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Monday, June 25, 2012

My Pokémon Teams :P

Well well, hallou people of the Underworld, Crimson Nightmare Ricardo here. I know what you are thinking

*whiny fanboy voice* THIS BASTARD! Abandons the blog for a week and then pretends to bring up a simple and boring post =_=

Well there's an explanation for that, first, I was waiting for one of the other members to publish a post of their own as they said they would (I hardly remember which one said it) and I gave him a week (that past week) to post something, since I checked up and there's nothing here, I decided to upload this post, which btw is a request, for you people to have a reason to check this blog again xD

OFFtopics for today.... or tonight?
1) Well ummm, you know, I'll leave this one for the backstory of the post xD
2) I'm still getting requests for the komics and the things I wasn't clear enough, but I really don't get the hand of Paint on Windows 7, so I can't really work on them but I'll try to do so as soon as I can!
3) I owe you two things if I recall, I said I was gonna make an MK History post (posts better said, I don't think it's gonna be short), and I also owe a Red-Eyes tribute, I'll deliver the latter one first for being a little bit less time consuming and it is owed since last year xD
That's it I guess....

Anyways, on to the backstory. Once upon a time, this dude known as myself began watching a lot of creepypastas which mayority were from Pokémon, which seemed a little more interesting to him. For some reason, he got a reinvigorated fire for Pokémon, and decided to go hunting for his favorite game, Pokémon Gold, specifically Heartgold to play on his 3DS. A friend of his known as xXkillzXx gifted him SoulSilver Argent version... which our hero wasn't very enthusiastic becuz he wanted Gold be he gladly accepted it.... until he realized Argent version was actually the French version of the game, to which he inmediatly was forced to sale it to a retailer and hope to fing HeartGold in exchange... which he actually did much to his excitement. Apart from HeartGold, he also bought Pearl, and then began getting a slew of Pokémon in hopes of reviving his childhood and his Pokémon teams he had back then. A day after that, he received a mail, requesting to know which Pokémon were on his team, and therefore, inspired, he embarcked on a journey to remember which Pokémon he had in his team xD

Alright, nice backstory for a fairly decent post xD Anyways, as said before, I will gladly share my Pokémon teams for all 5 generations becuz I've played through them all I guess xD You will notice a patern, 20 points to who can comment about it first ;)

For the first original Pokémon game, I had a fairly consisten team, which I can say was a very powerful team as I skyrocketed all members to lvl 100, which was daunting but rewarding, anyways here they are!
TEAM LEADER: Charizard (Blaze)
Poliwrath (Brawly)
Gengar (Shadow)
Nidoking (King)
Sandslash (Buster)
Raichu/Mewtwo (Sparks/Mewtwo)

It wasn't rare for me to be switching any of my team members except Charizard for Mewtwo... not becuz he was the beast in this game, I simply love Mewtwo, he is my favorite uber/legendary :3 When I realized how to reach him, I didn't hesitated using the Master Ball against it, the moment I saw it, I was so dumbfounded I just simply wanted him on my team lol. Just for fun, I'll also post my rival's (no, not Blue, back when my best friend was alive (RIP) we always consider ourselves each other's rival in everything, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, hell even Tetris, still our bond was always growing and becuz I feel a little sentimental remembering that, I'll post his team as well to honor him.... and just for you to see which kind of battles we had :P His user was ZmokeSurge39, I'll refer to him as Zmoke here as I refer to myself as Dragon)
Zmoke's team Gen I
Team Leader: Blastoise (Koopa)
Dragonite (Jet)
Arcanine (Firedog)
Rhydon (Driller)
Alakazam (Psyco)
Jolteon/Mew (Jolt/Mew)

I forgot he had a Mew x_x

Well well, it went kind off like this, notice something though, we agreed on using Pokémon exclusive to this game:
Dragon's team:
Leader: Typhlosion (Firey)
Houndoom (Darkfire)
Tyranitar (Tyrant)
Ho-Oh (Ho-Oh)
Umbreon (Darky)
Politoed (Battletoad)
Zmoke's team
Leader: Feraligator (Fangs)
Noctowl (TLOZ)
Scizor (Slice)
Espeon (Hikari)
Lugia (Lugia)
Heracross (Beetle)

Dragon's team
Leader: Sceptile (Ace)
Swellow (Tails)
Aggron (Bowzer)
Flygon (Salamence)
Salamence (Flygon)
Metagross (X)
Groudon (Groudon)/Latios (Latios)
*NOTE* Yes I know there are 7, the legendary Pokémon usually is the one that goes out as a reinforcement to be used on special occasions.

Zmoke's team
Leader: Blaziken (Pyro)
Sharpedo (Shark)
Crawdaunt (Lobster)
Ninjask (Master)
Gardevoir (Rose)
Slaking (Downer)
Kyogre (Kyogre)/Latias (Latias)

Dragon's team
Leader: Infernape (Inferno)
Staraptor (Stardust)
Floatzel (Weasel)
Garchomp (Chomper)
Gliscor (Kaiser)
Darkrai (Darkrai)
Palkia (Palkia)

Zmoke's team
Leader: Empoleom (Penguin)
Luxray (Sparky)
Chatot (Parrot)
Lucario (Lucario)
Gallade (Rally)
Rhyperior (Driller)
Dialga (Dialga)/Cresselia (Cresselia)
Dragon's team
Leader: Zoroark (Zoroark)
Excadrill (Xdriller)
Hydreigon (Dino)
Haxorus (Haxxor)
Unfezant (DarkBird)
Zekrom (Zekrom)
Zmoke's team
Leader: Samurott (Samurai)
Unfezant (Birdie)
Gigalith (Tremor)
Krookodile (K. Rool)
Cofagrigus (Anubis)
Reshiram (Reshiram)

Yare yare, guess this is it unless until generation six comes along... and I'm not completely sure I'd dig that lol, I played through White just becuz of Zoroark and Zekrom xD So if you notice the pattern, or wanna know something  post it on the comment section below!

This is it, see ya later Underworlders!
Isn't she cute? lol
Draconic Emperor Ricardo

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