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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Underworld Honduras Interview Dangerous!!

Hello all viewers around the world! Well as you already know from my last post we reached the 1000 visits counter yesterday! Besides celebrating ourselves and getting congratulations from our computer teacher for our many visits and for having twice as many visits as the official senior website of 2009. This blog has really become our pride thanks to everyone that takes the time to come by and read what we write for you.

Well since I dont want to make a repetition of our last post I will get straight to my point. Yesterday I promised you all that to celebrate us reaching this amount I was going to make a very special post. Well, I kept my promise to all of you, Underworld Honduras and more specifically I, is proud to present to you an interview with a soon-to-be mangaka!!! (include cheers here)

The mangaka in question has been working very hard lately on creating her very own manga and so far has accomplished not only having very deep characters but also a very interesting story. If she continues with her work like she is doing now shell have a very promising manga not-so-far away in time and who knows? Maybe one day youll be walking to the nearest bookstore to buy one of her manga volumes!

Well without further ado we should begin with the interview, we will not include her name in here since she doesnt want us to for the moment. Maybe someday we will give further information about her but for now lets just get on to the interview: Underworld Honduras Interview Dangerous!!

Me- Okay lets start with the basics. What will be the name of your manga?

Well the name of the manga is going to be Ripper simply.

Me- For the readers of Underworld Honduras, what is more or less the plot of your manga?

The story is basically about a group of professional assassins named Rippers, they have different ranks and abilities called Gift. The world at the time of the story is dominated by crimes, so in order to put an end to evil these assassins are in charge of killing off the most vicious and dangerous of these criminals.

Me- What part of your manga do you like the most?

I like my characters most of all. Theyre all unique and since theyre so different with so many diverse personalities the reader will always find himself identified with one of them.  

Me- What is the biggest influence to your work?

My biggest influence has been Codebreaker really, however I do not want to copy it at all I want my manga to be original. Also reading korean manga has also influenced and inspired me a lot for my work.

Me- What is your favorite step in making your manga? Thinking the plot, writing it, drawing or which?
Drawing is my favorite part of making my manga. Although it is also the hardest part is also requires much more creativity on my part and as such makes my work very original.

Me- What audience are you targeting with this manga?

This manga is meant to be read by older teens, probably fifteen years and above.

Me- What is the message that can be obtained from reading it?

Everyone has a hard part of their past but one can always get over it and start moving forward!

Me- What made you suddenly decide to make your own manga?

Well I already had many ideas for original mangas on the past but I decided to make this one in reality and also thanks to the influence of Codebreaker.

Me- Do you have any tips for people that want to start their own work also?

Well I have to tell them to always be original and most important of all, to be themselves.

Me- Finally, how do you feel about giving this interview to Underworld Honduras?   

Weird....because I am having this interview in a school bus...

Me- Very well that is all, thank you so much for your time!

And my fellow readers there you have it! The first ever interview conducted by Underworld Honduras, and of course that this is exclusive to us. We will probably have some more updates of this future mangaka later on, well track her work and hopefully it will get published soon enough!

Here I included some rough sketches that she had made, sorry for the low quality but she drew them in very light pencil and I had to use photoshop to sharpen it enough to be able to see it. Anyways this is what we can call a little look into what characters will look like for her manga.

Well thats all folks!! Hope that you liked the interview and the pictures, I tried doing it worthy of us reaching our 1000 posts, again thank you all for reading us and have a good night!

   Post By: Danny
Interview: Danny also

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