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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Hamsters, Big Adventires: Hamtaro

Hi people! I'm back after an almost 2-month period of not posting anything! 
When Danny made his top 5 Latin animé openings and when we where in his house during our STA:VU, we remembered this great animé. So I've decided to make it as my next post, so lets go!
This was one of the first anime series that I watched on Cartoon Network, so it's really special for me.
This show is about a hamster named Hamtaro that has many adventures with his friends, called the Ham-Hams. It was created by Ritsuko Kawai (THANK YOU!!!!!!) He (Hamtaro) is owned by a 10 year-old girl named Laura Haruna. Since he is very curious, he and the Ham-Hams have adventures everyday and make new People Magazine named this show, "Hottest new thing in Hollywood!" due to its rise in popularity among small children and older ones alike (take that Bakugan!!!!!!). In Japan, Hamtaro ran for four seasons, had four movies, several specials/OVAs, saw many video game and DVD releases as well as merchandise. However, in the United States, there were only two seasons, no movies, few special episodes, only three video games (though two others were released in Europe), and limited merchandise (why does the good things always stay in Japan?). Hamtaro was cancelled in the United States. On February 23, 2011 (what a really smart move (sarcasm) >:/), it was announced that Hamtaro was going to be getting a new series titled Tottoko Hamutaro Dechu. Then when it was aired April 2, 2011, 9am, it was found out to be the original show with a new intro and borders (good thing or bad thing?). It is currently unknown if the series will come back in the US too or not (if it doesn't come to the US, obviously ut won't come to Honduras, so I'll get really pissed because I don't like to watch anime online in Japanese with English subtitles). It has around 300 episodes between the four seasons, but there is a "fifth" season called "Haai!" that has 5-minutes-long episodes. For countries that are not Japan, Hamtaro has a game for the GameBoy Color, three for the GameBoy Advance, and one for the DS (yay!!!! :D).
Its main characters are (sorry, I don't know the English of all of them, so I'm putting the Japanese name (I hope I have them correct)):
-Hamtaro   -Colitas (Bijou)   -Gran Jefe (Boss, Taisho)   -Manchitas (Koushi)   
-Pashmina (the really hot female hamster that everyone wants as a girlfriend)   -Penélope (Chibimaru)   -Panda
-Gafitas (Megane)   -Marmotín (Neteru)   -Tigrilla (Toramahu-chan)   -Tigrillo (Toramahu-kun)   -Bromín (Maido)
-Cerebrín (the tallest and smartest Ham-Ham)   
-Trotty (the hobo-like hamster that goes wherever the wind takes him)   -Gorritas (the hat-obsessed hamster)
Non-Hamsters: -Laura Haruna (Hiroko Haruna)   -Karla   -Teo (Taichi Kimura)   -Brandy (the dog)  

This is the Latin Opening for Hamtaro. Enjoy!!!! (It is only the song, no animation. Sorry):

Well people, this is my post about one of my favorite animes from all times. If I missed a character or you have their English name, please comment this post and write it. Thanks!


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