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Friday, April 29, 2011

Naruto Top 10!!

Hey! What's up? Dragon (that's my codename in some places :P) reporting after a period of inactivity on my part, its anime time and why not start off with what people think of as the "Neo Dragon Ball" (speaking of which it is my next surprise :D) and of course I'm referring to the number one knucklehead ninja Naruto. I recently bought Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (it looks so preeeetyyyyy) for PS3 and complementing its play with Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 for the Wii (screw Deidara and his long range attacks at the end of story mode XP!!), I decided that my anime post would be a Top 10 of my favorite characters in Naruto, so brace yourself because this is.....

NUMBER 10 - Shikamaru Nara
Yeah, Shikamaru (later on you'll understand), I used to hate him, but then I realized I'm kind off like him and he is awesome when he wants or needs to be, so Shikamaru earns 10th spot.

NUMBER 9 - Jiraiya
Jeje leave it to the Pervy Sage! Jiraiya is plain awesome, and he's a lot cooler in Sage Mode (his nose in this form gives me the creeps lol), and damn that his death made me wanna cry, so well deserved 9th place.

NUMBER 8 - Kakashi Hatake
I know what you are thinking *whiny fanboy voice* "what is your damn problem why is Kakashi Sensei only number 8?!?!?"... simple, the others are way better, and if you still don't agree after you see the list, I'll invitte you to throw yourself over a cliff..... no no don't worry, I pay ;)

NUMBER 7 - Kisame Hoshiaki/Suigetsu Hozuki
I really don't know who to chose, if one's in, the other has to be in as well, so the Shark Bros will share 7th place because their handling of those giant swords is simply bad ass, and they have the only Water Style Jutsus I like (I really don't like the Element Water, I prefer Fire....... thar doesn't mean I don't take showers XP)

NUMBER 6 - Sasori
Yeah, this crazy puppet is awesome, I really like this guy, his story is sad, but he became pretty maniacal and bad ass, so he's in my list with no regrets.

NUMBER 5 - Naruto Uzumaki
How not include him, used to be my favorite, but time changes, but he's still of the best and most powerful ninja evar!! (soon to be 6th Hokage dattebayo!! :P)

NUMBER 4 - Orochimaru
Creepy snake guy, that's almost the only way I can find to describe this guy, but hell is he awesome, but he sadly seems to suffer from pedophilia, as he is seen taking kids to the forest hmmm...... (I'm not insulting Orochimaru, just kidding :P)

NUMBER 3 - Kimimaro
The one whose name means "Invincible One" isn't for boasting, Kimimaro demonstrated that he has the ability to best 5th place Naruto Uzumaki by a lot, stand up to Taijutsu Master Bushy Brows, and resist Gaara's Sand Requiem, the only thing capable of beating him, was sadly a disease (damn it and he was so cool -.-).

NUMBER 2 - Deidara/Hidan
Hell are these last difficult, for one side, we have Deidara, the explosive art lover SOB, his explosions are nice and his catchphrase is really catchy, I sometimes hear myself saying things like Art is an Explosion and katsu in a very randomly fashion, and I actually have a manner of speech similar to his (adding hmmm to the end of some phrases). On the other side, we have the Jashinist, self masochist immortal and knuckleheaded powerhouse named Hidan, hell this guy is awesome, I really like him because I dunno I just do, he's awesome and freaking badass (saw how he killed Asuma? So awesome *Perez begins to cry* uhh yeah, Perez liked Asuma so uhhh.... on more important matters, Patrick Star thinks about milk spilling :D)

Let's recount okeii? 10-Shikamaru 9-Pervy Sage 8-Kakashi 7-Shark Bros 6-Sasori 5-6th Hokage 4-Crazy Snake Guy 3-Dry Bones 2-Artist and Jashinist......IT'S....

