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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I Hate About Yu-gi-oh!

Hey there everybody, thought it was about time that I posted something. I got the idea for this post from watching a video done by Vayuenthusiast in Youtube, all of you who follow Dragonduelistgirl probably also know this girl. She is an awesome artist, very good at the game and talks about some important things in Yu-gi-oh, so check her out!


But anyways back to our topic, there are some things that I hate about Yu-gi-oh also, despite me being a great fan on the game. After watching the video I started thinking on which ones I could put in a post here sooooo without further ado lets start!!

Netdecking: One of the things that I hate the most about Yu-gi-oh are people that copy the exact same decks that got top places in important tournaments such as the World Championship or Nationals. These decks werent popular at all until somebody got creative, made them and topped with them, and then people all around the world rush to copy the recipe as soon as it gets posted. Hey people, be creative! The ones who made this decks gave it a lot of effort, testing and thinking and just copying their work for an easy win takes all the fun out of the game. Not only that but youll never be able to use them as well as their creators so dont think that youre invincible because you copied the World Champ deck. Hate this...
Trash Talkers: We all have met one of these, theyre the people who talk just because they love to hear their own voice it seems. They spend more time bragging about how invincible their deck is and how they will beat you easily than actually playing the game. Solution to these people most of the time: take them on, kick their butt and laugh after that. Although it appears that there are some out there that even after losing keep saying it was just "pure luck" or that they "let you win", if that happens just duel again and repeat until they shut up or start crying...what happens first...

Market-volatility: Yu-gi-oh markets is very much like Wall Street, prices fly up and crash in a matter of days actually. Most recent of this is of course the poor souls who bought "Tour Guide from the Underworld" before the Xyz rulings changed, since their prices practically crashed after that after having been rising steadily since the introduction of the new xyz monsters. So when you sell/buy a card you never know if tomorrow it will be worth twice the price or be so cheap that youll have to give it away for free if you want to get rid of it...risks are risks.

Noob Abusers: People who go looking around for people who are new to the game in order to buy or trade their cards for something really not worth it. Like you buy a Glow-Up Bulb for one dollar from somebody who got it in a pack without knowing what it was worth, or trading a watapon from the movie promo for a blue eyes white dragon from the original kaiba deck. I recommend that if you dont know the price of the card ask either a friend of yours who knows about the game or even better the judge what he thinks of the deal.

Dumb Critics: These are the most unusual ones...theyre the ones that ask to look at your deck and after glaring at every one of your cards start to tell you that your deck is completely terrible and that you should model them exactly as they tell you to. However this would be helpful if they helped you get the cards for it, instead of just expecting every deck of a certain archetype to follow in exactly how they run their own decks. An advice to all of them: if you like to criticize so much, then give us the cards!!

Well these are the five things I hate the most about Yu-gi-oh, I dont want to make too long of a post since I couldnt find any good pictures and it would probably be tedious to read. That is all for today, many thanks for reading us, next TCG post will be Legendary Collection 2: The Academy Years, where I will be explaining the pros and cons of it. Keep tuned to Underworld Honduras, kora!

P.S.- Feliz Dia del Niño!

Isn't the artwork awesome?
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