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Monday, May 28, 2012

Go to DMC!

Hi guys! Pérez reporting for duty. Well I'm really excited because last week I finished reading the manga of Black Cat and watching the anime of Detroit Metal City, so this week I'm starting to read Rurouni Kenshin and watching One Piece. So far, I like the anime, except for Nami. I don't like her personality ¬¬ Also, I finished The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and let me tell you, that is definitely the best Zelda game (at least in my humble opinion). Now I'm playing MadWorld for Wii. I want to thank Judini again, because he gave me the game as a birthday present. It was kind of funny my reaction when he gave me the game, because my older brother and me were saving money to buy the game and Judini bought form the same store we where going to buy it from XD For some reason the game was being sold for the ridiculous price of 300 lempiras (our local currency) which is approximately 15 US dollars O_O So far, the game is great and fun! :D
Returning to the post, today I'm going to talk about the anime of Detroit Metal City.

The manga was created by Kiminori Wakasugi. The manga so far has 86 chapters and is ongoing, but the last chapter was released in July 2011. The anime has 12 episodes. There is also a live-action movie that I still haven't watched, but hopefully I'll watch it this week. In this movie, Gene Simmons makes an appearance. :D The name of this manga/anime is a parody of KISS's song Detroit Rock City (I really like the song, so I recommend it ;) ).

What is it about? Well, the story is about an indie death metal band called Detroit Metal City. They try to be the best metal band in Japan's inde scene. The story focuses mainly on DMC's lead singer and guitarist, Soichi Negishi. The story is really funny thanks to all of Negishi's crazy misfortunes. Negishi wanted to be a pop singer, but somehow ended up being a death metal singer as Krauser II. During the anime, Negishi has many internal conflicts due to his reality and real wishes.


Soichi Negishi/ Johannes Krauser II: Negishi is a very nice man that likes pop music and wishes to become someday a famous pop singer. Krauser, in the other hand, is his alter ego, leader of DMC. He pretends with DMC's fans that he comes from hell and that he has many powers. Due to DMC's first single, Satsugai, many people think that Krauser killed and raped his parents. Because of that song, many people expects Krauser to rape many things, from police officers to statues XD
Negishi/Krauser is a really good guitarist and singer. Krauser is able to play the guitar with his teeth and say rape 10 times in 1 second.
Negishi doesn't like his alter ego, but he recurrently uses him to help people.
It's funny to see DMC fans inventing new powers for Krauser and threaten Negishi's life if he continues to sing pop songs at night in a park XD

Yuri Aikawa: She is Negishi's friend and secret love. She writes a column for a magazine, which is Negishi's favorite section of the magazine. She likes Negishi's pop music and shares his music preferences, but she hates DMC. She doesn't know Negishi is Krauser. It's fun to see Negishi trying to hide he is Krauser from Yuri.

Terumichi Nishida/ Camus: DMC's overweight, strange drummer. He is a short, chubby man that plays really well the drums. His personality doesn't change when he is Camus. Even during dates, he talks about rapes and related stuff, but the girls usually think he is just kidding XD
He is really dedicated with the band.

Masayuki Wada/ Alexander Jagi: He is DMC's bass player. He doesn't show a lot of character development during the anime, so the only thing that I could tell of him is that he thinks Negishi is really amazing as Krauser and that he is the one that interacts the most with the company's president before and after each concert.

The President: A blonde woman that likes death metal and to smoke. Her records company direct DMC. She is constantly getting gigs for the band to show off. She doesn't like a lot Krauser's alter ego, because she feels that Negishi doesn't represent the personality of a death metal performer, so she constantly demands Negishi to "man-up".

Capitalist Pig: He is a masochist man that was hired to be beaten up and abused on stage by Krauser. He also works in a little shop when he is not the Capitalist Pig. He can also sing, but he just did it once. He is so masochist that he will stop anything he's doing to continue being abused and begs for more if the person stops abusing of him. :O

Jack III Dark: He is a black metal guitarist from the USA. He is known as the "Emperor of Metal". he goes around the globe searching for metal bands from each country to destroy them. He goes to Japan to destroy DMC. I won't tell you what happened :P

Well, I guess that is all I can tell you of this anime. I hope you like it!
"It's the gentleman's way" - Sven Vollfied


  1. i simply love this post because it is as short as the anime so i didn`t expected that much filler. i like your character reviews but you were kind of brief with capitalist pig... but a good post at the end

    1. Thanks, I added a little more info about the Capitalist Pig :D

  2. i feel it boriing

  3. Thanks for both comments. It is important to recieve these kind of feedback to continue improving :)

  4. man this sucks, is extremely superficial, it doesn't make me wanna read it