NUMBER 1 - Hinata Hyuga/Itachi Uchiha
Allright you must be thinking "this guy is doing this again?" Yeah I know, but its almost impossible for me to decide between this two, its impossible. so I'm sorry. On one hand, we gave the beatiful Hinata, I'm freaking in love with her as the good otaku I am, and she is really good at the time of fighting and brave when it has to do with Naruto (remember Pain?) so yeah she deserves shared top spot. Now, this has to be the best character in Naruto, I mean, he's ultra powerful, we never get to know the extent of his limit, because of his sickness (by which he also dies, what's up of killing invincible people by diseases -.-), and because in his matches he never went serious, if he did, Pain would be nothing against him, and I believe Itachi to be stronger than Pain actually, so Itachi shares first with the lovely Hinata.

I hope you liked it and see ya next time, till then ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Kufufufu....long time no see little viewers. Well since its been quiet some time since my last post I thought I would do something special for it and even the more for celebrating our blog already reaching 800 visits which completely PWNs every other blog from our school. So in order to thank all of you from around the world I will give you an insight about anime openings as seen in Latin America!

Well our latin opening are not at all like the United States one incredibly, our dubbing studios try to change the Japanese songs into latin spanish and theyve quiet succeeded in some of them resulting in us having some really awesome opening to enjoy before our favorite anime series starts...

Top top top top top, so sorry...happens to me every time I remember old anime times...but that also means that its time for the Top 5 Ranking of Anime Openings for Latin America!!(Hope some people got the joke at the start of this paragraph so as not to seem an idiot XD)

1)In first place we have the Worlds most famous anime ever! What every kid should have seen to grow up fully, something we have demonstrated already, and also probably the best memories of Cartoon Network that we will ever have: Dragon Ball!!!. Though this great opening was given to Dragon Ball GT which some people have great problems with its still an awesome song and most importantly the dubbing from the original song Dandankokoro from Japan was impressively perfect! Mi Corazon Encantado, lets hear it now!!


2) Now lets warp a little forward in time, but just a little as this one is also an oldie that will bring back good memories to many people. This anime is seen as girls-only by many people and yet its also enjoyed by many boys all around the world. Getting a second place because of the magnificent job at dubbing that was done in it here is Card Captor Sakura, or as known in latin america Sakura Card Captors!

3) Reaching up to a close third place we have an anime that we all know and love, it doesnt matter if you saw it as a kid in Toonami or just happened to come across it already grown up its a great opening. This is also in dedication to my fellow co-blogger Perez, from the great anime Inuyasha comes the second opening by incredible singer Gabriela Vega!! I Am!!

4) Another Toonami jewel, although not seen by everyone due to the late hour at which it was aired is Ranma 1/2. Achieving a well-deserved 4th Place for its opening song, its not only a very happy song but also catchy and very well coordinated with the video. A round of applause for our favorite red/black-headed girl/boy!!!

5) And last but not least on my top top Top 5 is a most inspiring song for an opening. Once you have started listening to the song its very hard not to sit down to watch the anime, it has super lyrics, nice timing with the video and youll also find it to be a great song to hear while exercising. From The Prince of Tennis better known as Tennis no Ouji-sama in some parts of the world here comes the second opening: El Sol Ilumina el Cielo! Enjoy!!

And there was my Top 5 Latin American Openings, I hoped you enjoyed the songs as much as people here did on their childhood. I will try making a ranking of the top 5 anime endings soon. Until then, another thanks to all of you viewers who support us, this blog would be impossible without you! Ciao!!

P.S.- For reference of non-latinos Toonami was a segment of Cartoon Network that aired late at night and where all of the anime was moved to for it to be replaced by the first cartoonish trash that CN started releasing since then...

                                                  MY CURRENT SIGNATURE- DANNY

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Great DS Game: Age of Empires: The Age of Kings

Hi people! I really love the games of Age of Empires, and since I want to buy a Nintendo DS before I get my 3DS, I researched to see if there are any Age of Empires for the DS, and apparently there are TWO games for this amazing portable console. So get ready 'cuz here we go!

Age of Empires: The Age of Kings is a turn-based strategy video game developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by Majesco for the Nintendo DS.
Age of Empires: The Age of Kings allows the player to command any one of five historical civilizations: the Britons, Franks, Mongols,Saracens and Japanese. It has a single-player campaign and scenario mode, as well as a multiplayer wireless and hotseat mode.

