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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NEW SEGMENT: Creepypastas!! ;D

Hallou people of the Underworld! Crimson Nightmare Ricardo here :D (yeah I'll change the intro from time to time :P) Anyways I'm sorry for not posting anything, I guess I was really out of ideas :/ so sorry :(

I also want to apologize for that sorry excuse of a post Pérez made, seriously I thought to myself what was going on with his head when he decided just to post that, so I speeded up my selection of creepypastas of today so as to hopefully overwrite that abomination that dares to call itself a post.

Well going on the bright side, I thought of something that was pretty much interesting, the so called creepypastas that have been going through the internet for as long as I can remember (I think I spoiled it in the last paragraph xD). I remember reading them or hearing them just out of curiosity and then after having the crap scared out of me, I decided to go insomniac xD But since I no longer do that (consider the creepypastas being read like when I had 10-12 years or so :P) I thought of making a new segment starring me :D Creepy pastas are always interesting and look to scare you, so I'm looking to entertain you by scaring you so you have further knowledge about your favorite games and how they were considered demonic or something like that xD So hang tight, I'm gonna take you on a wild ride!!


Let's start with this one, you all know that Gary at the begining of his adventure had a Raticate at his posession. You remember you fought Gary at the SS Anne, and then you remember seeing Gary at Lavender Town AKA Pokémon Death Town without his Raticate, and after that you remember said Raticate being replaced by an Arcanine. You do? Nice, the reason I'm telling you this is because you AKA Red killed Gary's Raticate. I know most of you will say "Gary simply got rid of the crap Raticate is and replaced it with something better!" but get serious. The story is like this, after the battle with Gary at the SS Anne, it was impossible for him to actually get off the boat to run to the Pokémon Center, so he carried all his injured Pokémon until he reached ground again. All of Gary's Pokémon were like I like to call it beated up to a pulp, but Raticate especifically received a great deal of damage to his body during the fight, so even though Gary managed to recuperate all of his team, Raticate couldn't take it and it died. Gary, mourning the loss of his Pokémon, decided to travel to the Pokémon Death Town AKA Lavender Town to bury the remains of his friend. Here is when we arrive and see him, looking at the tombstone of his Raticate, and he yells that our/Red's Pokémon don't look dead, but he can make them faint, implying that one of his Pokémon actually died. I know most of you think this is pure coincidence, but I believe it to be true, I mean, since the moment Lavender Town is known for being a place where Pokémon are put to rest when they die, it is natural to think Gary went specifically there becuz his Pokémon died, if not, why the hell go there? Furthermore, after this incident, Gary became far more serious, he hardly showed any emotion when he won, whereas before he would always be cocky. He knows you are responsible for Raticate's death but he doesn't want to admit it, but he still harbors that feeling that becuz of you he lost his best friend and you took away his inocence.

This one is somewhat short really and makes no sense whatsoever, but ohh well here we go. Story: Two kids (for convenience, Carl and Lenny, not their real names) were playing Pokémon Stadium, were Carl easily defeated Lenny until Carl had to go so he left. Next day, Carl called Lenny so as to play Pokémon Stadium again, but Lenny refused, claiming he wanted to play something else. So later Carl went to Lenny's home and took a bundle to play GBA on the NGC with a copy of Pokémon Special Pikachu Edition (Pokémon Yellow xD). On one point of the game, Lenny challenged Carl to get 6 Pikachus and pass the game with them, Carl obliged, and by the next day he got all 6 Pikachus (don't ask me how). They kept playing overnight (still over the bundle and the TV) until Carl decided to leave and left Lenny the game so he could keep playing. Around 3 o´clock or so, Lenny used a thunderstone, and all 6 Pikachus began evolving into Raichus. Then tragedy struck. For some unknown and untold reason, the 6 Pikachus got out of the Tv, surrounded Lenny, and on a fit of violence, ripped Lenny apart, from the legs to the arms to the head, the only thing they left was Lenny's brain. Next day, Lenny's parents watched in horror as they entered Lenny's room and saw a mess of blood splattered all over the room, and even more horror as the watched Lenny's motionless brain on the floor, then static began shocking the room, while the Tv began pouring out blood, writing MAD on the floor.

