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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Super Smash Bros. 4

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. I'm sorry for the absence, but well, I simply didn't have any good ideas for my posts until a few days ago. :P
So, a few weeks ago, it was announced that Namco Bandai was going to help in the next Super Smash Bros. entries. I thought that it was a good idea, because Nintendo lately has been involving third-party companies in the making of their games and so far I haven't felt disappointed. I feel Namco Bandai is perfectly qualified because of their numerous fighting games, like Tekken and the Dragon Ball games.

And a few days ago, the first concept art of SSB4 was shown in this whiteboard. I'm impressed with the quality of the drawings because I've never seen amazing images drawn on whiteboards :P

The purpose of this post is to give you a list of the characters (and some with their attacks) that I feel could be good additions to the roster of characters of the next SSB entry :D
First, let's go with Nintendo's first-party characters:
1- Daisy,: Yes, I said Daisy. I know that she is a secondary character that mostly appear in sports games and party games, but I think that Daisy could be a nice addition for the ladies. I have a 5-year old cousin and she "plays" with Peach (we put Peach as a computer character >XD) because she loves princesses, and remember Daisy is sort of a princess.
I can't imagine her move set, but like Peach, all her moves are going to be made up for game.

2- Paper Mario,: Well, I think that if we had Dr. Mario (who for me could return to the game), why not have Paper Mario, Paper Luigi and even Paper Bowser? But for now, only Paper Mario should be added. The Paper Mario games are really great and people have at least played the N64 version.
In the games, Paper Mario has a known move set, so I feel that his attacks should be:
-B: he could use as his "B attack" the fire flower. You may be thinking "There is already a fire flower item", and you're right, but that shouldn't restrict a character from having his own item, right? Like Ness, he has his own baseball bat, even though there is already an item like that.
-B left: he could use his thunder rage item, and electrocute enemies.
-B right: he could use his ice storm item, and momentarily freeze his oppenents (maybe 2-3 seconds)
-B down: he could use his earth quake item, and knock down nearby opponents.
-B up (recuperation): he could become a paper airplane and glide.
-A: his "A attack" should be his hammer.
-A right/left: his attack would vary, he could either freeze or burn. Which hammer he uses, will be totally random.
-A down: since the downward smash attacks hit both sides, I think that his hammer spin attack would be ideal.
-A up: He could throw his hammer upwards.
-Final Smash: His final smash would be his Supernova attack.

3- Bowser Jr.,: Bowser's most famous son. He has been appearing lately in Mario games, so I think that his inclusion wouldn't be so much of a surprise.
Well, his attacks could be similar to Bowser, like the Link/Toon Link relationship.

4- Birdo,: Why not include Yoshi's "girlfriend"?
Its attacks should be similar to Yoshi's, but with a changes:
-B: Instead of swallowing characters, Birdo should throw eggs from its mouth.
-B left/right: it could throw something like an explosive egg, or something XD
-B down: It could also make a gound-pound like Yoshi.
-B up (recuperation): I really had to think this one, and the only thing that I can imagine, is Birdo shooting an egg downward and going up thanks to the impulse.
-A attacks: I feel like this ones could be the same as Yoshi.
-Final Smash: its final smash should be something like a big Birdo stampede (maybe even shooting eggs).

5- Koopa Troopa,: I include him because I feel that he could be an interesting character.
His attacks wouldn't be very strong, but instead they should be very fast:
-B: His "B attack" would be him throwing a shell. Oh the sweet irony XD
-B left/right: Like Yoshi, he could enter his shell and move sideways (sorry, couldn't find a better way to describe it)
-B down: Tough one, I can only think in  of a counter, where he would enter his shell and if someone hits him, he would immediately attack.
-B up (recuperation): This one's interesting. I thought that a pair of wings would appear making him momentarily a Paratroopa.
-A: Well, why not have him kick and punch?
-A right/left: he could attack by jumping "backwards" and hitting his opponents with his shell.
-A down: Like Sonic, he could get inside his shell and attack sideways.
-A up: Like Bowser, attack with his shell upwards.
-Final Smash: For his final smash, I thought that he could make a Shell Slam that could be a one-hit KO.

Donkey Kong
1- Kritter,: Well, this is one of the most common types of villians in the Donkey Kong world, so it isn't such a crazy idea.
Now, his moves could be:
-B: he could release klaptraps.
-B left/right: he could throw big rocks, maybe even charge for the lenght of the throw (or maybe even the size).
-B down: maybe he could assemble the klaptraps like Olimar. If he did this, then he should get like a limit number of released klaptraps like 3 .
-B up (recuperation): since he can't fly, maybe he could somehow get inside a barrel that shoots him upward.
-A: Kritters have a big physique, so he could easily give powerful punches and kicks.
-A left/right: he could like throw a big bite, the more it is charged, the thougher it is.
-A down: he could attack with his tail.
-Final Smash: Kritter could become a Krobot, making him almost invulnerable and stronger.

