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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video game review: Spectral Force Genesis

Hey there people all around the world? It seems that its been a long time since I last did a video game review to post in here so I decided that rightfully this one should be about that, we have been focusing a lot into what is yu-gi-oh and anime which although great, isnt the only thing that our blog should be about.

Anyways I decided to give a review about the video game that I just recently finished, again in emulator(I have no money...), and that is Spectral Force Genesis.

Okay this one is a single-player strategy game. The basic idea is that you choose from 40 nations one that you choose to govern, you watch over its taxes, politics and maintenance and try to conquer other countries with your army. You finish the game once you have conquered all 39 remaining nations from the world at which point of course there would be no use in continuing, instead you choose another country and the game begins again from the start.


Well the gameplay takes a while to understand as its kinda complex, first of all youre given a single nation that you get to choose. You start with three generals that vary depending on the nation that you chose, each general has their own strengths and weaknesses so youll want to see the Intel on them often as not to forget what theyre good at. I made the mistake of using a general that was good only for politics in charge of my army, needless to say that we got shredded in battle.

The time in the game is divided into twelve months and in every month you get to perform specific actions. In some you can do tax where you can collect money and draft troops for your generals, a max of 400 for each, in others youll be doing foreign affairs trying to persuade other nations to become subdued to you or form an alliance and yet in others youll be investing in your economy and in building defenses for your nation.

You have to name a tactician, a diplomat and a representative from your generals, being appointed to these charges is really not very significant as it just increases their performance in some chores, the tactician being stronger in combat, the representative being good in foreign affairs and all.

Now battle is a little more simple than politics. There is a combat triangle about who has the advantage in fighting against whom, attack beats mages, mages beat defense, defense beats attack. In the combat between armies you get to choose up to three of your generals as long as they have troops in them and pit them against the generals chosen by the opponent. During the battle when your troops are killed a small bar starts filling up, once it fills up you can perform specials depending on how many bars you have filled up, these techniques usually range from healing to performing a devastating attack to turn the tide of battle.

The Bad Side of the Game

Well the first thing that I didnt like when playing this game is that alliances mean absolutely nothing between nations, you cant trust any country even if you have made an alliance with them. Its not uncommon that one month you form an alliance with a nation and the next month that same nation is invading you and destroying your troops. I really think they should have made some kind of punishment for breaking the alliance treaty as otherwise its worth nothing and makes trying to persuade a nation to become a vassal much better.

The only other thing is that there will be many months where you will have nothing to do so youll be skipping them and yet in others you have battles for two months with only one in the middle to divide them where you wont even be able to regroup soldiers into your generals. Its really annoying to be invaded by three countries in a row, wiping out the first two and then being defeated by the third one because you only had one general left.

Recommended or not?

I do recommend this game to people who like deep long strategy games and the story isnt bad at all really, after a while of playing you get into the game and start egging on your soldiers in battle because you want to conquer that far-off nation that keeps resisting. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars rating and recommend it to you gamers out there to try.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Underworld Special: Thy Ten Commandments For A Duelist

Hey fellas what's cooking? Well, this was actually my idea for post number 50 of the blog, but since Danny managed to steal it due to my computer being down, guess I'll just have to work it out by making a pretty nice post. Since it's my random topic, I came up with the Ten commandments that any Yugioh player should follow, considering that I'm a player myself and I'm also planning on going pro, which Danny is already, so here it is I came up with these and I hope you like it, becuz this is.....

NUMBER 10: You will play Yu Gi Oh! for fun, and then competitively, remember it is a game so have fun with it. :D

NUMBER 9: You will always put your extra in your deck, just one card that makes your deck different will make you really enjoy the game.

NUMBER 8: You will always wish your opponent good luck before a duel, and afterwards, with no concern of winning or losing, thank them for the duel.

NUMBER 7: You will help your fellow duel comrades, especially the new ones, don't look down on them, remember somewhere along the line you were a rookie as well. ;D

NUMBER 6: You will not trick your comrades-in-duel with strange rulings, changes in effect or card price.

NUMBER 5: You will take care of your cards as if they were your life.....shame on those who bend or mistreat their cards. xP

NUMBER 4: You will be on notice of all that has to do with the Yu Gi Oh! world, and that refers to new releases, archetypes, decks, and so on.

NUMBER 3: You will see at least one of the anime/manga of the Yu Gi Oh! history (either the original, GX, 5D's, or I don't know, ZEXAL?), because the game wouldn't be the same without the inspiration of Yugi, Jaden, or Yusei :D

NUMBER 2: You will make friends while playing Yu Gi Oh! Makes your experience a hell more interesting and you gain friends along the way :)

NUMBER 1: You will respect your cards and trust your deck, or believe in the heart of the cards, only then will you have the honor of calling yourself a duelist.

Well this are the ten commandments a YuGiOh! player should follow, I should state that these aren't completely done by myself, for I got influence and ideas from many places, albeit, I believe there isn't a commanments list with this ones already, because I got the influence from many places and completed them myself, but never found a list EXACTLY like this.

Well next is my videogame post, I'm almost finished with Mortal Kombat, but just as a taste of things to come, I'll make a Top 10 of my favorite MK characters, and also give you a chance in the first interactive poll from Underworld Honduras, you have the chance to nominate ANY MK fatality you like (It doesn't count as a different Fatality if it is the same in another game) and send them over to this account: and depending on the number of votes a fatality gets, they will be going for a list of the Ten Best Fatalities created by you!! I'll be receiving the mails since this moment and this ends as soon as the Mortal Kombat Review is posted, so send your fatalities to the mail above and make a part in this interactive contest :D

Till then Underworlder!!!!
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Post #50/ Runescape

Good day to people around the world! Well it seems that this is the 50th post of our blog, and I decided to steal it before either Perez or Ricardo had time to do it. I am glad to see that our blog has reached so many visits in just 50 posts made by us, thats something we really didnt expect when we first started this blog.

By the way before I forget, for now youre probably going to see way more posts done by Ricardo and I than by Perez since he still hasnt got internet. He really wanted to do this post by himself but since he couldnt Ill take the opportunity before you guys get bored of seeing the same posts! Maybe youll see some posts if he decides to write them by hands and give them to Ricardo or I to post them here under his name...that depends on how smart he will be...