Age of Empires: The Age of Kings is turn-based. As a derivative of the Age of Empires series, other games of which are real-time strategy as opposed to turn-based strategy, The Age of Kings incorporates several features and mechanics commonly associated with real-time strategy, including technology advancement and resource and building management.
The playing field is divided into a grid, with the player having an overhead perspective of the map. Units are able to move a certain amount of spaces in the four cardinal directions, with how far they can go affected by several variables, including the unit's natural movement abilities and terrain. Each unit type is given a specific amount of spaces that it can move, with some having better movement capabilities than others. There are a variety of terrain types, such as roads, forests and grass. Roads are best for movement, while some terrains slow the player down but can provide other advantages, such as extra range or defense.
Each of the five civilizations has its own hero, which is stronger than other units. The Japanese hero is Minamoto no Yoshitsune; the Saracens' hero is Saladin; the Mongols' hero is Genghis Khan; the Franks' hero is Joan of Arc; and the Britons' hero is King Richard the Lionheart. Each hero has special abilities which are unique to them. Each civilization is also unique in the sense that they have different Unit Art (except for the Franks and Britons), different Special Units (powerful civilization-specific units trainable from castles), and different high- and low-cost units.
Most units are divided into four main categories: Infantry, cavalry, ranged and siege units. Infantry and cavalry units are only able to attack an enemy unit or structure in any adjacent square (with the exception of squares which are diagonally adjacent), while ranged units and some siege units are able to attack from a greater distance. Each unit has movement, attack, defense, range and vision values. Some units may have additional defensive bonuses against certain types of enemy units or abilities.
There are many variables to be taken into account before battling an enemy. Before entering the battle, the game will display the statistics of both units, which consists of the units' health points, attack power, and defensive capabilities. This screen shows an adviser, who predicts the chance a given attack has of being successful. The attack power and defensive capabilities of the attacking unit vary depending on the opposing unit's special abilities. When the units enter into battle, many warriors are seen, which begin to battle each other. The attacking units usually do more damage as they get the first strike. As a unit's HP drops, their attack power does as well.
The player can advance their civilization by researching new units, technologies and other advancements. Once the player advances far enough in research or completes certain conditions, a new age is made available. Players usually start in the first age, the Dark Age, and progress through later ages, including the Feudal, Castle and Imperial ages. Advancing in age unlocks new subjects for the player to research, makes additional buildings and units available, and upgrades existing units to their equivalent in the new age.

The Age of Kings includes a campaign divided into five sections, one for each civilization. Each section contains five or six missions. The first section of the campaign, following Joan of Arc, acts as a tutorial and educates the player about the basics of the game. Campaign missions vary widely in characteristics. Some contain a field effect known as the fog of war, and in some missions the player starts out with some buildings while in others the player may start without any. By playing to earn "Empire Points", the player can buy powerful units to use in-game from the Bonus Items Shop, as well as new maps to play on in Single Scenario (freeplay) mode. Each mission has main goals as well as secondary goals, the latter of which increase the amount of Empire Points gained when the mission is completed.
This video is of an useful glitch in the game.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Watch out! Here comes Victor von Doom!!! D:

Hey whats up people? This week I watched the Fantastic Four movie and thought two things. First, Jessica Alba is hotter than a I thought :P. And second, that I really like the character of Dr. Doom a.k.a. Victor von Doom, so I've decided that my next post about comics should be about Dr. Doom, so here we go!

