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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Apokolips Dictator: Darkseid!

Hi people! For my next post I’ll talk of perhaps the most powerful villain of DC Comics, Darkseid. Since I’m writing a story (that hopefully I’ll translate it to English someday) and part of it has to do with comics, I asked our cool substitute teacher that likes comics which is DC Comics’ most powerful villain. Danny argued that it was Braniac, but when we asked our sub, he said that Braniac is indeed very powerful, but Darkseid IS the most powerful bad guy of DC Comics. So I investigated him for my story and this is what I’ve learned of him.

He was created by Jack Kirby and appeared for the first time back in the day of 1970. His first appearance was in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #34 (November ‘70.)
As many other mythological gods, Darkseid is incredibly powerful, but can’t escape of his final destination. It has been foretold that he will be defeated by his own son, Orion, in a cataclysmic battle in Apokolips’s Armaghetto. It was supposed that this would be Darkseid’s end and that it would occur in the NEW GODS series’ climax, but the surprisingly cancelation of the series caused the inclusion of Darkseid and Orion to the regular universe of DC Comics. Jack Kirby supposedly made Darkseid based on Jack Palance (Who is him? Does he really look like a blue rock person? Why am I asking this? Ahhhhh!!! :P).

Darkseid is the governor of the planet called Apokolips, title which he got after killing his own mother (don’t judge him, you don’t know if that’s bad in Apokokopolips :P). He is obsessed in finding the “Equation of Anti-Life” and use it to govern the universe; this objective also includes conquering their rival planet, New Genesis. A destructive war between both planets was stopped when Darkseid and New Genesis’s leader switched their sons (What a strange deal, right? What a strange culture Apokolips has, you can kill your mother and change your son with someone else’s son. Cool huh?).
Orion, Darkseid’s second son (his mother is Tigra), was given to the leader of New Genesis while Darkseid received Scott Free, who later became Houdini… nah, he became the best artist of escaping (sorry, I don’t know how that type of magic is called in English, so I literally translated, but I hope you get thanks to the Houdini joke), Mr. Miracle :P. This trade ended up being a huge failure for Darkseid because Orion grew up appreciating and defending New Genesis’s ideals against him, and Scott ended escaping of Apokolips. Darkseid’s first son is Kalibak the Destroyer, whom Darkseid considers as a disappointment, and his third son is Grayven.
Darkseid’s biggest ambition is to erase the universe’s free will of and reshape it as he wants it. With this objective, he seeks to unravel the mystery involving the “Equation of Anti-Life” which will allow him to control the thoughts and emotions of all the living things of the universe.
Even though he still needs to find concrete results of his search, Darkseid has proven in other ways that he has some ways of controlling the universe. He has a special interest with Earth, since he believes that the majority of humans, if not all, possess collectively inside their minds fragments of the equation. That’s why he wants to control us humans, so that he can separate the fragments from our minds.

Powers and Abilities   
Because of his powers, Darkseid is represented as a god. He has an intellect way superior than ours, great physical strength, resistance and durability which can easily be compared with Superman’s, and he also has the ability of self-healing. His main power is the Omega Effect, a destructive energy wave that comes from his eyes, which is able to disperse the molecules of the majority of objects while it burns them (Ouch! That must hurt!) which destroys them form the molecular level. With this power, Darkseid has been able of destroying planets! He is also able of teleporting with a remote control any object. Some people have been able to survive the Omega Rays’ power, like Wonder Woman (who has deflected it with her bracelets) and Superman.
He has access to all of Apokolips’s technology. Thanks to them, he has been able to travel through time and between dimensions by using boom tubes.

Well, I hope you liked it as much as I liked writing it! There was no electricity in my house when I wrote it. :P See you next time!
My next post: 2011: The Year of Important Anniversaries (Part 1).           

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  1. so in dc universe darkside is strong and a badass but not and i quote ur words: the most powerful villain in dc comics, obviously not familiar with krona , anit monitor,Henry henshaw ,imperies etc etc ..... read more comics . Saint Shawn ,