But now Ill get to my main 50th post topic! Since its been ages from last time I gave a review about a videogame I thought that I would make it about one that has been in my life for quiet a long time, maybe known by some of you, this is going to be a review for Runescape!

This game has been around for ages in the internet as one of the largest MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game DAMN  what a long name...), it has millions of players from all around the world although it started in England originally. The story is the classic medieval RPG, you control a character and work in order to become a powerful warrior, a filthy rich merchant or the average citizen and complete quests to earn yourself fame.

What is the goal of playing Runescape?

In Runescape there are tons...and I mean TONS of things that you can decide to do in order to win a living. The game has no real ending or goal, rather you develop your character how you want it to be, either a warrior killing other players, someone who just wants to get rich in runescape, or just about anything that you can imagine. The game never ends, there are constant updates, so you have no fear of being left without anything to do.

Can you customize your character in Runescape?

Character customization is one of the things that Runescape has the most, although you are initially given a class option at the start of the game where you get to "choose" a class for your character this doesnt affect you at all in your stats or possibilities and its merely for the looks most of the time. There are an incredible amount of possible looks for your character so your appearance is often very personal in the game.

Is Runescape addicting?

Hell yeah it is, for reasons that I have yet to understand once you start playing runescape and get the hang of the game its very hard to start. Although not reaching the levels of WoW for some people, its certainly true that people often get very into the game. Ironically I have noticed that MMORPGs often become just as stressing as real life as you work hard for money in order to buy some things, doesnt that sound just like the real world?

About me? Yeah I do consider myself addicted to the game, but actually just to a specific skill: construction. I have the goal of making one of the best houses in Runescape and as such its not uncommon that I spent millions a day to level up that skill, albeit the fact that I could put that money to much better use...

Is it worthwhile to get a membership?

Well I have spent half of my time in runescape as a free player and the other half as a member, so I think I can give a little bit of advice in this part. Dont start as a member in Runescape, just start like a free player and play the game for a good while, if you feel like you like it and want to get the full potential out of this game then buy your membership and be ready to explore all the endless possibilities that Runescape offers you.

In Conclusion

I have played many MMORPGs and so far my favorite one has been runescape, it offers just so many possibilities even though its quiet stressing sometimes to work for hours to get the money you need that its a great way to pass the time. I really recommend it to all of those who are looking for a medieval RPG where they will see thousands of players and dont want it to end.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Awesome Reborn AMV!

Ciaossu internet surfers! If you are surprised to see me post again so soon after my 2000 visits and Most Moving Anime Moments post I must say that I am even more surprised about it. But anyways lets get to the main topic of this post. While I was browsing through some AMVs in search of a song that I liked well enough to take it to English class for analysis I stumbled into this amazing Reborn! AMV, I decided that it was so good it was more than worthy of having a post for it in here.

The song is This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars. In my opinion this AMV defines the story of Reborn! and its epicness very well in its duration. Awesome song, awesome video, so in my book it definitely gets a 7 Star Rating!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, all credit goes the maker of the AMV, it seems that it has won several otaku festivals and conventions which it very well deserves to. This is probably the shortest post I have made so far, besides the Technorati one. Anyways I wont make you waste more time, Danny out!

Playing Geartown- Danny

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Saiyan Prince Vegeta!!!!!!

What's happening forum? Well I've prepared this Manga/Anime about one of the first and most legendary animes of all times, Dragon Ball!!!!......*Urgent Message!*
*Underworld Honduras HQ: Hey, I thought you were going to post a TCG post about the Red Eyes!!
*Judini: SHUT UP FOOLS YA FOOLS!! My computer broke down I had to move it!
*UH HQ: People are gonna get ma....*Connection ended*

Ummm, sorry about that silly interruption, I've gotta tell you though that I had to carry over that tribute, had a little problem :( But I'll fix that as soon as I can!!

Anyways like Danny said, we don't want you to believe this blog is going to be all full with Bdays, sorry we got those so close together (There's one also coming soon :P) so we'll be posting something different, here, get your game on!

Vegeta Bio!!!!

Vegeta is the prince of the saiyans, a race of warriors born for fighting, which resided on the planet of his namesake. The saiyan race was always under the service of Frieza, until he became afraid that they would someday be stronger than him, and decided to kill them all (The only ones spared were: Goku(sent to Earth), Vegeta(On a mission with Nappa), Raditz(No idea where he was but he was alive), Nappa(on a mission with Vegeta), Turles(Saiyan Renegade), and Tarble(Vegeta's brother, was sent away because of low power level and fighting capabilities)). He served Frieza faithfully, but eventually discovered the truth, and began plotting to kill him. He heard a transmission from Raditz, defeated and killed in battle with Goku and Piccolo, about the Dragon Balls, which will grant any wish, and decided to go to Earth and search for them with Nappa. Upon arriving, Nappa destroyed an entire city, and after a while, engaged against the Z-Fighters (Yamcha, Tien, Chiao Tzu, Piccolo, Krillin, and Kid Gohan). Vegeta and Nappa grew Saibamen, which after being grown attacked the Z-Fighters but were easily overpowered. Suddenly, while Yamcha was bloating about how good he was, a Saibaman went Deidara on him and killed Yamcha (YEAH!!!!!!! With "went Deidara", I mean he self-destructed, Naruto reference :P). Inmediatly afterwards, Nappa took it into his own hands and viciously cut off Tien's arm with a single blow, and as he was going to kill Tien, Chiao Tzu grabbed Nappa from behind and decided to be Deidara as well (what the crap with all the self-destructing?!?). Nappa was unscathed, well except his clothes (no, he still has his underwear :P), and proceded to resist a Neo Tri Beam from Tien, which afterwards died from exhaustion. This left Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo to fend off with Nappa. Piccolo was knocked unconscious after grabbing Nappa's tail, and the former smacking his head with an elbow smash, which made Gohan try to fight Nappa. Nappa played around and then decided to kill Gohan by shooting his Bomber GX at him, but Piccolo took the attack, and died. Gohan grew mas at his master's death and threw a Masenko at Nappa, but gained nothing out of it. As Nappa prepared to step on him, Gohan was saved by Goku, returned to life by the Dragon Balls. Goku saw his dead friends, and exploted wth rage, Nappa asked Vegeta Goku's power level, to which he responded with the most epic catchphrase..... IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goku then proceded to single handedly thrash Nappa, finish him off with a Kaioken, and throw him in front of Vegeta, to which Vegeta threw Nappa into the air and killed him for incompetence. Vegeta and Goku went to a remote location and engaged in kombat, Vegeta taking the upper hand in the first part of the match. Goku resorted to a Kaioken x3, and proceded to beat the crap out of Vegeta, to which he responded by trying to destroy the Earth with a Galick Gun, to which Goku fired a Kamehameha in response. Goku ascended to a Kaioken x4 and defeated Vegeta at the beam struggle, which took Vegeta away. Vegeta recovered and returned to the battlefield and proceded to use his giant monkey form with a false moon and thrashed around Goku. After seeing this, Krillin, Gohan and Yajirobe all tried to beat this form of Vegeta, but couldn't do it, until Yajirobe managed to sneak behind and cut off his tail, which reverted Vegeta to normal, Gohan recovered his tail and saw Vegeta's false moon, to which he transformed into a monkey also and made short work of a war torned Vegeta. Vegeta attempted to escape, but Krillin resolved to kill him, to which Goku stopped him and Vegeta could escape.

