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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Favorite DC Superhero: The Flash!

Hi people! In my school for a few weeks there has been this cool guy substituting and he really likes comics, so I've decided to make the post of my favorite DC superhero (remember that The Punisher is my favorite Marvel superhero). So here we go! :P
The Flash is this super fast dude with really awesome reflexes, almost unhuman, and that is capable of violting (is that the word I'm looking for? I hope you get the point even if that isn't the word that I wanted to use) several Physics laws!! :O His first appearance was wayyyyyyyy back in 1940 with Flash Comics #1. ince then, four dudes have been The Flash: 1- Jay Garrick, 2- Barry Allen, 3- Wally West and 4- Bart Allen. I'm going to tell you how each of them became The Flash.

Jay Garrick
Jason Peter Garrick a.k.a. Jay, was born in 1922. When he was an university student, he inhaled a "chemical substance" (drugs? No, just kidding :P) which ended up giving him super velocity and unhuman reflexes (Spidey with super velocity but incapable of shooting spider-webs?). Aftre he was an American Football superstar, he decided to become The Flash. He used a red shirt with a lightning bolt in it and a metalic helmet with wings. He started fighting against crime and never used a mask because his body uhhh... vibrated?.. so fast that whenever you took a picture of him, it would come out blurry. He was a founding member of the Justice Society of America (sorry don't know the real name in English :P). He stills fights against crime thanks to some experiments that make him a fifty-year something guy instead of an eighty-something guy.

Barry Allen
Bartholomew Henry Allen a.k.a. Barry, is a policeman/scientist in the so far 1956. He was famous for being slow and always getting late, which angered his girlfriend Iris West. On night a lightning fell on a "chemistry lab" (a meth lab?) and the chemicals fell on Barry giving him super velocity and unhuman reflexes. With a red suit and a lighting bolt, he called himself "Flash" since when he was little he liked to read about Jay Garrick's adventures, and started fighting against crime. He entered the Justice League and became really good friends with Hal Jordan. He is the father of the Tornado Twins with Iris.

Wally West
Wallace Rudolph West a.k.a. Wally, is the third Flash. His aunt is Iris West, Barry's wife. When he was around ten years old, he went to visit his uncle, and guess what, THE SAME ACCIDENT THAT GAVE BARRY'S HIS POWERS OCCURED TO WALLY! He copied his uncle's suit and fought as Kid Flash. He was a founding member of the Teen Titans with the first Robin, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy. When he grew up, his powers weakend, reason why he retired until he found a cure. His solution: eat A LOT to mantain his metabolism. Thanks to it, he took the same suit and name as his uncle (who had already died) and became The Flash and joined the Justice League. He later starteds going to the shrink and recieved the news that his problem was that he felt that he could never replace his uncle, but after a fight with Dr. Zoom, he conquered his fear, and got his powers fully back.
Like all the other Flash he manages to control fully his powers after defeating Savatar, a priest/student of the "Force of Velocity", and has a nice friendship with his contemporary Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner).

Bart Allen
Bartholomew (yes, another Bartholomew) Henry Allen a.k.a. Bart is the fourth Flash and the second Kid Flash. He is the son of one of the Tornado Twins, making him the grandson of Barry Allen. He suffered an accelerated growing, so he was raised in a Virtual Reality Machine, until his grandmother (Iris) took him to the past. In the past, he got cured thanks to Wally West. He got killed and was replaced by Wally West (sorry dude) :P  The next photo is of Bart Allen in the popular TV show, Smallville:

All of them have common characteristics, like the ability moving, speaking, thinking, reading, processing enormous quantities of info (which sadly, is stored temporarily, except with Bart), and reacting with unhuman speed. Besides, all of them have the ability to vibrate so fast, that they can pass through solids, like walls.
Barry Allen can control perfectly his molecules, so he is able to "melt".  He was also able to travel through time and other dimensions.
Wally West is the only one that controls the Force (that sounded So Star Wars :P). He can even take someones else's speed and even grant them speed (moving objects are also included)!  


Well there you have it people. my post about my favorite DC Comics superhero!!!! 



  1. so basicly all the flashes are related by being a nephew or a grandson??

  2. You got that right! (Comment by Pérez)

  3. So nothing about flash as a blue lantern??? Or flash rebirth and what About flahspoint? He Who calls him self the flash will change the World

  4. Woa what?!? Barry Allen is the source of Speedforce. Wally and Bart just using it. Barry Allen can create anything and destroy anything. He can teleport or fly( You can say he likes running) At the end he becomes like a god. Flash is the most powerful superhero in DC Universe.