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Thursday, May 5, 2011

School Day Playing!

Ciaossu people of the world! Danny here posting our most recent Yu-gi-oh matches, well today was our school day so we didnt have any classes...actually its more or less a free day except you have to go to school...oh well at least they give you free drinks and cotton candy...but anyways, the reason for this post is that we decided to try out our new decks today. The participants where of course people who where already in the Underworld Honduras Ranking Table, that Perez will post later on in here with the updates hopefully: Wilson, Ricardo(Judini/Dragon), Oscar Chow, Perez, and I of course.

We did a combination of one-on-one and battle royale matches so that it would be a fair game...although we all know that Battle Royales are rarely even. Anyways one we succeeded overcoming the initial problems we had with the wind which kept blowing Perez's cards away the tournament started!

Decks Used by Participants:

-Danny: Ancient Gear Deck
-Wilson: Meklord Army Deck
-Chow: Annoying equipping lvl deck...I dont know names since they where in chinese...
-Ricardo and Perez- The usual randomly scrambled together decks...

Since I do not want to bore you all with the duels lets just get into the highlights and the most impressing playing of our tournament.

1) Chow ended up managing the impossible: boring me in Yu-gi-oh. By playing Gravity Bind he forced both of us to say "Pass" for like 7 turns before something came up and I could beat him.
2) Wilson ended up winning most of his matches although he certainly could have done better, he needs some more experience with his deck to recognize combos and which are the right cards to play.
3) My Ancient Gear deck ran very well during all the matches making the only duels that I lost the ones in which I mostly either got spell and trap cards at hand or absolutely no combos possible between them.

Best Combos!!!:
#1- Myself summoning the three gadgets in a single turn with the use of ultimate offering, activating Limiter Removal and attacking for an OTK.
#2- Again myself against Oscar, using Boot-up Solider Dread Dynamo with Red Gadget on the Field, activating Limiter Removal and attacking for another OTK.
#3- Wilson beating me against all odds by the incredible Yugi Draw of a Dark Hole to wipe out my Gadjiltron Dragon and AG Beast.
#4- Perez beating me with the use of his Dian Ketos the Cure Masters and Reinforcements so that I wouldnt be able to get monsters on the field
#5- A smooth OTK by Ricardo using Shield and Sword against two Meklord Army Wiesel to attack practically directly to Wilsons Life points.

Well my dear readers that is all for now, Ill try doing my Top 5 Latin Endings later tonight so stay tuned to Underworld Honduras! Oh and also I would like to offer my respects to the second Red Eyes B. Dragon that has become MIA in our school. R.I.P. both Red Eyes....

Danny, Machines FTW!!!

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