2- Tiny Kong,: Well, it was hard for me to choose between Tiny and Dixie, but I ended up going for Tiny.
Her moves could be like Diddy Kong's, but she would attack with her hair (lol) and her recuperation would be her ponytails spinning like a helicopter. Her weapon would be her feather bow. I'm still not sure if her saxophone would be useful. Maybe it could be her final smash, like DK.
I prefer the DK64 look, but since Rare was sold, Nintendo adopted this new look. ¬¬

3- Lanky Kong,: Another character form DK64.
His moves should include his ability to inflate himself as a ballon (recuperation), his grape launcher (B attack) and his final smash could be either his trombone tremor or his ability to become Enguarde. His "A attacks" should include his ability to stretch.

4- Chunky Kong,: He is the strongest of the Kongs, so he should fight with brute force.
His "B attack" should be him using his pineapple shooter, his "A attack" his punches, and for his final smash, he should become Hunky Chunky (a giant version of him).

The Legend of Zelda
1- Darbus,: I think Gorons would be a good addition, so I thought which goron should appear in the game, and I had to decide between Darunia (from TLOZ: Ocarina of Time) and Darbus (from TLOZ: Twilight Princess).
Before I describe his moves, I want to tell you guys that I've decided to only mention the "B attack", "A attack" and Final Smash for the next characters, because if I thought of the rest of the moves, this post would be very long. In case I do have a good idea for more moves, I'll include them, but mostly expect those 3 attacks.
His moves could be:
-B: he could pick up big boulders and throw them at people. I think that if the attack could be charged, the bigger the boulder should be.
-B down: Since he is a Goron, he could pick up flower bombs and throw them.
-A: the usual, punch.
-Final Smash: He could become Fyrus (I chose Darbus for this idea).

2- Vaati,: If you don't know him, then let me tell you that Ganondorf hasn't been always the main villian in all the TLOZ games ;)
Well, he is both a sorcerer and a swordsman, so his attacks should be a combination of both:
-B: he could throw magic orbs to his opponents.
-A: like I said, he is also a swordsman, so he could fight with a sword.
-Final Smash: I'm still not sure of he should become "Vaati's Wrath" or the Vaati we fought in TLOZ: Four Swords Adventures.

3- Ghirahim,: Like Vaati, Ghirahim was thought to be the main antagonist in the game he appears in, but well, he is the second main antagonist of TLOZ: Skyward Sword.
He, like Vaati, has magical powers and is a swordsman. His attacks should be:
-B: he create and throw knives or maybe even create monsters like bokoblins.
-A: unlike Vaati, Ghirahim is able fight with two swords, so it would be interesting to allow him to fight like that (he also appears fighting with only one sword).
-Final Smash: his final smash should be him turning into his most powerful form.

Fire Emblem
1- Roy,: Yes, I believe he should return.

2- Lyndis,: Well, she is one of the few female lords in the Fire Emblem universe.
Her moves should be Marth-like, but she is (for me) faster than he is.

In here I'll be honest, I sincerely can't imagine what attacks they have, so I'll just name some of the most famous characters of the series.
1- Leon,: I don't know if he is very popular, but to be honest, he is my favorite racer :D

2- Black Shadow

3- Samurai Goroh,: He appears in Brawl as an assist trophy, so I imagine his attacks include his katana and force.

4- Jody Summer,: With Leon, she is one of my favorite pilots.

5- Blood Falcon

Star Fox
Luckily for me, almost all the attacks that the "originals" were given are made-up, so I don't have to think the attacks for the "new" characters. I can only think of similar attacks for them, and they would vary mostly in speed and strength.
1- Krystal

2- Panther Caroso

3- Leon Powalski

4- Pigma Dengar

1- Pokémon trainers from the other 4 continents,: In Brawl we got Red, who is from Kanto. So I think it would be a good idea to have trainers from Johto, Sinnoh, Hoenn and Unova.

2- Zoroark,: Nebur suggested it as a replacement for Lucario.

1- Space Pirate,: I think that a combination between the pirate commando and a pirate aerotrooper would be a good idea.
Its moves would be:
-B: fire its grenade launcher.
-B up (recuperation): since it's also an aerotrooper, its recuperation would include the use of its jetpack.
-A: Pirate commandos also fight with scytes, so I guess that would be its "A attack".
-Final Smash: Well, I guess it could become a Dark Pirate Commando, which is stronger.
Pirate Aerotrooper                             Pirate Commando

2- Dark Samus,: the main enemy in the Prime series. Since it's a phazon-based copy of Samus, I believe that its attacks should be very similar to Samus's, except that they're made of phazon. Its final smash could be a huge phazon cannon beam, but since there is no Zero Suit Dark Samus, its armor wouldn't be destroyed.

3- Galactic Federation soldier,: For this one, I thought that it should be based (or be) Anthony Higgs. He is known to have a freeze gun and a plasma gun, so those should be his main weapons (B attacks). Missiles and bombs wouldn't be a crazy addition to his armory (B right/left and B down). He is also known for being physically strong and athletic, so he could also appear fighting without weapons (A attack). His recuperation may be something like he had a jet pack in his armor. For a final smash he could use an enhanced version of his guns.

1- Little Mac,: he is the star of the Punch-Out!! series. Besides punching, the only idea I have for him is him becoming Giga Mac.

