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Friday, June 8, 2012

Underworld Awards: E3 2012

Hi guys! Pérez and Judini reporting for duty. Yes, I said Judini. Yesterday was the end of this year's E3 event, so Judini and I decided to give our thoughts about the event by picking winners for different categories. So buckle-up because here we go!

PÉREZ: Well, for me the best game that was presented for the Xbox 360 was Forza Horizon. What can I say? I love racing games :P
JUDINI: Sincerely, I was disappointed, but ohh well, I guess what made more of an impact to me was Halo 4. Still the presentation wasn't top notch but it was nice.

PÉREZ: I really was impressed when I saw the presentation of The Last of Us. If I had a PS3, I would definitely buy it!
JUDINI: Nothing more and nothing less than God of War Ascencion... I mean come on it was great, but as mentioned above, I'll credit The Last of Us for making a great impact.

PÉREZ: There were very interesting PC games shown during E3, but my vote totally goes for South Park: The Stick of Truth. I mean, the game looks great and a lot of fun. I may not be the big PC gamer, but I'm definitely getting this game.
JUDINI: I'm going for Dead Space 3 here, it was nice, really interesting, and it looks like a nice addition to the saga and PC games alike.

PÉREZ: Even though I feel that this is a copy of the Super Smash Bros. series, that doesn't make the game bad. I vote for PS All-Stars Battle Royale.
JUDINI: No speech needed, PS All-Stars Battle Royale ftw.

PÉREZ: There were many interesting games presented for the Wii U. I feel it strange to vote for a non-Nintendo game, but well, I guess Ubisoft was serious when they said that they would make the best games for the Wii U. My vote goes for ZombieU.
JUDINI: Sincerely this was a disappointment to me, I expected much more from Nintendo, I couldn't care less about Pikmin 3 yet they were so excited for it, even though it isn't anything great or out of this world, but ohh well, vote goes with Rayman Legends, although I'm not a big fan of it, I feel the presentation pretty nice and fluid, and also it is the first (and only) game of this series that actually made me say sweet :P

PÉREZ: Well, there were very few games presented during E3 that are coming to Nintendo's aging console. If I had to pick one, I would go for Skylanders Giants.
JUDINI: Can't comment, too few and not that much interesting for me to say something...

PÉREZ: SCRIBBLENAUTS UNLIMITED, simple as that. I had never heard of the series until Nintendo's conference and I was like "Woah! That looks amazing!". When I get my 3DS, this game will be a day-one game I'll get.
JUDINI: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon without a doubt, extremely awesome, something people have been asking since the original, and Luigi is as sure as hell better than Mario xD

PÉREZ: Well, I had big expectations of the event and I did get kinda disappointed with SONY's, Microsoft's and Nintendo's conference. So I vote for Ubisoft. For me, they showed the best games of the show. If I had to put in order the presentations, I would putt them like this UBISOFT>EA>NINTENDO=SONY>MICROSOFT.
JUDINI: Well, disappointing E3 overall, but someone got to shine, and that someone is Ubisoft, they really came to E3 for business, and were truly innovative and awesome at their moment of spotlight.

Now, let's go to the overall game awards!
PÉREZ: Many, many shooters were shown at this year's E3. I didn't see one that disappointed me, I kinda liked them all. But I must choose a winner, and for me the winner is Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It looks really good the game.To bad that it isn't coming to the Wii (I still don't know if it will come out for the WiiU).
JUDINI: Shooters, so trivial and so many xD Sincerely I'm not an XBox player, but I believe the winner without a doubt is Halo 4, because I get the feeling to want to play it after watching it get presented :P

PÉREZ: Forza Horizon. The game looks great, and I've only seen great reactions from people when they talk and/or show the game.
JUDINI: Well as much as I want to say NFS Most Wanted, I'm going for Forza Horizon for making a better presentation overall.

PÉREZ: There were few fighting games shown at E3, but for me the best fighting game shown was Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I know many people were waiting for a new Smash Bros game, but please remember that Mr. Sakurai started working on the game around January/February of this year, so he may still be deciding what to do next. So far, we only know that there is going to be a 3DS version with some kind of interaction with the Wii U's version. There are heavy rumors that state that Megaman will appear in the game.
JUDINI: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 my homie!! Returning Jun Kazama, Angel and Prime Ogre as DLCs, nice gameplay, innovative tag functions, makes this game a nice experience and overall, the urge to buy and beat the hell out of people xD

PÉREZ: During this E3 we had major games of this genre announced. For me, the best one would be between The Last of Us, Tomb Raider and Watch Dogs. If we could declare a tie, I would name these 3 games as the winners, but I'll have to choose Tomb Raider. It's still unkown if the game will appear on the Wii U.
JUDINI: It's clear the Watch Dogs came here wanting to stay, and it's really something unexpected but at the same time plain awesome, going for this one for taking us by surprise and delivering a nice show.

PÉREZ: Because of its Kinect version, I'll go with FIFA 13. Last year when I heard that EA was making FIFA 13 for Kinect, I wondered how people would play it. I mostly imagined them running. But the way they integrated Kinect to the game was a real surprise for me.
JUDINI: As an actual basketball player, I can't simply say NBA2K13 because people will think I'm doing so because I like it better than football, but my vote goes to it for overall being something that you can feel the change, unlike FIFA13 that it's the same product but with bugs corrected, like a patch if you will.

Well, those were our E3 awards. Give us your thoughts of what you thought of this year's E3, which games you liked, which ones you didn't, etc.
    PÉREZ          &          JUDINI


  1. nice reviews i must say, eventhrought the red color in Judini`s name is a bit hard to read... neverthless your reviews are good. your act of "good" reviewer and "bad" reviewer are funny.

  2. your post sucks completely and fails as a review. first of all u were too superficial and were very brief for a review for such a great-variety event as the E3. i think this post is incomplete maybe u should think better instead of writing ur favoritisms whitout a critical point of view.

    1. mmm I want you to tell me, in which part of all this we said this was a review.... furthermore, as Pérez said at the very beginning of this post, this is our opinion, it is impossible to NOT make it superficial, as these are simply our view at E3. We made this out of pure fun and to get someone to give their opinion as we did (motivating to comment) This is simply giving an opinion about how we took E3 this year. Thx for commenting - Ricardo/Judini