Metal Sonic,: one of Dr. Eggman's inventions. His attacks should be a combination of other characters since he has the ability to replicate attacks. His final smash should be him becoming the Metal Overlord.

I hope I don't have to explain this category again XD
1- The Last Story

2- Pandora's Tower

And finally, since Namco Bandai is helping making the games, I decided to name some of their characters/franchises that could appear :D
I've never played a Tekken game in my life, so I asked Judini who could appear in the game. He practically told me: ANYBODY! XD

Since Tekken is arguably Namco Bandai's most famous franchise, here I am putting the rest of the franchises that I believe could make an appearance.
1- Pac-Man,: LOL YES! He could be Mr. Game & Watch's 2D rival >:D
It would be wierd if this version appeared O_o

2- Dig Dug,: admit it, you think it would be awesome to see the game's main character catching, inflating and exploding Mario >:D

3- Soulcalibur

4- Xenosaga

5- Tales

So that's the list of characters and franchises that could appear in the next Smash game. I hope you liked it. If you have other ideas, please comment about it! See you later Underworlders! :D