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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yare yare... ?

Well well this is kind off unexpected I really thought someone would make a post :S So much for thinking that right? Well Draconic Nightmare Ricardo here, since I'm not really done filing up the creepypastas I'll present shortly in part 2, I'll leave you with a fanfic I was thinking about a while ago but was written until now, it hasn't been published anywhere, and what you are about to see is an XDNightmare original (means its mine). So enjoy the show, if you see this in another site notify me, or if you wanna put it on your site notify me as well xD Take into account this is going to be divided in many chapters, not sure of how many myself, I'll progressively post them down as I write them, so be sure to check out and comment on things you feel off or have no sense :)

It was midnight. Strange shadows began surging outside of Neo Domino City and over time, also gaining a shape. At last, it came to become somewhat of a human–like creature, surrounded by an ominous purple aura. It eventually controlled its terrible aura, and it opened its eyes… crimson red irises gazing into Neo Domino City, like if waiting for something. It eventually made its aura subside, revealing its appearance. He was a man, or appeared to be one that is. He was wearing a black jacket with red linings and a dark purple-colored kanji that appeared in his back that meant “Dragon.” Under the jacket, he was wearing a dark purple t-shirt, and he was sporting  black jeans and brown boots that reached in between his knees and his ankle, which had a dark purple design on the outer part of both boots.  His hair was black, short and untidy, but either way, he irradiated fear into anyone who saw him. The kanji on his back disappeared as he sensed someone watching him. He looked around, let a low smirk, and walked into the city as he disappeared into the night. A young boy, who by chances of life saw this man appear and disappear like nothing, ran back from where he came from.
The boy continued shouting until he stumbled into a man and was sent crashing to the floor. The man looked at the boy and said:
“I’m sorry Leo, are you ok?”
Leo: “Yusei! I saw something horrible! A man appeared out of thin air and disappeared just the same way!! He had a glowing dragon kanji on his back I swear!!”
Yusei: “What? Are you sure you weren’t imagining things Leo?”
A girl suddenly appeared besides Yusei and said:
“Leo! You shouldn’t be running around the city like that!”
Leo: “I’m sorry Luna, but believe me, I learned that the hard way, I still can’t believe what I saw.”
Yusei tells Luna what Leo told him, to what Luna responds:
Luna: “Leo, you are always imagining things.” She lets out a brief sigh.
Leo: “No! I didn’t! I know what I saw! Yusei please believe me!”
Yusei: “Well Leo, don’t worry about it, it was probably nothing.”
Leo: “Yusei…” Leo’s expression changed from one of horror to disapproval towards Yusei.
Yusei: “Let’s go to my place, Jack, Crow, Aki and Bruno are still waiting for us.”
Leo and Luna: “Ok!”
As Yusei departed with the twins, he felt a presence, and glanced towards some buildings, he stared for a while until the Luna asks him if everything is ok. Yusei nods and leaves. After they left, the same man of the beginning appeared again at the same spot where Yusei was staring.
He was thinking to himself, then he said outloud:
“I guess… I’ll have to start with the weaker ones before I get to Fudo Yusei… that means, I’ll hunt… kufufufu”
The man suddenly laughed and raised his right arm until it was at ninety degrees of himself. He opened his palm:
“Koi!” (Come!)
 At that moment, a red swirling portal appeared before him, and a d-wheel materialized itself from the portal. It was obviously modeled after the Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, its front wheel is ahead of the whole d-wheel. It has the characteristic metallic gray with red lines design that defines the Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, it has the duel screen with its respective spots for the cards in the main dashboard where the driver’s seat is, and the Deck zone and hand holder are situated on the left wing of the d-wheel. Behind the driver’s seat, it is decorated with the wings of the Darkness Metal which protects the giant back-wheel of the d-wheel and the exhaust pipe. The man lifts the left wing and accommodates in his d-wheel, he puts on his helmet, which consists of a Red-Eyes Black Dragon head motif, missing the lower part of the entire head, and the vizor which covers the would-be mouth of the Red-Eyes is painted a red color. He turns on his d-wheel and leaves, biding his time to find the perfect spot to ambush his prey.
This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed!
This is the D-wheel used by the unnamed duelist.
Made by mistress_darkloki
Crimson Emperor Ricardo :)

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