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Monday, June 6, 2011

Yu-gi-oh Archetypes.

Ciaossu readers! Well since it seems that some time has passed since our last post I guess I must explain, we are going under the stressing situations that are final exams, so basically we havent been able to write much into blogger lately but we always have in mind that we need to come back as soon as possible. Anyways taking that back and since I managed to steal this moment in order to make a post lets get to business....

Been some times since I last posted something about yu-gi-oh? Well Perez isnt as much into the game as Ricardo and I are so he doesnt want us to make many posts about it in a row, but since he wont be coming back for some time Ill write to my hearts content.

Well one of the main things that youll be noticing in Yu-gi-oh is obviously the archetypes, which is the kind of deck that you are using based on the cards that you have. Your deck generally revolves around a single type of card or a single objective and that is what we call archetypes. What makes the game so fun is that you meet many kinds of people with a great variety of deck types so youll never know what to expect in a duel.

Which Archetype is the Best?

Although this is always very bound to argument there is no archetype that can be clearly defined as the best. There are many powerful archetypes like X-sabers, Lightsworn, Gladiator Beasts and Six Samurai that are generally believed to be the best yet as there is always a deck that can beat them there can exist no supreme and invincible kind of deck. That Ojama deck that you made fun off can actually crush your stardust dragon if its used by the right person.

How do I know which deck I could use?

Well I always think that the first step towards building your deck is to look for a kind of card, be it monster or simply a type(beatdown, burn, control, etc) that you really like playing with. After that search for an archetype that relies on those kinds of cards and figure out ways to use them in your style. The advice of experience duelists is always valuable but bear in mind that it will be you playing with that deck so try for it to be something that you like. There are no limits as to what kind of deck you can use!

Some Common Archetypes

There are tons of Archetypes that I would be forever in writing and I even doubt that Blogger allows so much writing in a single post so Ill just describe briefly some that are very often seen in tournaments.

The X-saber archetype is based mostly on swarming...swarming...did I mention SWARMING?! Seriously this is the fastest summoning archetype that I have seen so far. And with their support card Gottoms Emergency Call theyre able to Synchro Summon at alarming rates, theyre definitely one of the top archetypes that there are. If you like overwhelming the opponent with number of monsters then this is your kind of deck.


Lightsworns are light-attribute monsters that where introduced in the Light of Destruction Pack(Seriously...this pack had like 1 billion cards on its list). Their effects basically rely on sending the top cards of your deck to the graveyard, although this sounds suicidal its actually a benefit as you can not only activate powerful effects such as destroying cards or summoning more lightsworn but you can discard Wulf to the graveyard and special summon a 5-star monster to the field instantaneously. And of course eventually you want to ge tto that Judgmenet Dragon that wipes out the field for a mere 1000 LP.

Six Samurai

Another swarmer...the six samurai archetype as the name states relies on the use of Six Samurai warriors and the Great Shogun Shien that they serve. They work with cards that gain counter every time you normal or special summon one of them, this is one deck that can often lead to a OTK due to its intense swarming abilities that rivals the X-saber.


Well thats all folks, hope that you enjoyed reading my review and that maybe I got you a little motivated to join this great game that has communities all around the world. Till we see each other and remember, get you game on!

Live well, age well, and go bald well. And die after me. And... if you can, die smiling. Don't hesitate to act. Sadness is a cool thing to shoulder, but you're still too young.

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