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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Underworld Special: Thy Ten Commandments For A Duelist

Hey fellas what's cooking? Well, this was actually my idea for post number 50 of the blog, but since Danny managed to steal it due to my computer being down, guess I'll just have to work it out by making a pretty nice post. Since it's my random topic, I came up with the Ten commandments that any Yugioh player should follow, considering that I'm a player myself and I'm also planning on going pro, which Danny is already, so here it is I came up with these and I hope you like it, becuz this is.....

NUMBER 10: You will play Yu Gi Oh! for fun, and then competitively, remember it is a game so have fun with it. :D

NUMBER 9: You will always put your extra in your deck, just one card that makes your deck different will make you really enjoy the game.

NUMBER 8: You will always wish your opponent good luck before a duel, and afterwards, with no concern of winning or losing, thank them for the duel.

NUMBER 7: You will help your fellow duel comrades, especially the new ones, don't look down on them, remember somewhere along the line you were a rookie as well. ;D

NUMBER 6: You will not trick your comrades-in-duel with strange rulings, changes in effect or card price.

NUMBER 5: You will take care of your cards as if they were your life.....shame on those who bend or mistreat their cards. xP

NUMBER 4: You will be on notice of all that has to do with the Yu Gi Oh! world, and that refers to new releases, archetypes, decks, and so on.

NUMBER 3: You will see at least one of the anime/manga of the Yu Gi Oh! history (either the original, GX, 5D's, or I don't know, ZEXAL?), because the game wouldn't be the same without the inspiration of Yugi, Jaden, or Yusei :D

NUMBER 2: You will make friends while playing Yu Gi Oh! Makes your experience a hell more interesting and you gain friends along the way :)

NUMBER 1: You will respect your cards and trust your deck, or believe in the heart of the cards, only then will you have the honor of calling yourself a duelist.

Well this are the ten commandments a YuGiOh! player should follow, I should state that these aren't completely done by myself, for I got influence and ideas from many places, albeit, I believe there isn't a commanments list with this ones already, because I got the influence from many places and completed them myself, but never found a list EXACTLY like this.

Well next is my videogame post, I'm almost finished with Mortal Kombat, but just as a taste of things to come, I'll make a Top 10 of my favorite MK characters, and also give you a chance in the first interactive poll from Underworld Honduras, you have the chance to nominate ANY MK fatality you like (It doesn't count as a different Fatality if it is the same in another game) and send them over to this account: and depending on the number of votes a fatality gets, they will be going for a list of the Ten Best Fatalities created by you!! I'll be receiving the mails since this moment and this ends as soon as the Mortal Kombat Review is posted, so send your fatalities to the mail above and make a part in this interactive contest :D

Till then Underworlder!!!!
Forget your enemies but remember their names - John F. Kennedy

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