Vegeta, went to Namek after he recovered to retrieve the Dragon Balls of that planet to wish for immortality and finally defeat Frieza. He manages to kill many of Frieza's henchmen, eventually killing Dodoria. He then engaged Zarbon, to which he had the upper hand until Zarbon transformed and thrash Vegeta and threw him into the water, unwilling to finish the job because he didn't want to get wet. Vegeta was recovered, and fought Zarbon again as the latter searched for him. This time though, he thrashed Zarbon, even in his transfomed state, and killed him. He continued his search for the Dragon Balls, and confronted the Ginyu Force along with Krillin and Gohan. He killed Guldo after Guldo tried to kill Krillin, but was later thrashed by Recoome. Very weak, Vegeta was saved by Goku, who arrived on the nick of time to confront Recoome and knocks him out with a very timed gut punch, as Recoome attempted to use the "Recoome Ultra Fighting Bomber" to destroy him. He then proceded to defeat Burter, but Jeice managed to escape. Vegeta killed Recoome with a beam, and broke Burter's neck with his knee. Goku reprimanded and said it wasn't necessary to do that, to which Vegeta responded he is to soft. Vegeta got away to recover when Ginyu and Jeice arrived. Goku was beating Ginyu, until Ginyu hurted himself, then swapped bodies with Goku, and left Goku to die. Vegeta returned and fought Jeice while Gohan and Krillin fought Ginyu. Vegeta killed Jeice with his move "Genocide Blaster", and then defeated Ginyu. Ginyu attempted to swap bodies with Vegeta, but Goku managed to get in the way and recovered his body. Ginyu tried another shot, but this time Goku threw a frog in the way, and Ginyu was trapped there. After making the way for Goku to recover, he rested as well, to which Gohan and Krillin used the Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo, bring him to Namek, and just then the Patriarch died, making those Dragon Balls useless. Vegeta got mad at them, but they were confronted by Frieza, who was also angered at them for their use of Dragon Balls. Vegeta fought Frieza, but after Frieza transfomed, this began to change. Piccolo arrived and fought Frieza, to which Frieza transformed again, and thrashed Piccolo. He yet again transformed, and fought a rejuvenated Vegeta, that was confident the he was a Super Saiyan. Vegeta eventually noticed his limit, and seeing Frieza as being stronger than him, he lost his fighting spirit and was defeated. Goku arrived and Vegeta claimed him to be the super saiyan Frieza was afraid of, and Frieza killed Vegeta. Vegeta implored to Goku to defeat Frieza for his father(Bardock), and the saiyan race, after which he shed a tear and died. (Wow Vegeta crying :P)

Vegeta was revived and went on to training to surpass Goku. He sensed a strong power level and determined it was Frieza's. He went to the crater were Frieza was to appeared and witnessed something incredible.....A mysterious boy named Trunks appeared, transformed into a Super Saiyan, proceded to cut and kill Frieza, and claimed Vegeta to be his father along with Bulma. After this, he became haunted by dreams in which he was unable become a Super Saiyan while Goku and Trunks could. Later Vegeta began training insanely until he reached a limit, and became angry at himself and achived his Super Saiyan form. He appeared in the nick of time and saved Goku from Android 19, then he transformed into his SSJ form and proceded to singlehandedly defeat and kill 19. He then attempted to kill Dr. Gero, but he escaped, and Gero managed to activate 17 & 18, which proceded to kill him. Vegeta fought 18, but becuz 18 couldn't get tired, she defeated Vegeta and also broke his arm. Vegeta trained with Trunks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and reached an ascended Super Saiyan form and after getting out, looked for Cell. He found Cell and inmediatly challenged him to a match, to which Cell laughed, Vegeta transformed to Super Vegeta and as he said "I'll wipe that horrible smile from such an ugly face," he soundly unforgivably and awesomely toyed Cell around. Cell claimed that Vegeta would only be a midgeting child against him if he had his perfect form, and Vegeta, hoping to prove him wrong, let him get 18. Now poor Vegeta discovered he was on the losing side and proceded to try to finish off Cell with a new attack (Final Flash) but Cell managed to receive the damage and knocked Vegeta out. Afterwards he assisted to Cell's tournament and witnessed Goku vs Cell, and also Gohan vs Cell. He was attacked by Cell Jrs that were sent by Cell to anger Gohan, but Vegeta was strong enough to keep the Cell Jr at bay. After Gohan transformed to SSJ2 form witnessing 16's death, he was surprised how Gohan was stronger than he was. He witnessed Goku's sacrifice and the eventual resurrection of Cell, the latter decided to try out his powers and fired a Death Beam killing Trunks. Vegeta enraged over the death of his only son, he attacked Cell but was brushed aside by him. Gohan received an attack for Vegeta, gravely wounding his arm. Vegeta recovered in the nick of time of the epic Cell-Gohan beam clash to distract Cell long enough to allow Gohan to capitalize and finish off Cell. Afterwards he bowed to never fight again.

