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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Godfather PC Game

Someday - and that day may never come - I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as gift on my daughter's wedding day.  Whats going on guys? Danny here, noticing that apparently blogger has a new interface for post creations that I am not sure I like more than the old one. But never mind that, lets get straight to business, I am going to give you guys a review on the game The Godfather!

What is the game about?

EA made a big bet when they decided to purchase the rights to make this game, hoping to get into the world of Open RPGs like RockStar Games with GTA. The game itself is an attempt at recreating the famous storyline of The Godfather books and movies, although introducing a new character that the player controls into the story so that one may get more into the game rather than having to play the role of Michael or such.

The Screen

If youve played the GTA Games then this screen is going to look perfectly normal, and actually even easier to understand than what youre used to. EA probably decided to use this GTA-like design for the screen so that users wouldnt be lost into having to learn to handle a completely different interface. 

Map and Police -> You have your familiar-looking map on the right hand lower corners, as well as the number of "Police Stars" that you have, in this game indicated by badges that make a shooting sound when they appear letting you know the police is after you. The different colored dots and crosses that appear in the map indicate, much like in GTA, different directions and points of interest in the game.

Money/Level/Experience/Health-> Upper right corner we have the health bar in green, the purple experience bar and the current level you are at. When you level up in the game you get skill points that you get to distribute among various areas to make your character stronger, have better aim or more health.


Explosions, shooting, punches, strangling, blowing up heads, throwing people off buildings; the combat in this game is WAY more exciting than in GTA!!! You have at your control an arsenal of guns and other weapons typical of the 1930s that you can keep constantly upgrading with the local weapon-dealers making them more powerful and getting you closer to your dream of being Don of NYC. The first-person view of the game complimented by the aiming key makes shooting in this game pretty easy once you get the trick of it, not only that but youll have to learn to duck and hide at moments if you want to avoid being turned to cheese by your tommygun-wielding enemies.

I hear people complaining that fighting in this game is impossible because the default keys make it too complicated to react in time and that they were often killed because they werent able to pull their guns out, aim and fire in time at the incoming enemies. What I wonder is if they knew that the game had the option to change the key configuration to something that makes it more comfortable to how you use the computer, because a couple of hours into the game I was already able to pull off at least two shots at each of the enemies before they even had the chance of drawing their weapons.

Another nice aspect of this game are the special deaths that you can give to your enemies, these go from simply grabbing their heads and shooting their brains out to more complex ones like using your garrote to strangle them while they where distracted or even throwing somebody into a bakery oven because they refused to obey you. A gory aspect that adds quiet the bit of realism to the game and that isnt present in GTA games, youll find yourself attempting to get the All Execution Styles achievement pretty early into the game.


The life of a mafioso would be empty if killing everybody who gets in your way was the only thing you did, so in The Godfather one of the biggest aspects of the game is the part of extorting stores and various characters. 

Youll have a lot of fun finding the weak points of every store owner, be it the fear of getting shot, to seeing their employee murdered or, if you want to keep it simple, throw a stick of dynamite into the store and see him running out in a much better mood for negotiation.

The Big Question: GTA vs. The Godfather

Storyline: The Godfather

Not even the best GTA storyline can compare to being able to feel yourself into such a classic story as is The Godfather, simple as that. Having much more complex characters and a well built story makes this games storyline an attempt to be respected at emulating the books and movies, not perfect of course but something that definitely needs to be taken into account.

Playability: GTA

GTA is easier and way simpler to play due to the shorter amount of controls, so you wont be needing as much practice as TGF where youll find yourself trashing with the controls for about half an hour before getting the hang of it. Another thing is that driving in GTA is way better handled, I dont know if cars in that time were that bulky and heavy but trying to drive in GF at high speeds more often than not ends in a terrible crash until you learn to handle the different kind of cars.

Replay Value: DRAW

Once you finish the storyline youll find that your last challenge is to become the Don of NYC, and in order to achieve that youll need to own all the stores and warehouses of the city, something that by itself means a lot of time to be spent on playing it, as well as completing all the hits that are given to you by people all around the city.


  1. Never kill store owners...itll take them a couple of hours to respawn and thats a lot of time that you lost and in which you could have leveled up, became more famous and tried to extort the guy again.
  2. SPEED IS BOSS,  I have found that the best skill to level up at first is the Speed, by the third hour playing I had maxed out speed and that made things WAY easier. Your character will pull his gun faster than enemies allowing you to take them out before they have a chance of attacking you, you are able to hide behind walls faster as well as ducking. 
  3. USE COVER, youre getting nowhere in this game if you dont learn to duck and hide properly, there are many levels and areas where youll have to deal with four or more enemies with shotguns and/or tommy guns at the same time, so if you dont learn to get to cover in time youll find yourself dying before getting far.
  4. Save those blue bottles!! If you see a health bottle that an enemy dropped or is there hidden, unless youre about to die dont take it right away, first make sure you have killed all the enemies in the current area and then take the bottle. That way youll make sure that precious health doesnt go to waste if they hit you while youre healing.
  5. With rank comes power, if a rival family or policemen are chasing you, find a hotel or a compound you control and let your underlings handle them. Youll happily find those men are more than ready to give their life in order to protect you from any harm.


Thank you very much for your attention! Keep tuned to Underworld Honduras! Ciao!

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