Dr. Doom was created by the masterminds of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He is the typical super villain in the sense that he is super smart and powerful, so he decides to take over the world (he would be able if it wasn't because of those snotty teenagers and their dog... sorry wrong story!! :P He would be able if it wasn't because of the Fantastic Four).
He was born in a gypsie community of Latveria. His mother, a sorcerer, was Cynthia von Doom, and his father, the healer of the clan, was Werner von Doom.
His clan was oppressed by this Baron guy, so Victor's mother makes a deal with Mephisto. He grants her wish, but cheats on her bringing bad consequences. All the people of the clan wanted to get rid of the Von Doom family, but Victor stood up and threatened his own peolpe that he would grow up like his mother and bring bad things to anyone that abandoned the clan. In subsequent years, they remained as nomads. While the rest of the clan hated him, Victor was happy with the girl that would be his greatest love, Valeria. (AWWWW!!!!!!)
However, when Victor was just 11 years, Baron's men took Victor's father in an attempt to cure the wife of Baron. But Werner could not do anything because the cancer had consumed. He managed to steal a horse and go to meet his son. Together they fled to the mountains from the men of the Baron.For 4 days, they endured hunger and cold until the soldiers gave up. They were eventually found half dead by the clan.Victor had had a revelation about the fate of the soul of his mother while he was at death's door. His mother had died serving a demon, and therefore her immortal soul would be tormented by Mephisto for all eternity.Instead, his father could not recover. When his father died, Doom confused the last words of his father and swore that all mankind would pay for this. His father's body was carried by the Baron's men to present it to his master.Since that time, he separated from Valeria and focused his efforts on what he considered his fate. Studying the notes of his mother, he tried unsuccessfully to find a way to release the soul of his mother. He attempted to combine magic and science without being able to free her soul, but managed to create many powerful weapons to punish those who had pushed to accept the deal with Mephisto. (Kinda sounds like the Ghost Rider) :PAt age 16 Victor Von Doom was already the de facto leader of the clan, and his fame spread throughout the world. Until one day a U.S. general offered him a scholarship at a university in the US in exchange for working for them. Doom, confused because the night before had had to kill a soldier with his own hand to avoid capture, accepted the deal.There he met Reed Richards, who was the only person who could compete with his intellect, which caused them to develop a rivalry between two students. While Doom developed dangerous experiments involving transmutation of matter and traveling between dimensions, Richards discovered these experiments and realized that the equations were wrong by a few tenths, which could cause an accident. Doom ignored Richards and his experiments ended in a huge explosion that disfigured his face. Doom did not think that he was capable of making a mistake and always accused Richards of sabotaging his experiment.Expelled from the university, the General reminded Doom that the agreement still remained. Even before leaving the hospital, Doom planned his escape, self-destructing his experiments, and created a diversion that allowed him to escape from America, getting lost in Eastern Europe.There, the USSR tried to recruit him. But Doom showed how difficult it was to recruit by the force a genius who is not afraid to die. Because of that, the Soviets decided to force him into a reunion with Valeria.Doom and Valeria survived another encounter with the KGB through the intervention of a mysterious man who before his death revealed Doom his origin. He belonged to a strange order of monks in Tibet who had always combined magic and technology. He talked about a prophecy of a man who had lost everything and hid his face to the world. The man who would become his teacher.After pushing Valeria aside again, Doom went to Tibet, where he found the monk's order. With them, he learned many secrets and became their teacher. There he built his armor and mask that covers his face ever since, which he decided that no man would see it again.Since then he decided to call himself Dr. Doom!!! (DRAMATIC MUSIC!!!!)

His main goals are to conquer the world, free his mother's soul, reconstruct his face (I think there is something called plastic surgery, so why don't try that?), and destroy Reed Richards. D:
He doesn't have any superpowers, he simply uses his super armor to defend himself and attack. He is only capable of challenging mentally Reed Richards. He also has many magical knowledge, which makes him really danderous!!! (Dr. Doom vs. Cris Angel?) He has the ABILITY to change bodies, which has helped him many times to avoid death. Hi has electrical powers thanks to his armor, but without it, he can't use those powers.