Vegeta resigned to fighting, but decided to enter the World Tournament after hearing Goku would attend. He went, destroyed a punching machine, ate like the saiyan he is, punched some overconfident arrogant brat squarely IN THE FACE!!!! XP and then awaited to fight Goku. But Babidi, the shrim..... uhhh evil sorcerer decided to revive Majin Buu and took Gohan's energy. Vegeta, Goku and Gohan went there with Piccolo and Krillin and Supreme Kaoisama (or the way it is written :p) to find Babidi, but Piccolo and Krillin got turned to stone by Evil King Dabura (if he's so evil, why under the control of a shrim......uhh evil sorcerer like Babidi?). Vegeta and the rest of company entered the spaceship and played a good old stone-paper-scissors to decide who got the first fight against Pui Pui (who looked like Cui :P). Vegeta with no effort disposed of Pui Pui with his Double Galick Gun. He witnessed Goku vs Yakon and Gohan vs Dabura, until he let himself be controlled by Babidi in order to fight Goku as he was when he first came (DARN BABIDI!!!). Now known as Majin Vegeta, he killed part of the spectators at the tournament after being teleported there, and then Goku agreed to fight, and where teleported to some rocky mountains similar to the first time they fought. Majin Vegeta fought SSJ2 Goku, and revealed that he no longer cared about his family, and he let Babidi control him, Goku replied that he was wrong, and their match ended in a draw as Majin Buu was released by their fight and they felt that great power of his. Vegeta felt responsible and knocked Goku out to confront Majin Buu. He found and when Trunks wanted to fight by his side, Vegeta gave his goodbye to him, hugged and then kneed him and Goten for avoid interference and asked Piccolo to take them away. He fought Majin Buu but eventually discovered that Majin Buu can regenarate. In a last effort Vegeta said: "Now I know how to dispose of you, I have to blow you to bits, erase every parrt of you so you can't regenerate, I'm gonna blow you to bits!!! Bulma, Trunks, and even you Kakarot...goodbye." (Goku was right :D.) But Majin Buu managed to regenerate making Vegeta's sacrifice in vain. (DARN YOU!!!!!) He was later resurrected to fight Super Buu, and fused with Goku to form Vegito with the potara earings. They beat the crap out of Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) until he absorbed them into his body where they proceded to take everyone out. Super Buu transformed into Kid Buu, whcih later destroyed the planet. Vegeta, Goku, Dende, Mr Satan and his dog where the only survivors in the Planet of the Kais to which they where teleported by Kibitokai. They fought Kid Buu there and Vegeta admited Goku to be better than him after Goku fought Kid Buu in SSJ3 form. Goku needed to charge his power so Vegeta took over the fight, but sadly he wasn't a match for Kid Buu. Vegeta transformed to SSJ2 but it wasn't enough. Later Goku lost his SSJ3 transformation and where ready to face defeat, but Vegeta had a brilliant idea: use the namekian Dragon Balls to wish everyone on Earth back to form a Spirit Bomb. Goku asked for energy but wouldn't get it until Satan stepped in. Then Dende wished for Goku's strength to come back and he fired a Superultrapowerful Spirit bomb which ended and killed Kid Buu.

ABILITIES!! (ATK power from * to *****)
-Galick Gun: His most stock move, a standard purple beam. ATK:***
-Big Bang Attack: His stated favorite move, a blueish energy sphere. ATK:****
-Final Flash: A freaking ray of energy which is also really big. ATK:*****
-Final Shine: A one handed green ray, super destructive, only available in GT(I won't talk about him in GT becuz it isn't canon). ATK:*****
Maximum Flasher: A white beam exclusive to his SSJ mode. ATK:***

-Super Saiyan
-Super Vegeta
-Super Saiyan 2
-Super Saiyan 3- NOT in the manga nor anime, but in Raging Blast/Raging Blast 2 this form appears, and it is stated by Akira Toriyama that it is canonical (don't remember where I read it, but I'm sure of it)
Super Saiyan 4- NOT Canonical, only in GT.

Even though I could brag all along about the awesomeness of Vegeta, I already took a HELL lot, so I'll not bother you more, if you want so more, email us and I'll arrange to lend you another part posting what I ommited. Overall, Vegeta is the best character of DBZ in my opinion and he's my favorite since I knew him :P

All for now, Cya later Underworlders with my next post ;D

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2000 Visits Reached!/ My most moving anime moments.

2000 VISITS!
We are more than proud and happy to say that our blog has reached our next appointed goal of 2000 visitors today, we have changed from a blog having luckily 1 or 2 visits a day to this much in such a short time that its only fair to say that all of this is thanks to you readers. Your support and dedication to this blog is what motivates us to continue writing hoping to give you a smile or two and luckily even a laugh while reading our blog. A sincere and true thank you from Underworld Honduras to all of you, hope that you continue with us as our blog keeps growing!
Now...some of you may have wondered what has happened with my co-blogger Perez, well to put it simply for a change he has no internet so that is why all recent posts have been made by either Ricardo or I. But be sure that he is just as happy, actually even more, for all the accomplishments of our blog, and he has set the new goal line at 10,000 visits before the end of the year, thats right you heard him: he wants 10 K visits before 2012. Lets try and go for it!

Well since our little celebration is over, I want to give something more entertaining to all of you besides our announcements, this question got into my mind today at school: Which have been the most touching anime moments I have seen? After lots of thinking about it I came up with four that have really touched me and that I hope will do to you also:

1) Black Cat: This anime although very good, and the manga being even better gives an already sad feeling to the reader/watcher due to Sayas death. For some, including me, Creed made it to the top most hated anime character with this action but thats not the point as at the very end we get to see some more of Saya.

For those who want to see more or less what happened during that fight, oh and Saya appears at 3:20 in the video.

2) Digimon: Well this is probably one in which I am alone at thinking its a most moving anime moment. For the few of those who actually watched Digimon, the first season, in my opinion the saddest scene of all was the death of Wizardmon. He was my favorite digimon in the series and his death against the vampire while protecting his friends actually made me cry. R.I.P. Wizardmon, knowing that your sacrifice wasnt in vain...

3) Full Metal Alchemist: Well I guess that there is no arguement about the saddest part of this anime: the funeral of Maes Hughes. As if his death hasnt been sad enough by itself the funeral scene was even sadder. I was fine watching it until his daughter started crying about him having to go to work. If you seriously can watch that without crying or at least being moved then join the army because thats having a cold stone heart.

4) Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Also no need to explain, its basically the same as the Full Metal Alchemist one however you dont see at the end Hughes waving good bye to Edward at the station and you can actually see Mustang crying at the end. Sorry for not finding an english subbed version...copyright....

That was all so far for my most moving anime I remember more of them I will keep posting them into the blog for you to watch. If I made you cry at one of the memories please excuse me and be sure that happened to me while writing this post. See ya all later, stay tuned to Underworld Honduras! Thank you!

Ancient Gears FTW!- Danny

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coming Soon: Live Action Movie Acted by Us!

Well since I dont want this place to look like a birthday thread, sorry to everyone since the unfortunate coincidence of two dates being so near to one another came upon us. Well I am pleased to say that soon enough youll be seeing all of our gang that we talk so much about(minus Lisa for obvious reasons), since we are going to film a live action short movie!


The point is this basically, we where assigned in school to make a surrealist video clip of whatever we wanted as long as it maintained what the surrealism is(long word). Soooo we decided to let my co-blogger Perez write the script since 98% of what he writes makes absolutely no sense at all, what could be more beyond realist than that?!

I would really like to show you a few sneak peeks into what the clip will turn out like when its done but since we have barely started the video today with the participation of Anette and Andrea that would be giving out too much, besides its too awesome for the surprised to be ruined.

When the video is completely finished and all I will upload it to Youtube so that all of you can meet us and hopefully either enjoy the awesomeness or in any case get a good laugh, in either case it will be for the best. Thats all I wanted to say for now, thank you all people, kora!

8000 Targets, 40 Opportunities, 6 Decisions, One Combo, No Limits.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Bday Perez!!!

Well, I've been off for quite a while, been working on my Red Eyes tribute for quite a while and well it took an unexpected spin and I've gotta start again, so before planning thaat again, I wanna take some time on doing something I had to do but I didn't

Well, now to business........

From fellow co-bloggers Danny and Ricardo ;)

So that's it for now, gotta get working on my Red Eyes tribute, so until then Underworlders!!!

                                                I like the Copycat perk :P

Friday, May 13, 2011

1500 Visits!/ Top 5 Latin America Endings

Yare yare...its been such a long time. Well I am sorry for our period of inactivity but the next post actually wasnt supposed to be done by me, it was by either Perez or Ricardo but since neither of them lazy bums seem to remember to make their respective posts I guess Ill just then steal this one from them kufufu....

Lets get to the most important thing first then! Our blog Underworld Honduras has reached the next goal that we had proposed ourselves at the outstanding achievement of 1500 visits. I sincerely want to thank all our viewers from around the world that stop by to read us and support us. It is the support that we get from all of you that we are motivated to keep writing our posts and continue with our blog! So in name of Underworld Honduras and of course myself included I want to thank you all!!!

I made this banner here to remember this important event, we really had thought that we would be reaching 1500 visits by the end of June however thanks to the happy surprise of proving us wrong I thought it was worthy of some photoshop ability!

Okay with that being said lets get straight to the second point of this post! I finished my Top 5 Latin Endings ranking finally, it took me many hard choices but in the end I hope that you like which ones where the best of the best. Without any more nonsense talk lets start with rankings, its top top top time!

5) Well on the last place we have an ending that holds some very deep memories for many people. A lot more than being a ripoff of pokemon like many people believe...Digimon makes its appearance on our ranking for its Latin American ending!

4) Actually the last two choices gave me quiet a lot of trouble in deciding between them as I had tons of candidates for these two last positions but I decided that I would award them to those oldies who made people in Honduras look forward to seeing Toonami every night! So coming victorious from a tense fight with Saint Seya, Shaman King, Dragonball and Pokemon here is our favorite genderbender anime, Ranma 1/2!!

3) Well of course that no ranking can ever be made without including the supreme anime: Dragon Ball! After watching all the endings I decided that the one most worthy of the third place in my ranking was the second opening of Dragon Ball Z, here it comes!!

2) Earning a well-deserved second place and for the pleasure of my fellow co-blogger Perez is Inuyasha! Another tight spot where decision was hard to make but in the end I decided to give it to the second ending of the anime! Fukai Mori sung by Gabriela Vega!

1) And the winner of our top 5 Rankings is.....*opens envelope*  Whats this?....The Number One for our Top 5 is Inuyasha again!!!! How can that be possible? Well Inuyasha has Gabriela Vega singing their openings and endings I guess, she definitely has a lot of talent singing. Coming first for this top is My Will by Gabriela Vega again and also the first ending of Inuyasha!

Well this is all for the ranking top, I hope you enjoyed it, I did my best to choose out the worthiest songs from all that I could find. Thank you and please keep following Underworld Honduras!

Machine Tag Team, Danny & Wilson
Random Tag Team- Perez & Ricardo.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Okay before getting to work(finally) on my Top 5 Anime Endings I want to dedicate a post to our dear friend Lisa who is today having her birthday. Well actually for us this is Monday but since she is in China for her today is her birthday...but anyways getting out of these stupid trivia...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!!! I am very happy to congratulate you in both my part and in name of the Underworld Trio. Since this is the first birthday ever celebrated on our awesome blog(very modest also XD) I guess Ill have to at least say some words: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Nah okay lets get serious on this one for a change...sorry Albus...

"Well I really didnt get to know Lisa much, she rarely ever spoke, she is probably one of the most silent people I have ever met, however even if none of our conversations exceeded fifteen words I still think she is a very awesome person. First of all she definitely is the most creative girl I have ever met, she even has her own monument in school in the computer lab consisting of a camera she made, not many of 400 generations of students that have crossed on our school can say that really! Next she was quiet a nice person even though I am told she was evil enough to conquer the world someday *cough* Anette *cough*. I was glad to have been able to meet her even if it was for the short time of a school year and I hope the best for her on her birthday and on every day of her life!"

Well this post was exclusively dedicated to wishing her a happy birthday, as always thank you all people around the world for reading us, I already started working on my Latin Ending post so keep following us please!

The Machine-user, Danny

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ultimate Ninja Storm!!!!! 2!!!!!!

