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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ultimate Ninja Storm!!!!! 2!!!!!!

What's happening forum? (is that copyrighted? :O) For today is my videogame post, and I gave you a hint on what it'll be, so yeah, I'll review Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for PS3 and XBox 360, I got it along with Mortal Kombat but I've had somewhat of a more rapid play with this game than with Mortal Kombat (I actually play more MK than UNS2, but MK is tougher and has much more to be actually complete, in UNS2 I already have everything except the trophies which I'm working on, so it's easier to review this first). So anyways let's start with this.


This game covers all that goes from Naruto's return to the village until the end of Pain's invasion, and it also includes and excerpt with certain avenger's business with a jinchuriki..... you'll now what I mean. So as you may imagine, the characters in the game will  include any crazy ninja that appeared in that time period, which also makes the experience simply nice, and it doesn't include "fill" characters, which was my main issue with Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 (I mean, it's not bad that they wanted some more characters in the game for more variety, but seriously, I could play that game without EVER touching Towa, Komachi, Kabuto (yes, I said Kabuto, just the fact that he's like the most bastard character I've ever met is sure to grab my hate, so what if he now has blue eyes and has a tail?!?1 IHATEHIM XP), Yugao, and something that ticks me..... if these guys are in the game, why Ino isn't? Seriously even though she never fought, she's part of Konoha 11, she deserves the place more than any of these guys -.-). Uhh so yeah I got pretty messed up anyways, in story mode you'll get to relive these events as best as it could be done, and it's pretty nice, you get to run from place to place but you can't like really really interact with the stage, but even though the places look gorgeous, it will start to tick you off when you pass like 30 times over it, you actually have to run from place to place, and it's frustrating, makes Story mode larger than it should, and by the time you're actually over, you have side missions and you'll have to unlock some game mechanichs which I'll explain now.


As told before, there is a Story Mode, within Story Mode, you can check your requests, edit your ninja info card (which displays in online gameplay the title you chose, also unblockable), or check the collection (music, battle scenes and that stuff). In Story Mode you actually walk ro run from place to place for your missions to take place, which can be frustrating, and, you can collect stuff along the way to create battle items for you to use (that goes later). The main story archs, you'll mostly control Naruto, Sasuke, and some others, and when you reach to certain missions, you'll engage boss battles, which is normal battle for a while, but after you weaken them to a certain point, you'll enter an entertaining action command scenes which are somewhat interaactive, pushing buttons for eviting attacks or attacking yourself. This are really nice to watch, and you'll have this battles:
Naruto w/Sakura vs Kakashi, Gaara vs Deidara, Sakura vs Sasori, Naruto vs Orochimaru, Naruto vs Sasuke (yeah!!), Naruto vs Kakuzu, Sasuke vs Itachi, Jiraiya vs Pain, and Sage Naruto vs Pain.
After that(a good while after), with Sasuke (already with his Mangekyo) will battle Killer Bee (8-tailed jinchuriki, he's the ox supposedly, but I think he looks more like an Oxtopus), and then you'll have to unlock all support for your characters, by giving them stuff or making friend missions to gain 5 hearts.

You also have Free Battle, which let's you play Team Battle (with support chars), Single Battle, or watch the CPU fight. Online Mode is also included, as well as Options, but no Practice Mode, no way to hone your skills withouth fighting (damn it).


Well, gameplay is pretty simple, you've got a strike button, which enables you to create combos pretty easily (and with an up-down-leftorright hold motion, you have up to 4 combos plus an air combo). You also have a jump dash, which makes you jump in the air, if you tap a second time, you'll ninja dash, and if the opponent gets hit, you can air-combo him/her. If you decide to hold after you tap the second time, you'll be making flips in the direction you're holding. There's a button for throwing shurikens, and there's a button for blocking (if used to much, it can actually break, leaving you wide open). There's as well a support button, which makes your support character come out and make his jutsu. There's a button for charging chakra, and by tapping it you can get one of four (Ninja Dash, Jutsu(some can be charged up by holding the buttons, some can be done in the air), Enhanced Shurinken, and if you tap twice and then strike button, you get your ultimate jutsu.) You can enter as well an awakened state, which gives you more power or changes you completely depending on the character, they can't throw or make an ultimate jutsu on them, but you can't use your ultimate jutsu as well. That's about it, anyone can grab the controller and beat the crap out of someone, so because of this it was rated of shallow with no depth in it, but I myself that like serious competition when talking of gaming, enjoy this "shallow" combat.


