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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coming Soon: Live Action Movie Acted by Us!

Well since I dont want this place to look like a birthday thread, sorry to everyone since the unfortunate coincidence of two dates being so near to one another came upon us. Well I am pleased to say that soon enough youll be seeing all of our gang that we talk so much about(minus Lisa for obvious reasons), since we are going to film a live action short movie!


The point is this basically, we where assigned in school to make a surrealist video clip of whatever we wanted as long as it maintained what the surrealism is(long word). Soooo we decided to let my co-blogger Perez write the script since 98% of what he writes makes absolutely no sense at all, what could be more beyond realist than that?!

I would really like to show you a few sneak peeks into what the clip will turn out like when its done but since we have barely started the video today with the participation of Anette and Andrea that would be giving out too much, besides its too awesome for the surprised to be ruined.

When the video is completely finished and all I will upload it to Youtube so that all of you can meet us and hopefully either enjoy the awesomeness or in any case get a good laugh, in either case it will be for the best. Thats all I wanted to say for now, thank you all people, kora!

8000 Targets, 40 Opportunities, 6 Decisions, One Combo, No Limits.

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