What's happening forum? (is that copyrighted? :O) For today is my videogame post, and I gave you a hint on what it'll be, so yeah, I'll review Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for PS3 and XBox 360, I got it along with Mortal Kombat but I've had somewhat of a more rapid play with this game than with Mortal Kombat (I actually play more MK than UNS2, but MK is tougher and has much more to be actually complete, in UNS2 I already have everything except the trophies which I'm working on, so it's easier to review this first). So anyways let's start with this.


This game covers all that goes from Naruto's return to the village until the end of Pain's invasion, and it also includes and excerpt with certain avenger's business with a jinchuriki..... you'll now what I mean. So as you may imagine, the characters in the game will  include any crazy ninja that appeared in that time period, which also makes the experience simply nice, and it doesn't include "fill" characters, which was my main issue with Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 (I mean, it's not bad that they wanted some more characters in the game for more variety, but seriously, I could play that game without EVER touching Towa, Komachi, Kabuto (yes, I said Kabuto, just the fact that he's like the most bastard character I've ever met is sure to grab my hate, so what if he now has blue eyes and has a tail?!?1 IHATEHIM XP), Yugao, and something that ticks me..... if these guys are in the game, why Ino isn't? Seriously even though she never fought, she's part of Konoha 11, she deserves the place more than any of these guys -.-). Uhh so yeah I got pretty messed up anyways, in story mode you'll get to relive these events as best as it could be done, and it's pretty nice, you get to run from place to place but you can't like really really interact with the stage, but even though the places look gorgeous, it will start to tick you off when you pass like 30 times over it, you actually have to run from place to place, and it's frustrating, makes Story mode larger than it should, and by the time you're actually over, you have side missions and you'll have to unlock some game mechanichs which I'll explain now.


As told before, there is a Story Mode, within Story Mode, you can check your requests, edit your ninja info card (which displays in online gameplay the title you chose, also unblockable), or check the collection (music, battle scenes and that stuff). In Story Mode you actually walk ro run from place to place for your missions to take place, which can be frustrating, and, you can collect stuff along the way to create battle items for you to use (that goes later). The main story archs, you'll mostly control Naruto, Sasuke, and some others, and when you reach to certain missions, you'll engage boss battles, which is normal battle for a while, but after you weaken them to a certain point, you'll enter an entertaining action command scenes which are somewhat interaactive, pushing buttons for eviting attacks or attacking yourself. This are really nice to watch, and you'll have this battles:
Naruto w/Sakura vs Kakashi, Gaara vs Deidara, Sakura vs Sasori, Naruto vs Orochimaru, Naruto vs Sasuke (yeah!!), Naruto vs Kakuzu, Sasuke vs Itachi, Jiraiya vs Pain, and Sage Naruto vs Pain.
After that(a good while after), with Sasuke (already with his Mangekyo) will battle Killer Bee (8-tailed jinchuriki, he's the ox supposedly, but I think he looks more like an Oxtopus), and then you'll have to unlock all support for your characters, by giving them stuff or making friend missions to gain 5 hearts.

You also have Free Battle, which let's you play Team Battle (with support chars), Single Battle, or watch the CPU fight. Online Mode is also included, as well as Options, but no Practice Mode, no way to hone your skills withouth fighting (damn it).


Well, gameplay is pretty simple, you've got a strike button, which enables you to create combos pretty easily (and with an up-down-leftorright hold motion, you have up to 4 combos plus an air combo). You also have a jump dash, which makes you jump in the air, if you tap a second time, you'll ninja dash, and if the opponent gets hit, you can air-combo him/her. If you decide to hold after you tap the second time, you'll be making flips in the direction you're holding. There's a button for throwing shurikens, and there's a button for blocking (if used to much, it can actually break, leaving you wide open). There's as well a support button, which makes your support character come out and make his jutsu. There's a button for charging chakra, and by tapping it you can get one of four (Ninja Dash, Jutsu(some can be charged up by holding the buttons, some can be done in the air), Enhanced Shurinken, and if you tap twice and then strike button, you get your ultimate jutsu.) You can enter as well an awakened state, which gives you more power or changes you completely depending on the character, they can't throw or make an ultimate jutsu on them, but you can't use your ultimate jutsu as well. That's about it, anyone can grab the controller and beat the crap out of someone, so because of this it was rated of shallow with no depth in it, but I myself that like serious competition when talking of gaming, enjoy this "shallow" combat.


I'll explain some of this, played the Budokai/Budokai Tenkaichi/Raging Blast DBZ games? This jutsus are kind off like that, you activate them by tapping the chakra button then the strike button. Some can be charged up and some can be used in the air, depending on the character. These are as varied from Naruto's Rasengan to Sasuke's Chidori to Itachi's Fireball to Pain's Shinra Tensei. Try to enjoy them as well as you can ;)

                                               EAT THIS!!!  RASENGAN BARRAGE!!!!!

                                                     KAMEHAMEHA TIMES 10!!!!!!!

                                           *SIGH* MEMORIES, SUCH NICE FRIENDS :D



We've got 42 playable characters, they will be shown like this:
Character Name (Special Costume or Ultimate Jutsu) {Awakening}

Naruto Uzumaki (Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken/ Nine-tailed Rasengan) {4 Tailed Kyubi}
Sakura Haruno {Herculean Mode}
Sai {Fast Drawing Mode}
Sage Naruto (Sage Mode/Hokage Costume) {6-Tailed Kyubi}
Karin {Mad Mode/Affection Mode with Sasuke}
Suigetsu Hozuki {Water Arm Mode}
Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin/Chidori True Spear) {Curse Seal LVL 2}
Neji Hyuga {Byakugan}
Rock Lee {6th Gate Release}
Tenten {Ninja Tool Mode}
Sasuke Uchiha Taka {Mangekyo Sharingan}
Jugo {Curse Seal}
Kabuto Yakushi/Homosexual bastard {Scalpel Mode}
Orochimaru {White Snake Mode}
Shikamaru Nara {Shadow Mode}
Ino Yamanaka {Poison Flower Mode}
Choji Akimichi {Giant Mode}
Temari {Wind Mode}
Kankuro {Final Puppet}
Kazekage Gaara {Kazekage Mode}
Shino Aburame {Bug Mode}
Kiba Inuzuka {Fang Mode}
Hinata Hyuga *LOVE HER!!! {Twin Lion Fists}
Granny Chiyo {10 White Puppets Mode}
Sasori of The Red Sand {100 Puppets Mode}
Deidara {C2 Dragon Mode}
Kakashi Hatake {Mangekyo Sharingan}
Yamato {Wood Mode}
Mighty Guy {6th Gate Mode}
Tobi {Madara}
Kakuzu {Long Range Battle Mode}
Hidan {Curse Mode}
Asuma Sarutobi {Flying Swallow Mode or something like that}
Jiraiya {Sage Mode}
Tsunade {Herculean Mode}
Killer Bee {Oxtopus Mode}
Konan {Angel Mode}
Kisame Hoshigaki {Samehada Mode}
Itachi Uchiha *FREAKING BADASS!! {Susano'o}
Minato Namikaze/4th Hokage {Spatial Movement Mode}
Pain/Deva Path {Six Paths of Pain Mode}
*Lars Alexandersson {Lightning Mode}