I know this isn't the photo that I usually use, but I like this one also, so I'll be alternating photos. In case that I use ANOTHER "signature" you will know that it is me because of the green hair. :P

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hi gang! Well first things first, you are thinking what STA:VU means, so I'll explain it. STA:VU means Senior Trip Alterno: Versión Underworld (which in English would be Alternate Senior Trip: Underworld Version). In my school the seniors go on a trip to hang out together, but Danny, Ricardo and I decided not to go because it was really expensive ($400 plus other costs). Our friends went to the Bay Islands, Honduras which is a really beautiful place (so come down here on your vacations :D). Since we didn't go, we decided to make our own version of the Senoir Trip, so the STA:VU was created. On Thursday we went to Ricardo's house and slept there, played Wii, watched movies (I recommend you people to watch the Expendables!!!!!), and played Yu-Gi-Oh! On Friday we went to Danny's houe were we slept and played Yu-Gi-Oh! with Danny's brother, Alex. On Saturday we went to Denny's and finished our STA:VU!
So the purpose of this post, id to show our Yu-Gi-Oh! duels statistics. First of all, since Danny is a professional Yu-Gi-Oh! player, he beat the crap out of us!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yu Gi Oh! On the roll!!!

I was wondering one day... hey! whats up? what would be nice to talk about to Underworld fans?.... and even though I have a few ideas in my head, I'll order them up this way:


I covered already Mortal Kombat (VG), so I guess I'll work with Yu Gi Oh! (TCG), so hang tight, because I've prepared a deck overview, not of this trio nonetheless, Danny covered us and gang already, so I'll cover the decks of some of my friends (3) and give a quick overview about them.

Alex/ZmokeSurge39: This guy's like a bro to me, and also my rival, he still has his whole deck (bastard, I have to cope with trying to get mine again >.<) and its pretty good. He uses a Magician-Warrior deck, meaning he has support both from Structure Deck Warrior's Triumph, and added his magicians and some useful cards to it to enhance it to his playstyle. His favorite card is "Dark Magician" (I so didnt expected that :P *sarcasm*) and has a variety of cards to help him, he also is capable of fusing his "Dark Magician" with the "Flame Swordsman" to form "Dark Flare Knight" and consequently "Mirage Knight", which works just nice to him. He's a good player overall, and his deck is nice. It's difficult to beat him not because of sick tricks or anything, but he knows the difference between using a card and playing it, so you're sure you can have a hard time or fun time battling him.

Annel/Kittybelle: She's one of my best friends, and really dunno when or where she learned to play, but at first glance, you wouldn't think she'd be into Underworld Honduras stuff, so anyways, she plays a so damned Anti-cure-Magiacian deck, anti-cure as Danny mentioned over Anette's deck, sums to your opponents lifepoint, pretty cool huh? This foolish girl is giving me Life points! Well, until she plays Bad Reaction to Simochi, which will turn that Life Point giving into pinpoint damage without moving!! Summed to that, she has magicians, just like Alex, but his are more forceful. She still has a Dark Magician, Magician of Black Chaos, and other magicians as well, her favorite is the Dark Magician Girl (Dark Magician Girl fanboys start hyperventilating :P) and some cards are used to compliment her. But a very important difference between Annel and Anette..... Annel has 3 Bad Reaction to Simochi, she has Rain of Mercy, Snatch Steal, Upstart Goblin, and worst of all.... GIFT CARD!!!!! OMG SHE'S SUCH A DIFFICULT GAL TO BEAT!!!! (but she's still lovable :D *People begins going uhh* She has Dark Magician Girl *People screming "I LOVE HER!!!"*

Zack/DeoxyPrime: Last but not least, we have this guy, which is one of my best friends as well, but same things as Annel, he's a damn bastard playing this. He plays an Exodia Deck, mainly to put it easier, his deck can specialize to either summon Exodia himself, or to summon his evolutions, either Exodia Necros or Exodius The Last Forbidden One, whichever he feels is better for his situation, he can kill you with that, but he's not so dumb, his deck is also good without the Exodia cards, his deck is also composed of the Zombie Madness Structure deck, which is a pretty nice deck I believe, he opts to usinf zombies whenever his Exodia needs prep or is plain useless in the current duel, he's a nice player, and also full of luck (in three straight matches he got me Exodia in the 1st-3rd-8th turn!!!) But its fun to duel him nonetheless.

