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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Good evening/morning/night in any case here Kaiser Nebur greets you. Today my post will be about one of my favorite groups of Digimon ever, the Royal Knights. So please enjoy this or at least read it about half of the article… so enjoy or die!!!!

What are Royal Knights?

The Royal Knights are a group of holy knight digimon that saved the Digital World a long time ago and usually serve in the name of YGGDRASSIL or “justice”, despite their justice being somewhat cruel, emotionless and evil to a certain degree. They usually serve YGGDRASSIL or Lucemon (only Rhodokinghtmon and Dynasmon have been seen serving him). The group acording to legends was founded by Alphamon and Imperialdramon paladin mode. Even though Imperialdramon paladin mode being a memeber, he is not counted as one of the knights for some unknown reason and his whereabouts are shrouded in mystery. The same path is with Alphamon since he appears only when the situation is so damn bad that he needs to intervene (he is one of the most powerful digimon that has ever appeared both in amnga and anime). The group is of 13 members, however as I said before, Imperialdramon paladin mode is not counted, so if a guy tells you he is a royal knight he is lying to you. Also, only 11 royal knights have made their debut leaving 2 memberts in mystery. It is worth to notice that there are no girls in the royal knights, and no, Rhodoknightmon isn't a girl…. So the known members are:

1) Alphamon (the big boss and the strongest)
2) Omegamon (second strongest and the current leader)
3) UlforceVeedramon (the fastest along Alphamon)
4) Dukemon/Gallantmon (the most popular one, and he isn't the dukemon from Tamers)
5) Dynasmon (the strongest in terms of physical strenght with Alphamon,)
6) Rhodoknightmon (the gay dude in the group)
7) Sleipmon (a centaur with icy powers)
8) Duftmon/Leopardmon (the smartest and arrogant one)
9) Craniummon (YGGDRASSIL`s favorite knight)
10) Examon (the mighty king of all dragon digimon)
11) Magnamon (the only one who isn't a mega)


The royal knights have made several appearances in both the anime and the manga of Digimon. Rhodoknightmon and Dynasmon introduced the group in Digimon Frontier being the main antagonists during the revival of Lucemon against the digidestined. Omegamon, Dukemon, Maganamon and Alphamon were presented as members of the group in the Pendulum X manga, the D-Cyber manga and the movie X Evolution.
Craniummon, Duftmon, Ulforceveedramon and Sleipmon were confirmed to be royal knights in the Digimon Savers anime. Examon hasn't made any apperances, however, Bandai officially stated thet he is in fact a royal knight.


Believe what I'm writing… These guys are no joke and are no wuss to mock, they are the elite warriors and guardians of the Digital World, so no, they are not weak at any rate. Just to point how tough they are, Dynasmon took 4 megas at once and beat them effortlessly, the same with Rhodo. Even in the Frontier anime, Koji and Takuya needed to become KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to fight more or less even… despite losing almost every time… In the movie X-Evolution ,the Omegamon of the Royal Knights proves that he is much tougher, smarter, and hence, cooler than his adventure counterpart by a lot, being able to destroy a mountain with a single fast shot of the garuru canon and take on WarGreymon X and Metalgarurumon X in a handicap match. In Savers, they outclassed almost every time the digidestined and their digimon easely, and if Sleipmon wouldn't have intervened, ShineGreymon burst mode wouldn`t walk among us… and Alphamon is simply broken in all ways around. He controls time, space, has the strongest sword in the Digital World to date, has an attack that is WAY more powerful than the garuru canon and took an universal level threat known as Death-x- mon (who is no wuss by the way). To put an example, the Dark Masters from Digimon Adventure would lose terribly with only one of them quite easely, and Magna angemon despite being more popular, would lose badly to any of them… so please do not underrate them.

The crew


Ok, so if you have read up to this point, you may know that in several times I have stated that this guy is the top dawg of the RK and even he is one of the strongest digimon around to date… His past is unknown, the only things known about him are that he with Imperialdramon Paladin mode founded the group but left it in a certain point… even the Royal knights got impressed by his reapperance… his nickname is “Lord of the Empty Seat” due to his absence… however, it's stated that he led the group in a distant past…his most recent apperance has been in the movie X-Evolution as the protagonist in the identity of Dorumon. His techniches are:

Ultímate blade ouryuken: (strikes with an energy blast from his blade, so powerful not even touching the energy might lead to death)

Digitalize of soul: (attacks with fast and even more powerful strikes tan the garuru canon, they have green color.)