Lars Alexandersson is from a fighting game called Tekken 6, he's a guest character for this game and has nothing to do with the may be wondering, why is he in the game? Masashi Kishimoto designed Lars secret costume for Tekken 6, and decided to add him as a guest's a good reason don't you think? I like his inclusion in the game, but I don't know if you want to approve it though......

This is Lars..... does he look badass?

I personally liked this game a lot, if you're a Naruto fan you may like it as well, I personally give this an 8.4 out of 10.

This is it for now, next is the Red Eyes tribute (that's something I've gotta do, I'm sorry if you don't like it :(.....) See ya then Underworlders!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

School Day Playing!

Ciaossu people of the world! Danny here posting our most recent Yu-gi-oh matches, well today was our school day so we didnt have any classes...actually its more or less a free day except you have to go to school...oh well at least they give you free drinks and cotton candy...but anyways, the reason for this post is that we decided to try out our new decks today. The participants where of course people who where already in the Underworld Honduras Ranking Table, that Perez will post later on in here with the updates hopefully: Wilson, Ricardo(Judini/Dragon), Oscar Chow, Perez, and I of course.

We did a combination of one-on-one and battle royale matches so that it would be a fair game...although we all know that Battle Royales are rarely even. Anyways one we succeeded overcoming the initial problems we had with the wind which kept blowing Perez's cards away the tournament started!

Decks Used by Participants:

-Danny: Ancient Gear Deck
-Wilson: Meklord Army Deck
-Chow: Annoying equipping lvl deck...I dont know names since they where in chinese...
-Ricardo and Perez- The usual randomly scrambled together decks...

Since I do not want to bore you all with the duels lets just get into the highlights and the most impressing playing of our tournament.

1) Chow ended up managing the impossible: boring me in Yu-gi-oh. By playing Gravity Bind he forced both of us to say "Pass" for like 7 turns before something came up and I could beat him.
2) Wilson ended up winning most of his matches although he certainly could have done better, he needs some more experience with his deck to recognize combos and which are the right cards to play.
3) My Ancient Gear deck ran very well during all the matches making the only duels that I lost the ones in which I mostly either got spell and trap cards at hand or absolutely no combos possible between them.

Best Combos!!!:
#1- Myself summoning the three gadgets in a single turn with the use of ultimate offering, activating Limiter Removal and attacking for an OTK.
#2- Again myself against Oscar, using Boot-up Solider Dread Dynamo with Red Gadget on the Field, activating Limiter Removal and attacking for another OTK.
#3- Wilson beating me against all odds by the incredible Yugi Draw of a Dark Hole to wipe out my Gadjiltron Dragon and AG Beast.
#4- Perez beating me with the use of his Dian Ketos the Cure Masters and Reinforcements so that I wouldnt be able to get monsters on the field
#5- A smooth OTK by Ricardo using Shield and Sword against two Meklord Army Wiesel to attack practically directly to Wilsons Life points.

Well my dear readers that is all for now, Ill try doing my Top 5 Latin Endings later tonight so stay tuned to Underworld Honduras! Oh and also I would like to offer my respects to the second Red Eyes B. Dragon that has become MIA in our school. R.I.P. both Red Eyes....

Danny, Machines FTW!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


What's happening fellow Underworlders? I just caught wind a while ago while I was thinking my random category post, that Underworld Honduras has reached 1000+ views already, so I wanted to take a little while off my post so that I can tell you thanks for all your support of our blog and I'm glad that you are enjoying what we prepare just for you, so ARIGATO/THANKS!!!!!!!! :D

Well after that time out, I will unveil my topic (well not unveil as you can see it up there :P), as you know, everybody has always dreames about crossovers, whether it is the Marvel heroes vs the DC heroes, but everyone does it, so I've prepared this topic thinking about, so sit back, get some popcorn, and prepare to enjoy the show.......


Well, basically, a crossover is pitting characters from one timeline/world/universe and colliding them with characters of another timeline/world/universe. They are interesting because there are always people saying things like "Goku is stronger than Naruto!!!" and viceversa, so in a crossover said characters could match up and determine who's better.


The mechanichs on many crossovers is very very simple, the mechanichs most of the time are in fighting games, because the crossovers are meant to be competitive, and fighting games are competitive, so you are prone to finding these crossovers in fighting games, or media that has to do with fighting.


There's a lot from where to choose examples of crossovers from, seriously, we have the ever popular film "Freddy vs Jason", in videogames we have a hell even more from where to choose, we have Capcom vs X-Men, Capcom vs SNK, SNK vs Capcom (no, CvS and SvC aren't the same thing), we couldn't stop to mention the so popular and considered best of this type the Marvel vs Capcom series (even less with the newly released Marvel vs Capcom 3), and also the so excellent Tatsunoko vs Capcom (notice that many of the good ones have Capcom in them? LOL), and we also can't stop mentioning the not-so-MK Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, which at best, it has great gameplay as far as I'm concerned, but it doesn't live up to it's moniker, with that I mean that it may have MK kharacters, but it doesn't feel like an MK game.