Ricardo/XDNightmare/Draconic Nightmare/Judini: Just for you to judge whether my deck was compitable, I'l not reveal all its secret but cover a lil bit about it. I used to play a Draconic Deck (name is mine exclusive, comes from one of my Online IDs, formerly I was RKO Dragon15 but I changed to the ones there). The Draconic Deck I created used dragons (because I'm freaking in love with dragons!! they are so cool :D) which I formed in base of the Dragon's Roar structure deck, and complimented it with nice dragon friendly cards and more dragons, like Armed Dragon LVL 7 & LVL 10, Blue Eyes White Dragons, Meteor Dragon, Summoned Skull etc. I had also included Fusion Gate to fusion summon at will if I don't have a Polymerization. My favorite card (wait for it ;)) is the RED EYES BLACK DRAGON!!!!! And I usually liked to evolutionize it to its more powerful and awesome form Red Eyes Darkness Dragon, and had its polar opposite, Blue Eyes Shining Dragon as well (yeah, went to saw the premier of Pyramid of Light, damn it at first they gave me a blasted Watapon!! But then I managed to change it for the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon which I wanted). Well anyways, Fusion Gate/Polymerization, where used to fuse my Three Blue Eyes, and my Red Eyes with Meteor Dragon or Summoned Skull, whichever I had at the time. Well I talked to much about it, when I get it, you'll see for yourself its powah!!!

Well this is the end, I hope you liked it and keep dueling. Sayonara!! For know...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Character.

Joey Wheeler, known as Katsuya Jonouchi in the manga and Japanese version, is a Yu-Gi-Oh! character, who is best friends with Yugi Muto. He is one of the best duelist in all of the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!.
He is known as Joseph "Joey" Wheeler in the 4Kids English (why did they have to censor the Dark Magician Girl?!) anime and video games as well as the Brazilian and Portuguese version of the manga, and called Joseph "Joey" Katsuya in the Funimation Uncut English Anime. His name is sometimes spelled Katsuya Jyonouchi in the Japanese anime. His dub name could be based on the character of Wheeler, another character with a Brooklyn accent from Captain Planet. It may also be a homage to Joseph Wheeler, a commander during the American Civil War.
Joey started out as a bully, but becoming friends with Yugi Muto changes this (sentimental people go "awww!!!!"). Though occasionally portrayed as comic relief, he is essential to the plot and the series' overall theme (without him the show would have been really boring :) ). He is an enthusiastic duelist, who claims dueling is about fighting to help people you love (sentimental people go "awww!!!!" again) :P.
Kazuki Takahashi considers Seto Kaiba and Yami Yugi weak in comparison to Joey (and damn! he is right!!! Joey Rules!!!).
The first syllables of Yugi and Jonouchi's names form Yūjō, which is Japanese for friendship, symbolizing the bond between the two characters. The card "Yu-Jo Friendship" is based on this connection (how convenient isn't it?).
Joey's character design was overseen by Kazuki Takahashi (THANK YOU!!!! :D ).
In the first seven volumes of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, Joey's hairstyle changes drastically. Originally featuring two large fringes in front of his ears, the hairstyle changes to a sporadically arranged taper-like and unrealistic hairstyle. Joey's first color appearance depicts him with medium brown hair and black eyes. Subsequent appearances lighten the hair color to dirty blond and blond (THAT DOESN'T MAKE HIM A METROSEXUAL!!!) . His eyes are portrayed as brown or hazel.In the first series anime, Joey's hairstyle does not change, and the sporadic hairstyle colored in a bright blond style is used. His eyes are brown.
In the second series anime he has dirty blond hair in the sporadic hairstyle and dark brown eyes. His usual outfit from the second series anime consists of a long green open jacket with a raised collar, a white T-shirt underneath and blue jeans (that is my favorite outfit from him). Later in the series, his green jacket is replaced with a blue denim one (its really awesome, but not like the green one :P ). He often carries a KaibaCorp Duel Disk on his left arm.
In the Japanese version, Joey does not use honorifics, which means he has a "rude" speech pattern. When talking to people he doesn't like, Joey uses the word "teme" (a rude form of "you" in Japanese, often translated as "you bastard") instead of his normal "omae" (a form of "you" that in context is used between friends, but can imply that the person being spoken to has a lower status than the speaker does if used incorrectly), especially to Seto Kaiba, who does not think highly of Joey, even though he is one of the best duelist in the whole world!!!  >:( . The speech pattern translates into the American English anime, in which it is represented by Joey (voiced by Wayne Grayson) speaking with a Brooklyn accent. He refers to himself as "The Godfather of Games" in the movie. (Brooklyn = full of guidos (Italian Americans), Joey refering himself as "The Godfather of Games", really suspicious :P ) I just imagine him with his Brooklyn accent saying to "someone else" in a cruise ship: "You know, that is a really nice deck. It would really suck if something happened to it, like getting thrown overboard, especially your Exodia." :P
Joey and his sister, Serenity Wheeler, were separated when their parents divorced when he was 10. Serenity was brought up by her mother while Joey lived with his father.
Joey and Tristan Taylor (another cool character) used to bully Yugi Muto at school. At one point Joey took a piece of Yugi's Millennium Puzzle and threw it into a canal. However when Ushio started beating up Joey and Tristan (how does he dare to do that?!), Yugi stood up for them, saying they were his friends (again go "awww!!!!"). Joey was inspired by how Yugi had tried to help him and came to care for Yugi. He retrieved the piece of the puzzle in the canal and gave it to Yugi's grandfather, to give to Yugi (go "awww!!!! again :P ).
Joey became friends with Téa Gardner through Yugi.
His deck has changed numerous times throughout the series. His strategies often involve luck, which is sometimes criticized by other characters. It usually consists of Warrior-Type monsters and later support for "Red-Eyes Black Dragon".
Initially he tried filling his deck with just powerful Monster Cards (reminds me of myself :P ). His deck becomes more balanced as he learns more about the game.