Here I'm going to write the name of the franchises that I haven't been able to play (and that could have good characters to add to the list) or that I have no idea of who to include.
1- Kid Icarus

2- Advance/Battalion Wars

3- Fossil Fighters

4- Sin and Punishment

5- Xenoblade Chronicles

6- Baten Kaitos

Mii/Custom Character
I think that it would be interesting that we could either play with our Miis. But I'll be honest, I would prefer that we were given the option to create our own custom character. Maybe it would already have its move preset, but it would be pretty awesome that we could even choose the attacks. And to avoid people choosing only the best moves, there could be a points system where we would be given an x-amount of points to buy the moves for the character. Yo could spend the majority in two extremely powerful attacks, but the rest would be crappy.

Now, let's go to the second-party characters of Nintendo (I'm including characters of companies that now don't develop exclusively for (or not at all) Nintendo):

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
1- Alexandra Roivas,: she is the main protagonist of the game. She uses "magick". Her final smash could be her summoning an Ancient.

2- Pious Augustus,: he is a Roman Centurion and the main antagonist of the game. He should fight with his sword and magick. Like Alexandra, his final smash could be him summoning an Ancient.

It would be nice if Microsoft allowed Rare to lend Nintendo the characters of this franchise. Banjo-Kazooie was one of my favorite games of the N64.
1- Banjo and Kazooie,: I guess that this would be the best idea for them to appear XD But I do feel that if they appeared separated it would be very interesting. ;)
Their attacks would include punches from Banjo, eggs from Kazooie, them performing forward rolls and even pecks from Kazooie. Their final smash would be them making a powerful vehicle/machine, like they do in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

2- Gruntilda,: she is after all the main antagonist. She should be able to fight with magic and her recuperation would be her using her flying broom. Her final smash could be her summoning her sisters and making a spell.

It's the same as with the first-party franchises. ;)
1- Battletoads

2- Conker's Bad Fur Day

3- Killer Instinct

4- Perfect Dark

So now let's go to the third-party characters that could appear in the game :D
This is based on what Nebur told me. Honestly, my playing time of Megaman games is extremely low, so I won't include their attacks.
1- Megaman

2- Megaman X

3- Megaman Zero

Sonic the Hedgehog
1- Shadow,: Judini's favorite character :D
His attacks could either be very similar to those of Sonic or more focused in the use of weapons like in Shadow's own game. His final smash could be the same as Sonic's, but I would like him to perform a Chaos Blast.

2- Knuckles,: the protector of the chaos emeralds. His attacks should be based on his strength, so he should appear punching mostly, but he has various attacks like the Quake Punch. He has the ability to glide, so his recuperation should be him flying (You don't say? XD)  His final smash should be him entering his Hyper Knuckles mode.

3- Amy Rose,: her attacks should be based in her Piko Piko Hammer, plus the usual spin jump and spin attack. Her recuperation should be her recuperation should be her Propeller Hammer ability. For final smash, I can only imagine Cream the Rabbit appearing and making an attack with her, after all, they're best friends (almost like sisters).

4- Dr. Eggman,; the main antagonist (in the majority of cases) of the Sonic games. He should appear in a machine of his invention. His final smash could be a super machine or something like that :D

5- Metal Sonic,: one of Dr. Eggman's inventions. His attacks should be a combination of other characters since he has the ability to replicate attacks. His final smash should be him becoming the Metal Overlord.

I hope I don't have to explain this category again XD
1- The Last Story

2- Pandora's Tower

And finally, since Namco Bandai is helping making the games, I decided to name some of their characters/franchises that could appear :D
I've never played a Tekken game in my life, so I asked Judini who could appear in the game. He practically told me: ANYBODY! XD

Since Tekken is arguably Namco Bandai's most famous franchise, here I am putting the rest of the franchises that I believe could make an appearance.
1- Pac-Man,: LOL YES! He could be Mr. Game & Watch's 2D rival >:D
It would be wierd if this version appeared O_o

2- Dig Dug,: admit it, you think it would be awesome to see the game's main character catching, inflating and exploding Mario >:D

3- Soulcalibur

4- Xenosaga

5- Tales

So that's the list of characters and franchises that could appear in the next Smash game. I hope you liked it. If you have other ideas, please comment about it! See you later Underworlders! :D



  1. you are a frigging noob! Banjo and Kazooie can't be separated it would kill them completely!! Amy can use her Mega Piko Hammer as a Final Smash Cream can't fight, also who the fuck is Kunckles? I've never seen him in my life.

  2. Hey, people can mispell words now and then ¬¬
    And besides, I know Cream can't fight, but if you see Amy's article in the sonic wikia, in her abilities, Cream appears twice in her POW Moves, here is an example:
    "Spin Cycle (スピンサイクル Supin Saikuru?): Cream lifts up Amy, then spins her around before throwing her at a group of enemies."
    But anyways, thanks for your comment. ^_^

  3. completely well done and very interesting, honestly this one could be considered one of your best works around here, i really don`t care/expect some characters here but still, it`s fun to see a good list.

    by the holy Kaiser Nebur