No. People often tend to assume that when a character from another place is inserted into a game, it becomes a crossover game, quite frankly it isn't. A guest character normally doesn't have anything to do with the story of a game, they only are there as fan service, yeah, maybe they have an ending or interacts with other characters, but it's not relevant. Common example is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where Nintendo got the permission to put both Sonic The Hedgehog and Solid Snake into the game (why not Shadow and Gray Fox? why not full characters instead of assists? That makes me mad xP), some people sayed that it was a crossover, it isn't. Another example can be Soul Calibur II, with the inclusion of a guest character per console, GCN had Link, PS2 had Heihachi, and XBox had Spawn. And the most newest I can think off is Kratos in Mortal Kombat, and Lars Alexandersson in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, both on PS3, and the latter available in XBox 360 as well.


Ahh, now we get to the good stuff, this is a compilation of ten most wanted crossovers that people would sell themselves to get a chance to watch. They start off at number 10 and ascend into number 1.

10)Guitar Hero vs Rockband
9)Final Fantasy vs Chrono Trigger
8)Soul Calibur vs Samurai Shodown
7)Tekken vs Virtua Fighter
6)Sports Champions vs Wii Sports Resort
5)Mario vs Sonic
4)Call of Duty vs Gears of War
3)Harvest Moon vs Rune Factory (:::::::::: }*KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!
**I hate this games :P
2)Dragon Ball vs Naruto
1)Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter

If you have a different view or have a match up you like, feel free to post it as a comment, most creative will gain a reward ;)

Well, guess this is it for now, next post will be of a videogame, I know I promised a review on Mortal Kombat but I haven't yet finished the game completely, so I'll review another game, just as a hint, I've been mentioning it for quite a while.

Also, my anime post will be a tribute to the Red Eyes Black Dragon, because just yesterday my Red Eyes disappeared, and I've given hope on finding it again, so I'll at least make a tribute for me now dead Red Eyes, my favorite monster. And on top of this, this tribute will also be for my friend Wilson's Red Eyes, which also disappeared in the same classroom (suspicious huh?), so for those poor Red Eyes, that tribute will be for them.

Well it's time to say goodbye, we'll see each other soon enough, till then folks ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Underworld Honduras Interview Dangerous!!

Hello all viewers around the world! Well as you already know from my last post we reached the 1000 visits counter yesterday! Besides celebrating ourselves and getting congratulations from our computer teacher for our many visits and for having twice as many visits as the official senior website of 2009. This blog has really become our pride thanks to everyone that takes the time to come by and read what we write for you.

Well since I dont want to make a repetition of our last post I will get straight to my point. Yesterday I promised you all that to celebrate us reaching this amount I was going to make a very special post. Well, I kept my promise to all of you, Underworld Honduras and more specifically I, is proud to present to you an interview with a soon-to-be mangaka!!! (include cheers here)

The mangaka in question has been working very hard lately on creating her very own manga and so far has accomplished not only having very deep characters but also a very interesting story. If she continues with her work like she is doing now shell have a very promising manga not-so-far away in time and who knows? Maybe one day youll be walking to the nearest bookstore to buy one of her manga volumes!

Well without further ado we should begin with the interview, we will not include her name in here since she doesnt want us to for the moment. Maybe someday we will give further information about her but for now lets just get on to the interview: Underworld Honduras Interview Dangerous!!

Me- Okay lets start with the basics. What will be the name of your manga?

Well the name of the manga is going to be Ripper simply.

Me- For the readers of Underworld Honduras, what is more or less the plot of your manga?

The story is basically about a group of professional assassins named Rippers, they have different ranks and abilities called Gift. The world at the time of the story is dominated by crimes, so in order to put an end to evil these assassins are in charge of killing off the most vicious and dangerous of these criminals.

Me- What part of your manga do you like the most?

I like my characters most of all. Theyre all unique and since theyre so different with so many diverse personalities the reader will always find himself identified with one of them.  

Me- What is the biggest influence to your work?

My biggest influence has been Codebreaker really, however I do not want to copy it at all I want my manga to be original. Also reading korean manga has also influenced and inspired me a lot for my work.

Me- What is your favorite step in making your manga? Thinking the plot, writing it, drawing or which?
Drawing is my favorite part of making my manga. Although it is also the hardest part is also requires much more creativity on my part and as such makes my work very original.

Me- What audience are you targeting with this manga?

This manga is meant to be read by older teens, probably fifteen years and above.

Me- What is the message that can be obtained from reading it?

Everyone has a hard part of their past but one can always get over it and start moving forward!

Me- What made you suddenly decide to make your own manga?

Well I already had many ideas for original mangas on the past but I decided to make this one in reality and also thanks to the influence of Codebreaker.

Me- Do you have any tips for people that want to start their own work also?

Well I have to tell them to always be original and most important of all, to be themselves.

Me- Finally, how do you feel about giving this interview to Underworld Honduras?   

Weird....because I am having this interview in a school bus...

Me- Very well that is all, thank you so much for your time!

And my fellow readers there you have it! The first ever interview conducted by Underworld Honduras, and of course that this is exclusive to us. We will probably have some more updates of this future mangaka later on, well track her work and hopefully it will get published soon enough!

Here I included some rough sketches that she had made, sorry for the low quality but she drew them in very light pencil and I had to use photoshop to sharpen it enough to be able to see it. Anyways this is what we can call a little look into what characters will look like for her manga.

Well thats all folks!! Hope that you liked the interview and the pictures, I tried doing it worthy of us reaching our 1000 posts, again thank you all for reading us and have a good night!

   Post By: Danny
Interview: Danny also

Monday, May 2, 2011

Congratulations 1000 Visits!!


No, youre not allucinating in here and we arent doing a tribute to Fox Channel, theyre fine on their solitary campus in the middle of the desert. We are very proud to say that our blog Underworld Honduras has officially reached the 1000 visits already, an achievement so great that it deserves a post just for itself. Getting so far is something that we could have rarely even hoped for and it means a lot really to us to know that a thousand people around the world have read and hopefully enjoyed what we three write for you.

However this celebration is not for us at all, its for you actually! For each and every one of our viewers I have the great honor to thank you all in name of all of us, this amazing achievement was a feat that was accomplished by you supporting our blog. It is the knowledge that we have people following us that drives us to write more and continue this blog with the hope that it will entertain somebody even for a short while. A huge thanks to everyone who has visited our blog even if it was only once you managed to get to this level that on start could have never been imagined.

To commemorate this event tomorrow I have decided to make a special post for all of you around the world, but for now please know that we are all very grateful to our readers!

No signature, the celebration is for all the blog and that includes bloggers and community equally!