During Duelist Kingdom

Since the rules at this stage of the series excluded Tribute Summons, many of his monsters are above Level 4 and could be Summoned without Tributes. During Duelist Kingdom Joey's Deck comprised mainly of Warriors, Beast-Warriors or other tough Anthropomorphic animals.In the anime on the boat trip to Duelist Kingdom, Joey acquired a few additions to his Deck. Yugi gave him the "Time Wizard" card and Joey traded with other people to get "Baby Dragon", "Salamandra", "Shield & Sword" and "Kunai with Chain". During the tournament, Tristan Taylor gave him the card "Lava Battleguard" in the anime. Joey won the card "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" off Rex Raptor by gambling the "Time Wizard" card.

During Battle City

With the rules changed to match the OCG and TCG, Joey's Deck includes much less high Level monsters as they must now be Tribute Summoned. Many changes are made to Joey's Deck during the Battle City tournament.
The number of tough Warriors and Beast-Warrior-Type monsters decreases and he includes a few cartoon-like warriors, while many more luck based cards are added.
Due to the Ante rule, Joey loses his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" :( , but wins a few more rare cards. Although Yugi manages to win back Joey's "Red-Eyes", Joey refuses to take it back and says he'll earn it when he becomes a better duelist (in the English dub, he lends it to Yugi to help defeat Marik). Since he is shown to have it back in his deck in later arcs, it is implied he won his duel with Yugi after Battle City. However, Joey's last duel in the manga was his match with Marik, so that issue never came up.

During Virtual World

He used "Flame Swordsman" as his Deck Master, where it could distribute its ATK among Joey's other monsters. In Noah Kaiba's virtual world, Joey was made to construct a Deck to use in this world. He made one close to his Battle City Deck, but also included a number of "Harpie" cards as a homeage to Mai Valentine.
He teamed up with Yugi to face the Big Five. Here Joey was able to combine "Flame Swordsman" with Yugi's Deck Master, "Dark Magician" to form "Dark Flare Knight" and "Mirage Knight" who became their shared Deck Master.

During Grand Championship

In the Grand Championship Joey's Deck incorporates more support for low level monsters, such as the Landstar monsters. He continues his luck cards as well as his more memorable cards like "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and "Jinzo."

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mortal Kombat 2011!!!!