I'll explain some of this, played the Budokai/Budokai Tenkaichi/Raging Blast DBZ games? This jutsus are kind off like that, you activate them by tapping the chakra button then the strike button. Some can be charged up and some can be used in the air, depending on the character. These are as varied from Naruto's Rasengan to Sasuke's Chidori to Itachi's Fireball to Pain's Shinra Tensei. Try to enjoy them as well as you can ;)

                                               EAT THIS!!!  RASENGAN BARRAGE!!!!!

                                                     KAMEHAMEHA TIMES 10!!!!!!!

                                           *SIGH* MEMORIES, SUCH NICE FRIENDS :D



We've got 42 playable characters, they will be shown like this:
Character Name (Special Costume or Ultimate Jutsu) {Awakening}

Naruto Uzumaki (Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken/ Nine-tailed Rasengan) {4 Tailed Kyubi}
Sakura Haruno {Herculean Mode}
Sai {Fast Drawing Mode}
Sage Naruto (Sage Mode/Hokage Costume) {6-Tailed Kyubi}
Karin {Mad Mode/Affection Mode with Sasuke}
Suigetsu Hozuki {Water Arm Mode}
Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin/Chidori True Spear) {Curse Seal LVL 2}
Neji Hyuga {Byakugan}
Rock Lee {6th Gate Release}
Tenten {Ninja Tool Mode}
Sasuke Uchiha Taka {Mangekyo Sharingan}
Jugo {Curse Seal}
Kabuto Yakushi/Homosexual bastard {Scalpel Mode}
Orochimaru {White Snake Mode}
Shikamaru Nara {Shadow Mode}
Ino Yamanaka {Poison Flower Mode}
Choji Akimichi {Giant Mode}
Temari {Wind Mode}
Kankuro {Final Puppet}
Kazekage Gaara {Kazekage Mode}
Shino Aburame {Bug Mode}
Kiba Inuzuka {Fang Mode}
Hinata Hyuga *LOVE HER!!! {Twin Lion Fists}
Granny Chiyo {10 White Puppets Mode}
Sasori of The Red Sand {100 Puppets Mode}
Deidara {C2 Dragon Mode}
Kakashi Hatake {Mangekyo Sharingan}
Yamato {Wood Mode}
Mighty Guy {6th Gate Mode}
Tobi {Madara}
Kakuzu {Long Range Battle Mode}
Hidan {Curse Mode}
Asuma Sarutobi {Flying Swallow Mode or something like that}
Jiraiya {Sage Mode}
Tsunade {Herculean Mode}
Killer Bee {Oxtopus Mode}
Konan {Angel Mode}
Kisame Hoshigaki {Samehada Mode}
Itachi Uchiha *FREAKING BADASS!! {Susano'o}
Minato Namikaze/4th Hokage {Spatial Movement Mode}
Pain/Deva Path {Six Paths of Pain Mode}
*Lars Alexandersson {Lightning Mode}


Lars Alexandersson is from a fighting game called Tekken 6, he's a guest character for this game and has nothing to do with the may be wondering, why is he in the game? Masashi Kishimoto designed Lars secret costume for Tekken 6, and decided to add him as a guest's a good reason don't you think? I like his inclusion in the game, but I don't know if you want to approve it though......

This is Lars..... does he look badass?

I personally liked this game a lot, if you're a Naruto fan you may like it as well, I personally give this an 8.4 out of 10.

This is it for now, next is the Red Eyes tribute (that's something I've gotta do, I'm sorry if you don't like it :(.....) See ya then Underworlders!!

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