I'll tell this one as a first person story as the author wrote it:
''It was around 12am, I was totally alone, my mother went out to dance somewhere, and my brother was at a friend's house. I was mortally bored, I couldn't sleep, and there wasn't anything good to see in the Tv, so I turned on my notebook (laptop), no internet, so I decided to play Pokémon Platinum. I got mad becuz of my inability to beat the Battle Frontier, so I decided to play Super Smash Bros 64. I hadn't played that game in a while and my favorite was Pikachu, so naturally I'd start off as him. I noticed that it was resetted, nothing unlocked. Damn my brother for touching my things. But I didn't mind and start playing on the first battle against Link, but something was wrong.... Pikachu's eyes were bloody red, as if he were crying for some reason, I thought I was looking at it wrong and defeated Link, against the Yoshi horde, his face showed something like a smile of hate more than nothing, I made an excuse and continued playing, but after reaching the break the targets, a pop-up showing Pikachu appear and with a message saying "You forgot about me for long and now you think you can play with me like nothing happened? Do you know how I felt watching you play with all those other Pokémon with tears on my face, see you raise Marian since it was a little Pichu (Marian is my Raichu in Pokémon Platinum), and now just becuz neither she or your other Pokémon can win their battles you return with me? You think I have no feelings? Well you are wrong!" then the message ended and it continued with the next fight. Now it appeared Pikachu was crying blood, still with that horrible smile and those red eyes. I thought my brother hacked it in order to play a cruel joke, so I decided to continue just to see what else he did. When the next bonus (Board the Platforms) was coming close, Pikachu appeared on screen with another message: "You think it is funny for me to harm my partners in this blasted game?! You think I like to die and feel pain in every battle?! I don't debilitate and inmediatly be cured, I die and resurrect, that's a lot of pain, you dont know how this pain feels! But soon you will..." The battles continued, but now Pikachu got new wounds everytime he got hurt, also he would move alone from time to time without me touching anything, around 100% damage, Pikachu began dripping blood from his wounds, drenching the battlefield with it. I thought that by throwing him off the ledge his wounds would be cured, but each time I tried to let him fall, he simply jumped back up, after I got bored I stopped doing that. Then it was the battle against Metal Mario and Pikachu killed him with one blow. After that the screen fade to black and another message appeared : "I don't want to respawn to feel pain again, now you will feel the pain I felt!". Now Master Hand appeared, but he looked much more realistic, also he was using red paint on his nails, the same one I was using just now. I continued playing but realize I wasn't controlling Pikachu, I was controlling the Master Hand. Pikachu looked far to damaged so I decided to let him attack me, he suddenly jumped and began biting the Master Hand... something I felt weird for that game, suddenly I began feeling pain in my hand, and when I examined it I saw the prints of tiny teeth buried inside my flesh, I was scared and couldn't believe it. Suddenly Pikachu began biting Master Hand's middle finger so hard he took out a piece out of it, and I looked in horror as that same piece was almost teared out of my hand, Pikachu then began eating that piece of meat saying "Pika pika" like he always does but much more macabre and lunatic and staring at me, with a message at the side saying "This isn't over!". Afterwards I closed the game, and erased the rom. I tend to the wound and went to sleep, hoping it was just a dream. But then I saw my wounded finger and thought that was real. It were weeks before I opened my laptop again, but I didn't play with the excuse I had no time. One day a cousin went to my house and he asked to play Pokémon Stadium, so I set it up and left to do my things, but soon my cousin called to me and I looked in horror as the only Pokémon available in the game was a Bloody Pikachu, so I erased the rom and the emulator. After a couple of days I forgot all this, but I only use the laptop for Facebook and Youtube. When I realized all this was idiotic, I decided to play Pokémon Platinum again, all was normal, except that my Raichu Marian wasn't there, I searched for her in the PC but she wasn't there. I continued playing and after a battle was to comence, instead of seeing my Torterra out of its Pokéball, I saw an image of the same Pikachu and his face and mouth were covered in blood, he approached me and then with a message said: "I've killed and eaten your precious Raichu Marian... it is my revenge. I hope you know that she died becuz of you. I won't allow you to play anything for eternity unless you do something for me.... I want you to kill a person for everytime I have died in Super Smash Bros, and then give me the thunderstone you have in your purse... if you do that for me I'll leave you alone...". I inmediatly closed the game and erased all the games I had in my laptop, but when I tried to erase Pokémon Yellow, the screen fainted to black and then I saw how the word MAD appeared on screen seemingly written with blood. Afterwards the screen became normal and the program wasn't there anymore, I didn't have to empty the recycle bin, there was nothing there.... like if they never existed in the first place.... Now I feel I was face to face with Mad Pikachu, that internet legend resulted to be true... Now I comfirmed it... it wasn't rare for me to laugh at that creepypasta, and that story could have me killed. If I had given him the stone, Mad Pikachu would surely transform, get out of my laptop and kill me. I still want it to be a dream, but then I see the scar in my finger and my cousin asking me "May I play with your Red Pikachu?" so I know it was completely real. I just feel lucky I didn't suffer the same fate that boy suffered when 6 Mad Pikachus tored him apart. I never played anything on that computer again, and everytime someone invites me to play, I feel uneasy, like if someone is breathing right in my neck, and I also feel the pain on my finger, like if the wound is reopening, and blood is dripping out of it."

Damn that was big xD Anyways hope you enjoyed our new segment, expect more from me next time ;)

See ya later Underworlders!!
You pitiful creature... PROVE TO ME YOUR WORTH! - Akuma to Ogre (SF x TK)
Draconic Emperor Ricardo


  1. how can you even evolve 6 Pikachu`s with a SINGLE thunderstone? really some of this stuff like Gary`s crappy Raticate and his change in mood make sense even the mad Pikachu part but i don`t get how you evolve 6 Pikas with a thunderstone really...still it`s a funny post and i like it a lot, hope you keep making good posts like this :). i hope you can even improve them(if posible) to keep making great data collection like this.

    by Kaiser Nebur

    1. mmm dude, seriously why the hell do you comment this if you are part of the group? =.='

  2. cuz that is the only part i really don`t do you evolve 6 pikas with a thunderstone?...still is a big mystery to me... and the fact i really don`t see much as you may believe these guys so it`s natural i feel a little curiosity about it.still posting in other people`s good post feels nice :)

    1. he's not asking that... he's asking, WHY THE FCK DO YOU COMMENT ON A POST OF A BLOG THAT YOU ARE PART OF?!?..... and no, it doesn't feel nice that the only one commenting is one of the group