What's happening forum? My name is Ricardo, I'm called Judini, and in the Underworld I'm known as Judini (yeah, so creative don't you think?) The history of that surname its somewhat weird, so I'll not bother you over that. Anyways, this is my first post and I'm going to make a preview about one of the most popular and best and one of my favorite game sagas of all time.... MORTAL KOMBAT!! To begin with, I'm going to talk about the plot, some game mechanics and some features as well, it is due for April 19th (Apr. 21st for UK) and it is really a reboot which I will explain now.


This game was devised to return to the root, the essence of MK, what makes MK, well you know MK, not fighting against certain man of steel and their so called Heroic Brutalities (MK vs DC.... who came up with this crap seriously?). Well, it respawns the series from where it shined the most (MK1, MK2, MK3), and will give the fans what they wanted... blood, gore, and M-Rated!!


Well, what to say, it is like a Back to the Future kind of stuff, after the events of Armageddon, Shao Kahn is about to kill Raiden, and Raiden as a desperate last act sends a telepathic message to his former MK1 self. MK1 Raiden receives the message, not sure what it meant but knew trouble was coming. You'll see the majority of the story via Raiden, and he'll change some things, so don't be surprised if you see something out of place (just as a hint, consider that a ninja is made a cyber ninja, but in the original timeline, he wasn't, and the one that IS a cyber ninja, isn't converted to one). About the story, I'll not spoil it, but when the game comes out, I'll review the final product.


Well, this is the list of characters in the game.... *Scorpion (My favorite char :D) *Sub-Zero (Danny's fav char) *Reptile (Perez's fav char) *Noob Saibot *Liu Kang *Kung Lao *Mileena *Johnny Cage *Nightwolf *Sektor *Cyrax *Smoke *Kitana *Jade *Sindel *Sonya Blade *Jax *Kano *Stryker *Ermac *Raiden *Shang Tsung *Baraka *Goro (probably sub-boss) *Shao Kahn (probably boss) *Kratos (PS3 exclusive).... TOTAL 26 + 2 hidden (I'll not spoil the surprise :P)

P.S. You notice the trick? The 3 main ninjas are the favorites of the Underworld Trio xD

*3D!!! (PS3 Exclusive) *Kratos and his own stage (PS3 Exclusive) *Tag Kombat *X-RAY MOVES!! (NEW: It is a powerful special move, once you have you Special Meter full, a simple command will show a savage attack that will damage the oponent internally and you get to see the damage yourself!!) *As told before, a Special Meter layered in 3, one segment grants you an enhanced special move (making the move stronger or doing something extra), 2 segments grant you a breaker (to stop an opponents combo or attack), and the full bar grants you an X-Ray attack, which is different for each character *Additional mini games (Test your Might! (Classic MK1) Test your Sight! (From Deadly Alliance) Test your Strike! (NEW: you just button mash and mantain the force on a certain range so that you destroy specifically an orange brick, requires precision but its fairly easy) Test your Luck! (NEW: its a roulette!! it will spin and give you an opponent and some wacky-fancy gimmicks such as limbless fights or things like that) *Challenge Tower (NEW: 300 Missions......they start easy but get harder on the way, if you get stuck at one, you may pay to have it cleared without work, the mission 300 gives a surprise if you manage to beat it.... are you ready for that?) *most important of all... FATALITIES IN ALL THEIR SPLENDOR!!!!!


The game will have actual damage on the clothes, meaning that they will look like if they had been in a really brutal brawl, it is very realistic and worth a try if you like good gameplay and fighting games and some gore to go with it, its really REKOMENDABLE!! (yeah I know how I spelled it :P) It's coming for PS3 and XBox 360 (sorry Wii players :/) and I'll review it as soon as I get it and get the hang of it. Just as more preview, I'll try to upload gameplay from the demo (which I have) as soon as I can, but for now, enjoy this demo montage, and I hope you like this preview.... ENJOY!!

This will serve as my signature, I did it in Photoshop and the name in Paint, it took me 1 hour and I'll kill myself if there's someone who made something like this before I worked on this >-<
Till next time!