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Monday, September 19, 2011

Funny Pokemon Comics

Ciaossu to all our readers, since I decided not to make a post about Yu-gi-oh right now, rather to say that making the one of the Legendary Collection needs more work, I decided to make a short but fun post to entertain all of you.

Now, all of you, or at least most, I expect have played Pokemon games at some point in their lives, so I looked around the internet for the funniest pokemon mini-comics that I could find. Enjoy!! do Pokemon survive these kinds of attacks???

Be it Oak, your father or whoever it is...somebody is definitely following you...

They could have been more creative when making an icon for items....

Some pokemon really do need pre-evolutions...

How do you prevent a Slowpoke from evolving? XD

Ever evolved a Wailmer inside a house? Or for the same matter, outside the water? O.o

This poor dude hasnt found Cut yet...such a sad story T-T

 You magically get a Lapras in Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystal by using Surf XD

Pokemon is definitely animal cruelty...XD

This made me hate Raikou...=_=

This is more or less what it looks like after throwing your 100th pokeball at Legendaries...

Wait a sec...doesnt Dragonair evolve at Lvl. 55? O.O

Going out into the wild safari zone...with no pokemon on you...just brilliant...

This can seriously make somebody tear their gameboy apart...O.o

Typical...Max Repel abuse FTW!!!

Creatures of 1 KG can carry you around the whole planet...Pokemon are friggin awesome

What some people would do to Pikachu...its lvl 35239 already dammit!

LOL I remember I had a flying Doduo, was such awesomeness!!

Gary is smarter....hell always be XD

You know what I am more impressed about in this picture? He is playing a GBA game in a Game Boy Color...just WOW...O.o

 Pokemon logic...perfectly understandable...

What is Brock looking at? O.o

 You train it all the way to lvl 100. for this?? =_=

And finally...Brocks relationship with Ash XD

DISCLAIMER- All credit goes to the people who created this pictures and comics. Neither Underworld Honduras nor I take credit for any of the images shown above.

Well this is all for now, hope that I gave you the laugh of the day, thank you very much for reading us. Keep tuned to Underworld Honduras, see ya!

Black Cat FTW!!!

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