Seiken gradalpha:(strikes with light energy to a vast area of opponents).


In first place he is not the Omegamon from Adventure, nor he is the Omegamon of Tai and Matt. He is the current leader of the knights to date. He is the seceond most powerful member of the team next to Alphamon (despite being a large diference between the two), however he is extremely powerful and can take on multiple opponents quite easely. His personality is that of a loyal knight to YGGDRASSIL, however, he will refuse to follow his master if the deeds performed by him are mean,cruel or vile as seen in X-evolution when he questioned YGGDRASSIL's methods with the new digital world. He also seems to be good friend with Dukemon and Magnamon and has great respect and admiration towards Alphamon. He denies to fight oponents who are weaker tan him. His moves are:

Supreme canon: (fires a shot from the garuru canon of icy energy that freezes to absolute zero giving instant death, this attack is really fast).

Transcendent sword: (creates light energy from the grey sword and trows it in a boomeranglike way).

Double shot: (fires with quick successive strikes from fire and ice from the grey and garuru arms).

Omega blast: (fires a wide range nuke from the garuru arm).


No, she is not a girl, he is a dude in first place. This knight is the lord of all knightmon and hence, the strongest of them. He also calls himself “the beautiful lord Rhodoknightmon” and is very vain about his apperance. He also seems to justify the end of peace and prosperity by all means and doesn't question YGGDRASSIL at any rate. He is a very good friend with Dynasmon. His moves are:

Spiral masquerade: (attacks with a very fast strike from his ribbons to evey point of his foes, note that his ribbons are vey Sharp).

Arm of athena: (strikes with a very strong blow from his shield into the oponent's chest, despite looking like a single punch it packs deadly power).

Laser lattice: (creates an energy net that traps the foes).


He is in first place YGGDRASSIL's favorite knight. He is an honorable warrior with a high degree of respect toward the foe and delights on a fair and dificult fight. He is also a perfeccionist in the whole meaning. In Digimon Savers, he started a rivalry with the digidestined specially with Shinegreymon… he even fought Shinegreymon, Rosemon, MirageGaogamon, and Ravemon all in burst mode in an uneven fight that was hard to both sides, he is also the only royal knight in Savers who questioned YGGDRASSIL's orders and later rebeled against his master. The name of his shield is Avalon and his lance Claeim Solais. His techniques are:

Power of breath: (uses his Avalon to deflect and stop ANY attack for 3 seconds, 3 seconds may look like little but considering that he can staop ANYTHING it`s cool.)

Shock ringer: (fires a sonic wave at supersonic speeds, it pulverizes into ashes the opponent caught in.)


In first place, he is not Takato`s Guilmon to begin with. He is one of the few digimon whose armor is made of 99.99 chrome digizoid. His spear name is “Gram” and his shield “Aegis”. He is one of the strongest royal knight due to his ability to wield both a great spear and an impresive shield, even manhandling Shinegreymon, Rosemon, MirageGaogamon, and Ravemon quite easely in their first fight, however he lost somewhat easy to his good friend Omegamon in the X-evolution movie… his personality is very similar to Omegamon`s with a mix of loyalty to his master YGGDRASSIL and a compasssion and justice to the weak being the knight who first questioned YGGDRASSIL's orders in X-Evolution. He also seems to be hightly polite and like all the other royal knights he fights clean. He is a good friend of Omegamon and Magnamon. His moves are:

Royal joust: (dispatches a strong and quick blast from Gram).

Final elysion: (Dukemon's trump card, dispatches a powerful beam from Aegis that destroys anything in it's path).

The rest

Since I'm too lazy to post all the royal knights and their moves, bio and picture, I will simply put the images of the rest with their name… and don't blame me, I know that most of you didn't even read to Alphamon so don't demand!!!







I really hope you enjoyed reading this as much I did in doing it. No seriously, I hope you can read it and post something about it. Any sugestions or comments are always opened. So with this I shall be preparing my next post. So from Kaiser Nebur: READ AND POST IF YOU READ IN FIRST PLACE so farewell readers!!



  1. hey! why you didn`t mentioned YGGDRASSIL or a Maganamon bio? still you did great to write all this stuff. i like the omegamon image.

  2. good post but, is chaosmon a royal knight