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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Fate of Two Worlds!!

Heya people of the Underworld!! This time....... why are you looking at me like that? what? my ps360 news, you are asking where are they? Ohh sorry about that, but since I'm almost at final exams and the teachers at the university are crazy with work, I had to take care of that first, but this saturday I'll resume actions. Now that you stopped using Leer on me to lower my defenses, I'll introduce you to this awesome game I've played and I think you probably know anyways :P Of course I'm refering to Marvel vs Capcom 3, the most recent entry to the MvC game series, so grab some snacks, get comfortable, becuz I'm taking you on a wild ride!!

Well, this game series isn't really rich in story, it first starts off as Ryu is shown defeated on the battlefield, he lifts his arm up for someone to help him, and he imagines his best friend Ken helping him up, but when he reaches for his hand, it fades away. Next you are taken through a battle between mighty Iron Man and hottie Morrigan, both of them flying. Then you are taken to watch Chris try to take on Hulk, later on, to watch a gun fight between Dante and Deadpool, which later on gets impaled on the rearguard by Morrigan's spikes (so freaking epic xDD). Morrigan, trying to see if Deadpool was okeii, got blasted by Iron Man's Unibeam, and she got saved by Chris of falling to her death. Then you return to Ryu, who's battling Wolverine. After Ryu Shin Shoryuken's the hell out of Wolverine, Dormammu appears on the sky, ready for battle. There are four different intro vids, all of them show fights between Marvel and Capcom, and at the final vid, all heroes from both universes join forces against the forces of darkness, and also against Galactus, who wants to eat the Earth.

Well, if you have played the past MvC games, you probably will be able to play this game easily. Basically, there are 4 attack buttons (low, mid, high, special), and different commands depending on the character you choose. Also, all characters this time around have a completely unique way of playing, and you have three different assists for the characters that are waiting to enter the fray. The controls are smooth, easy enough for you to grab the controller and have fun. There is a training mode, there are also trails, 10 for each character, 360 in total, online mode, versus mode, gallery, and many other stuff to try out. Inside online mode, you can enter a quick ranked match, or have matches against an opponent in player match, which doesn't consider any ranking increase or decrease whatsoever, andyou can also enter a lobby of up to 8 players where you can duke it out against anyone on the lobby.

As in any good fighting game, there are always spammers, cheaters, trappers, and so on. No matter what you tell them, they will always argue "but I won and that's what matters". As an advice, if you are one of these type of players, then you'd better change your Games aren't about winning or losing, getting the top ranks or making fun of noobs, they are about having fun. If you don't believe this, then, it will be a matter of time that you'll be so absorbed in winning that you'll end up wasting your entire life just for that. And, if you are not one of these people, keep yourselves as you are, no matter how much they spam you, just keep going as you are, and you'll feel great with yourself.

36 characters in total, original characters from MVC2 were removed, one of my favorites, Venom, was also removed :( There are some characters I believe nobody would even miss them, but the game ends with a good roster: (* means favorites, / means trash character in my opinion, $ means downloadable content DLC, ** means my startup team)
Captain America
*Dr. Doom
Iron Man
/ M.O.D.O.K.
$ Shuma Gorath
Super Skrull
*Albert Wesker
/ Arthur
Chris Redfield
C. Viper
$ Jill Valentine
Mike Haggar
*Morrigan Aensland
Nathan Spencer
Tron Bonne
Viewtiful Joe

As usual with Capcom games, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was announced at this previous Comic-Con, it will include the 36 playable chars, Gorath and Valentine as DLC's, and 12 new characters: Doctor Strange, Firebrand, Frank West, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Nemesis, Nova, Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon, and Vergil. (WTF!?!??! NO VENOM?!?!? DAMN YOU MARVEL!!!!).

Of course, this is a fun game, its a pretty good fighter, but considering we are talking about Capcom, you'd probably want to wait a bit for when "Ultimate Ultra Marvel vs Capcom 3 HD Extreme Arcade Edition" to comes out and buy a copy of that one for yourself xD

This is it folks, hope you enjoyed, and see you next time ;)
Don't give up, and you'll find a chance for victory

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