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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hello my friends of the underworld, it is me Kaiser Nebur here bringing some data you may find interesting or may consider it boring as hell. Either way my topic for this week is about a famous entity in the Digimon franchise known as YGGDRASSIL. 

What the hell is YGGDRASSIL?

YGGDRASSIL in first place comes from the same name used to refer the world tree in the norse mythology. YGGDRASSIL made his first apperance in the digimon franchise in the manga of Pendulum X. He has also appeared on the X-Evolution movie (which I highly recommend to see), in Digimon Savers (named as King Drassil), and in the Digimon Next manga as both his form as YGGDRASSIL and as a pretty 13 year old girl named Norn Mikihara . YGGDRASSIL in the digimon franchise is a super advanced computer that manages the digital world, due to his vast power, supreme lord/lady (YGGDRASSIL is asexual), the capacity to warp dimensions, even to create life (he is called sometimes “God” by most digimon surapasing by far most mega level digimon). YGDRASSIL's origins are still a mistery to this day….

Role in the digimon continuity

Digimon x-evolution

In the animated movie, YGGDRASSIL appears as a spherical chrystaline orb. His role is similar as in the other continuities since it's the ruler of the digital world. Prior to the begining of the movie, YGGDRASSIL made a project known as Project ARK, which consisted in deleting nearly 98 % of the digimon species since, like we all know, in the digital world when a digimon dies it reborns as an egg while at the same time new lives are created. You don't need to be a genius to know this creates overpopulation. So YGGDRASSIL created a new digital world destroying the older one and created a program known as the x virus which deleted a digimon completely, however, unexpected to YGGDRASSIL, some digimon like: Wargreymon, MetalGarurumon, Wizardmon, Tokomon, Wizardmon and Dorumon developed an inmunity to the x virus ceating the “x antibody” which enhanced their powers and made them inmune to the x virus. Knowing this, YGGDRASSIL sent his royal knights to annihilate this “abominations” and a period of great hunt against the x digimon began. Again prior to the movie's begining, YGGDRASSIL created a digimon project known as Dorumon which is in fact none other than Alphamon and at the same time his master creation Death-xmon. YGGDRASSIL procedes to capture Dorumon in his evolved form as Dorugamon and took some portion of his soul to create DeathDorugoramon and an army of DeathDoruGeymon. When Dorumon evolves to his true form as Alphamon he convinces Omegamon to join him and confront YGGDRASSIL for what he has done. Both knights proceed into the chamber of YGGDRASSIL and they are attacked by some weird crystaline dragons created by YGGDRASSIL, but are easely defeated by Alphamon and Omegamon. When he released Death-xmon to end the game in it's favor, the demon easely defeated Omegamon, but tied with Alphamon (since they are the same being every damage one receives it's mirrored in the other on). Alphamon impaled himself and Death-xmon with YGGDRASSIL in his sword and gave his x-antibody to Omegamon thus becoming Omegamon x. Omegamon x proceeded to do the most powerful attack in digimon histoy known as ALL DELETE to destroy succesfully YGGDRASSIL and rebooting the digital world to peace. It is believd that YGGDRASSIL wanted Alphamon and Omegamon to impale it so that the digital world could be saved. It si worthy to notice YGGRDASSIL doesn`t speak in the movie.

Digimon savers

YGGDRRASSSIL is called King Drassil in savers and will be called like this in this section. In this continuity YGGDRASSIL again commands the royal knights and is considered like in x evolution the “God” of the digital world. Prior ro the beginning of the series, he met Masaru's father, Spencer Daimon, 10 years before the series' beginning. Both spoke to each other on a way to make the digital and human world more embraced, however, due to Kurata's attack and destruction of many digimon, King Drassil considered humans just to dangerous to be with digimon and banned them from entering the digital world, in the case of Spencer he was imprisoned by orders of YGGDRASSIL but, BantyoLeomon took Spencer's soul into his body so that he could be “free” in a certain way but, King Drassil knew this an posesed Spencer's body to see the world through human perspective and warned BantyoLeomon that if he did something about it Spencer's world would be destroyed. During the second arc of the series, king Drassil becomes the new antagonist and declares war against the human world in the form of Spencer Daimon. In the final episode, he appears in the Robotic form you see in the the left. This form posesses vast power since he easely overpowerd the royal knights who rebeled it and the burst mode digimon. But lost to Masaru's “I can beat anything with my punch” attack and broke its armor revealing a female form. Later YGGDRASSIL understood the human soul and retreated from the human world in peace with the Royal Knights now understanding the human spirit .

Digimon next

In the Digimon Next manga, YGGDRASSIL appears again as the ruler of the digital world,  but with no royal knights to boss around. In the begining of the manga, YGGDRASSIL is posessed by the demon lord Barbamon, thus getting all of it's power, however, YGGDRASSIL foresaw a situation like this would come in the future so it created ZeddGarurumon and VictoryGreymon to end a similar threat in the future, again forseeing this it splited it's conciousness and spirit in the form of a young and kind girl named Norn Mikihara to understand and study humans from the human perspective. During the manga's finale, after the defeat of Barabamon/YGGDRASSIL, Norn gained the powers she once had as YGGDRASSILand became the new goddess of the digital world promising Shou she would be the best goddess she can.

Frequently asked questions about YGGDRASSIL

Is YGGDRASSIL omnipotent,omniscient or omnipresent?
No,he isn't omnipotent since he has been defeated several times, he isn't omnipresent since he has to warp to the digital world to the human world, however, it seems that YGGDRASSIL seems to exist in multiple Digiverses at the same time which means it's a multiversal being in the digital world. It is debatable omniscient ONLY in the digital world since it is implied that it knows everything in the digital world.

Is YGGDRASSIL immortal?
Yes, at the end of savers it is stated that it cannot die. The same is implied by Dukemon and Omegamon at the end of digimon x-evolution.

Is YGGDRASSIL the creator of digimon and the digital world?
Well in my personal opinión and data i have collected, he MAY be the creator of digimon and the digital world, however since it doesn't have any atributes of God, it is severely debatable, however YGGDRASSIL may just be in charge of the digital world but it's not its creator. In my personal opinión it is only the administrator of the system but not the creator, despite YGGDRASSIL has created certain digimon.

What digimons are stronger Than YGGDRASSIL?
Omegamon X
Chronomon in both holy mode and destroy mode
ZeedGarurumon and VictoyGreymon in tag team
Shoutmon X7 superior mode
Lucemon Satan mode
Bagramon Darkness mode
Arkadimon Super Ultimate (maybe)
Masaru with the power of the protagonism and plot
This list doesn't obey an order except for the Millenimmon part, but still this guys could beat YGGDRASSIL all the day

Final words

I really enjoyed making this so i hope you can post anythnig you like and i also hope you enjoy this as i did making it. So farewell underworlders see you next week!!


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