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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Post #50/ Runescape

Good day to people around the world! Well it seems that this is the 50th post of our blog, and I decided to steal it before either Perez or Ricardo had time to do it. I am glad to see that our blog has reached so many visits in just 50 posts made by us, thats something we really didnt expect when we first started this blog.

By the way before I forget, for now youre probably going to see way more posts done by Ricardo and I than by Perez since he still hasnt got internet. He really wanted to do this post by himself but since he couldnt Ill take the opportunity before you guys get bored of seeing the same posts! Maybe youll see some posts if he decides to write them by hands and give them to Ricardo or I to post them here under his name...that depends on how smart he will be...

But now Ill get to my main 50th post topic! Since its been ages from last time I gave a review about a videogame I thought that I would make it about one that has been in my life for quiet a long time, maybe known by some of you, this is going to be a review for Runescape!

This game has been around for ages in the internet as one of the largest MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game DAMN  what a long name...), it has millions of players from all around the world although it started in England originally. The story is the classic medieval RPG, you control a character and work in order to become a powerful warrior, a filthy rich merchant or the average citizen and complete quests to earn yourself fame.

What is the goal of playing Runescape?

In Runescape there are tons...and I mean TONS of things that you can decide to do in order to win a living. The game has no real ending or goal, rather you develop your character how you want it to be, either a warrior killing other players, someone who just wants to get rich in runescape, or just about anything that you can imagine. The game never ends, there are constant updates, so you have no fear of being left without anything to do.

Can you customize your character in Runescape?

Character customization is one of the things that Runescape has the most, although you are initially given a class option at the start of the game where you get to "choose" a class for your character this doesnt affect you at all in your stats or possibilities and its merely for the looks most of the time. There are an incredible amount of possible looks for your character so your appearance is often very personal in the game.

Is Runescape addicting?

Hell yeah it is, for reasons that I have yet to understand once you start playing runescape and get the hang of the game its very hard to start. Although not reaching the levels of WoW for some people, its certainly true that people often get very into the game. Ironically I have noticed that MMORPGs often become just as stressing as real life as you work hard for money in order to buy some things, doesnt that sound just like the real world?

About me? Yeah I do consider myself addicted to the game, but actually just to a specific skill: construction. I have the goal of making one of the best houses in Runescape and as such its not uncommon that I spent millions a day to level up that skill, albeit the fact that I could put that money to much better use...

Is it worthwhile to get a membership?

Well I have spent half of my time in runescape as a free player and the other half as a member, so I think I can give a little bit of advice in this part. Dont start as a member in Runescape, just start like a free player and play the game for a good while, if you feel like you like it and want to get the full potential out of this game then buy your membership and be ready to explore all the endless possibilities that Runescape offers you.

In Conclusion

I have played many MMORPGs and so far my favorite one has been runescape, it offers just so many possibilities even though its quiet stressing sometimes to work for hours to get the money you need that its a great way to pass the time. I really recommend it to all of those who are looking for a medieval RPG where they will see thousands of players and dont want it to end.

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