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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nintendo's 3DS Conference

Hi guys! It's time for another Nintendo post. I didn't post it this Monday because I wanted the Nintendo 3DS Conference to pass, so that I could give you the most important aspects of it. In other news, today (September 15) we are celebrating our Independence Day! 190 years ago, a bunch of Criollos (Spaniards born in America (THE CONTINENT)) declared the independence of Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica). So, 190 years later, here we are giving you with the best possible reviews, news, etc.

So going back to the 3DS Conference, here are the most important announcements and trailers.
The conference started with Shigeru Miyamoto taking the stage with a sword and a shield (like in the 2004 E3, where TLOZ: Twilight Princess was announced). During a brief Skyward Sword demo (I know it was a 3DS conference, but they wanted to give more info of TLOZ: Skyward Sword), Miyamoto revealed that the game will have 50 to 100 hours of gameplay :D, with a boss battle challenge mode and a second play-through padding out the adventure. The game will also have a hint system, like Ocarina of Time 3D.

A Nintendo game that stole the spotlights was Animal Crossing 3DS.

The games announced:
There will be a Mario Tennis game for the 3DS (supposedly made by Camelot).

Fire Emblem was also announced, the first one in many years. :D

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, a RPG from Square Enix.

Dynasty Warriors VS. was also announced. It will feature a “four player combat competitive play.”

Monster Hunter 4¸many critics feel that this game was the major announcement of the conference, and many agree that if it stays as an exclusive game for the 3DS, it would be a huge blow for the VITA.

SD Gundam G Generation
Release Dates:
Super Mario Land: Japan -Nov3, America- Nov13, Europe-Nov18

Mario Kart 7: Japan-Dec1, America-Dec4, Europe-Dec2

Kid Icarus will be released in January 2012, no exact date was given.
Monster Hunter Tri 3G: Japan-December10

The free TLOZ: Four Swords game that was announced at the E3 this year for the DSi, was also announced for the 3DS and will be released (if I remember correctly) in September 28.

Other Announcements:
Nintendo also announced a PINK 3DS, to attract more female gamers. It is called MISTY PINK.

The 3DS will be able to record in 3D after a new update in November.
The second circle pad add-on was also confirmed, plus a list of games that are compatible with it like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil Revelations and Monster Hunter Tri 3G. Also, it will need a single AAA battery to work.

A “Metallic Red” 3DS is coming to Europe this September 30. Here in America, in September 9, we got a “Flame Red” version.

Mario Kart 7 has 16 new courses (some of the old courses that returned have been added with underwater sections, 2 new characters (Lakitu and Metal Mario), and supports StreetPass for ghosts exchanges.
There are animated shorts relating to Kid Icarus: Uprising that are coming to the Nintendo 3DS and it has been revealed that there will be three series. The first series will feature Pit as the main character in an action-oriented setting with Medusa’s minions and Thanatos, the god of death. This series will run for three episodes. The second series, which will run for two episodes, focuses on the comical adventures of Palutena. The final of the shorts is a one-episode look at Medusa’s actions up to her return in Kid Icarus: Uprising. All three series will be in full 3D.

My next Nintendo post will be about the most important news from the TGS (Tokyo Game Show). So this is it for now. GAME ON!
This video is a summary of the games announced and theones that had already been announced but were talked about at the conference, like Paper Mario 3DS and Metal Gea Solid. Enjoy!

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